Advanced Virtual Reference Training
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Advanced Virtual Reference Training






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  • I’m actually doing an entire presentation on Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and Google at the OELMA Conference in October, so this will be, compared to that, an abbreviated look at these online juggernauts.
  • Google is a tool. Some of you may know some of the shortcuts to use: site:, ~, -, etc. but….
  • Google has MANY Tools like Google News, Google Scholar, Google Books, Google Patents, and more. For example, Google Books is an excellent resources especially to use with virtual reference. You can provide texts to people (sometimes full text) directly during a session.
  • If you check our the “even More… “ option you’ll see all Google has to offer.
  • And now we have Google’s location issue. Here are two searches for “zoo’s”. Note the top one just has United States, the bottom one is where it automatically detected I was in Cleveland. Note the differences. We can’t necessarily *ASSUME* that patrons see the same results as we do now on a Google search.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation has a page of great resources for both the practical editing and contributing end of things to advocacy promotions.Check it out.
  • “Pranks” is in quotes because it isn’t always easy to spot which patrons are pulling pranks and which have “legitimate” questions.

Advanced Virtual Reference Training Advanced Virtual Reference Training Presentation Transcript

  • AdvancedVirtual Reference Training
    Don Boozer
    KnowItNow24x7 Coordinator
  • This Afternoon's Agenda
    • Introduction
    • Google & Wikipedia: Dealing with the 400-Pound Gorillas of the Internet View slide
    • Handling Tricky Questions: Dealing with "Problem" Patrons and Patrons with Problems View slide
    • Break
    • Reinvigorating Reference: Enhancing Customer Service Skills Through Transcript Evaluation
    • Questions & Follow-up
  • You're
    of a
  • Benchmarks & Best Practices
    • RUSA Professional Competencies for Reference and User Services Librarians (2003)
    • RUSA Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers (2004)
    • RUSA New Definition of Reference (2008)
    • RUSA Guidelines for Implementing and Maintaining Virtual Reference Services (2010)
    • OLC Ohio Public Library Core Competencies
    • Seeking Synchronicity (2011)
  • Google& Wikipedia
    Dealing with the 400-Pound Gorillas of the Internet
  • (News, Scholar,
    Books, Patents...)
  • Be discerning!
    Be part of the solution!
  • Questions?
  • Handling Tricky Questions
    Dealing with "Problem" Patrons
    and Patrons with Problems
  • May 2011
  • What isn't a Prank?
    What is a Prank?
  • What isn't a Prank?
    Expanded Crisis Call Guidelines
    (KIN24x7 Provider Site > Documentation) 
  • What isa Prank? 
  • What is X ? 
  • Paul likes turtles
    Mmm cheese
  • 11:09:55 Guest how old r u? if your 80 or older geez man why not retire sumtime???
    11:09:55 Don @ KIN24x7 Good morning.
    11:10:08 Guest hi don
    11:10:16 Don @ KIN24x7 I'm not 80 or older... but giving out personal information over the internet usually isn't a good idea.
    11:10:26 Guest ugh ok
    11:10:30 Don @ KIN24x7 Did you have another question I could try and help answer?
    11:10:44 Guest but what if i am 46
    11:11:01 Don @ KIN24x7 Giving out *your* age over the internet probably isn't a good idea either.
    11:11:20 Guest what if im not 46 but 47?!!!
    11:11:32 Guest hmm
    11:11:36 Guest ?
    11:11:37 Don @ KIN24x7 Anyone can say anything. 
    11:11:43 Don @ KIN24x7 Age-wise, that is.
    11:11:58 Guest yes but what i say is that you are sexy
    11:12:18 Don @ KIN24x7 That's inappropriate. Please work with me so I can provide the best service possible to you.
    11:12:26 Guest no
    11:12:34 Don @ KIN24x7 Did you have a question I can help to try and answer or find resources for? 
    11:12:53 Guest sorry i just am so happy right now
    11:13:07 Don @ KIN24x7 Thanks for using our service. Come back again if you need help with another question.
  • Additional Resourceson KIN24x7 Provider Site
    • "Tips & Tactics" in May 2011 KIN24x7 Newsletter
    •  "Tips & Tactics" in April 2011 KIN24x7 Newsletter
    • Expanded Crisis Call Guidelines (under Documentation)
    • KnowItNow24x7 Provider Handbook
    • SparkRef Forum Summary: October 21
  • Questions?
  • Time for
    a Break!
  • Reinvigorating Reference
    Enhancing Customer Service Skills Through Transcript Evaluation
  • It's all aboutcustomer service...
  • Approachability
  • Any more ideas on making yourself approachable?
  • Interest
  • Any more ideas on how to show interest(even whenyou're not feeling it)?
  • Listening/Inquiring
  • Any comments on listening?
  • Searching
  • Follow-up
  • Any more ideason the search process?
  • Conclusion & Follow-up
  • How do you successfully conclude a reference transaction?
  • I will make myself approachable. I will show interest and be curious. I will listen and ask questions.  I will conduct searchestogether with my patrons. I will follow-upand encourage patrons to return..
  • Thank you!Evaluation