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Joyfm Outreach Opp Church 1.2
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Joyfm Outreach Opp Church 1.2


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  • 2. who we are• The Best Contemporary Christian Music• Messages Of Hope And Encouragement• Caring Announcers - Interactive And Fun• A “Destination” That’s Safe For The Entire Family• Uplifting Concerts And Family-Friendly Events• Community Involvement And Outreaches Abroad• Listener-Supported And Underwriting Opportunities
  • 3. listener testimonies…“I was a lost soul until The Joy FM brought me closer toGod. I tuned in one day after I had hit rock bottom and Iknew I needed a change. I have not changed my stationsince. Thank you for being my saving grace and keepingthe faith strong in me.” – K.“I have been listening for almost three years now. I made itmy station when I decided to give my life to Jesus. I wasbrought from living on the streets being addicted to drugs tobeing a woman of God. Thank you for giving me theencouragement to stay clean each and every day.” – S.“Thank you so much for the great music y’all play everyday. Iam a single mother of two young boys, and they love theupbeat Christian music too. We are hooked on your station.God bless and keep up the good work. It is a great feeling toknow that our children have something positive to listen to inthis negative, messed up world of today. May God continue towork through your station and touch people’s lives!just asHe has touched ours. Thanks to The Joy FM.” – B.E.
  • 4. Outreach OpportunitiesEach week,The JOY FM reaches300,000 listeners,and nearly 93,000are UNCHURCHED 300,000 Weekly Listeners 93,000 UNCHURCHEDThe mission of The Joy FM is encouraging people and strengthening the Church through contemporary Christian music media. Our listeners are extremely faithful, and we consider them family. It’s our desire that they all have a church home.
  • 5. What 93,000 potential church members look like… We want to HELP YOU tell them about your ministry!
  • 6. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E D Helping The UNCHURCHED Find A Church Home … YOURS!1 OUR FIRST STEP The JOY FM will immediately launch a 12 month $100,000+ outreach marketing campaign called HELPING YOU FIND targeting the UNCHURCHED including: Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Web, Facebook, Google, Events, and JOYnews.2 OUR SECOND STEP The JOY FM will provide you with your very own customizable outreach website where we can introduce you to our listeners and you can extend a personal audio or video invite to those living closest to your church. The new site will a part of The JOY FM website and will have a separate domain name to maximize results. Your customized outreach site can include pictures of your church family and activities, video, a link to your church web site, a detailed describe of your mission, vision and values, along with many other elements that make your church unique.3 OUR THIRD STEP Maximize the effectiveness of the technology and social media: • Multiple Facebook and other social media interfaces • Custom Map • Major SEO (search engine optimization) features and benefits4 OUR FOURTH STEP Maximize the invitation to the UNCHURCHED by matching the unique life changing services you provide with their most important needs in mind.5 OUR STEP FIVE With each church partnership The JOY FM will donate 100 meals to Feeding Children Everywhere. We are collaborating with you, other Florida churches and organizations such as Impact Tampa Bay and Lifework Leadership to pack and ship over 5 MILLION MEALS this year.What is YOUR step TO REACH THE UNCHURCHED With Your Ministry?
  • 7. Why Do The UNCHURCHEDNeed To Find A Church Home? Longing For Peace With God Desire Freedom From Guilt And Fear Want To Be Accepted Looking For Friends and Belonging Care About Their Family’s Well-Being Need Spiritual Encouragement
  • 8. What The UNCHURCHED Want To Know About Your Church What are you known for in the community? What makes you unique and special?What do your members think about the church?
  • 9. How Does A Person Find A Church Today? When someone is looking for a church in your city, the chance of them beginning their search on the internet is very high ! 80%
  • 10. THE YOURUNCHURCHED MINISTRY How We Help The UNCHURCHED Find Your Ministry Online Radio Community Directory Spots Involvement
  • 11. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E D Online DirectoryPRIME ACCESS To Your Message and Ministry! Showcase Listing Present “Everything” about your Church: • Sermons • Bible Study • Worship • Images and Video • Family Ministries • Small Groups • Community Involvement • Missions • Electronic Invite Friends
  • 13. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E DOnline Banner Ads
  • 14. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E D Get The Word Out!Pastor’s Messages Life Groups Special Series Special Events
  • 15. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E D Salt and LightCommunities need the influenceof Christian values, or else ...“I have to say, having lived most of my life inSarasota/Bradenton, I took a LOT of things forgranted. Especially when I taught at SCS. I wassurrounded by Christians – Praise God. Now, I livein Scotland (for the past five years), and there arevirtually no Christians here.”“People in America do NOT know what its like here.The UK has forsaken the Gospel, and it showseverywhere in their culture. The churches areclosed, falling into ruin, or turned into peopleshomes and coffee-houses. More than half thechildren are born to single moms. Alcohol is theleading cause of death in Scotland !”
  • 16. P R E S E N T Y O U R M I N I S T RYReaching People, Touching Lives! • Read The Bible • This Weekly Teaching • Business By The Bible • Bible Answers •! Social Issues •! How To Pray • Caring Connections •! Attend Church – WHY? •! Emergency Help
  • 17. BROADCAST YOUR MESSAGE Radio Works!Broadcasting across Florida with radio andworld-wide with our internet music streams,The JOY FM is meeting millions of peopleat their point of need every day in theirhomes, cars, and businesses, at work orplay, any time day or night.
  • 18. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E DPositive, UpliftingFun & Interactive
  • 19. Special Packages Designed To Maximize Your OUTREACH “Zoned”Radio Packages Available
  • 20. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E D Community Involvement • On Location Broadcasts • Tangible Outreaches • In-Person Interaction • Uplifting Experience • Caring Connections
  • 21. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E DOutreach Plans
  • 22. and FEEDING CHILDREN EVERYWHERE Are Hosting A Charity Meal Packaging Event Called Project 3. The event includes over 20,000 peoplejoining together to package three millionhealthy meals for hungry children onAugust 27 – 30, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.There will be fun, entertainment, andeveryone participating will be making ameaningful difference. The mealspackaged will be distributed to crisis foodpantries in schools throughout the U.S.
  • 23. REACHING THE UNCHURCHED …with YOUR Radio and Digital Announcements!Custom programs caneasily be developed foryour Church by:1.! Zoned Radio Spots ($40 an airing)2.! Geo-Targeted Banner Ad ($375/month)3.! Showcase Church Directory ($149/month with 1 year subscription)
  • 24. R E A C H I N G T H E U N C H U R C H E D Barnabas PlanIf your Church is like most you have a few business owners that have the means and the desire to help get the word out about your Church !. LET THEM HELP!With our new program, we can create your Church announcement and leave room to honor the business/person that made the announcement possible! YOUR CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENT ! “This message made possible by “ABC Business.”
  • 25. For More Information Contact: DON Phone: (863) 797-9557 Email: