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We are Project Developers that Design and Build Water Desalinization Systems, Waste Management, Water Bottling Facilities. Our power sources consist of Solar and Wind technology.

Our market is focused in the US, Canada, UAE, Europe, Caribbean & South America.

We are currently seeking Equity partners for expansion into the above markets.

Requested equity $5M- $35M (US) Dollars
Minimum Investment is $250,000 for Equity Investors (Non Managerial)

Return and or equity percentage is negotiable.

The Green Group USA, LLC has three Project Management Teams. Between these three firms we have coverage in almost every country in the world.

1.) Malcolm Pirnie/ Arcadis
2.) Gleeds Worldwide
3.) Golder Associates

Please contact me at:

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  1. 1. WATEROn our planet, it means life
  2. 2. Yet only 1 out of 6 people in the world have access to clean water That means over 80% of the world goes thirsty !
  3. 3. Most urban areas have inadequate or out datedtreatment facilities
  4. 4. So with watercovering 70% of theearth s surface …Only 8% is drinkable.
  5. 5. We have a solution !
  6. 6.  Water Desalinization using eco-friendly Reverse Osmosis technology Water treatment Water Bottling Management and Service of facilities Component based facilities
  7. 7. We are modular based…  Our concept is to design the output of each unit to individual need.  One size does NOT fit all.  And, when it is time to expand output, all systems interface and expand.  Costs as little as ONE PENNY to produce FIVE GALLONS of clean water.
  8. 8. Markets… The use of Reverse Osmosis technology is expanding at the rate of 40% per year. Developing nations need a cost effective way to provide clean water 80% of Asia has little or no access to clean water Expansion in Africa, Canada & Caribbean now!
  9. 9. The time to act is NOW !The Green Group LLC in conjunction with world leaders in design and construction has the vision to address these needs
  10. 10. Contact us today toinvest in the future. Go to our website and click on the link to our informational playbook. Upon signing an NCND, we will furnish a Five- Year pro forma and full investment information.