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    Stretch-Marks-Can-Turn-Summer-Fun-Into-Summer-Emba189 Stretch-Marks-Can-Turn-Summer-Fun-Into-Summer-Emba189 Document Transcript

    • Stretch marks can turn summer fun into summer embarrassment, as you struggle for ways to hidethem and still enjoy those sunny days at the pool or beach. Even if you arent a beach bunny, thestretch marks left after a pregnancy or weight losscan make you shy about showing off your figure.ways to get rid of stretch marks
    • While there has yet to be found a method for actually removingstretch marks, there are some proven ways to lessen their severityThousands of women have had great luck using cocoa butter-basedcreams to both hydrate and re-elasticize their skin, and making theskin more elastic is the best way to lessen the appearance ofexisting stretch marks Why? Because stretch marks are aconsequence of damage to the collagen and elastin fibers under thesurface skin, and any product which can repair them will lessen theseverity of the stretch marks which resulted when they weredamaged
    • There are other skin cream ingredients, in addition to cocoa butter,which may have a beneficial effect in the lessening of stretchymarks: 1 You may find Vitamin E, centella asiatica extract, andcollagen-elastin hydrolysates in many of the creams being marketedas treatments for stretch marks
    • Those creams which have the collagen and elastin ingredientsshould be useful in helping repair the damaged skin fibers which leadto stretch marks 2
    • Tretinoin may be able to shrink the size of stretch marks, althoughno one has claimed that creams containing tretinoin will actuallyremove them But smaller stretch marks are nothing to sneer at! 3
    • Retinol and other Vitamin A compounds, as well as AHAs (alphahydroxyl acids) are known to stimulate the growth of new skin cellswhich will produce healthier skin There are also stretch markcreams with lanolin and wheat germ oil, which might be better usedto prevent stretch marks ( during a pregnancy, for example) than toreduce them after they have shown up
    • Although there are more pricey creams being marketed with claimsthat they can actually make stretch marks vanish, there are mixedreviews son them from both those who claim miraculous results andthose who claim they are worthless Your best bet in looking for aremedy for your stretch marks is to experiment with a number ofdifferent creams to see which a re most effective for you
    • Go through the list of the ingredients weve mentioned before you letyourself be hooked by the promises of a miracle stretch markremoval cream Weve provided more tips on stretch mark removalin ways to get rid of stretch marks other articles
    • Get somekeyword in under 7 minutes! See Marcus Ryans reviewsite to find the breakthrough creams thats had everyone inHollywood sit up and take notice! See somekeyword review and findout why this cream works Get the somekeyword as free trials toprove the results to yourself!
    • ways to get rid of stretch marks