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  • 1. Your guide Everything you need to know for your business FREE INTRODUCING THE NEW PEARL The latest phones, The first BlackBerry® with an integrated camera price plans and services PLUG & STRAY 3G broadband Work smarter and faster by taking your high-speed access with you GUARDIAN AANGEL™ The ingenious new voice-activated service that helps you organise your business
  • 2. Welcome to V Business, the showcase of Vodafone’s latest and greatest business products CONTENTS and services. In this issue, we profile some exciting new developments designed to make your business more productive, more flexible and more cost-efficient than ever before. So read on. 22 And discover how to make the most of now. 04 Why Vodafone? Ten ways Vodafone can help your business work smarter. page 05 Introducing Vodafone 3G Broadband. High-speed Price Plans Internet access that’s as mobile as you are. Vodafone’s affordable and flexible business plans for sole operators, small businesses and groups or teams. 08 Work hard, play hard Make the most of your mobile for business and pleasure. 16 Your Business Toolkit A range of ‘value-added’ services. 09 Phones & Devices The latest phones, handheld business devices and accessories. 18 19 Making the most of mobile Help your business work smarter and faster. BlackBerry® – download and share information in 10 Feature finder and jargon buster. real time. 11 Standard phones – smart, simple and sexy. 20 Palm Treo 750v Smartphone – a PDA, computer and phone rolled into one. 12 Handheld Business Devices – the latest multi-functional devices. 22 Vodafone 3G Broadband – discover the freedom to access the internet anywhere – at super speeds. 14 Bluetooth accessories – do business while you’re out and about. 24 Roaming – doing business overseas is a whole lot easier with Vodafone. 15 The Matrix – compare features at a glance. 26 Case in point. How Wynn’s NZ gained substantial 12 efficiencies and savings. Click on page numbers to link to each section page Take your office with you with Vodafone’s latest Handheld Business Devices. For a free business consultation, call 0800 555 021 or go to # To find your nearest Vodafone store visit For more information call 0800 800 021 or dial 777 from your Vodafone mobile 0508 VODAFONE (0508 8632 3663) 0800 777 800 0800 4 DIGITAL (0800 434 448) 03 CONTENTS
  • 3. Why Vodafone is better for No matter whether you’re an employer of many or a ‘one-man band’, here are ten ways that Vodafone can help your business your business work faster and smarter. 01. Get more flexible pricing plans You can design your pricing plan to suit you, to make your business more productive and your calls more cost efficient. 02. Enjoy nationwide coverage Our coverage works where you most need it (around 97% of places where New Zealanders live, work and play) and it’s improving all the time. 03. Only Vodafone lets you roam to over 100 destinations and access data in over 30 countries. Roam around And because we’re part of the world’s largest network, business travel is so easy – in most the world places you don’t even need to change your handset. 04. Get the best With Vodafone, you can choose from a huge selection of the latest mobiles, devices and devices for applications from the world’s leading manufacturers. So whatever your mobile requirements your needs for work or play, you’ll find something that’s right for you. 05. Get the A SIM card holds vital information about your network ID, contacts and customers. So if you’re unique benefit upgrading your mobile, you simply swap your SIM card into your new phone and you’re back of SIM cards to business with no delay in set-up. No other network gives you that kind of flexibility. 06. You’ll benefit from some incredible advances in technology as a Vodafone customer. Get the latest Like Vodafone 3G Broadband – which lets you take your high-speed access with you, technology whenever and wherever you happen to be.* 07. Be part of the As a Vodafone customer, you’re a part of the GSM network, the world’s leading network world’s largest with two billion customers worldwide. So you can feel confident that you’re backing mobile network** future-proofed technology. 08. With Vodafone you know you’re getting the smartest ideas and solutions for your Get the best business, because we’re totally focused on bringing you the best telecommunications in the business options from around the world. 09. Get the most helpful services To help your business work smarter, Vodafone offers a host of extremely useful services such as Mobile Mentor, aangel ™ free2Call, mobileRescue, and more. See page 16 for details. , 10. Vodafone’s Business Consultants are trained business specialists and work exclusively for Enjoy exceptional our business customers. Dial 0800 555 021 to set up a free business consultation to see customer service how you can make the most of the technology, services and products listed above. *Subject to 3G broadband coverage, see for details. **Source: GSM Association 2006. 04 TOP 10
  • 4. Price Affordable business plans that are as innovative, practical and hard-working as you are. plans The more you can communicate with customers, the more business you can do. Vodafone You Choose™ and talkZone plans give you the ability to keep in touch and control your costs. Whether you are self employed or a larger company we have the perfect combination of flexible price plans to suit your budget. You Choose™ If most of your calls are to people outside your business then a You Choose™ plan Business plans for sole operators provides flexibility and best value for money. You build your plan and ‘fix’ your monthly costs to suit you, paying only for the services you want and need. and small businesses talkZone If most of your calls (mobile and landline) are to people inside your company, then a talkZone plan will work best for you. These plans make it easier and cheaper to stay Business plans for groups in touch with the people you work with most often, through a combination of smart and teams calling features and discounted calling rates. “Thanks to talkZoneZero, all our calls between Paihia and Auckland within our Explore NZ Group are now free, where they used to be 29c a minute.” William Goodfellow, Explore NZ owner 05 PRICE PLANS
  • 5. You Choose™ Business plans for sole operators and small businesses Ideal if most of your calls are to people outside your business. What you get: • included minutes which can be used to call any landline or mobile in NZ anytime so you can make calls without worrying about extra charges • pick and choose any Add-On™ features such as TXT, Nights & Weekends calls, video or international calling • from month to month you can change your Add-On™ options, without penalty • cash off any of our latest mobiles or extra minutes each month to call anytime nationally STEP 01. Select the right You Choose™ plan You Choose™ What’s in it? It’s for you if you want to... Per month 25% EXTRA Buy a 3G handset and Choose 250™ 250 Anytime national minutes make about 5 calls a day $109.95 get an extra 25% on your selected Anytime national minutes for Choose 600™ 600 Anytime national minutes make up to 15 calls a day $224.95 the duration of your contract. Choose 1100™ 1100 Anytime national minutes make more than 25 calls a day $369.95 + STEP 02. Choose some Add-Ons™ It’s for you Per Great Add-Ons™ What’s in it? if you want to... month value 100 Nights & Weekends make 2-3 Nights & $14.95 15c per min national minutes Weekends calls a day Your Time 100™ 200 Nights & Weekends make 4-6 Nights & Your Time 200™ $11.95 6c per min minutes to 021/029 mobiles Weekends calls a day Your Time 300™ 300 Nights & Weekends make 6-8 Nights & $29.95 10c per min national minutes Weekends calls a day 100 TXT to NZ mobiles TXT 2-3 times a day $5.95 6c per txt TXT 100™ 200 TXT to NZ mobiles TXT 4-6 times a day $7.95 4c per txt TXT 200™ TXT 600™ 600 TXT to NZ mobiles TXT 17-19 times a day $12.95 2c per txt TXT 1000™ 1000 TXT to TXT over 30 times or more $9.95 1c per txt 021/029 mobiles each day to 021/029 45 minutes to Australia, make 3-4 international $14.95 32c per min International 45™ Canada, Ireland, UK & USA calls per week International 90™ 90 minutes to Australia, make 6-8 international $24.95 28c per min Canada, Ireland, UK & USA calls per week Make a video call every Videocall 30™ 30 video-calling minutes $9.95 33c per call couple of days + STEP 03. Choose a handset subsidy or extra monthly minutes OR OR Handset subsidy ($) You Choose™ 3G Handset subsidy ($) Extra minutes 12mth 24mth 36mth 12mth 24mth 36mth 12mth 24mth 36mth Choose 250™ 120 180 340 165 300 450 15 30 45 Choose 600™ 160 250 420 210 400 560 25 45 60 Choose 1100™ 200 300 500 250 500 675 30 60 80 All advertised You Choose™ prices include GST and are subject to change at any time without notice. Minutes cannot be accumulated from month to month. 06 PRICE PLANS
  • 6. talkZone Business plans for groups and teams Ideal if most of your calls are to people inside your company. What you get: • low cost calls to team members (in your nominated Calling Group) on the same billing account • discounted call rates to nominated frequently called numbers outside your billing account i.e. key suppliers and clients • a subsidy to help with the cost of purchasing from a great range of mobiles STEP 01. Estimate how many calls are made within your Calling Group (both landline and mobile calls). If this is less than one third of your total calls, choose your plan from the talkZone table. If it’s more than one third, choose your plan from the talkZoneZero table. STEP 02. Estimate how many minutes a month your team is likely to use and select the best plan for your needs. talkZone Plan Number Calls to Calls to your Calls to national If your team make less Monthly International of FCNs mobiles nominated numbers not in your than one third of their charge call charges included in your team FCNs Calling Group calls to each other. in plan talkZone $45 45c per min 2 Up to 1500 mins/mth 44c per min to Australia, talkZone 1500* 15c 15c Canada, Ireland, $41 41c per min 8 1500-4000 mins/mth per min per min UK, USA. $1.23 per min all other talkZone 4000* $39 39c per min 8 Over 4000 mins/mth talkZoneZero Plan Number Calls to Calls to your Calls to national If your team make Monthly International of FCNs mobiles nominated numbers not in your over one third of their charge call charges included in your team FCNs Calling Group calls to each other. in plan talkZoneZero $49 49c per min 1 Up to 1500 mins/mth 44c per min to Australia, talkZoneZero 1500* 0c 15c Canada, Ireland, $46 46c per min 4 1500-4000 mins/mth per min per min UK, USA. $1.23 per min all other talkZoneZero 4000* $44 44c per min 4 Over 4000 mins/mth + STEP 03. Choose from our great range of mobiles with a handset subsidy. All advertised talkZone prices exclude GST and are subject to change at any time without notice. *In order to qualify for these high-usage plans, you must provide evidence of usage and agree to maintain the required minutes. Unlimited additional FCNs can be purchased for just $8.95 per number per month. Note: If your business is likely to use more than 1500 minutes a month, give your details to an in-store rep or call 0800 555 021 to arrange for a Business Consultant to come and see you. THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: You Choose™ To enjoy the benefits of You Choose, you need to sign up to a 12-, 24- ™ or 36-month agreement. Charges apply for all calls and TXTs made above your included entitlements. For details of applicable rates see talkZone All your 021 mobile connections must be part of the same For more information: talk to your # commercial entity. You will be responsible for all calls generated by your nominated talkZone Calling Group members. Your connection will be set up almost immediately. After that, your Calling Group and Frequently Called Numbers Vodafone Account Manager or ask instore (FCNs) will be set up within 14 working days. Standard call rates apply until your Calling Group is set up. FCNs can be any Vodafone mobile, NZ landline or TelstraClear mobile that isn’t already on your Vodafone account. The following call types Visit are not eligible for talkZone pricing discounts, and will incur standard Vodafone charges: International Roaming (you can Call 777 free from your mobile still roam internationally; however, talkZone discounts and short dial codes will not operate); GPRS data sessions; circuit switched data/fax calls; voiceMail; 0800 and 0508 freecall numbers; 0900 and 018; TXT messages. See or 0800 800 021 for details of the relevant charges for the above services. For full terms and conditions, please visit 07
  • 7. Work hard. Play hard. If you need a phone that works hard for both business and pleasure, look no further. Your phone can be just as useful when the working day finishes – use it to book entertainment, arrange appointments, do your banking, get the news headlines Anytime – basically to manage your life. Check out the chart below to see how you can make the most of your mobile – for work or play. • TXT • Calendar/organiser • Voice • Mobile email Work Play • Communicating with • Talking to family and friends colleagues and clients • Games • Synchronising your • MP3 player company’s email, contacts and calendar • Downloads • Conference calling • Transactions: such as bank transfers, buying food • Organising your day from vending machines, meetings, delayed TXT a park, pre-ordering arrivals, updates Subway for lunch! • Applications: accessing and inputting data, uploading, downloading, printing • Taking and sending photographs • Video Calling • Browsing the Internet • Voicemail messages • Using the Web to access news updates or email POCKET ROCKET The Motorola V1100 Rocket It’s easy to mix business and pleasure with the Rocket. For work, this stylish clamshell features 3.6 Mbps of 3G Broadband capacity so it doubles as a modem and allows you to download at high speed, while simultaneously receiving or making calls. It also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera, Video Calling, removable memory, inbox data cable and MPT (mobile phone tools) so you can sync your phone with your computer. For play, the Rocket features Bluetooth wireless technology (stereo profile – so you can listen to a Bluetooth stereo headset), external dedicated music buttons for easy control of your music, access to Vodafone live! and much, much more. 08 WORK & PLAY
  • 8. Phones, Get yourself or your team equipped with the latest phones and accessories from Vodafone. Whether it’s devices and a simple, hard-working phone you need to make calls everyday, or a high-tech, multi-functional handheld accessories business device, you’ll find the perfect phone for your business needs on the following pages. PA G E 11 If you need a phone that’s simple, functional and practical, but also has Phones that plenty of technical functions should you need them, check out our mean business range of smart and stylish business phones on page 11. PA G E If you or your team members need to take your ‘office in your pocket’ 12 Devices that drive your business when you’re out on business, this section is for you. You’ll find a range of smart-looking multi-function devices – like the Palm® Treo™ 750v and the famous BlackBerry® . PA G E 14 Need to talk business while you’re on the road? A hands-free Bluetooth Accessories car kit, speaker or headset helps you turn drive time into productive time. PA G E 15 Need some guidance on picking the best products for your business? Which device? Our comparison matrix gives you the best features of each phone or device at a glance. 09 DEVICES
  • 9. > Feature finder > Jargon buster Whenever you see a Vodafone phone it will We also want to make your experience with Vodafone as jargon free as possible; be accompanied by one or more of these so here’s our guide to plain speaking: symbols, so you can see exactly what features it has at a glance: 3G BROADBAND: a super-fast, super-simple PXT/PICTURE MESSAGING/MMS: send and 3G Mobile Broadband Mentor broadband service you can take with you. receive photos, sounds and TXTs in one message. MP3 BLACKBERRY®: a mobile phone that can send QUAD-BAND: for phones that can be used 3GSM Player and receive emails and access applications. virtually anywhere – Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, PC North America and South America. Alarm Synchronisation BLUETOOTH: wireless technology that connects mobile phones, PDAs, laptops and other portable ROAMING: lets you make calls while you are BlackBerry Phone as devices without using a cable. outside of New Zealand. Connect a modem DATA PRODUCTS: devices to connect your SERVICE PROVIDER: the company that Polyphonic Bluetooth ringtones phone to your PC or your laptop to the Internet, operates your mobile phone service. without the need for wires. Built-in SIM CARD: Subscriber Identity Module. The small radio Quad-band GPRS: allows fast connection to mobile Internet plastic ‘smart’ card that is inserted or ‘plugged-in’ Roam and downloads of games, sounds and pictures. to a mobile device. Calculator Internationally GSM: Global System for Mobile. An international SMS: Short Message Service. Another term for Calendar/ standard for digital cellular communications. TXT messaging. Organiser Touch screen HBD: handheld business device. All-in-one device SPEAKER PHONE: projects the caller’s voice so Camera Tri-band – mobile and PDA – which you can run your key you can talk hands free. business applications on. Car kit TRI-BAND: for phones that can be used virtually compatible USB INFRARED: wireless technology that connects anywhere – Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and Changeable Vibrating devices without cables that are in close proximity. North America. covers alert MEGAPIXEL (MBPS): a good camera phone will VIDEO CALLING: with 3G, allows you to Colour Video have a resolution of at least 1.3 megapixels. experience face-to-face Video Calling. screen Calling MEMORY CARD: slots inside electronic devices, VIDEO MESSAGING: send and receive video Video Contacts Messaging including phones, allowing you to store large clips from your phone. image, music and information files. Video VODAFONE LIVE!: the gateway to a world of Downloads PXT MOBILE BROWSING: for access to online live news, information and entertainment on Video services like email, news, traffic – on the move. your phone. Email Recording MOBILE MENTOR: hands-on training for VOICE DIALLING: call selected names from Video Games Streaming technical set-up; organising contacts, messaging, your phonebook by saying the name, instead of connections and device configuration. pressing keys. Vodafone GPRS live! MP3 PLAYER: a digital device for storing and WAP: Wireless Application Protocol. An Internet- playing back music files downloaded from the based global standard that allows mobile devices Hands-free Voice speaker phone Dialling Internet or synchronised from your computer. to access selected content from the Internet, and also from some corporate intranets. WAP PDA: Personal Digital Assistant. A handheld Infrared enabled personal computer that connects to your phone. WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: connect to the Use it to browse the Internet, and send and Internet, computer or a network without wires or Internet Wi Fi receive photos, sounds and TXTs. an add-on adapter card. Windows POLYPHONIC RINGTONES: ringtones that use WIRELESS LAN: a network without wires that Lightweight Media Player realistic-sounding musical instruments. allows employees to connect to their business Memory Windows systems when they’re on the move. Card Mobile 5.0 10 FEATURES
  • 10. Phones that mean business Hard-working, smart-looking business phones If you need a smart, business-like phone that offers exceptional performance at an affordable price, you’re in the right place. These phones have all the features you need to do business on the go. Nokia 6234 Motorola L2 This very popular sleek little number gives you mobile email and The Motorola L2 combines an eye-catching slim design with access to your PC, calendar and contacts content via the Nokia data uncomplicated yet high-tech extras, including Bluetooth suite. Exclusive to Vodafone, the Nokia 6234 also features a super- wireless, a voice memo recorder and Push-to-Talk. clear colour screen, easy-to-use Nokia navigation, and a 2 megapixel camera plus Video Calling. Motorola V1075 Nokia 2610 This fully-featured 3G clamshell from Motorola supports Bluetooth, The Nokia 2610 features Xpress Audio Messaging so you can boasting a 1.3 megapixel camera and removable memory for all your send your recorded messages to colleagues and friends. Mobile multimedia needs. connectivity is available via WAP, MMS and email support. Other features include an integrated hands-free speaker, and bigger fonts with a large colour display. 11 PHONES
  • 11. Devices that drive Stay on top of your business at all times # To find out more, contact your Vodafone Account Manager. your business with a Handheld Business Device (HBD) Visit Call 777 free from your mobile or 0800 800 021 Being out of the office no longer means being out of touch. Or out of control. These multi-functional and stylish HBDs help you keep doing business as usual, no matter where you are. You can clear emails, browse the Web, access applications, visit your company’s intranet, you name it. calendar/organiser push email with attachments Bluetooth Internet explorer Nokia E61 i-mate Smartflip This ultra-smart handset gives you the competitive edge with a wide, An ultra-slim clamshell holds everything you need, and looks good high-resolution display, full keyboard, and fast connections, not to too. This stylish, thin Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5 clamshell car kit mention full up-to-date mobile email. The Nokia E61 comes with Mail device comes complete with dedicated external music buttons and compatible for Exchange or BlackBerry® Connect*, so you can clear your inbox expandable memory, making it the perfect all-round business device. even when you’re out of the office. expandable memory card roam internationally mobile mentor for free See the device matrix on page 15 for a full feature comparison. Sony Ericsson M600i Palm® Treo™ 750v A stylish mobile with an intuitive touch-screen gives instant access This smart and sexy phone helps you stay connected at all times. to push email, (via BlackBerry® Connect* or Microsoft® Exchange) The Palm Treo 750v combines phone, email, messaging, Web, Internet and your company intranet, even printing functions. And Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5 or BlackBerry® Connect* in one when you're browsing the Web with your M600i, you can still make easy-to-use device on the Vodafone 3G network. and take calls. The M600i is a true 3G multi-tasking device. *Support for BlackBerry® Connect will be available from November 2006 12 HBDs
  • 12. New i-mate™ Smartflip. Xtreme style. Xtreme smarts. > Radiant full colour dual screens > Hotmail & MSN Messenger access» > Etched metallic look flat keypad > Full internet access» > Microsoft Outlook® emails, contacts & calendar > 1.3 Mega-pixel camera & video > Send & receive emails including attachments» > Crystal clear MP3 Player > Word, Excel, Powerpoint & PDF document viewers > Back up all key info including contacts on your PC > Voice activated dialing > 24x7 support line, 24 mth global warranty Available now at: » Subject to network connection. Email access also requires an email service. • © 2006 i-mate plc. All rights reserved. i-mate, the i-mate logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of i-mate plc or its affiliated companies. • Windows, Windows Mobile and the Windows Flag logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • 13. Accessories Bluetooth hands-free car kits and headsets connect wirelessly with # To find out more, contact your Vodafone Account Manager. Visit your phone, so you can keep doing business while you’re on the move Call 777 free from your mobile or 0800 800 021 BLUETOOTH HANDS-FREE SOLUTIONS These handy headsets are perfect if you’re always in and out of the car or office – they can move with you. Sony Ericsson Speaker Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset The incredibly portable, hands-free solution. The HCB-100 means Listen to your favourite music on the go. The HT820 connects to you can take, make and reject calls while you’re on the road, without your Bluetooth phone, automatically pausing the music when a call jeopardising your safety. No installation required; just attach the comes in and resuming when it ends. The intuitive headset makes it sturdy clip to the visor of any car you’re driving. It also works as a easy to play, pause or stop a favourite song, as well as answer calls speaker phone in the office. wirelessly. Lightweight and ergonomic, the HT820 also works with non-Bluetooth devices for universal music enjoyment via the supplied headphone lead. BLUETOOTH CAR KITS If you make or receive calls while on the road, play it safe with a built- in Bluetooth car kit. Nokia Advanced Car Kit Sony Ericsson Car Kit Experience the freedom and sound quality of a fully installed car kit You have full hands-free freedom with this driver-friendly Bluetooth with the convenience of Bluetooth. No need to put your Bluetooth device. The HCB-700 connects to your Bluetooth phone without a mobile phone in a cradle; the phone starts communicating with the cable or phone holder, allowing you to easily and safely make, take car kit the minute you enter the vehicle. Leave your phone in your and reject calls while driving. It also features a handy LCD display pocket or briefcase and answer calls by pushing a button on your car to see incoming calls and voice dialling (simply say the number kit instead. Optional Nokia cradles are available for in-car charging. and name from your contact list and then say “dial”). Requires professional installation. Note: These accessories work with most mobile devices, even if they’re not the same brand as your phone or device. 14 ACCESSORIES
  • 14. Manufacturer Low to High Features > Device Comparison Matrix Nokia Sony Ericsson Nokia Motorola Motorola Nokia Nokia i-mate™ Sony Ericsson Palm Model 2610 V600i 6070 L2 V1075 6234 E61 Smartflip M600i Treo 750v Size (mm) 104 x 43 x 18 105 x 45 x 19 105 x 44 x 18 113 x 49 x 11 96 x 50 x 23 109 x 46 x 18 117 x 70 x 17 98 x 51 x 16 107 x 57 x 15 111 x 58 x 22 Weight (g) 91 105 88 86 129 100 138 99 112 154 Battery – standby hrs (max) 380 360 300 380 320 250 312 150 340 200 Battery – talktime mins (max) 320 480 180 350 227 180 300 300 420 400 STANDARD FEATURES Screen Size – Pixels 128 x 128 176 x 220 128 x 160 128 x 160 144 x 176 240 x 320 320 x 240 240 x 320 240 x 320 240 x 240 Display Resolution 65k Colour 256k Colour 64k Colour 256k Colour 262k Colour 262k Colour 256k Colour 65k Colour 262k Colour 65k Colour Phonebook Memory 300 + SIM 500 + SIM 1000 + SIM 500 + SIM 500 + SIM 1000+ SIM 300 + SIM variable variable 300 + SIM Camera 1.3 Mp • 1.3 Mp 2 Mp 1.3 Mp • 1.3 Mp Native Operating Native Operating Native Operating Microsoft Windows Series 60 Microsoft Windows Operating System Series 40 System Series 40 System System Series 40 Symbian 9.1 Mobile Symbian 9.1 Mobile 32-bit RISC CPU TI OMAP 850 300 MHz Processor Type / Speed based on ARM-9 195MHz Samsung Touch Screen • • Tri-band Dual • • • • • • • • • NETWORK Quad-band • • • GPRS • • • • • • • • • 3GSM • • • • • • Vodafone live! • • • • • Video Calling • • • • BlackBerry Connect Capable • Available Nov 2006 Available Nov 2006 Video PXT • • Receive • • Receive & forward • • Push-to-Talk • Email • • • • • • • • • • Organiser • • • • • • • • • Alarm • • • • • • • • • • FEATURES Hands-free Speaker Phone • • • • • • • • • Voice Dialling • • • • • • • • Memory Card micro SD micro SD mini SD Card micro SD Memory Stick Micro mini SD Car kit Compatible • • • • Bluetooth • • Bluetooth • Bluetooth Downloads • • • • • • • • • Games • • • • • • • • • • Built-in Radio • • • • Windows Windows MP3 Player • • • • • Media Player • Media Player Changeable Covers • Infrared • • • • • • CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth • • • • • • • • USB Cable DCU-11 CA-53 • • CA-53 CA-53 AC-CDFS-USB DCU-60 • Use as a Modem • • • • • • • • WiFi (wireless LAN) • Car kit (fixed) • HCA-200 CK-7W • CK-7W CK-7W HCA-60 Car kit (Manufacturer Bluetooth) HCB-700 CK-7W HF850 HF850 CK-7W CK-7W HCB-700 Car kit (Portable Bluetooth) HCB-100 HCB-100 HCB-100 HCB-100 HCB-100 HCB-100 HCB-100 HCB-100 Car Cradle HCH-41 CR-57 CR-56 CR-47 HCH-67 Car kit (Blue Ant Talkpad) • • • • • • • • ACCESSORIES Car kit (plug and play) • • • Headset (wired – stereo) • • • • • • • • Headset (Bluetooth) • • • • • • • Desktop Stand CSD-11 CDS-60 Cig Charger (in-vehicle) LCH-12 CLA-11 DC-4 • • DC-4 DC-4 • CLA-60 • AC / Travel Charger AC-3 CST-13 AC-3 • • AC-3 AC-3 • CST-60 • Standard Battery BL-5C BST-37 BL-5B • • BP-6M BP-5L • BST-33 • Note: 3G coverage is required for 3G services including Video Calling – see for details. 15 DEVICES
