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  • 1. eCommerce in the Attention Age
  • 2. We live in the Attention Age l im i ted itedu nlim
  • 3. The Problem “Every two years the amount of nt content we add to our websites te doubles, while our user’scon patience with our websites halves”attention spans Shane Cassells, Google Conversion Expert
  • 4. 3 seconds to capture it all ‣ Landing pages get less than 3 seconds to convince a user to stay ‣ Most websites lose over 50% of their visitors in that period
  • 5. Important content must be seen immediately 3 1 WHAT 1 2 WHY 2 3 WHERE NEXT
  • 6. EyeQuant predicts what people will see in the first 3-5 seconds
  • 7. Instant, actionable results Perception Map Attention Map Hot Spots Map‣ EyeQuant is a neurotechnological web service that predicts within seconds how users will look at a website, newsletter, or landing page.‣ Developed and patented in over 20 years of attention research at Caltech, USC, and UOS in Germany, EyeQuant is based on real eye-tracking studies involving hundreds of subjects and thousands of websites‣ Customers simply upload screenshots of their designs and get 90% of an eye-tracking studys accuracy at less than 1% of the usual time and cost.
  • 8. Define regions of interest ‣ Find out exactly how salient a region is compared to screenshot average ‣ Know what percentage of a users’ attention will be given to each region ‣ Easily compare alternate versions or designs Get quantitative.
  • 9. Improve business results for your clients                    
  • 10. Just like this: 52% more signups! Before EyeQuant After EyeQuant1 1 2 2 3 3 Groupon Effectiveness Study
  • 11. A great sales tool ‣ Objectively show prospects areas for improvement ‣ Highlight your design intuitions to clients ‣ Stand out amongst the competition Grow sales aggressively.
  • 12. Generate leads with LeadBoxAn embeddable EyeQuant widget for your website ‣ Customizable reports sent to your prospects by email ‣ Automatically generated within seconds ‣ Capture more leads Start a conversation.
  • 13. EyeQuant sends you leads via our Partners Tab ‣ Agency suggestions are displayed with every free trial analysis ‣ Showcase your firm to potential design / optimization clients Start getting noticed today.
  • 14. How EyeQuant worksDeveloped and patented at the California Institute of Technology
  • 15. What agencies are saying:Gabriel Beck, Head of Conversion Optimization at explido WebMarketing“EyeQuant enables us to analyze landing pages and websites from a completely different point ofview. With EyeQuant our landing page analyses become both faster and more specific.”Jörg Dennis Krüger, Google certified Conversion Professional at QUISMA“EyeQuant is an incredibly useful tool to analyze the visual effects of landing pages on users. Ithelps us to quickly identify significant optimization potentials, resulting in even better conversionrates and more value for our customers.”Steven Broschart, Senior Consultant SEO & UX at cyberpromote“EyeQuant has been a key tool in our optimization workflows for over year now - theres simply noother service that provides such a fast, efficient and intuitive analysis of a websites visual impact.”
  • 16. Who else uses EyeQuant?
  • 17. Which plan makes sense? Basic 50 Pro Unlimited Analyses per month max 50 Unlimited Exports (PPT, PDF) max 5 up to 50Free LeadBox Reports per max 25 max 50 month Partners tab inclusion Yes YesNumber of users allowed max 2 max 5 Pricing (monthly) $449 £299 €349 $849 £549 €649 One new client pays for an entire year’s subscription! Enterprise solutions are available.
  • 18. Let’s Talk Donald IkePartnership ManagerDonald@eyequant.comT: +49 306 0989 9794M: +49 176 1055 1899