Nutritional needs in adults


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Basic nurtitional needs for adults. PE/Health Sciences

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Nutritional needs in adults

  1. 1. Nutritional Needs in Adults And Elderly
  2. 2. How to age gracefully. • Teens and young adults recuperate from many things much quicker than people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. • The body can regenerate faster • Take responsibility for aging gracefully: – Eat well – Exercise regularly – Keep stress at bay as much as is possible – Learn to deal positively with stress – Take care of your body, mind, and spirit
  3. 3. Lifelong habits… • One way to achieve wellness is to keep learning new things • Another way is to have new experiences • Face your fears • Take healthy risks
  4. 4. Diet: • Remember to eat healthy: – Make sure you have enough complex carbohydrates, natural unsaturated fats and proteins for your body’s needs. – Stay away from processed food (unhealthy, saturated fats, sugars, preservatives, etc.) – Drink plenty of good fluids like water, juices, teas. Stay away from sodas and energy drinks. – Make sure to take in enough probiotics and macronutrients
  5. 5. Probiotics: • You can get these from soy and yogurt products. • We need these to aid digestion, and help with the immune system, blood pressure, intestinal problems, colon cancer and high cholesterol levels. • Changing systems: – As you age, these probiotics are very necessary. – Many intestinal issues tend to arise when we age – Staving off infections and intestinal problems help us to be well and live productive lives.
  6. 6. Exercise Exercise is critical as you age. If you do not get enough of it, your body will feel it and give you more problems We know that it keeps arthritis pain levels down, but it also helps produce the necessary hormone balance we need, and balances everything else that keeps our bodies functioning at peak capacity.
  7. 7. Managing Stress • We all know that a healthy diet and exercise help to alleviate stress because of the hormones and nutrients that are produced by the body when we eat well and exercise regularly. • However, sometimes stress can take a lot out of us and we crash and burn depending on the stressor. • How do we handle stress in a healthy way then? – B Complex Vitamins – Avoidance – Deep Breathing/focus to produce coherence – Self control of your emotions
  8. 8. Aging differences • Pacing one’s self is critical • Housework • Shopping • Exercise • Job • Fun and recreation • Mental faculties • Social activity
  9. 9. Summary discussion… Does aging have to be a negative process or can we enjoy our old age?