  • 15. YOUR BUSINESS TOOLKIT Innovative, invaluable added services to help you get the most out of your mobile 01. MOBILE MENTORTM Onsite, hands-on training to get you quickly up and running on your handset, device or data card. If you don’t have time to get to grips with your mobile phone or data device, let alone work out which added services could benefit your business, call in a Mobile Mentor. ™ A Mobile Mentor can get you up to speed with the latest mobile technology in no time – the technical set-up, organising your contacts, messaging, connections, device configuration, you name it. And they can help you work out which features, services or Add-Ons™ would be best for your specific needs. Terry McFadgen, a semi-retired investor, was offered a training session when he purchased a Vodafone Mobile Connect card; a session that made a huge difference to the way he used his mobile technology. In just over an hour, his Mobile Mentor showed him how to manage his emails in a Your Mobile Mentor™ can show you how to make way Terry never believed he could, and upgraded and tailored his software to meet his complex requirements for roaming. the most of your mobile technology, on site at your Like Terry, you’ll find that investing an hour of your time can premises.* They can save you wading through pages really make your investment in technology pay off. There is of information and show you how to use your a nominal cost for devices and data cards (with the exception of some high-end devices and rate plans), but compared to mobile or data device productively from the start. the efficiencies you can make, it’s worth it. *Service available to Vodafone business customers based in the Greater Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch regions, during office hours. 16 ADDED SERVICES
  • 16. 02. AANGELTM aangel listens and turns your message into aangel captures your thoughts, tasks and appointments TM an electronic business card, appointment or as they happen and sends you reminders when you reminder – all without keying in a letter. need them. You simply call 808 on your mobile and use aangel is perfect for remembering appointments, numbers or birthdays, adding tasks to your ‘to do’ list or capturing your voice to record a message. Almost immediately, that vital thought or message. And if you use organiser your message will be transcribed and returned via TXT software like Outlook® or Entourage, it’s even easier. ® aangel will automatically add events to your calendar, to your mobile and/or emailed directly to your inbox. contacts to your address book and tasks to your to-do list. You don’t need to upgrade your phone; aangel for email works with every ‘On Account’ Vodafone mobile. In short, aangel is hellishly easy. And it’s just $10 a month 04. (plus call costs at your normal airtime rate). CALLTRANSFER “ It sounds like a simple Who needs a PBX? Now you can transfer calls thing but the benefits from mobile to mobile. are massive. aangel 03. REPLACEMENT & REPAIR If, like most smart businesses, your company is on a talkZoneZero plan, callTransfer enables your employees to easily transfer calls from their mobile to another mobile or gives Vodafone an unsurpassable edge.” If your mobile is lost, stolen, damaged or Brendon Murphy, landline in their Calling Group. At zero cost. in need of urgent repairs, it’s Vodafone to Managing Director, Atlas Glass the rescue. So if you need to refer a client to another colleague, you don’t have to ask them to dial another number (nor pay for PHONEINSURE another call). You simply transfer them over. If you use If your mobile, handheld device or data card is stolen, short-code dialling to reach your colleagues, it’s even easier. misplaced or accidentally damaged, chances are it wouldn’t You can even transfer them to a number outside your Calling be cheap to replace (especially as most insurers specifically Group; though, in this case, your mobile will carry the cost of exclude mobile devices from their policies!). the remainder of the call. No matter where you are in the world, if something happens to your mobile or device, you’ll receive same- model replacement (or a feature-equivalent model), up to 05. # $1000 to cover any unauthorised calls and up to $500 to FREE2CALL hire a temporary mobile if you’re overseas. free2Call is a 0800 number that goes with That’s a big relief for a small cost of just $6.95 a month you on your mobile. (plus GST) for ‘On Account’ customers. free2Call is perfect for anyone who needs to be constantly To activate any of these accessible to potential customers, such as small business services, talk to your MOBILERESCUE™ owners, or for 0800 numbers that need to be answered by Vodafone Account Manager a particular individual. At Vodafone, we understand how important your mobile Visit can be to your business. So if it has a meltdown (be it wear Customers are more likely to call you because it doesn’t Call 777 free from your and tear or a fault), call the Vodafone mobileRescue™ team. cost them a cent. In fact, research shows that a free2Call mobile or 0800 800 021 With just one call during business hours, we’ll send a loan number can increase your chances of attracting business phone to you and send your mobile to an authorised repair by as much as 20%.* It can make your contact details more agent (charges apply). So you’ll be able to get back to memorable too, as you may be able to get the same 0800 business in no time. number as your mobile number or business name. And because you can switch your SIM card over to your free2Call is surprisingly affordable too. There are four loaned mobile, you keep your usual number and even your free2Call options, depending on how often you expect to usual contact list – as long as it’s saved to your SIM card. receive calls (a set-up cost or monthly fee may apply). *Based on analysis of current free2Call customers. 17
