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User Guide

  1. 1. User Guide Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. TM MOTORAZR V3xx
  2. 2. HELLOMOTO Introducing your new MOTORAZR™ V3xx 3G wireless phone. Here’s a quick anatomy lesson. Smart Key Voice Key Say voice commands. Volume Keys Center Select Key Open menus, select menu items. Navigation Key Left Soft Key Navigate menus. Go online. Right Soft Key Open Cellular Video. Send Key Make & answer calls. Power/End Key Turn on/off, hang up, exit menus. Press and hold to call voicemail. Press and hold to change ring to vibrate. Clear/Back Key Microphone 1
  3. 3. Camera Lens Battery Charging Indicator Bluetooth® Connection Indicator Volume Keys Open ring style menu or adjust camera zoom when flip is closed. Smart Key Scroll through ring style menu. Hold the smart key to lock or unlock all side keys. External Display See incoming call information, use as camera viewfinder when flip is closed. Accessory Connector Port Insert battery charger & phone accessories. 2
  4. 4. Home Screen Main Menu AT&T Mall AT&T 1 Press and hold the 3 Press the Navigation Key 12:00 Power Key O for a few up, down, left, or right Options Main Menu seconds or until the Go To Back (S) to highlight a menu display lights up to turn feature. on your phone. 2 Press the 4 Press the Center Key (s) to open Center Key (s) to the Main Menu. select it. 3
  5. 5. AT&T, AT&T logo and Your World. Delivered. are trademarks of Motorola, Inc. AT&T Knowledge Ventures. Consumer Advocacy Office © Motorola, Inc., 2007. 1307 East Algonquin Road Schaumburg, IL 60196 Caution: Changes or modifications made in the radio phone, not expressly approved by Motorola, will void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. 1-800-520-6431 (United States) Software Copyright Notice 1-888-390-6456 (TTY/TDD United States for hearing impaired) The Motorola products described in this manual may include 1-800-461-4575 (Canada) copyrighted Motorola and third-party software stored in Certain mobile phone features are dependent on the capabilities semiconductor memories or other media. Laws in the United and settings of your service provider’s network. Additionally, States and other countries preserve for Motorola and third-party certain features may not be activated by your service provider, software providers certain exclusive rights for copyrighted and/or the provider’s network settings may limit the feature’s software, such as the exclusive rights to distribute or reproduce functionality. Always contact your service provider about feature the copyrighted software. Accordingly, any copyrighted software availability and functionality. All features, functionality, and other contained in the Motorola products may not be modified, product specifications, as well as the information contained in this reverse-engineered, distributed, or reproduced in any manner to user’s guide are based upon the latest available information and the extent allowed by law. Furthermore, the purchase of the are believed to be accurate at the time of printing. Motorola Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or reserves the right to change or modify any information or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the specifications without notice or obligation. copyrights, patents, or patent applications of Motorola or any third-party software provider, except for the normal, non-exclusive, MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US royalty-free license to use that arises by operation of law in the Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are sale of a product. the property of their respective owners. The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by their proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc. under Manual Number: 6809519A37-A license. Java and all other Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. 4
  6. 6. contents menu map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 videos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 time & date . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Use and Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 text messages . . . . . . . . . . . 32 wallpaper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 essentials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 memory card . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 screen saver. . . . . . . . . . . . 49 about this guide. . . . . . . . . . 10 cable connections . . . . . . . . 35 themes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 SIM card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 phone updates. . . . . . . . . . . 36 display appearance. . . . . . . 50 battery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 answer options . . . . . . . . . 51 turn it on & off . . . . . . . . . . . 14 display . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 calls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 make a call . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 text entry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 turn off a call alert . . . . . . . 52 answer a call . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 volume. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 recent calls. . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 store a phone number. . . . . 15 navigation key . . . . . . . . . . . 44 redial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 call a stored phone number. 15 smart key. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 return a call . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 your phone number . . . . . . . 16 external display . . . . . . . . . . 45 caller ID . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 main attractions. . . . . . . . . . . 17 handsfree speaker . . . . . . . . 45 emergency calls. . . . . . . . . 54 Bluetooth® wireless . . . . . . 17 codes & passwords . . . . . . . 45 voicemail . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 AT&T Mobile Music™ lock & unlock phone. . . . . . . 46 other features . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 portfolio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 customize . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 advanced calling. . . . . . . . . 56 photos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 audio style . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 address book . . . . . . . . . . . 60 contents 5
  7. 7. messages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Export Law . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 instant messaging. . . . . . . . 67 Recycling Information . . . . . . 95 personalizing . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Perchlorate Label . . . . . . . . . . 96 call times. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Privacy and Data Security . . . 96 handsfree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Driving Safety. . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 data calls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 network. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 personal organizer. . . . . . . . 72 security . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 fun & games . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 service & repairs . . . . . . . . . . 79 SAR Data . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 EU Conformance . . . . . . . . . . 82 Safety Information . . . . . . . . 84 Industry Canada Notice . . . . 88 FCC Notice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Warranty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Hearing Aids . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93 WHO Information . . . . . . . . . 94 Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 6 contents
  8. 8. menu map main menu W Cellular Video Á AT&T Mall à My Stuff • Shop Tones • Media Finder e Messaging • Shop Games • Music • Create Message • Shop Graphics • Pictures • Message Inbox • Shop Multimedia • Videos • IM • Shop Applications • Voice Notes • Outbox • MEdia Net Home • Ring Tones • Templates • Wallpapers • Drafts  AT&T Mobile Music • Games & Apps • Browser Messages • Music Player • Tools • Voicemail • Shop Music • Alarm Clock • Create Voice Message • MusicID • World Clock • XM Radio • Calendar { Recent Calls • Music Videos • Dialing Services • (press the * # or to scroll • The Buzz • Calculator through recent, dialed, received, • Community • Take Picture and missed calls) • Music Apps • Video Camera • Voice Record Ë MEdia Net = Address Book } Settings • (see next page) * dependent on your SIM card This is the standard main menu layout. Your phone’s menu may be a little different. menu map 7
  9. 9. settings menu l Personalize Z Initial Setup % Airplane Mode • Home Screen • Time and Date • Airplane Mode • Main Menu • Speed Dial • Prompt at Power Up • Voice Dial Setup • Display Timeout • Skin • Backlight j Network * • Greeting • Charging Lights • Network Setup • Wallpaper • TTY Setup • Available Networks • Screen Saver • Scroll • Service Tone • Text Marquee • Call Drop Tone Ç Themes • Language • Brightness u Security t Audio • DTMF • Phone Lock • Style • Master Reset • External Key Lock • (style) Detail • Master Clear • Lock Application • Hide/Show Private Entries * L Connection Software Update • Fixed Dial • Bluetooth® Link • Restrict Calls * • USB Settings m Phone Status • SIM PIN • Sync • My Tel. Numbers • SIM PIN2 • Battery Meter • New Passwords H Call Forward * • User Account • Certificate Mgmt * • Voice Calls • Download Location • Cancel All • Storage Devices c Java™ Settings • Forward Status • Other Information á Web Access U In-Call Setup S Headset • MEdia Net • Date and Time • Auto Answer • Bookmarks • In-Call Timer • Ringer Options • History • My Caller ID • Voice Dial • Go To URL • Answer Options • Browser Setup • Call Waiting J Car Settings • Web Sessions • MSG Alert • Auto Answer • Stored Pages • Hearing Aid • Auto Handsfree • Power-Off Delay • Charger Time * dependent on your SIM card 8 menu map
  10. 10. Use and Care Use and Care To care for your Motorola phone, please keep it away from: liquids of any kind dust and dirt Don’t expose your phone to water, rain, Don’t expose your phone to dust, dirt, sand, extreme humidity, sweat, or other moisture. If food, or other inappropriate materials. it does get wet, don’t try to accelerate drying with the use of an oven or dryer, as this may damage the phone. extreme heat or cold cleaning solutions Avoid temperatures below 0°C/32°F or To clean your phone, use only a dry soft cloth. above 45°C/113°F. Don’t use alcohol or other cleaning solutions. microwaves the ground Don’t try to dry your phone in a microwave Don’t drop your phone. oven. Use and Care 9
  11. 11. essentials 2 Press the navigation key S to scroll to CAUTION: Before using the e Messaging, and press the center key s to phone for the first time, read the select it. Important Safety and Legal 3 Press the navigation key S to scroll to Information included in the gray- Create Message, and press the center key s to edged pages at the back of this select it. guide. symbols about this guide This means a feature is network, SIM card, or subscription dependent and may not be This guide shows how to open a menu feature as available in all areas. Contact your service follows: provider for more information. Find it: s > e Messaging > Create Message This means a feature requires an optional This means that, from the home screen: accessory. 1 Press the center key s to open the menu. 10 essentials
  12. 12. SIM card battery Caution: Don’t bend or scratch your SIM card. Keep it away from static electricity, water, and dirt. battery use & safety • Motorola recommends you always use Your Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card contains Motorola-branded batteries and chargers. personal information like your phone number and The warranty does not cover damage caused address book entries. It can also contain your by non-Motorola batteries and/or chargers. voicemail, text message, and Internet access settings. Caution: Use of an unqualified battery or If you put your SIM card in another phone, that phone charger may present a risk of fire, explosion, uses your phone number. leakage, or other hazard. Improper battery To insert and use a memory card, see page 33. use, or use of a damaged battery, may result in a fire, explosion, or other hazard. Turn off your phone and remove your battery before you install or remove a SIM card. • Battery usage by children should be supervised. 1 2 • Important: Motorola mobile devices are designed to work best with qualified batteries. If you see a message on your display such as Invalid Battery or Unable to Charge, take the following steps: essentials 11
  13. 13. • Remove the battery and inspect it to • When storing your battery, keep it in a cool, confirm that it bears a Motorola “Original dry place. Equipment” hologram; • It is normal over time for battery life to • If there is no hologram, the battery is not decrease, and for the battery to exhibit shorter a qualified battery; runtime between charges or require more frequent or longer charging times. • If there is a hologram, replace the battery and retry charging it; • Avoid damage to battery and mobile device. Do not disassemble, open, crush, • If the message remains, contact a bend, deform, puncture, shred, or submerge Motorola Authorized Service Center. the battery or mobile device. Avoid dropping • New batteries or batteries stored for a long the battery or mobile device, especially on a time may take more time to charge. hard surface. If your battery or mobile device • Charging precautions: When charging your has been subjected to such damage, take it to battery, keep it near room temperature. Never a Motorola Authorized Service Center before expose batteries to temperatures below 0°C using. Do not attempt to dry it with an (32°F) or above 45°C (113°F) when charging. appliance or heat source, such as a hair dryer Always take your mobile device with you or microwave oven. when you leave your vehicle 12 essentials
  14. 14. • Use care when handling a charged battery installation battery—particularly when placing it inside a 1 2 pocket, purse, or other container with metal objects. Contact with metal objects (such as jewelry, keys, beaded chains) could complete an electrical circuit (short circuit), causing the battery to become very hot, which could cause damage or injury. 3 4 Promptly dispose of used batteries in accordance with local regulations. Contact your local recycling center for proper battery disposal. Warning: Never dispose of batteries in a fire because they may explode. essentials 13
  15. 15. battery charging turn it on & off New batteries are Battery Charging Indicator Caution: Some phones ask for your SIM card PIN not fully charged. code when you turn them on. If you enter an incorrect Plug the battery PIN code three times before the correct code, your charger into your SIM card is disabled, and your display shows SIM Blocked. phone and an Contact your service provider. electrical outlet. Your phone might To turn on your phone, press take several and hold O for a few seconds seconds to start or until the keypad or display charging the battery. When finished, your display lights up. If prompted, enter your shows Charge Complete. eight-digit SIM card PIN code and/or four-digit unlock code. Tip: Relax, you can’t overcharge your battery. It will perform best after you fully charge and discharge it a To turn off your phone, press and hold O for a few few times. seconds. The battery charger shipped with this device is designed for Motorola 3G mobile phones. Other make a call chargers might take longer to charge your battery, To make a call, enter a phone number and press N. or cause your calls to fail during charging. To “hang up,” close the flip or press O. 14 essentials
  16. 16. answer a call To store an email address from the home screen, press s > = Address Book. Scroll up to New Entry and To answer a call when your phone rings and/or select it. Enter the new contact’s name and Email vibrates, just open the flip or press N. To “hang information. up,” close the flip or press O. call a stored phone store a phone number number You can store a phone number in your Address Book: Find it: s > = Address Book 1 Enter a phone number in the home screen. 1 Scroll to the address book entry. 2 Press the Store key. Shortcut: In the address book, press keypad keys Select Create New Contact, if necessary. to enter the first letters of an entry you want. 3 Enter a name and other details for the phone 2 Press N to call the entry. number. To select a highlighted item, press the center key s. Note: You can show contacts stored in your phone’s memory or on your SIM card. To choose which 4 Press the Done key to store the number. contacts you see, press s > = Address Book, then To edit or delete an Address Book entry, see page 61. press Options > View. You can select Phone & SIM Card, SIM Card, or Phone Contacts. Contacts on the SIM card only essentials 15
  17. 17. have a Name and Number. To choose where you store contacts, go back to the home screen and press s > = Address Book, then press Options > Setup > Default Storage > Phone or SIM Card. your phone number From the home screen, press the clear key D then #, then select Line 1 to see your number. Tip: Want to see your phone number while you’re on a call? Press Options > My Tel. Number. You can edit the name and phone number stored on your SIM card. From the home screen, press D #, select an entry, press the View key, press the Options key, and select Edit. If you don’t know your phone number, contact your service provider. 16 essentials
  18. 18. main attractions You can do much more with your phone than make prohibited or restricted in certain areas. Always obey and receive calls! the laws and regulations on the use of these products. For maximum Bluetooth security, you should Bluetooth® wireless always connect Bluetooth devices in a safe, private environment. Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless connections. You can connect your phone with a Bluetooth headset use a headset or handsfree car kit or car kit to make handsfree calls. You can also Before you try to connect your phone with a connect your phone with a phone or computer that handsfree device, make sure the device is on and supports Bluetooth connections to exchange files. ready in pairing or bonding mode (see the user’s You can also use Bluetooth A2DP stereo headphones guide for the device). to listen to music files you store on your phone. Find it: s > } Settings > Connection Note: The use of wireless phones while driving may > Bluetooth Link > [Add Audio Device] cause distraction. Discontinue a call if you can’t Shortcut: From the home screen, you can also press concentrate on driving. Additionally, the use of Options > Use Bluetooth > [Add Audio Device] to look for devices. wireless devices and their accessories may be main attractions 17
  19. 19. Your phone lists the devices it finds within range. Tip: Want to know more about your headset or car kit? For specific information about a device, refer to the 1 Scroll to a device in the list and press the instructions that came with it. For more center key s. Bluetooth support, see: 2 Press the Yes or OK key to connect to the device. 3 If necessary, enter the device passkey (such as 0000) and press the OK key. copy files to another device You can copy a media file, address book entry, When your phone is connected, the calendar event, or Web shortcut from your Bluetooth indicator O appears in the home screen. phone to a computer or other device. You cannot play some copyrighted files over a Note: You can’t copy some copyrighted objects. Bluetooth connection. 1 On your phone, scroll to the object that you want Shortcut: When your phone’s Bluetooth power is on, to copy to the other device. your phone can automatically connect to a handsfree device you have used before. Just turn on the device, 2 Press Options, then select: or move it near the phone. If the device doesn’t • Send > via Bluetooth for media files. connect, turn it off and back on. During a call or while playing a sound file, you can press Options > Use Bluetooth • Send Contact for address book entries. to connect to a headset or handsfree device you have • Send > with Bluetooth for calendar events. used before. 18 main attractions
  20. 20. 3 Select a recognized device name, or [Look For Devices] phone’s Bluetooth feature by pressing s > } Settings to search for the device where you want to copy > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Setup > Power > On. the file. 1 Place your phone near the device, and send the If your phone could not copy the file to the other file from the device. device, make sure the device is on and ready in If your phone and the sending device don’t discoverable mode (see the user’s guide for the recognize each other, place your phone in device). Also, make sure the device is not busy with discoverable mode so the sending device can another similar Bluetooth connection. locate it: press s > } Settings > Connection Note: Once you connect your phone to a Bluetooth > Bluetooth Link > Find Me. device, that device can start similar Bluetooth 2 Press the Accept key on your phone to accept the connections with your phone. Your display shows the file from the other device. Bluetooth indicator O at the top when there is a Bluetooth connection. To change a device’s Access Your phone notifies you when file transfer is complete. setting, see page 22. If necessary, press the Save key to save the file. receive files from another device send files to a printer If you do not see the Bluetooth indicator O at You can use a Bluetooth connection to send a the top of your phone display, turn on your picture, message, address book entry, or calendar view from your phone to a printer. main attractions 19
  21. 21. Note: You cannot print message Templates or an address advanced Bluetooth features book Mailing List. A device is recognized after you connect to it once 1 On your phone, scroll to the object that you want (see page 17). to print, then press Options > Print > Bluetooth. In the calendar, you can print the month, week, or day. features Tip: If you see it, you can print it. After you make phone Allow a Bluetooth device capture a picture in the camera, you can press the visible to to discover your phone: Options key and select Print. other device s > } Settings > Connection 2 If available, choose additional objects or print > Bluetooth Link > Find Me options. connect to Connect your phone to a 3 Select a recognized printer name listed in the recognized recognized handsfree Printers menu, or [Look For Devices] to search for the device device: printer where you want to print the object. s > } Settings > Connection Note: If you see Service Not Supported when you try to > Bluetooth Link > Audio Devices print, select Options > Manage> Copy > Bluetooth instead. > device name Always use this option to print 4x6 photos. 20 main attractions
  22. 22. features features drop s > } Settings > Connection play sound While playing a sound file, connection > Bluetooth Link > Audio Devices files on a press Options > Use Bluetooth to with headset recognized switch to a recognized headset. Scroll to the device name and or handsfree headset press the Drop key. Your phone connects device automatically, or shows a list of switch to During a call, press devices you can select. headset or Options > Use Bluetooth to You cannot play some handsfree switch to a recognized headset or copyrighted files over a Bluetooth device during car kit. connection. call Your phone connects move Media Finder Caution: Moving an object automatically or shows a list of object to deletes the original object from devices you can select. device your phone. Scroll to the object, press Options > Manage > Move, select the device name. You cannot move some copyrighted files. main attractions 21
  23. 23. features features copy Media Finder Scroll to the object, press set Bluetooth s > } Settings > Connection object to Options > Manage > Copy, options > Bluetooth Link > Setup device select the device name. You cannot copy some copyrighted files. AT&T Mobile Music™ edit device s > } Settings > Connection portfolio properties > Bluetooth Link > Device History AT&T Mobile Music™ is the ultimate, Scroll to the device name and integrated, on-the-go music experience. press the center key s. Wherever you go, AT&T Mobile Music will connect you to your music with a touch of a button. You can Note: The Access setting can listen to your music, discover the latest songs, music restrict how this device connects news, concert updates, streaming music, ringtones, to your phone. You can choose Answer Tones™, and watch the latest music videos. Automatic (always connects), For more details, see Always Ask (asks you before connecting), Just Once, Never, or You can access all AT&T Mobile Music features by Custom. selecting  AT&T Mobile Music in the main menu. 22 main attractions
  24. 24. Note: The XM Radio application uses a large amount of Press S up or down to scroll to an option, and press data, and you are responsible for all data charges the center key s to select it. Press D to return to incurred. AT&T strongly recommends that you the menu: subscribe to a MEdia Max data bundle with unlimited MEdia Net in addition to this purchase. Call AT&T at options 611 to sign up for the MEdia Max package. All Songs Show and play individual songs. music player Note: All of your phone’s songs appear in the Songs list. Some songs do Your phone can play and store MP3, WMA, and not have any Artist, Album, or Genre AAC song files (for details, see page 26). You information stored, so they don’t can use a removable memory card with your phone to appear in those lists. store more songs (see page 25). Recently Show and play recently played songs. Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > Music Player Played Playlists Create or play a playlist (see page 24). Artists Select an artist to show or play their songs. Albums Select an album to show or play its songs. main attractions 23
  25. 25. • You can close your phone, then press the options smart key to pause/resume the song. Genres Select a type of music to show or play songs. • If you receive a call, the music pauses, then resumes after the call. Composers Select a composer to show or play their songs. You can use Bluetooth® A2DP stereo headphones to listen to music files you store on your phone (see When you select a song, press page 17). the center key s to play , Tip: You can listen to tunes on your way. Use or pause , press S left for airplane mode to make your phone safe to use with a previous , or press S right for next . wired headset, even while you’re on a plane. See While music is playing: page 78. • To change the volume, press the volume create a playlist keys on the left side of your phone. Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > Music Player > Playlists • To close the music player, press O (the > [Create Playlist] music keeps playing). You can stop the music by 1 Select a song list, such as All Songs. Your display pressing O again, or you can reopen the music shows a list of song titles. player by pressing s > Â AT&T Mobile Music 2 Scroll to each song you want and press the > Music Player, then Options > Now Playing. center key s to select it. 24 main attractions
  26. 26. 3 Press the Done key to store the list. commercial-free music, the latest Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, and Country, anywhere you go. 4 Enter a name for the playlist. Note: The XM Radio application uses a large amount of 5 Press the OK key to store the name and the data, and you are responsible for all data charges playlist. incurred. AT&T strongly recommends that you To hear your playlist, highlight it under Playlists and press subscribe to a MEdia Max data bundle with unlimited the center key s twice. MEdia Net in addition to this purchase. Call AT&T at 611 to sign up for the MEdia Max package. music sources copy music from a computer shop music To copy music from your computer to your Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > Shop Music phone, you need: Shop Music launches the browser to a page from which • a microSD memory card (up to 4 GB). For you can purchase music. more details, see page 34. stream music • a USB data cable. For more details, see Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > XM Radio page 35. XM Radio lets you listen to dozens of channels of digital radio on your mobile phone. Get access to main attractions 25
  27. 27. • a computer with music files in these formats, 2 Connect the cable to your phone and to an and a program that manages them: available USB port on your computer. Note: When your phone is connected to a music file formats sampling rate computer, you can only access the memory card AAC+, Extended AAC+ up to 128 kbps through the computer. WMA up to 160 kbps 3 On your computer, open your music manager MP3, AAC up to 256 kbps software (such as Windows® Media Player). Your phone’s memory card appears as a device where Note: For Windows® Media DRM protected you can transfer or synchronize songs. For files, your phone supports the Indirect License details about transferring or synchronizing songs, Acquisition (ILA) capability, but not Direct see your software instructions. License Acquisition (DLA). 4 Disconnect the cable from your phone and To load songs from your PC onto your memory card: computer. 1 Disconnect the cable from your phone, if it is connected. Then, press s > } Settings identify music > Connection > USB Settings > Default Connection > Media Sync. Ever wonder what song is playing? Now you will This directs the USB connection to your memory know! MusicID will listen to music playing and tell you card. what song it is! It knows more than 3 million songs of most types of music, so use it as much as you want 26 main attractions
  28. 28. for one monthly fee! Use it in a bar, at the movies, in music buzz the car… anywhere music is playing. Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > The Buzz Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > MusicID The Buzz launches a Java application that gives you music Choose the ID song! option, then hold your phone industry news and information, including charts, toward the speaker so it can hear the music. MusicID news, and concert locations. listens to a sample of the music, analyzes the sample, then shows you the song title and artist. music community Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > Community music videos Community launches the browser to a user community Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > Music Videos where you can interact with your friends and the Music Videos launches a browser that takes you directly community, as well as review artist fan sites. into the Music Video section of Cellular Video. From this menu, you have access to music videos from the music applications latest artists, as well as programming from AT&T, Find it: s > Â AT&T Mobile Music > Music Apps MTV, VH1, and CMT, among others. Simply click on a Music Apps launches the browser to an area where you video and begin watching! can purchase music-related applications from AT&T’s Media Mall. This folder includes applications that are main attractions 27
  29. 29. not part of the core AT&T Mobile Music offering, such 1 Press s > Ã My Stuff > Take Picture to see the as Podcasting, non-preloaded streaming apps, and camera viewfinder. music games. Camera Timer Remaining Mode (photo photos photos or video) To view, edit, or delete photos you’ve taken, see Resolution page 76. 232 Your camera lens is on the back of your phone when Press S Storage up or down to (phone or the phone is open. To get the clearest pictures, wipe view camera memory card) the lens clean with a dry cloth before you take a settings. picture. Press left or right to Zoom change. 1x Options Back Focus point Open the camera menu. Exit the camera. 2 Press the center key s to take the photo in the viewfinder. You can: 28 main attractions
  30. 30. • Press the Options key to store the photo. Before you capture the photo, you can press Options to open the camera menu: If you press Options > Print, you can print the picture over a Bluetooth® connection (see options page 19). Go To Pictures See stored pictures and • Press the Send key to send the photo in a photos. message. Go To Video Mode Switch to the video camera. Your phone might tell you that this is a Multimedia Msg, since it has a picture in it. Some Auto-Timed Capture Set a timer for the camera to other phones or networks do not support take a photo. picture messages. Press the Yes key to send Camera Setup Open the setup menu to adjust the message. photo settings. • Press D to discard the photo and return to Switch Storage Device Choose to store pictures the active viewfinder. on your phone or a memory card. main attractions 29
  31. 31. options videos Free Space See how much memory remains. record a video To view, delete, or manage videos you’ve recorded, Note: Your service provider see page 76. may store some content in user memory before you Your camera lens is on the back of your phone, when receive the phone. your phone is open. To get the clearest videos, wipe the lens clean with a dry cloth before you capture self portrait a video. If you close your phone while the viewfinder is active, the external display shows the image. Press the volume keys to zoom, or press the smart key to capture and store the image. 30 main attractions
  32. 32. Press s > Ã My Stuff > Video Camera to see the video Tip: If you want to send your video in a message, the viewfinder. video length must be set to MMS. To set length, press Options > Video Camera Setup > Video Length > MMS. Camera Minutes Mode (photo remaining 1 Press the center key s to start recording the or video) video in the viewfinder. 2 Press the Stop key to stop recording the video. 51 You can: Storage Press S up (phone or • Press the Options key to store, discard, or or down to memory card) preview the video. view camera settings. To play a stored video from the home screen, Press left or Zoom right to 1x press s > Ã My Stuff > Media Finder > Videos change. Focus point > All Videos > video name. Options Back Exit the • Press the Send key to send the video in a Open the video camera. message. camera menu. Enter text and press Send To, then scroll to a recipient address and press the Note: The number of minutes remaining is an center key s to select it. Press the Options key estimate. main attractions 31
  33. 33. to enter a new number. To send the message, send a text message press the Send key. A text message can contain text and pictures, Note: Some other phones or networks do not sounds, or other media objects. You can add support messages with videos. multiple pages to a message, and you can put text and media objects on each page. You can send a message • Press D to discard the video and return to to other compatible phones or to email addresses. the active viewfinder. Shortcut: From the home screen, you can press S watch videos online up to quickly open a new message. You can use Cellular Video to watch video clips Find it: s > e Messaging > Create Message from your favorite programs, breaking news stories, sports, and more. Cellular Video is available 1 Press keypad keys to enter text on the page (for with a MEdiaNet subscription, wherever 3G service is details about text entry, see page 40). available. To insert a picture, sound, or other object on the page, press Options > Insert. Scroll to and select Just press Z to launch Cellular Video. the file type and the file. To insert another page in the message, enter text messages text or objects on the current page and press To create a group mailing list, see page 63. For more Options > Insert > New Page. You can enter more text message features, see page 64. and objects on the new page. 32 main attractions
