Lean it and lean software factory


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A presentation aiming to explain how Lean principles could be applied to Application Developpement and Application Management

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Lean it and lean software factory

  1. 1. D.LAPERE - September 2013 Athena Consulting Introduction to Lean IT and Lean Software Factory Designed for Board members and Executives for general knowledge purpose
  2. 2. -2- Athena Consulting Lean management philosophy (reminder) Operational Stability Production Flow First-time Quality Lean System • Quality at the source (no control) • Avoid rework • Autonomation (Man – Machine synergy) • Workplace organization • Standard work • Total Productive Maintenance • Stream value mapping • Kaizen • Pull production (Kanban) • Just-in-time • Quick changeover Best quality – Lower cost – Shortest lead time – Customer focus Organize and streamline your production in order to remove all waste. Waste being what a customer would not willing to pay for.
  3. 3. -3- Athena Consulting 7 principles of lean thinking (reminder) Lean thinking Eliminate Waste Amplify Learning Decide as late as possible Deliver as fast as possible Empower the team Build Integrity in See the whole
  4. 4. -4- Athena Consulting Translation to the IT world Useless documentation Extra features Inactivity & timeout Defects, abnormalities Feedback Iteration Synchronization Don’t dive into details Avoid rigidity Prioritize End-user expectations Tunnel effect Small batches Self-determination Commitment Motivation Leadership Lean thinking Waste Learning Decide late Deliver fast Empower Integrity See the hole Short iterations Refactoring Testing No repetition No extra features
  5. 5. -5- Athena Consulting Principle # 1: Eliminate Waste What? How? Excess documentation Extra features Building of wrong things Waiting for information Task switchning and motion Defects Track inefficiency Reduce inefficient management activity Rethink authorization systems Retrain your brain to see waste Map & check your value stream Eliminate anything that doesn’t add value
  6. 6. -6- Athena Consulting Principle # 2: Amplify Learning What? How? Feedback Iteration Synchonization Run tests as soon as code is written Real-time feedback loop Immediate customer response Short useful cycles Configuration Management System Automated testing High level of communication
  7. 7. -7- Athena Consulting Principle # 3:Decide as Late As Possible What (to avoid)? How? Drilling into details too fast Respect order of creation without priority Rigidity High stakes decisions have to be made firstly Full view over time Feature highest value topics first Change is manageable High stakes decisions can be deferred until the last moment
  8. 8. -8- Athena Consulting Principle # 4: Deliver as Fast as Possible What? How? Avoid tunnel effect Limit time for the end- users to change their minds Large batches of work take longer to process Rapid delivery Just-in-time Reduced cycle time Steady rate of arrival: release small & prioritized packages of work Steady rate of service: parallel the processing of work to avoid bottlenecks Develop an Economic Application Model (breakdown of costs)
  9. 9. -9- Athena Consulting Principle # 5: Empower the Team What? How? A mature organization looks at the whole system (Lean Assumption #1) A mature organization fosuses on learning and empowers people (Lean Assumption #2) Self determination: the team design their own working procedures Motivation: create a sense of purpose at work ; clear, achievable Commitments: the team make it’s own Leadership: master developers and respected leaders
  10. 10. -10- Athena Consulting Principle # 6: Build Integrity In What? How? Communication between developers and end-users Immediate feedback Scaffolding Smaller systems, single team, short iterations Design driven development, Test driven development Integrity: simplicity, clarity, suitability, no extra features Testing : customer tests and developer tests, automated testing
  11. 11. -11- Athena Consulting Principle # 7: See the Whole System dynamics Common pattern Root cause analysis Measurements Contracts
  12. 12. -12- Athena Consulting Lean Software Factory  Application Service Center / Lean Software Factory  Managed as a factory  Applying lean principles  Able to develop in agile mode  Outfitted with a Continuous Integration Platform  Continuous Integration platform  Maintain a code repository  Automate the build (thru build servers)  Real-time control source code quality  Perform tests (automated unit test and integration test)  Test in a clone of production environment  Benefits  Reduce rework (thus reduce cost and time) : less debug  Reduce production costs  Improve maintainability (source code quality)
  13. 13. -13- Athena Consulting DevOps  The ultimate way to extend Lean principle to the whole IT System  Projects driven through Programs  Development – production cultures are merged  Lean inspiration : small lots Application (Software Engineering) Quality Assurance Infrastructure (Technology Operations) DevOps
  14. 14. Thanks for your attention Athena Consulting