  • 17. Making WITH WIRELESS WORKING, YOUR OFFICE GOES WITH YOU. Stay on top of your workload wherever and whenever you need the most to with these efficient and affordable mobile office solutions. No matter which wireless option on the following pages best fits of mobile your business, you’ll be more productive and more flexible than you ever imagined. PA G E Take care of business on the move with BlackBerry, the very popular wireless solution 19 BlackBerry ® that squeezes a powerful line-up of voice, Internet and email business tools right into your pocket. Need to check emails, book appointments, browse the Web or intranet? No problem, with BlackBerry’s user-friendly, intuitive features and excellent functionality. PA G E If you’re familiar with Palm’s easy-to-use yet high-tech business devices, you’ll love their latest 20 Palm® Treo™ offering featuring Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5. Make calls, check emails, edit documents, 750v Smartphone browse the Web at high speed, organise appointments – you can achieve just about anything with this ingenious device. PA G E Wherever your business takes you, your high-speed Internet access can now go with you. 22 Vodafone The ultimate in wireless working, Vodafone 3G Broadband gives you super-fast, super-easy 3G Broadband and super-affordable mobile Internet access. In other words, crucial data at your fingertips, right when you need it. 18 MOBILE WORKING
  • 18. BlackBerry With BlackBerry, you or your employees can check emails, make calls, book ® appointments, browse the Web or intranet, even access your organisation’s data from anywhere in the world. It’s a laptop, mobile and PDA all rolled into one. BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100™ Available November 2006. BlackBerry® 8707v™ 3G The BlackBerry 8100 “Pearl” is a tiny chrome and black beauty. For business professionals looking for an even faster email Yet there’s nothing small about the feature list: colour screen, download speed, browsing, QWERTY keyboard and voice speaker phone, Bluetooth and much more. First-time features performance all in one device. With its high-resolution colour include a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, memory-card slot, LCD screen it delivers vivid graphics and provides ample voice dialling, movie playback and a music player. workspace to view email, Web pages and other applications. THE PROOF IN BLACK AND WHITE An independent ROI analysis of BlackBerry by one of the world’s top research + Features View email attachments – Microsoft firms, Ipsos-Reid,* found that BlackBerry dramatically increased productivity, Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Adobe® PDFs, workflow efficiency and response times. In almost all cases, it paid for itself in JPEGs and GIFs less than one month. Industry Best of Breed technology They also found that: Compresses data 94% of users found that BlackBerry saved them time by Vodafone’s premium, full service solution allowing them to send and respond to emails instantly. Ease of set-up and use + 98% found that BlackBerry has helped them become much Benefits more productive by making the most of ‘downtime’ in Don’t need to find a computer to read email attachments – accessible from airports, taxis etc. anywhere in the world Display PowerPoint in slideshow format The typical BlackBerry user reports they recover Robust, reliable, all in one device with 47 minutes in downtime each workday. leading keyboard design *For a full report visit: Less cost when roaming, works equally well on the 2G network and even faster # on 3G Support available via Vodafone contact centre backed up by BlackBerry, and To find out how BlackBerry could also enhance your productivity, training from the Mobile Mentor service talk to your Vodafone Account Manager (refer page 16) Visit Simple to use – little user training or Call 777 free from your mobile or 0800 800 021 setup required. 19 BLACKBERRY
  • 19. The only reason to run back to the office is to keep fit THE NEW PALM® TREO™ 750V SMARTPHONE – EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE, EASY-TO-USE DEVICE. No longer do you need a separate laptop, mobile and packing all the features you’ll ever need into PDA to run your business – this little beauty does it one small, classy lightweight body. all. Imagine carrying around the world’s smallest Combine Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5 operating laptop in your pocket and you’ve got the concept of system with Palm’s reputation for designing the Palm Treo 750v smartphone. simple, user-friendly technology – link it to Once you’ve used this industry leader, you won’t be Vodafone’s high-speed 3G network – and you’ve able to imagine life without it. As you’ll see below, it got the world in the palm of your hand. draws together some of the world’s best technology, The Palm® Treo™ 750v gives you: One single, easy-to-use device that combines a phone, email, 01. messaging, organiser, integrated e-diary and web Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5 with Palm enhancements for a 02. familiar PC-equivalent environment 03. Access to a wide range of your applications and email Effortless access to the Internet with Microsoft® Internet PALM® TREO™ 750V SMARTPHONE 04. Explorer Mobile For business professionals looking for an even BlackBerry Connect capable (from November 2006) – so you ® faster email download speed, browsing, and voice 05. can clear your inbox even when you’re out of the office performance all in one device. With its high- resolution colour LCD screen and intuitive Synchronised wireless updates to your PC and push email* and 06. calendar functions to keep you in constant contact interface, it delivers vivid graphics and provides ample workspace to view email, Web pages and Fast access anywhere you go on the Vodafone 3G network (subject other applications. 07. to coverage) – with HSDPA/3G broadband speeds available in 2007 08. # A QWERTY keyboard for intuitive typing A 1.3 megapixel digital camera (that also captures video) for crisper 09. images on the go The Palm® Treo™ 750v is available now. If you want to be among the first to have one Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology connects to car kits 10. and headsets contact your Vodafone Account Manager Visit 11. Wireless modem to extend 3G speeds to your laptop Call 777 free from your mobile or 0800 800 021 *Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 offers push delivery of email from your corporate Outlook account with Service Pack 2 20 PALM
  • 20. Lenovo recommends Windows® XP Professional. NEW ZEALAND’S FIRST NOTEBOOK WITH BUILT-IN 3G BROADBAND. ^ GET OUT OF THE OFFICE. STAY IN THE PICTURE. From the new global computer brand, a new way to stay connected. The Lenovo™ ThinkPad® T60 notebook comes with built-in 3G broadband from Vodafone – the first of its kind. With this notebook and a Vodafone plan,^ you’ll never be out of the loop. Because it’s integrated, not a slot-in PC card, you’ll have improved battery life and stronger reception. And with Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology it’s built to think fast while you move. Need a notebook that can keep up with you? Then connect with Lenovo and Vodafone. Now. LENOVO THINKPAD T60 NOTEBOOK Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2400 (1.83GHz) Genuine Windows® XP Professional Edition5 512MB Memory1 80GB3 (5400rpm) Hard Drive 15” XGA (1024x768) TFT Display DVD Recordable (dual layer) 64MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1300 Graphics Card Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Integrated Fingerprint Reader 3 Year Limited Warranty7 $ 3,369* ex GST (RRP). Model order code: 20077CM