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Video mastery 2012 series1_corrected links

Video mastery 2012 series1_corrected links






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    Video mastery 2012 series1_corrected links Video mastery 2012 series1_corrected links Presentation Transcript

    • Video Mastery June 20 – 27 , 2012 Texas State UniversityRound Rock Higher Education Center
    • Orientation & OverviewIntroductions: Hosts & PresentersClass Concept & StructureIntroductions: Participants
    • Orientation & OverviewWhy Video for Small Business? • Global Reach • Search Optimization • Engagement Thru Story
    • Orientation & OverviewUses of Video for Small Business  The Talking Head Interviews Product Demo Instruct/Educate Profiles Testimonials Branding/Promotion News/PR Revenge (Cust_Service) Kickstarter/Bus_Plan Content Blogging Entertain/Humor Hiring BrainstormingJuxtaposed ExamplesSelf-Made -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8r6ReAA_Zs&feature=g-uplProfessional -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTKOG41xYZQ
    • Orientation & OverviewBefore You Start – The Challenges of Video … • No Luxury of Time • End-to-End: Purposes Rule !!! • Tradeoffs in The Path of Bits & Bytes • DIY, Hire Someone, Do Nothing
    • Orientation & OverviewCurrent Trends (Steve):  Educate your customer, sell an idea Selling Real Estate in Spain  Get to know the CEO / the Product Kiwi Beer  Video Blogging  Product Demos Anushka Handbags  Member profiles An artist on Etsy  Kickstarter for crowd source funding Author of Graphic Novel  Interview Author of Duct-tape Marketing  Animation Commusoft  Product demo BBQ Guys  Business plan Student at Full Sail  Seeking employees Trucking company
    • Pre-ProductionWhere Marketing Begins !!! Things to know before you shoot your Video
    • Pre-ProductionProject Planning  • What is the Purpose of your video ? Brand Development or Brand Promotion ? • Who is Your Audience ? Know your Audience by knowing your Customer ? • What is Your Message ? What do you want your Audience to hear ? • What is The Take-Away ? What Conclusion do you want to Develop ? • What is Your Call-to-Action ? When the Video is over, What should happen ?
    • Pre-ProductionNow You Can Start Oh, One More Thing …
    • Pre-Production Now You Can Start Oh, One More Thing … DIGITAL RIGHTS: Just because it is on theinternet, does not give you the right to use it.
    • Pre-ProductionBudget & Cost Considerations How much does it cost? How much should you expect to spend?
    • Pre-Production Video LengthThis only matters if you want people to watch your video
    • Pre-ProductionStyles of Video-Making Talking Head Branded Entertainment Product Promotion Testimonials
    • Pre-Production Video LengthThis only matters if you want people to watch your video
    • Pre-Production Kickstarter What is it?Is it Worth Learning About?
    • Pre-Production Tips & Tricks If you were your audience,Would you want to watch this?
    • ProductionGetting Started:  Production is where the action is  A lot of planning happened in Pre-Production  You already have a script, team, and budget  You decided if you will DIY or Pay someone  Either way, you will need to understand: - The basic production process - The common terms - The relative costs - Your resources
    • ProductionCameras: Cameras now shoot video, audio, and stills: 1. HD Pocket Camcorders (Many Flavors) • Sony MP4 Bloggie , Kodak Playsport, Flip Video • List of the 10 best from PC Magazine 2. Webcams (Desktop, Laptop) 3. Smart Phones, Tablets, Point+Shoot  iPhone, Android, Blackberry, WindowsPhone  The iPad & Apps for shooting video Native Apps, 8mm Vintage Camera, etc.
    • ProductionCameras: DSLRs (Trend is toward shooting video with DSLR’s)  Digital Single Lens Reflex  Started out as still cameras  Canon Rebel T3i is extremely popular  Interchangeable lenses  Depth of field  Limited audio capabilities  Records to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards  Shoot only approx. 12 minutes on a card  Not for “run and gun” shooting  Audio alternatives compared on a DSLR
    • ProductionCameras: Consumer/Prosumer/Pro  Canon HFS100  Canon XA10  Sony HVR-Z7U Hybrids  Merging DSLRs with camcorders  Interchangeable lenses, DOF  Shoots about 2-6 hours  Example: Sony NEX-VG20
    • ProductionBuying Vs Renting: Buying …. Expensive (hope you use it more than once) Sources for Buying …  Precision Camera, B&H, Amazon Renting … Pros, No Eqpt Learning Time, High Day Rates Sources for Renting …  Gear Rental  Texas Media Systems
    • ProductionShooting Video Interviews & • Cameras on tripod to stabilize Multiple Cameras • Hand held for informal effect • Fluid head tripod to pan or tilt-pan • Avoid zooming; instead, “dolly” • DSLR for slow moving or still shots • Camcorder for “run and gun” style • Shoot pre-roll and post-roll
    • ProductionFile Formats:  Codec = Compress/Decompress H.264 is the best codec  Formats for youtube or vimeo: .mov .mp4/mpeg4  Aspect Ratios & Resolutions (SD & HD): 16:9 aspect ratio = Widescreen Youtube or Vimeo uses1920x1280, 1280x720, etc.
    • ProductionAudio:  Most cameras have on-board audio  Off-board mics are used for better quality  Multiple mics / Mixers enhance quality  Audio alternatives Compared on a DSLRDistance ???  Mics close to the subject  Audio monitored on headphones  Room noise, fans, are an issue  If an interview, mic is acceptable Otherwise, use a boom or hide mic  Option: wireless lav, but expensive
    • ProductionAudio (Cont’d): Microphones  Dynamic Rugged, for voice Shure SM57  Condenser Sensitive  Lavalier lapel mic: Shure lavalier  Shotgun: Rode NGT2
    • ProductionLighting (Sources):  Natural light from sun  Available light from a room  Lights on stands or attached  Poor lighting backlight, flat, lacking contrast flourescents  Light needs to not look green or yellow  Usually done with AWB (Automatic White Balance) Trend alert: LED lights are  On Camera Lighting vs cool, inexpensive, and last. stands/umbrellas  Reflectors
    • ProductionLighting (Proper):  3 point lighting  Key light, Fill light or bounce/reflector  A back light aka rim, kicker  Provide contrast  Avoid black shadows and blown-out highlights  Green screens need distance
    • ProductionUsing Actors: Friends or Professional (Austin Actors)  Provide a script  Fill in on directions: where to stand, etc.  Provide them with props  Shoot takes over until successful  Take your time You want passion to shine through • The message should be clear • Do repeated takes • Engage the actor from behind the camera • Help them understand your message
    • ProductionVoice-Over Narration:  Friend vs Pro (Acclaim)  Have a clearly written script  Record in a quiet location  Use a teleprompter or on a stand  Turn pages when in between lines  Use headphones to monitor  Watch the gain control, avoid clipping
    • ProductionSets, Props, Location: Set/Location … Where is it? Can your crew find it? Could your shoot be interrupted? Do you have permission to shoot there? Permits required in the streets, etc. Is the available lighting useful? Is there electricity? Props … They should be noted from the script Organized and easy to find Returned if borrowed, etc. Places to get props: Austin Props Second hand stores
    • ProductionTeleprompters & Scripts:  Have Clear Script Ready  Practice, Practice, Practice  Interpret the script into spoken language  Demonstrate Energy, and Smile!  Have a friend to speak to, to connect  Tips for using a teleprompter  iPad teleprompter apps  Tel Max Teleprompters
    • ProductionWires, Power, Ham Sandwiches:  Murphys law, so prepare  Make lists; pack things in an organized way  Back-up batteries for cameras and lights  Bring re-chargers  Extension cords, basic tools, gaffers tape  A spirit of adventure, and ...  Ham sandwiches!
    • ProductionConclusion: Either DIY or Pay Someone   Know the basic steps of Production  Talk the language  Know your options  Keep it fun  Keep communication with your team  Coming up next: Post-Production
    • Wrap Up
    • Day Two
    • Day Two -- Ron
    • Day Two – StevePost-Production / Editing
    • Day Two – Gilbert Distribution
    • Now What Do I do with it? Again – What are your objectives? Hosting (Vimeo & Youtube) SEO Tagging & Transcribing
    • Execute, Evaluate, Repeat Social Media Channels & Syndication Engines Your Newsletter, Press Releases, and Ezyme Video Blogging, Geo-Marketing, Google News, Etc.
    • Return on Investment Calls to Action Measuring Impacts Analytics
    • The Power of VideoConversation & EngagementSpeed of Trust (know, like, trust)
    • Wrap Up