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The power of consumers to control and distribute media content, shape future brands and adapt offerings into their spheres of influence. Consumers are the new face of media companies.

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Brand You The Takeover

  1. 1. franklinozekhome Brand YOU the Takeover April 2010
  2. 2. The internet is under new management. Yours. It’s Y!ou.
  3. 3. The Face of New Media Yahoo’s marketing campaign, “It’s You”, launched in September 2009, summarizes the subject of this presentation. That, the new chief executive of the online world is YOU. One of the campaign print ad states: “You are about to enter a place shaped by you. For You.” You determine what it is you want uploaded on your web page, and customize it based on your own unique taste and inclination - video, pictures, colours, layout, blog links, social forums, search preferences, and mobile conversion formats.
  4. 4. “It’s You” print ads
  5. 5.
  6. 6. We are constantly faced with changing formats, from the way we receive and utilize media content, to our interaction with online media platforms like Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook. We are moving away from preset programming, fed to us by broadcast networks, to continually evolving audience networks and our own social connections. You and I, the media consumers of the 21st Century, will not only determine what we want to see, when and how we see it, but also, shape future brands and their content by our acceptance or adaptation of their offerings into our orbit and sphere of influence. We are the face of the new media world. SyncMaster iPad Droid
  7. 7. “Audience Networks are human-based; rather than relying Mike walsh, a leading authority +  walsh on satellites or transmitter towers, consumers access keynote speaker on the digital  content via links with other consumers. Those links might be future, states in his groundbreaking  direct [a referral from a friend], or indirect [generated from literary masterpiece,  a list of recommendations]. The crucial difference from how Futuretainment: Yesterday the  a traditional media network works, is that the interaction of world changed, now it’s your turn: people within the new network makes it smarter.”
  8. 8. Mike walsh “ You can find Audience Networks everywhere: a circle of friends connected via an instant-messaging program, a group of business associates joined on a business-networking site such as LinkedIn, teenagers’ blogging about their favorite online personality, a celebrity with a million followers on Twitter, a network of electro fans on Facebook, or a statistically similar set of book-buyers on Amazon. ”
  9. 9. During the Second World War, Americans visited the movie theatres to watch news highlights of the war. Now, we watch live television + breaking news across the globe on CNN. For over half a century, we have depended on TV guides + journals to check out weekly and monthly updates in entertainment. Now, we can record our favourite movies and sport programmes directly from our mobile phones, for up to ten days in advance, and watch them at our leisure. In the near future, this context would likely seem odd and “out-of- place”. It would be like telling someone, that in order to have a memorable experience, one must watch Avatar at the movie theater. That thought belongs to yesterday.  Today is about future thinking.
  10. 10. The consumer has already moved beyond fixed platforms, and does not want to be restricted to form and context any longer. Tendencies are that consumers will likely watch and listen more to media content that have been formatted to fit within their lifestyles, are convenient and have dynamic, adaptable formats for sharing and personalization. Say, for instance, I purchase “The Blind Side” on iTunes, and download to my iPad. After I finish watching the film, I’ll rename it “Donnie’s Blind Side”, probably give it a grade of 3 or four stars, share my review with friends on Twitter, and add a link to a reformatted version of the movie that can be downloaded and watched – free of charge. A worthy prize to my followers who also discuss movie trends and share similar links on the same subject.
  11. 11. The power of Media + entertainment companies as we know it will become dinosaurs of the golden age, unless they drastically change their content distribution strategies. We are currently witness to the You! demise of print titles and their evolution to compatible digital platforms.
  12. 12. More and more, we find out that consumers only watch a movie or show that has been referred through their Facebook pal, or shared by a favourite blogger on their audience network. Popularity + future ratings of television series like Spartacus: Blood and Sand will be dependent on the number of tweets or comments posted on an article about it; and buzz items and shared links that are woven around it. No longer would it be about weekend box office or DVD sales. The success of huge TV shows like “Oprah” and “America’s Next Top Model” will become wholly dependent on what + how consumers feel about it. If an influencer – someone held in high esteem and commands huge traffic to his blog + rss feed comments negatively about America’s Next Top Model, chances are that these comments would be retweeted, layered with personal thoughts, and forward to Facebook friends, customized with a picture or two, and video link from YouTube. Audience networks will in turn take over the message, personalizing it with their own distinctive remarks and observations, and feeding it into their individual networks - that could average over one million people within 24 hours. If the reactions + feedback are negative, and generally in line with the influencer’s observation, chances are that viewership + ratings will drastically drop for the reality TV show, as it would have lost a share of its captive audience overnight.
  13. 13. The power of social media influencers cannot be over- emphasized. With the expansion of Twitter, Facebook and Google into other sectors beyond their primary constituencies, consumers are now able to harness content via various mobile platforms and can instantly share their thoughts and ideas like never before.