Be the first to own one. Visit or call 0800 443 760 Availability: All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. Lenovo is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. Vodafone Service ^Users can choose to activate Vodafone Service: Requires a separate airtime contract with a Vodafone Group Company, which is subject to credit approval. Service and airtime charges will apply. The Vodafone Group Company, not Lenovo, will be solely responsible for service. Service is not available in all areas and network coverage in the intended location of use should be verified before purchasing a wireless WAN-enabled computer. Vodafone terms and conditions apply, see for details. Pricing: *Prices exclude GST. Prices are Lenovo’s recommended retail prices only. Check with your reseller for details of your buy price and offers. Prices are accurate at the time of printing and subject to change at any time. Prices do not include Options unless specified, do not include delivery and are only available until 30/07/06 or while reseller stocks last. Warranty Information: For a copy of applicable product warranties, visit Lenovo makes no representations or warranties regarding third party products or services. Specifications: 1. Memory: For systems without a separate video card, memory supports both system and video. System memory used for video may be up to 128MB, depending on video mode. 3. Hard Drive: GB=1,000,000,000 bytes when referring to storage capacity. Accessible capacity is less. Up to 4GB is used in service partition. 5. Included Software: Delivered with Microsoft® Windows XP® and a Recovery Partition on the hard disk drive. Recovery CDs are not provided. Some software may vary from its retail version (if any) and may not include user manuals or all program functionality. Software licenses may apply. 6. CD Drive rates: CD and drive rates are variable and often less than the maximum possible. 7. Warranty: Lenovo will provide full repair with pick-up and return of ThinkPad via courier anywhere in New Zealand for no additional charge. Excludes software. Trademarks: The following are trademarks of Lenovo: Lenovo, the Lenovo logo, ThinkPad. Intel, Intel logo, Centrino, Centrino logo, Intel Core, Intel Inside and Intel Inside logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries or both. The IBM logo is a registered trademark of IBM and is used under licence. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. ©2006 Lenovo. All rights reserved. LEN0170_VB
  • 21. Broadband on the go Forget everything you know about fixed-line broadband. Vodafone 3G Broadband is here, and the way you use Vodafone 3G Broadband is the new the Internet will never be the same. You’ll no longer be super fast, super simple broadband tied to a desk. Or an office. Instead, you can take your service that goes wherever you go high-speed Internet access with you, whenever and wherever you happen to be. At work or play, on a PC or laptop, at home or roaming overseas,* Vodafone 3G Broadband keeps you connected. What does that mean for your business? For starters, you’ll have crucial data at your fingertips, right when you need it. You can send emails, download files, research information, check prices, you name it. So you’ll be more informed, more flexible and much more productive. *Subject to Vodafone 3G Broadband coverage. How to get Vodafone 3G Broadband Depending on your needs and the size of your business, you can choose from five simple ways to get connected: vodem A super simple ‘plug and stray’ USB for the personal user. vmc card Perfect for mobile workers who require high-speed access to Web and email from anywhere in the world. built-in 3G broadband Some laptops have built-in 3G broadband offering instant access to email, office data and the Internet, with no need for a separate data card. phone as modem Turn your mobile into a broadband modem for occasional access. 3G broadband router Ideal for businesses with multiple workers requiring mobile access. vodem™ vodem is for those wanting easy access to the Internet either at home or work, on PC, To find out how Vodafone 3G Broadband could work Mac or laptop. Super fast, super simple and super stylish, vodem plugs into your USB for you, talk to your Vodafone Account Manager, call slot, self-installs in moments, then connects you to the Internet at broadband speed. 0800 555 021 for a business consultation, or visit 22 BROADBAND
  • 22. What does Vodafone 3G Broadband mean for your business? super simple Just choose your device and plan, then install and connect! super fast You’ll have access to a high-speed wireless network in New Zealand and around the world, with speeds of up to 3.2 mbps. super affordable For many businesses, Vodafone 3G Broadband will replace land-based broadband. After all, the cost is just as competitive, so why pay for both? Broadband everywhere Get the coverage you’d expect from the largest wireless vmc network in NZ and around the world. Vodafone 3G The Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) card is the real meaning of mobile: fast access to Broadband is already available in Auckland, Wellington your email, company data and Internet on your laptop. The robust design plugs and and Christchurch, and we’re quickly rolling it out to all unplugs into your laptop, to work where you do. Quad-band lets you seamlessly roam 3G coverage areas in New Zealand. And of course, you worldwide and a dedicated data-card slot frees up your USB slots for other devices. can go global – with access to 3G broadband services Just hit ‘connect’ and you’re online. in ten countries already, and more joining all the time. Vodafone 3G Broadband Plan Data bundle Term Monthly fee Extra data plans for mobile, high- speed Internet access 24 months $29.95 $10* Broadband Starter 200MB Take into account the amount of information you No term $39.95 $10* plan to send and receive each month; visit for a guide on which 24 months $49.95 $10* plan is best for you. Broadband Everyday 1GB No term $59.95 $10* All broadband plans are inclusive of GST. * Bundle insurance – we’ll charge you a flat $10 and let you take it to the limit again (e.g. if you exceed your 1GB limit on the Everyday plan, we’ll automatically give you another 1GB for $10. If you go beyond this second limit, you’ll be charged at 50 cents per MB). For more information: talk to your Vodafone Account Manager # or ask instore or call 0800 555 021 for a business consultation Visit Call 777 free from your mobile or 0800 800 021 23
