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Adv 420 ppt samsung

  1. 1. Speedy SAMSUNG By Dong Min Kim
  2. 2. SAMSUNG’s Brand Color • Everybody uses electronic products like smartphone, and TV, etc. • Samsung’s ads aiming all age group audience -> Younger audience. • One of the top brand with high international reputation. • Active on social media. • Sponsoring various famous sports club like Chelsea Football Club.
  3. 3. SAMSUNG’s New Campaign • Speedy SAMSUNG: text- messaging contest to figure out who is the fastest text- messager. • Young, fun and creative interactive advertising campaign. • Participate in the contest to win free Samsung products. • They emphasize on the: - Viral marketing - Experience marketing - Feel the brand directly • Similar but different campaign in Zurich, Switzerland called “All eyes on the S4.” ( ?v=CsGlzu2NzX0)
  4. 4. Speedy SAMSUNG • Samsung tries and challenges various promotional events • Digital strategy in order to grab more potential electronic device users • Includes social media, internet marketing, mobile strategy. • Young, fun, and creative contest.
  5. 5. How Speedy SAMSUNG works • It is an unique, fun, and creative interactive advertising campaign. • Participants are going to text-message certain phrases faster than others. • They will share information through social media and they can submit an application through official internet website .
  6. 6. Speedy SAMSUNG Steps 1. - The campaign will be spread out through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. - As Samsung is very active in all social media, the contest can be recognized to all internet users easily. 2. It will grab people’s attention to direct to the actual campaign website. 3. At the website, all people can submit an online application for contest participation.
  7. 7. Speedy SAMSUNG Steps 4. Samsung will send them an e-mail and text to let them know when is the contest including detailed rules. 5. The campaign will pick three winners. First place to third place will be received Samsung LED TV, laptop, and Galaxy S4.
  8. 8. Why this will be successful? • The most expected participants, young demographics, were born in the era of technology. • They are familiar with this online atmosphere and system. • Highly involved in social media which myriad of people can hear about this campaign. • Not just a digital marketing, but it also delivers experience to the people with prizes, also known as experience marketing.
  9. 9. Budget • Put in a monthly charge limit • ‘Samsung’ has global average of 1,868,000 searches monthly • The Samsung campaign has $0.50 per click, search up to 40,000 searches. • This comes out with $20,000 monthly -> $240,000 annually • Digital agency: $250 an hour $40,000 overall
  10. 10. How will you know it was successful • Speedy Samsung is interactive advertising campaign that will grab more potential electronic device users and increase the sale and help the brand reputation. • The achievement of the campaign could be checked live through (social media search engine which searches user- generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, vide os, and micro-blogging services)
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