  34. 34. 2 When you finish the message, press the • Photos, pictures, and animations show as you Send To key. read the message. 3 Scroll to a recipient and press the center key s. • A sound file plays when its slide shows. Use Repeat to add other recipients. the volume keys to adjust the sound volume. To enter a new number or email address, press • Attached files are added to the end of the the Options key and select Enter Number or Enter Email. message. To open an attachment, scroll to the file indicator/filename and press the View key 4 To send the message, press the Send key. (image), Play key (sound), or Open key (address book vCard, calendar vCalendar entry, or receive a text message unknown file type). When you receive a message, your phone plays an alert, and the display shows New Message with a message indicator, such as É. Press the memory card Read key to open the message. You can use a removable memory card (up to To see all of your text messages: 4 GB) to store your photos, music, and other multimedia files. Find it: s > e Messaging > Message Inbox Note: If you download a copyrighted file and store it If a multimedia message contains media objects: on your memory card, you can use the file only while main attractions 33
  35. 35. your memory card is inserted in your phone. You see and change memory card cannot send, copy, or change copyrighted files. information To see the files stored on your memory card and on install or remove a memory card your phone, open a file list, such as Pictures (see 1 Remove the battery door page 76). Icons can indicate if a file is stored in your (see page 13). phone memory (®) or on your memory card (©).To 2 To install the memory copy or move a file from your phone to your memory card, make sure the card, highlight it in the list and press Options > Manage memory card’s metal > Copy or Move > Memory Card. You cannot copy or move contacts are facing down, some copyrighted files. and slide the top of the memory card under the To copy files between your memory card and a metal band. computer, you can use a cable connection (see To remove the memory card, slide it back out of page 35) or a Bluetooth connection (see page 18). the holder. To see your memory card name, available memory, 3 Replace the battery door. and other information about the card: Find it: s > } Settings > Phone Status > Storage Devices 1 Press S to scroll to the memory card that is installed. 34 main attractions
  36. 36. 2 Press the center key s to see the memory card Note: Motorola Original USB data cables information. Your phone stores any content that and supporting software may be sold you add, like ring tones or games, in user separately. Check your computer or memory. Your service provider may store some hand-held device to determine the type content in user memory before you receive the of cable you need. To make data calls through a phone. connected computer, see page 71. or connect your memory card to a Press Options to see the Storage Device menu, which computer lets you Format or Rename the memory card. You can use a cable connection to access your phone’s memory card with a PC. cable connections Note: When your phone is connected to a computer, Your phone you can only access the memory card through the has a computer. mini-USB port so On your phone: you can connect it Disconnect the cable from your phone, if it is to a computer to connected, then press s > } Settings > Connection transfer data. > USB Settings > Default Connection > Memory Card. This directs the USB connection to your memory card. main attractions 35
  37. 37. Connect the cable to your phone and to an available 4 When you finish, disconnect your phone by USB port on your computer. Then follow these steps: selecting the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the system tray at the bottom of your computer On your computer: screen. Then disconnect the “USB Mass Storage 1 Open your “My Computer” window, where your Device. ” phone’s memory card appears as a “Removable Disk” icon. 5 Disconnect the cable from your phone and computer. 2 Click on the “Removable Disk” icon to access the files on your phone’s memory card. 3 To store the desired files onto the memory card, phone updates drag and drop them as follows: Sometimes we think of ways to make your audio files: > mobile > audio phone’s software faster or more efficient after screen savers: > mobile > picture you’ve purchased your phone. You can find out if your wallpapers: > mobile > picture phone can be updated at: video clips: > mobile > video Note: Software updates do not affect your address Note: Your phone may not play MP3 files that have book entries or other personal entries. If you receive a a bit rate higher than 128 kbps. If you try to software update but choose to install it later, see download or play one of these files, your phone page 72. might show you an error or ask you to delete the file. 36 main attractions
  38. 38. basics See page 1 for a basic phone diagram. Note: Your home screen might look different from the one shown, depending on your service provider. display To dial a number from the home screen, press number keys and N. The home screen appears when you turn on the phone. Press S up, down, left, or right in the home screen to open basic menu features. AT&T Press the center key s to open the menu. Soft Key Labels show the current soft key functions. For soft Clock key locations, see page 1. Left Soft Key Right Soft Key Label Label 12:00 Options Main Menu basics 37
  39. 39. Status indicators can show at the top of the home General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network screen: connection. Indicators can include: 1. Signal 8. Battery D 3G network , EDGE Strength Level B GPRS packet data 2. Network 7. Audio available Style 3 Data Indicator – Shows connection 3. Data 6. Message status. 12:00 4. Active Options Main Menu L secure packet K unsecure packet Line 5. Instant data transfer data transfer Message N secure application M unsecure 1 Signal Strength Indicator – Vertical bars show connection application connection the strength of the network connection. You can’t S secure Circuit S secure Circuit make or receive calls when 1 or 0 appears. Switch Data (CSD) call Switch Data (CSD) call 2 EDGE/GPRS Indicator – Shows when R USB connect Q USB transfer your phone is using a high-speed P auto answer U Sync Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE) or 38 basics
