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Idents powerpoint

  1. 1. Idents Design & Purpose By Charlie Wheelhouse
  2. 2. Design • Screen tempo: Screen tempo is the speed in which the events in the ident occours, for example the BBC 1 “Hippo” ident has a slow screen tempo where as the E4 “Room” ident has a fast screen tempo. E4 Ident: BBC 1 Ident:
  3. 3. Design • Space and Time: Space and time is how long the ident goes on for and when it is shown. For example “The Simpsons” ident is shown on Channel 4 just before an episode of “The Simpsons” is shown and the ident lasts for 40 seconds.
  4. 4. Information and Entertainment Led • Information: During an Ident, there is normally someone talking saying “Next up is The Simpsons”, then after the ident is finished the program will be shown, in this case “The Simpsons” will be shown. • Entertainment: Depending on what channel, each ident they do has to appeal to their target audience and entertain them, so for example E4’s target audience is quite young so they need to make sure that their idents are fun, exciting and entertaining.
  5. 5. Interaction With Viewers • The channel can interact with the viewers in a few different ways during the ident. They can either show information with the use of text/words or they can verbally tell the viewers what program is on next.
  6. 6. Density Of Information • Density of information simply means the amount of information that is given to the viewers during the ident.
  7. 7. Purpose
  8. 8. Packaging And Re Packaging • Packaging and re packaging is very important to a channel because it allows the channel to update and improves its overall image and keeps the public viewers interested.
  9. 9. Branding • Branding is important for a channel because it allows the public to recognize the channel’s logo by the colour or even the shape/design os the logo. For example E4 is easily recognizable because the logo is always the same design/shape and its always purple.
  10. 10. Segmentation within Scheduling • After one program ends and another starts, idents are put in place in between the programs to break up the programs.
  11. 11. Marketing • Marketing is used by channels to advertise their channel to the public so they are aware of the channel and what the stand for. For example E4’s ident its self is a good example of marketing.
  12. 12. Identity • The channel identity is based on their marketing and branding. For example the colours used in their logos is recognizable, also the logo is easily recognizable by the public.
  13. 13. Scheduling • Scheduling is when the ident is shown, foe example whether it be before or after the program is shown.