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    The-Linear-Scars-Called-Stretch-Marks-Are-The-Resu127 The-Linear-Scars-Called-Stretch-Marks-Are-The-Resu127 Document Transcript

    • The linear scars called stretch marks are the result of the skin being stretched too quickly due to a fast weight gain. These linear scars can happen to pregnant women, teenagers undergoing a growth spurt during puberty, body builders and any people who have gained a lot of weight quickly.best stretch mark cream
    • The hormonal surges that are common during puberty and pregnancy can alsoacerbate the development of these disgusting little marks Stretch marks affectthree layers of the skin called the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneousstratum When the skin is stretched too fast it loses its elasticity and tearingand damage occur in the epidermal and dermal layers
    • This causes stretch marks To get rid of stretch marks fast, it is necessary totreat them in their early stages when they are red or purple in color Once theyage and fade to white or silver then they are much more difficult to get rid of
    • 1 Daily Use of Specialized Creams, Lotions, or Gels One of the best methodsfor how to get rid of stretch marks fast is to use one of the large variety ofcreams, lotions, gels and essential oils that are available to help regeneratethe skin in a natural and holistic manner Many of these creams are made fromproducts that the body produces naturally, like the proteins collagen andelastin, so they are safe and effective for use
    • They will rejuvenate the skin and make it more supple and flexible as well asmore able to repair itself Other natural creams that can be used effectively arecocoa butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil, emu oil and products containing alphahydroxy acid 2
    • Frequent Use of Exfoliatation Techniques Another good way to get rid ofstretch marks fast is to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis This will lightlyabrade the skin to remove a thin layer of it, removing debris and scar beststretch mark cream tissue so that they are reduced and new, healthy tissuecan grow Exfoliation is best done using a cleanser that has properties that willaid in the process
    • These include such things as alpha hydroxy acid and essential tea tree oil oran abrasive substance like baking soda or oatmeal The cleanser should beapplied using a mildly abrasive applicator such as a brush or spongeExfoliation of the areas where the marks have appeared should be done twiceeach day in order to get the best effect
    • It is a good idea to apply a stretch mark lotion to hydrate and lubricate the skinafter exfoliation 3 Massage Them Away A good way to get rid of stretchmarks fast is to use a variety of massage techniques to help break downaccumulated scar tissue and to increase circulation and blood flow to theaffected areas
    • The combination of pressure from the massage and increased nutrientdelivery to the skin can help to break down scar tissue quickly and effectivelyMassage using one of the many stretch mark creams available will acceleratethe process and also help to make the skin more supple and flexible
    • best stretch mark cream