Thinking Differently for the Future


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Presentation made by global futurist & visionary Anne Lise Kjaer as part of Enterprising Donegal Business Week 2010 on Friday 12th March 2010

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Thinking Differently for the Future

  1. 1. DYNAMICS OF TRENDS 2015+ Tomorrow’s People & Emotional Consumption Futurist Anne Lise Kjaer MOTION September 9, 2009
  3. 3. Society Trends 2015+ THE SUSTAINABILITY AGE Sustainability is our new religion - transforming our world, society and how we do business
  4. 4. Society Trends 2015+ EMPATHIC LEADERSHIP Companies and organisations must facilitate, educate, inspire and convey an ethical message to meet the needs of tomorrow’s people
  5. 5. Society Trends 2015+ CONTRASTS CO-EXIST Giving away to good causes Budget Consumption
  6. 6. Society Trends 2015+ THE WHOLE BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN Synthesises 4 The Bigger Picture 3 3. EMOTIONAL 4. SPIRITUAL 2 2. SOCIAL 1. SCIENTIFIC 1 Analyses Details LEFT BRAIN
  7. 7. Society Trends 2020+ TREND ATLAS 4. SPIRITUAL PERSONAL FULFILMENT UNIVERSAL AWARENESS Alternative Inner Rediscovered Spiritual Anxiety Spirituality/Science Therapies Silence Wisdom Intelligence Society Convergence HEALTH & WELLNESS EMOTIONAL CONSUMPTION GLOBAL SUSTAINERS 3. EMOTIONAL Personal Foodie Perma Personalised Quiet Cultural Authenticity Intelligent Conscious One Planet A Better Pampering Culture Youth Everything Luxury Consumption Hunting Reduction Consuming Living World CARING COMPANIES PATCHWORK SOCIETY WORK/LIFE BALANCE COMMUNICATION NATION 2. SOCIAL Empowerment Transparency Grey Redefined Creative Female Five Star Convenience Rethinking Convergence Co-Creation Brands Seniors Families Class Empowerment Youth Culture Work/Leisure Technologies SUSTAINABILITY AGE GLOBAL POLITICS ECONOMIC DRIVERS EMERGENT TECHNOLOGIES 1. SCIENTIFIC Climate Bio Urban Surveillance Glocalisation Health Resource Living the Credit Emerging Clean Smart Space Creative Change Diversity Living Society Burden Shortage Brand Crunch Economies Tech Everything Exploration Capital
  8. 8. Society Trends 2015+ NAVIGATING COMPLEXITY Trends can present new opportunities. However without a Trend Atlas navigating the future is like travelling to an unknown location without your GPS switched on
  9. 9. Society Trends 2015+ KEY DRIVERS * Convergence Tech * Co-creation * Convenience Culture * Glocalisation * Creative Class * ‘No Age’ Society * Global Sustainers * Personal Wellbeing
  10. 10. Macro Trends 2015+ CONVERGENCE TECHNOLOGY BIG Kazakhstan’s new National Library BIG Kazakhstan’s new National Library Kazakhstan’ s Applications software to run our life Technology and Architecture convergence will continue to affect our environment on every level The biggest benefit of convergence technology is the empowerment of the individual. Today we manage our lives and environment in ways previously undreamt of
  11. 11. Society Trends 2015+ CO-CREATION The Facebook or Youtube Generation favour content sharing Virtual societies presents new brand presence opportunities Comparison sites enables people to get the best deal In a network society we connect across conventional borders. It empowers people to co-create product and services. We want influence and clear value definition
  12. 12. Society Trends 2015+ CONVENIENCE CULTURE On the go consumption McDonalds is the new health conscious fast-food choice ‘Easy & Cheap’ shows the way ahead Fast everything: Work, Infotainment and instant recovery In a fast society ‘Time-saving’ is a magic word. Why wait if I can have it now? Offer fast, easy and empowering solutions or your customer will turn to your competitor.
  13. 13. Macro Trends 2015+ GLOCALISATION iittala Group’s head office in Helsinki Global trade / local values Saville Row tailors ‘Still Made Here’ – home-grown creative capital gains currency Story telling, especially about origin and people is vital Connectivity and integration drives globalisation. Local cultural capital reflected in the brand is attractive to tomorrow’s people and gives an edge over global competition
  14. 14. Macro Trends 2015+ THE CREATIVE CLASS Google in Zurich Tate Modern Creative entrepreneurship influences society Cultural consumption is now available for the masses High-achieving skilled individuals forms a responsible, cohesive Creative Class. This group profoundly influences work, product offerings and lifestyle issues
  15. 15. Macro Trends 2015+ ‘NO AGE’ SOCIETY The SYLO generation (Staying Younger Longer) has emerged – it’s cool to be an active senior Living longer with a holistic approach The ageing society may soon see the workforce span four generations. We already see a shift towards a more positive cultural and corporate mindset of aging
  16. 16. Society Trends 2015+ GLOBAL SUSTAINERS Wealth is measured by how much you give away Conscious and ethical ‘One Planet Living’ for global change The influential and informed individual practises sustainability by ‘doing’ and this is filtering through every level of society. Businesses must have a ‘genuine ethical and caring attitude’
  17. 17. Society Trends 2015+ PERSONAL WELLBEING Foodie Junkies From yoga to Botox Luxury spas for personal pampering to improve health Health concerns have changed the west, with some health issues at epidemic levels. Personal wellbeing and ‘good karma’ hunting has become big business
  18. 18. Society Trends 2015+ TOMORROW’S PEOPLE The key trends clearly indicate a polarised society – sharing lifestyles and value sets across conventional borders
  19. 19. Society Trends 2015+ CONTRASTING MINDSETS The WE people The ME People
  20. 20. Society Trends 2015+ Emotional EMOTIONAL CONSUMPTION GLOCAL ENERGETIC Glocalisation ‘No age’ Society SCENARIO 3 SCENARIO 4 ETHICAL MEANINGFUL Global Sustainers Personal Wellbeing Gatherers Key Brand Hunters (WE) Experiences (ME) INTERACTIVE EMPOWERING Co-Creation Convergence Tech PROGRESSIVE CONNECTIVITY Convenience Culture Creative Class SCENARIO 2 SCENARIO 1 Rational
  21. 21. Society Trends 2015+ SCENARIO 1: EMPOWERING People bond with empowerment brands that provides knowledge, inspiration and personal ownership. Unconventional thinking engages and cements lasting relationships
  22. 22. Society Trends 2015+ SCENARIO 2: INTERACTIVE Intrepid Travel, Australia and UK Encourage exchange of ideas such as co-reviewing and co-creation. Inspire people by offering customisation and intelligent choice
  23. 23. Society Trends 2015+ SCENARIO 3: ETHICAL Take a lead as an ethical organisation and the worthwhile choice, but never overplay sustainable or ethical credentials
  24. 24. Society Trends 2015+ SCENARIO 4: MEANINGFUL We want to learn about ourselves and find greater meaning in life. Create inspiring and meaningful propositions to empower and change lives
  25. 25. Society Trends 2015+ CONCLUSION To lead have perspective and be people-centric - truly empower people on all levels. Only then can you create successful products to engage tomorrow’s emotional experience hunters SOCIAL EMOTIONAL