Fashion research


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This is a presentation consisting of research for my fashion website and magazine.

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Fashion research

  1. 1. FashionResearch Michael Dominy
  2. 2. GQ Magazine The front cover is very bold, it uses block capitals and varies in font. An image is used to cover the whole page, which text is then layered over or under. The “GQ” logo and sub headings are all in bold yellow text, this makes them the more noticeable parts of the front page. The colour scheme used is yellow and white. These stand out on the page and create a clean finish to the magazine.
  3. 3. GQ OnlineGQ is a very sophisticated online experience, it includes a lot of images from brands and celebrities. It focuseson what they are wearing and goes in to detail on how you can re create it. Lots of brands like to advertise onthe website, for example “Burberry” was advertising on Tuesday, this included a link to the “Burberry” U.K sitewhere you could purchase their clothing. The website also advertises their own magazine, they have a sort ofkicker which says “Subscribe Now” with a preview of this months issue. The colour scheme throughout thewebsite is white on black, the background are images of models and then the main page is white with all theaccessible links.
  4. 4. Men’s Health Magazine This magazine cover is very busy, there are lots of headings and sub headings. The image in the center is surrounded by black text, this works well because the white background contrasts the text. The masthead stands bold at the top of the page in red, while the picture slightly covers up a letter. The colour scheme on this cover is black on white, with yellow highlighted sub headings.
  5. 5. Men’s HealthThis webpage is very basic, its main purpose is advertising their magazine subscription. In every corner of thepage there is a place to subscribe, they try to entice the audience by introducing offers. The colour scheme isvery plain, white and grey are predominant but the logo, and issues samples at the top of the page add somecolour. In contrast to the other magazine there are few images, again they concentrate on advertising theirsubscriptions and their “Free Exclusive Guides.” Only one font is used on the page, this creates a consistencythroughout the whole website and makes it slightly more professional. Overall its very basic, and is not one ofthe high graphic websites.
  6. 6. Esquire Magazine This page is completely different to the last two, the picture is the focal point of the whole magazine cover. The last magazine only covered up part of the masthead, whereas this image is covering the center of the title. There is a very little text on the page, which is a complete contrast to all the other magazines. The colour scheme is very metallic, and uses silver, greys and golds.
  7. 7. Esquire MagazineEsquire magazine uses a lot of white, the background is plain which provides a clean background for imagesand text. There are lots of categories like “Style and Grooming” and “Food and Drink” unlike Mens Healthmagazine which uses it for advertising its subscription. The font on the logo is very unique and would onlyreally work for the logo as it can be quite difficult to read, instead they have used a thick black font whichworks well with the white/grey background. The page is covered with one very large image and two separateimages from the current magazine issue, this is similar to other style websites which heavily rely on visualaides to sell products. Finally unlike GQ Magazine it doesnt’t have to many links to external webpages, thesetend to be advertising or pages which sell the product you are looking at.
  8. 8. MFM Magazine This is another basic page with very little text. The main focal point is the image, the masthead and text just balance on the outside. The colour throughout is black and white, with a silver gradient going to the left. The overall effect makes it look quite old fashioned, but the style of font makes you think otherwise.
  9. 9. MFM MagazineThis website doesnt’t focus on one style, it ranges in its styles to cover a larger market. The background is awhite and grey gradient, it keeps it simple and fresh looking whilst making images and text stand out. Becauseit’s a mens magazine there is a variety of models, usually they focus on the mens clothing because it’s amens magazine but include female models as well. The images on the homepage reflect the style the websiteis going for, however they do change. They also act as links to other websites but also provide a visual aidefor people vising the site, below is a list of websites like “Topman”, “Burton” and other high-street stores.