  14. 14. In the February edition of Advertising Age’s Digital Issue, Lady Gaga was listed as No. 1, and featured on the front cover with the poser: “This Is the New Face of Social-Media Marketing.” The choice of putting Lady Gaga as social media’s influencer par excellence was adduced as follows: “ Lady Gaga, with her army of nearly 2.8 million Twitter followers and more than 5.2 Facebook fans, can move product. Since fall 2008, her digital-single sales have exceeded 20 million and her album sales hit 8 million, all at a time when no one under the age of 60 buys CDs anymore. The November première of her video for “Bad Romance” …debuted on before MTV or any other outlet could play it—resulting in a Universal Music server crash, a Twitter trending topic that lasted all week and a cumulative 110 million [and counting] views on YouTube to date, more than any viral music video of yore…could ever claim. ” [source: Advertising Age]
  15. 15. In April 2009, Ashton Kutcher became the first person to boast of 1 million followers on Twitter … …narrowly beating CNN’s breaking-news feed, which had 998,239 followers at the time. CNN crossed the million-mark 30 minutes later. That same day, Kutcher appeared on “Larry King Live” to talk about the power of Twitter. “We now live in an age in media that a single voice can have as much power and relevance on the Web, that is, as an entire media network. And I think that to me was shocking.”
  16. 16. Increasingly, mainstream media is now dictated by social media feeds + audience networks. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Ashton Kutcher have become media powerhouses in their own right. They can launch their own camera, perfume, lipstick or bestseller, and even produce an independent movie flick, and are assured of a loyal fan base that will buzz and tweet about everything they do + carry on the news to potential consumers and purchasers of their products.
  17. 17. Kutcher has gone on to exploit his social status by launching Katalyst, a new kind of Media Company that attempts to “bridge the gap between Hollywood, technology and Madison Avenue.” [Source:] Ellen McGirt in her Fast Company article on Katalyst proclaimed on the headliner: “Mr. Social: Ashton Kutcher Plans to Be the Next New Media-Mogul.” She posits further: “The Katalyst HQ series illuminates what Kutcher’s production company wants to become: not just a home for his television and movie projects but also a go-to source for brands looking to deploy what’s called “influencer marketing,” a squishy hybrid of entertainment content, advertising, and online conversation that finds its audience via video, animation, Twitter, blogs, texts, and mobile.” True to form, within a few short months, Katalyst had attracted top multinational clients like Pepsi, Kellogg and Nestle to its rooster, based on Kutcher’s social networking power and influence - 4.6 million Twitter followers and 3.3 million Facebook fans.
  18. 18. Your! Media company
  19. 19. The more we interact with one another online, and leave ‘tags’ and signatures that can be traced back to us, the more we become searchable on the internet. People begin to relate to us by what we share, say and do online. If you blog about something that is relevant, and connects with others who have the same beliefs and ideals, there is a high potential for your blog to attract huge traffic, as followers of followers of your original audience will check out why their influencers find you cool, and worth chatting about. Consumers weaving their web of instant checking, tracking and alerting. Source:
  20. 20. Media companies + marketers are now consulting with “social magnates” [revise that definition], and spending millions of marketing dollars leveraging their brands by supporting “people with connections”, and not necessarily celebrities that have won a Grammy or Wimbledon championship. The likelihood today, is that if you are a trending topic for a minute, and I mean that, literary, you could get your own reality TV show and attract endorsements if you have a smart manager behind you. We all know the story of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and most recently, the famous Virginia couple, the Salahis, that crashed the November 2009 White House state dinner, and shook hands with President Obama. Michaele and Tareq Salahi have been awarded a gig by Bravo on growing reality television franchise, “The Real Housewives of D.C.” Talk about exploiting all avenues.
  21. 21. Our blogs, emails, online profiles, Facebook status, Tweets + LinkedIn messages are all interlinked, and will be structured to form our own personal media companies. The number of contacts and followers we have in our individual network, the popularity of our profile, opinions and web links on various topics, and the volume of visits to our websites, blogs + social forums will justify your company’s rating and sphere of influence under the new media watch list, and the value of your media ratecard. Food for thought. A visualization of [gigantic] global online traffic from The internet Mapping Project . Source: +
  22. 22. Acknowledgements Thanks goes to the following individuals + companies for citation of their original materials and use of photos: Mother New York Fast Company Reinier Evers Ellen McGirt Mike Walsh Identiture
  23. 23. inside the mind of a m/ad man franklinozekhome™ is a strategic planner, trendspotter, and a student of culture and brands. A leading authority + keynote speaker on brand marketing, future trends, and Nigerian marketnomics, he was recently nominated by The Future Awards as “2010 Business Professional of the Year.” Ozekhome previously held senior roles at InsightGrey and McCann Erickson, and has spent over a decade advising leading companies and brands like British Airways, Samsung, Audi, PepsiCo, British American Tobacco, MTN, Access Bank and Emirates Airline. He is the Founder + Chief Strategy Officer of Identiture®, a New York based, strategic planning firm, helping brands like Good Burger, CraVe Sandwiches and SignaPay embrace new ideas. Follow his rants, raves and tantrums on Twitter@donniefranklin.
  24. 24. franklinozekhome Copyright © franklinozekhome™ 2010