Writing a resume


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Students learn the basics when writing a resume. Assessment: write a resume for a fictional character

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Writing a resume

  1. 1. Writing a resume
  2. 2. Beginning  Why do you need to know how write a resume? You need to be able to present yourself to the people who hire you in any company.
  3. 3. Applications  You are probably wondering, isn’t a job application enough? Not when the competition is stiff for jobs!
  4. 4. You need to stand out!  You don’t want to be lumped in with the dozens or hundreds of others who are applying for the same job. A resume will help you to stand out from the crowd… If it is written correctly. So, let’s go…
  5. 5. Where to begin…  First of all think about what makes you special. What can you do that is unique to your abilities? Perhaps you have awesome communication skills.
  6. 6. Problem solver  Perhaps you have a unique ability to find solutions to all sorts of problems.
  7. 7. Now, the mission statement  To start a good resume, you need to think again. This time, what do you, as a person, believe in, stand for, want people to know about you?
  8. 8. Write it down!  Perhaps your dream is to help people to live up to their full potential.  Perhaps you want to make the world a better place through your problem solving abilities.  Identify your strengths and write down your purpose in life as it applies to the job you are seeking.
  9. 9. Now, the format:  Start by placing your name in bold and in large font at the top left side of the resume  *see the sample on the next page.
  10. 10. See the name up top? This is how you should create your heading if you are applying for a job just out of high school Under the name, you should provide your address, phone, email and cell. Remember that mission statement? you should place it here. If you don’t have a mission statement, put your objective or what you plan to do with your life.
  11. 11. After the objective, you need to put a profile of what you have done in this field. Next, you need to show what education you have completed. Do not show elementary schools, but show any GPA or honors you achieved in high school.
  12. 12. Now it is time to brag a bit. If you volunteered in your community, church or school, you will inform the employer of those things here. If you received any award either in school or for extracurricular activities, then boast about it! Finally, include any skills you learned in school. If you are a great writer, be sure to let the potential employer know. Separate the category: Personal
  13. 13. The final product!  Now that you learned all the steps to creating a great resume, try it out.  Your assignment will be to write a resume for both yourself and for either Beowulf or Grendel.  The requirements are in the rubric.