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Ict teaching and learning Ict teaching and learning Presentation Transcript

  • Earth facts:•Earth is the third planet from the sun•Earth is the fifth largest planet•It wasn’t until the twentieth centurythat we had maps of Earth•Earth is the densest major body in thesolar system•71 Percent of the Earths surface iscovered with water.•Earth is the only planet on whichwater can exist in liquid form on thesurface•The Earths atmosphere is 77%nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with traces ofargon, carbon dioxide and water•The interaction of the Earth and theMoon slows the Earths rotation by For more facts on Earth, please visit this Linkabout 2 milliseconds per century.Current research indicates that about900 million years ago there were 48118-hour days in a year.
  • Earth is divided into seven continents:•Australia Antarctica •North America•South America Africa •Asia •Europe
  • • Definition: The major land masses of the earth. According to tradition most people speak of seven continents on the planet. However, geologically there are six large distinct land masses on the earth so many geographers and scientists refer to six.Do you think there are six or seven continents?
  • • Those who consider there to be seven continents refer to a separate Europe and Asia (divided at the Ural Mountains in western Russia) while those who prefer six continents refer to the joined land mass (and single tectonic plate) as Eurasia. In some countries, the Americas are combined into one continent.
  • • In these Continents are Countries: Africa = 54 Countries Asia = 44 Countries Europe = 47 Countries North America = 23 Countries Oceanea = 14 Countries South America = 12 Countries Antartica does not have any countries! Do you know why? Let’s look at the full list of countries in these Continents
  • Let’s have fun with a little song about Continents! Here And a little movie I made for you to see some of the Countries in these Continents…