  • 23. ROAM THE GLOBE VODAFONE LETS YOU ROAM TO MORE DESTINATIONS AROUND THE WORLD THAN ANY OTHER MOBILE PROVIDER. BEFORE YOU LEAVE Wherever in the world your business takes you, Vodafone Roaming makes working overseas a 01. Dial 777 to activate your mobile or device breeze. That’s because we offer by far the largest for Global Roaming international roaming network of any New Zealand 02. Update your contact list for international mobile provider. Currently, Vodafone has coverage dialling with +64 prefix in more than 100 destinations, and our network is 03. Dial 701 or 702 to set up your voicemail still growing. (At the time of writing, our competition PIN number could only offer approximately 10% of this coverage.) What’s more, keeping in touch is as simple as taking your own phone or business device with you. Most Vodafone mobile devices can automatically WHEN YOU ARRIVE be used overseas, with very little set-up required. Which means you can keep on top of business 01. Check your mobile is connected to the pretty much anywhere at any time – even during most cost-effective network each time those ‘unproductive’ times in taxis, airports, hotels you move in and out of the coverage area and the like. 02. For assistance while roaming, call Customer Services +64 9 355 2007 (charges apply) WHAT CAN YOU DO? You can make and receive calls, send PXTs and TXTs, and in many European and Asian countries, you can also take advantage of real-time, two-way TIPS Video Calling (VC). Visit for information on: What’s more, if your destination has a 3G or GPRS mobile data network, you’ll also be able to connect 01. Destinations where voice and data roaming to your mobile email, PXT, WAP sites, the Internet are available and Vodafone live! 02. Networks and pricing for the destination(s) you are visiting (print a copy to take with you) 03. How to manually select a network on your mobile or device 04. Your mobile or device compatibility Sign up for any additional services: 05. phoneInsure – for more information go to page 17 or dial 777 06. personalOperator – for set-up instructions go to “Knowing that I can get off the plane, turn on my own mobile that I’m comfortable using, and knowing it works, is a huge plus for me. It’s something that other providers just can’t compete with.” Mike Lightfoot, General Manager, Wynn’s New Zealand 24 ROAMING
  • 24. Currently, Vodafone has coverage in more than 100 destinations, and our network is still growing. • Albania • Estonia • Indonesia • Morocco • St Lucia KEY • Aruba • Fiji • • • • Ireland • Namibia • St Martin • Voice Calling • • • Australia • • Finland • Isle of Man • Nepal • St Vincent • Video Calling • • • Austria • • • • France • • Israel • • • • Netherlands • • • • Sweden • GPRS • 3G • Azerbaijan • Georgia • • • • Italy • New Caledonia • • • • Switzerland • Bahrain • • • • Germany • Ivory Coast • Norway • Tahiti • Bangladesh • Gibraltar • Jamaica • Oman • • Taiwan • Barbados • • • • Greece • • • Japan • Pakistan • Tajikistan • • • • Belgium • Grenada • Jersey • Peru • • Thailand • Bermuda • Guadeloupe • Jordan • • Philippines • The Dominican • Brazil • Guernsey • Kenya • • Poland Republic • Brunei • • • • Hong Kong • Kuwait • • • • Portugal • Tonga • Bulgaria • • • • Hungary • Latvia • Puerto Rico • • Turkey • Cambodia • Iceland • Lebanon • Qatar • UAE • • Canada • India • Liechtenstein • • Romania • Ukraine • Cayman Islands Andhra Pradesh • Lithuania • Russia • • • • United Kingdom • Chile Calcutta • Luxembourg • Saudi Arabia • • USA • • China Chennai • Macau • • • Singapore • Vanuatu • Cook Islands Delhi • Macedonia • Slovak Republic • Venezuela • Croatia Gujarat • • • • Malaysia • Slovenia • Vietnam • Cyprus Karnataka • • Malta • • South Africa • Yemen • • Czech Republic Kerala • Martinique • South Korea • Zimbabwe • • • Denmark Maharashtra • Mauritius • • • • Spain • Easter Island Mumbai • • Mexico • • Sri Lanka • Egypt Punjab • Moldova • St Barthélemy Tamil Nadu *Information published above was correct as at 1 August 2006. Roaming may be available in destinations not listed in the above table. Where there is no agreement in place with the local network provider, Vodafone NZ is unable to support the service provided at that destination. Map is indicative only, refer to table above and for current information on roaming and coverage in each international destination. “Using my VMC (Vodafone Mobile Connect) card, I stopped at the side of an Italian highway and booked accommodation at the Sheraton in Nice – for that night, for only €100!” Mike Lightfoot, General Manager, Wynn’s New Zealand 25
  • 25. Wynn-win situation Faced with high inventory levels and an outdated “We’ve halved our stock levels, reduced tied-up paper-based invoicing system, automotive business capital and improved our operations. And it’s Wynn’s New Zealand turned to Vodafone and SalesLink for an overhaul. definitely improved our staff’s work-life balance.” Mike Lightfoot, General Manager, Wynn’s New Zealand By working with Vodafone to implement a real-time mobile supply chain, Wynn’s cut its stock levels by half, reduced tied-up capital and dramatically improved administration and customer service. Efficiency gains from Vodafone And the most impressive part? The mobility solution and SalesLink solution has shown a return on investment within a year. Here’s the story on how Vodafone really got their motor running. 100% How we did it 75% Wynn’s New Zealand has a network of 17 distributors 50% nationwide and a product range in excess of 100 25% products. The challenge was to streamline their business processes and achieve a significant reduction in inventory levels. Capital tied-up in stock First we took a ‘look under the bonnet’ to see what before mobile sales solution needed fixing – then provided the tools to deliver Warehouse stock levels before mobile sales solution real results. After mobile sales solution THEN NOW • High stock levels – holding six months’ inventory, enormous • Inventory reduced to three months, optimising warehouse space pressure on warehouse space. and resulting in 23% reduction in tied-up capital. • An inefficient triplicate paper-based invoicing system meant • Real-time ordering and processing drastically cuts paperwork. sales reps were overloaded with paperwork and head office faced And 30 hours per week of resources have been reallocated from mountains of data entry. data entry tasks. Managers now have a real-time overview of the business day by day. • Customer service was hindered by the lack of real-time visibility • With Palm® Treo™ 600 handhelds and SalesLink Mobile software of inventory levels. utilising in-vehicle infrared printers, orders are processed on the spot – printed, checked and receipted by the customer. • Managers frustrated at being unable to access key information • Use their BlackBerry, and Vodafone Mobile Connect cards with while overseas. laptops, to stay on top of business issues wherever they are (subject to coverage). “Vodafone has always worked with us very much as a partner, developing solutions that deliver the business results we need, and keeping us up to date with new technology.” Mike Lightfoot, General Manager, Wynn’s New Zealand 26 CASE STUDY
  • 26. work. out. 1GB for $49.95 per month*. vodafone 3G broadband has arrived. it’s never been so easy for businesses to access broadband on the move. the vodafone mobile connect card simply slots into your laptop, giving you instant access to business applications, email and internet. it’s freedom to move like never before. for full details and pricing plans, visit, your local vodafone store, or call 0800 555 021 to arrange a free business consultation. subject to vodafone 3G broadband coverage. *subject to connection to a 24 month term. VF0006