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Nord Finans Company Prof

  1. 1. PT. Surya NordFinans Indonesia commenced operations in Indonesia as a Scandinavian focussed finance company in March 2001. The company’s target customers are International corporations with emphasis on Scandinavian based corporations and related businesses in manufacturing, trading and services. NordFinans has a license from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia to act as a multi-finance company in Indonesia. Product Range with computer suppliers to be preferred provider of Lease Financing. Operating Lease Financing IT Leasing is provided for Hardware and Software, and NordFinans has agreed Fleet Leasing with several major software suppliers for NordFinans has Operating Lease financing to their emerged as a customers with residual value agreements s ig n ific a n t and maintenance agreements included. independent provider of fleet Consumer Goods Financing includes a leasin g to limited section of goods for an exclusive international corporations active in customer range. Indonesia. In addition to the main activity areas of the company, PT. Surya NordFinans is also entitled to conduct credit card business. NordFinans, whilst having some especially good working relations with PT. Surya NordFinans is confident of its major manufacturers and retailers ability to provide financial services to its ( T o y o t a , targeted customers at prices and service G e n e r a l levels well ahead of its competition in this Motors, Audi) market segment. of brand The utilisation of its well developed v ehicle s , is providing fleet l e a s i n g services which allow for a varied fleet for the corporation. IT Leasing NordFinans has developed e x p e r tis e in Operating L e a s e Financing of IT- Equipment and is in advanced n e go tia tio n s PT . Surya NordFinans Graha Niaga 25th floor, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 58, Jakarta 12190 Telephone: +62 (21) 250-5609 Facsimile: +62 (21) 250-5638 E-mail: 1 of 4
  2. 2. taxation expertise provides a distinct over the world, are providing support for advantage for its customers for the choice the development in Indonesia as well as of financing and for natural financing positioning themselves for participation in structures. Indonesia’s incre a singly important role as a v i a b l e commercial partner and provider to the region and to the world. Household names like Volvo, Electrolux, Scania, SKF, Maersk and many others The financial services provided to the are already reaping benefits from customers of PT. Surya NordFinans Indonesia’s re su rg ence into the include a range of investment banking commercial arena. These companies are services, including Structured Finance providing goods for the reconstruction of and restructuring of finances), fund raising Indonesia’s economy and also assisting activities (private placements, loan the growth of the Indonesian export arrangements etc) and other specialist economy thro ugh the usage of financial support as desired by clients of manufacturing facilities in Indonesia with PT. Surya NordFinans and provided regional export capacity. Service throu g h the companies in sister company transportation, PT. Surya shipping and Consultindo. other strategic areas are It is our promoting expressed Indonesian target to provide our products and clients with the most supporting efficient fina ncing sa les wo rld - available in the country. In wide. doing so we expect to prov ide fo r gre a te s t c us tom e r Target Products satisfaction and opportu nity to continuously service our clients to their Leasing benefit. L e asin g Target Market transactions are currently Th e S ca n din a v ia n on offer to business community in Indonesia is ever- s e v e r a l growing, with representation from Scandinavia manufacturing, services, export and n corporations for the support of their import industries, forestry ant aid related activities in Indonesia and for their export services. Scandinavian corporations, and import business. The strict many of whom are household names all adherence to the taxation rules and PT . Surya NordFinans Graha Niaga 25th floor, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 58, Jakarta 12190 Telephone: +62 (21) 250-5609 Facsimile: +62 (21) 250-5638 E-mail: 2 of 4
  3. 3. regulations in any and all jurisdictions in E . S t e f a n M eurling, P r e s id e n t which they operate forces local Commissioner and CEO (Chairman of managements to ensure that financing Board of Commissioners and facilities are tax effective as well as CEO), a Swedish national astute financial instruments. PT. Surya with more than 25 years NordFinans provides both taxation experience in the finance advise and the financial products to serve industry and almost two the companies. decades spent in South East Asia. Joint Venture arrangements in many Mr Meurling has worked with jurisdictions, though beneficial for sales, international banks in Europe, Singapore, may create disputes between partners New Zealand and Indonesia. Through his with respect to activities as a banker and advisor to o wn e rs hip of banks and financial service organisations patents and in Indonesia, he has supported the s p e c i a l i t y expansion of the financial services machinery. The leasing option allows for industry in Indonesia. the holder of such machinery and patterns to retain their hold whilst at the same time Trillenium Investments Pte Ltd, a allowing for efficient utilisation thereof. Singapore based holding company which holds a significant stake in PT. Surya Fleet leasing is a rational tool for rational NordFinans is controlled by Meurling usage of funds, family interests. without tying up o p e r a t i n g resources, for the Mr Otto Sasha Stamboel, advancement of C ommissioner. Mr facilities for management and selected Stamboel is Marketing and staff. Operating leases of fleets of PR executive with vehicles have proven efficient both as a extensive experience from sales argument for within the financial sector. vendors and as a practical means of o b t a i n i n g appropriate Ms Irma Soekarno has vehicles for operations. a cq u ire d th e H u m a n Relations portfolio for PT. IT Leasin g is Surya NordFinans through provided to h e r a p p o in t m e n t a s r e p u t a b l e Director - Human Relations international for the Surya Group and all organisations, with lease the companies within the Group. facilities ranging from isolated IT equipment to co m p lete systems an d maintenance. Management PT . Surya NordFinans Graha Niaga 25th floor, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 58, Jakarta 12190 Telephone: +62 (21) 250-5609 Facsimile: +62 (21) 250-5638 E-mail: 3 of 4