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Asset credentials-slideshare

  1. 1. communication identity onlineWhether creating new brands, reinvigorating launch environmentstired ones, developing annual reports and ecosystems interactive particpationprint communications or generating onlineenvironments; we enhance the value of languagebrands and businesses through design. revitalisation brand strategy activation
  2. 2. brief symbols equity image history product research culture identity packmetrics develop brand brand assets assets approach voice brand positioning reach mission ethics experience values audience designproperty We believe design is an asset.
  3. 3. Every brand has to work hard to resonateand engage meaningfully with its audience. To achieve this, Doppio employs a defined, holistic philosophy. We believe design is an asset. Simply put, developing design property for our clients increases their brand assets. It’s an uncomplicated and relatable approach; no complex onions, no one-size-fits-all pyramid,no inaccessible mathematical algorithms required. This approach is particularly relevant to businesses; brand assets are tangible attributes that add measurable value to a business and provide motivation to connect both internally and externally. In order to build brand assets, we tailor a strategic approach to each business problem; our mission being to intelligently execute design solutions for enduring impact and visibility. Whether creating new brands, reinvigorating tired ones, developing annual reports and print communications or generating online environments; we enhance the value of brands and businesses through design.
  4. 4. Gondwana Rainforests Industry Setting and marketability. We needed to create a brand their physical relationship with the super-continent Gondwana Rainforests personality and profile of Gondwana is an excitingAn ancient mosaic are a world-heritage listed that elevated appeal in value that sets these areas series of rainforest areas order to compete with apart from any other World along the NSW and QLD other tourism experiences Heritage area in Australia. coasts. Spectacularly and destinations. beautiful and entirely A mosaic deviceIn Australia’s highly competitive domestic tourism market, the Central accessible, these places have Strategy underpinned the creative the same world-heritage platform, conveying beautyEastern Rainforests Reserves of Australia was limited in its capacity to value as Fraser Island and It was important to turn the and fragility – and alsocompete with other high-value tourism experiences due to low brand Kakadu – but none of the brand negative into a brand providing a connective consumer recognition. positive: low awareness device to visually unifyawareness. However, it was this ‘undiscovered’ quality which presented was turned around to the 14 separate sites.the brand with it’s greatest opportunity. Challenge be the discovery of an extraordinary undiscovered Result In Australia’s highly place. This enabled us competitive domestic to increase desirability In June 2007, the name tourism market, the of the destination, tap Gondwana Rainforests was previous brand ‘Central into a sense of awe and officially adopted at the Eastern Rainforest Reserves appreciation, and talk to 31st session of the UNESCO of Australia’ was limited local and international World Heritage Committee in its capacity to compete tourists who wanted to meeting in New Zealand. with other high-value see the ‘real’ Australia We continue to work with tourism experiences. before anyone else did. UNESCO to develop the brand architecture and With very little brand Our asset-building process implementation across awareness, there was an identified a number of the associated sites. opportunity to rename untapped areas. The and reposition the brand evolutionary importance to improve awareness of these rainforests, and
  5. 5. Gondwana Rainforests Brand assets: EVOLUTIONARY EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Client: The Department of the Environment and Climate Change
  6. 6. Brand: Gondwana Rainforests
  7. 7. Baulderstone Industry setting delivered. The change of company name was seen Result Baulderstone, formerly as a greater opportunity The Baulderstone businessRebranding an industry icon Baulderstone Hornibrook, is one of the oldest and to signal a shift in has held strong through an extremely turbulent business focus towards largest players in Australia’s both its building and civil period for the construction construction industry. The engineering portfolios. sector as a result of the brand’s solid heritage and GFC – in fact, BaulderstoneHow to give new life to one of the oldest and largest brands in Australia’s experience is evidenced Strategy were recently successful through their creation of in securing their singleconstruction sector? Baulderstone were positioned as the ‘smart’ player iconic landmarks such Our research with the largest project ever, the Portin the market – able to draw on its heritage to amplify its ability to as the Sydney Opera Board and key stakeholders Botany expansion works. House and ANZAC Bridge showed that the businesstackle complex and challenging projects. However, the brand was being while also delivering had a robust strength Market response wasunderpinned by lifestyle focussed imagery and a tone of voice that did sophisticated and highly but required a more positive and client complex infrastructure business-savvy position expectations were exceeded.not support the complexity and sophistication of the major projects projects such as the Cross that demonstrated ‘We are only just beginningbeing delivered. City Tunnel, the Melbourne confidence and acumen. to realise the strength of the City Link Project, and Port brand system that has been Botany expansion works. To uphold and articulate created’ Chris Reynolds, its ability to ‘create what GM Corporate Relations. Challenge matters’ at every level, the corporate logomark Baulderstone claimed to was subtly and effectively be ‘Creating what matters’, refreshed to define change however, the brand was whilst maintaining being underpinned by recognition – and was lifestyle focussed imagery paired with a creative and a tone of voice that did platform which drew on not support the complexity its heritage to amplify its and sophistication of ability to tackle complex the major projects being and challenging projects.
  8. 8. Baulderstone Brand assets: HEALTHY DRIVEN SMART HISTORIC Client: Baulderstone
  9. 9. COVER COVER HEading HEading COVER HEadingBrand: Baulderstone
  10. 10. Brand: Baulderstone
  11. 11. Brand: Baulderstone
  12. 12. Australian Diabetes Council Industry setting and engaging amongst such a sophisticated set, To respond to the members’ desires to obtain control and As the third oldest Australian Diabetes Council independence – the brandThe everyday mentor diabetes charity in the world, Australian Diabetes needed to adopt a more promise of ‘an everyday consumer-facing role to be mentor’ was developed to Council (formerly, Diabetes considered a competitor cultivate a more symbiotic, Australia-NSW) has been for the donor dollar. reciprocal relationship. working hard for over This positioning promptedDiabetes is to health, what climate change is to the environment. A local 70 years to provide vital Strategy the development of the support to the largest tagline “a shared voice forand global epidemic and a UN Priority, Type 2 diabetes is Australia’s diabetes member base in To respond to these diabetes” which providesfastest growing chronic disease. One person is diagnosed with diabetes the country. As a 60 per challenges the strategy a platform for advocacy cent self-funded charity, recommended a name programs and a greaterevery seven minutes and, perhaps most alarmingly, for everyone who Australian Diabetes change to reflect the sense of community.knows they have it, another has it but doesn’t know it yet. However, Council rely heavily charity’s credibility on the support of their and purpose – from Resultdespite these staggering figures, diabetes remains widely misunderstood. members and supporters the bureaucratic and to continue to provide geographically confusing, Australian Diabetes Council emotional and practical Diabetes Australia–NSW, to successfully launched the support to all Australians Australian Diabetes Council. new brand during national affected by diabetes. Diabetes Awareness Week The new brand mark 2010. Initial internal and Challenge expresses unity, community external feedback has been and the progressive nature overwhelmingly positive In addition to the global of Australian Diabetes with the new brand identity health challenge, the Council. The kaleidoscope providing the platform Australian NFP market of shapes represents the for a more cohesive team presented an enormous diversity of the diabetes internally, and a much competitive set – a large community and the clearer and consistent number of which are wide range of education message for members. operating within the and advocacy products highly politicised and and services Australian fragmented health sector. Diabetes Council provides. To become distinctive
  13. 13. Australian Diabetes Council Brand assets: VITAL HUMAN ADVOCATE Client: Diabetes Australia–NSW
  14. 14. SignageBrand: Australian Diabetes Council
  15. 15. All deliveries to Loading Dock 26 Arundel StreetBrand: Australian Diabetes Council
  16. 16. Remedy Products Industry setting Strategy Result Remedy Products are a Above and beyond its Though in it’s earlyA sophisticated spin on homespun range of homespun cleaning solutions for all the spills, environmental properties— it was uncovered that scent stages, the feedback for the new brand has been splashes and little accidents and efficacy were important overwhelmingly positive, around the home. Made factors to consumers when it both in additional focus with simple, non-toxic, came to purchasing cleaning groups and unsolicitedIn a market increasingly flooded with environmentally safe products, ingredients and a range of products. With eucalyptus online feedback. Coupled eucalyptus oils, the products oil being both the active with this enthusiasticRemedy products needed to be differentiated and expressed in a more have been continually ingredient and the signature response, online salesmeaningful and stylish way to the consumer. To promote the benefits of developed and refined by a scent, the name Remedy and enquiries have mother and grandmother products spoke to both also increased.the products to a sceptical and demanding target market, both the name over the last 10 years. the active and passiveand design needed reinvigoration. attributes. Remedy is both Challenge the proactive solution and the natural panacea In a market increasingly to all life’s little messes. flooded with environmentally safe The philosophy of “Clean products, it became without harm” was also necessary to differentiate developed to speak to and express the brand in a consumers who are more meaningful and stylish concerned with the health way to the consumer. To of the environment and the promote the benefits of the health and wellbeing of products to a sceptical and their family. Coupled with demanding target market, a fresh, nostalgic creative both the name and design execution, Remedy products needed reinvigoration. embody the homespun origins of the products, with an invigorating twist!
