Cyber skills cybility_ppt(version#2)


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Computer literacy job skills for persons wq ASD

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Cyber skills cybility_ppt(version#2)

  1. 1. COMPUTER JOB SKILLS TRAINING PROGAM 21st CENTURY JOBS Introducing the first evidence-based blended computer job skills & lifestyle curriculum for youth and adults with special needs, Autism, DD, psychiatric and other at-risk populations. EMPLOYER-DEFINED JOB SKILLS After fourteen years teaching traditional instructor-led 75-hour courses in Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Internet, and Keyboarding, we learned we could "teach to the job" in one-third the time and cost instead of "teaching to the test". HELPING THE ALMOST TWO-THIRDS WHO MAY NEVER BE "COLLEGE READY" Lets face it: not everyone can or wants to go to College. That doesnt mean they cant acquire good job skills and lead productive lives. Studies show 90% of youth are engaged daily with computers, smart phones, and tablets that they access at school, public libraries, coffee houses, at home, even whole neighborhoods & public parks in NYC. The Cybility Jobs Program leverages this behavior by efficiently transforming their passion into marketable $10-$12/hr job skills. -1-©2013
  2. 2. THE CYBER SKILLS FOR EVERYONE WORKBOOK Contains twenty-three tutorials, a model Portfolio, and valuable charts & forms to assist the post-secondary transition, and for securing a grant to conduct your own Cybility pilot study. (Available at & Kindle $38.00) YOUTUBE VIDEOS These short, fun videos demonstrate how the student completes more than twenty-three essential job skill tasks. And, its accessible 24/7. TUTORIALS When our students told us they prefer visual learning instead of reading text or listening to lectures, we developed a highly visual and minimalist comic-book format Tutorial of core job skills. They were an instant success. PORTFOLIO The students Portfolio proves to the Interviewer that they have the required skills for an entry-level computer office position, and it boosts their self- esteem & confidence. -2-©2013
  3. 3. RESOURCES Teachers, Vocational Counselors & Parents will find a variety of useful plain-language guides to Government Benefits, transition to work, employment skills assessment, vocational choices, IEPs, personal budgeting, IRB research protocols, metrics, and more. SETTINGS The Cybility model is adaptable to a variety of learning environments: the classroom, computer lab, individual & group homes, institutions, inpatient units, etc. And, runs on a variety of platforms: White Boards, phones, smart boards, iPad, Kindle, Desktop, Laptops, YouTube, etc. EVIDENCE In a series of learning lab experiments, twelve students completed five core office tasks: type a letter in MS Word, design & print business & birthday cards, enter & graph a budget in MS Excel, search & print a Google Map, etc, all in each of three instructional modes: classroom, face-to-face, & Tutorials (no instructor). A total of 360 data points were recorded & graphed. On average, compared to the classroom, students completed all five job skills in 24% less time & with 60% fewer errors using just the Cybility Tutorials. REQUIREMENTS Instructor qualifications – anyone who has some teaching or tutoring experience with the population and has completed their own Portfolio. We have found volunteer peer instructors to be effective. Microsoft Office Certification is not required. Minimal keyboard skills (15 wpm). Computer/software – Microsoft Windows, Office 2007/XP/10, printer, Internet access, Mavis Beacon or similar typing software. -3-©2013
  4. 4. METRICS •Elapsed time by task & by mode, in minutes •Errors by task & by mode – raw count •Student surveys, assessments & financials 1) Satisfaction 2) Ambient condition comfort 3) Post-graduate job search experience 4) Employment skills assessment 5) Individual Employment Plan (IEP) 6) Monthly Income & Expenses 7) Government Benefits Profile: SSA, HUD, Food Stamps, etc. 8) Demographics 9) DSM, GAF, IQ 10) Medications & Treatment Plan 2013 PROJECTS •High School (9-12) pilot studies of Cybility Curriculum. Bronx, NY & Jersey City, NJ. Special needs (mental & physical) Minority dropout prevention •Produce 20+ more YouTube videos •Live test of Googles $110,000 Ad Words Grant •Transform Microsoft Word Certification Curriculum (3 credits) into Cybility Tutorial format, test & publish •Establish ten partner pilot-test sites PROGRAM EFFICIENCIES •$50 per student •Single-semester/summer/weekend Instruction •Minimum instructor training/class prep •Scalable •On- or offline, 24/7 administration •Union, taxpayer, teacher, student, parent & business friendly Were looking for a few innovative Special Ed Teachers to pilot test the Cybility 25hr curriculum in their classroom. Free Workbooks, stipend, recognition. Email -4-©2013