  17. 17. Remedy Products Brand assets: UPLIfTING NOSTALGIC UNCOMPLICATED Client: Remedy Products
  18. 18. wool dogsBrand: Remedy Products
  19. 19. Parramatta Justice Precinct Industry setting Challenge Strategy The 6000m² Parramatta Doppio was engaged The site has a dramaticUncovering the past Justice Precinct was the site of the first Colonial to develop an identity and visual language and somewhat gruesome history. Our approach Hospital and the first tent for the precinct, which was to present the site’s Hospital dating back to conveyed the historical history in a subtle manner, 1790. The site now houses and archaeological fabric revealing stories at differentParramatta Justice Precinct has a dramatic and somewhat gruesome the new Family Court, Trial of the site as an integral levels for those who used Court, Children’s Court part of its contemporary the site every day.history. Our challenge was how to present the site’s history in a subtle and Attorney General’s redevelopment and reuse.manner, revealing stories at different levels for those who used the Office, comprising three The interpretive elements new multi-storey buildings, The design approach are used to present thesesite every day? The design approach needed to engage and captivate a refurbishment to some needed to engage and stories, some of whichreturning audience, maintain historical and archaeological factuality, existing buildings, new captivate a returning reveal archaeological commercial structures audience, maintain remains and interpretand respond to the architectural and landscape context of the site. and extensive civil and historical and public artworks. landscaping features. archaeological factuality, and respond to the The elements included The precinct will become architectural and landscape artefact displays, foreshore one of the most significant context of the site. signage and interpretive employment generators plaques, bronze paver for Parramatta and the castings, cast metal Western Sydney region. lettering, supergraphics and The precinct has a five-star vinyl banners, presenting environmental rating, the historic photography and first major government commissioned illustrations. building in NSW to achieve this standard.
  20. 20. Parramatta Justice Precinct* Brand assets: ENGAGE CAPTIVATE JUXTAPOSITION LAYERING Client: International Conservation Services * Distinction award in environmental design at the 2008 Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Awards.
  21. 21. Brand: Parramatta Justice Precinct
  22. 22. Settlement and Expansion David Collins, Judge Advocate –Rose HillBrand: Parramatta Justice Precinct
  23. 23. Brand: Parramatta Justice Precinct
  24. 24. St Hilliers Industry setting the market. To do this necessitated a ‘front Result Established in 1989 by foot’ approach during a The refreshed brand has‘H’ for ambition Proprietor Tim Casey, St Hilliers is one of Australia’s tumultuous industry period redefined St Hilliers in the Australian market. St when many players were leading, private property doing quite the opposite. Hilliers CEO Tim Casey groups providing expertise said: “20 years in operation and services in property Strategy was an important companyThe St Hilliers brand had grown organically over the years, based on development, property milestone to reach. It is funds management, St Hilliers were positioned important to mark themutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders founded on respect contracting and asset as an agile, strong, and start of the company’sand trust. However, to support future growth and reflect their evolution, management. At the time intelligent brand who were next phase of growth of this project the impact well-placed to challenge the into the next decadeSt Hilliers needed to examine and evaluate whether their brand message of the GFC was being fully big players and big projects with a new brand thatwas consistent and coherent across the different divisions and their realised by Australia’s in the market. The identity interprets our company’s construction industry. was reworked to feature a values and culture, asbusiness activities – internally and externally. distinctive ‘H’ symbol, and well as representing our Challenge the ‘Confidence/Trust/ business strategy.” Vision’ signoff became The challenge was to an important component define the brand promise of all communications. and reposition St Hilliers as a highly successful and The creative was formulated ambitious player in Tier 2 around an angular design of Australia’s construction system that was applied to industry. The milestone of all touchpoints – online, their 20th year presented offline, and importantly, an opportunity to revisit onsite – effectively the and clearly define their largest advertising space for position and promise to a construction company.
  25. 25. St Hilliers Brand assets: BOLD AGILECONfIDENT Client: St Hilliers
  26. 26. Brand: St Hilliers