  40. 40. 8 High-Speed Downlink Packet Access 6 Message Indicator – Shows when you (HSDPA) data transfer receive a new message. Indicators can } USB mass storage mode include: O Bluetooth® connection is active É text message voice message Ó MMS message voice & text 4 Active Line Indicator – Shows h to message indicate an active call, or g to indicate when call forwarding is on. 7 Audio Indicator – Shows the audio style setting. If you set an alarm, or an alert for a datebook õ loud ring Ì vibrate & ring event, 6 can show here. ô soft ring ö vibrate then ring 5 Instant Message Indicator – Instant Î vibrate Í silent messaging icons from your provider indicate your IM status. 8 Battery Level Indicator – Vertical bars show the When a Java™ application is active, z can show battery charge level. Recharge the battery when here. your display shows Low Battery. basics 39
  41. 41. Press # in a text entry view to select an entry text entry mode: Some features let you enter text. entry modes Ô, Õ, Û, Ú, Ã, and Ä indicate your text entry mode (press # to change). Û or Your Primary text entry mode can be set to Â, á, and Á indicate Flashing Ô any iTAP® Û or tap Ô mode. ÂÆ Msg SMS:0 your cursor Ú or Your Secondary text entry mode can be set capitalization indicates mode (press insertion Õ to any iTAP Ú or tap Õ mode, or set 0 to point. to None if you don’t want a secondary change). entry mode. Ã Numeric mode enters numbers only. Options Send To Ä Symbol mode enters symbols only. Open the message options. Enter a recipient when your message is finished. To set your primary and secondary text entry modes, press Options > Text Setup in a text entry view and select Primary Text or Secondary Text. 40 basics
  42. 42. iTAP® and tap mode tips iTAP® mode • Press 0 in a text entry view to change text Press # in a text entry view to switch to iTAP mode. case to all capital letters (á), no capitals If you don’t see Û or Ú, press Options > Text Setup to (Á), or next letter capital (Â). set iTAP mode as your primary or secondary text entry • To enter numbers quickly, press and hold a mode. number key to temporarily switch to numeric iTAP mode lets you enter words using one keypress mode. Press the number keys to enter the per letter. The iTAP software combines your numbers you want. Enter a space to change keypresses into common words and predicts each back to iTAP or Tap mode. word as you enter it. • Press 1 to enter punctuation or other characters. • Press S to move the flashing cursor to enter or edit message text. • Press D to delete the character to the left of the cursor. Hold D to delete the word. • To cancel your message, press O. basics 41
  43. 43. For example, if you press 7 7 6 4, your tap and tap extended modes display shows: Press # in a text entry view to switch to tap mode. Hold S up or Press S If you don’t see ÂÔ or ÂÕ, press down to see a right to accept list of word ÁÚ Msg SMS:7 Program. Options > Text Setup to set tap mode as your primary options. Prog ram or secondary text entry mode. To enter text in Tap mode, press a keypad key repeatedly to cycle through the letters and number Press Options Press * to enter a space on the key. Repeat this step to enter each letter. key to open at the cursor. The Tap Extended mode works the same way, but message Options Send To options. includes more special characters and symbols. Press Send To key when the message is complete. If you want a different word (such as Progress), continue pressing keypad keys to enter the remaining letters. Tip: Don’t worry if you forget how iTAP works. In a text entry display, you can press Options > Text Setup > Text Tutorial to see an explanation. 42 basics
  44. 44. For example, if you press 7 one time, your display numeric mode shows: Press # in a text entry view until you see Ã. Character Your phone Press the number keys to enter the numbers you displays at suggests a want. insertion point. word. Press S ÁÔ Msg SMS:6 right to accept Shortcut: You can press and hold a number key to P age it, or press * temporarily switch to numeric mode from iTAP® or to enter a space at the cursor. Tap modes. Press the number keys to enter the numbers you want. Enter a space to change back to iTAP mode. Press the After you enter Options key to Options Send To text, press the symbol mode open message Send To key to options. enter Press # in a text entry view until your display shows recipients. a list of symbols. Scroll to the symbol you want, then press the center key s. The first character of every sentence is capitalized. If necessary, press S down to change the character to lowercase before the cursor moves to the next position. basics 43
  45. 45. volume navigation key Press the volume keys to: Press the navigation key S up, down, left, or right to scroll to • turn off an incoming items in the display. When you call alert scroll to an item, press the center key s to select it. • change the earpiece volume during calls smart key • change the ringer volume from the The smart key gives you another way to do things. For home screen example, when you scroll to a menu item, you can press the smart key to select it (instead of pressing Tip: Sometimes silence really is golden. That’s the center key s). The smart key usually does the why you can quickly set your ringer to Vibrate or same thing as pressing the center key s. To find the Silent by holding the down volume key while smart key, see page 1. To change what the smart key you are in the home screen. You can also does in the home screen, see page 69. switch to Vibrate or back by holding # in the home screen. To change your ringer volume when your phone is external display closed, see page 45. When you close your phone, the external display shows the date, status indicators, and notifications for 44 basics
  46. 46. incoming calls and other events. For a list of phone Note: The handsfree speaker won’t work when your status indicators, see page 38. phone is connected to a handsfree car kit or headset. set phone audio style in external display codes & passwords 1 Press a volume key to see Audio styles. Your phone’s four-digit unlock code is originally set to 1234. The six-digit security code is originally set to 2 Press the smart key repeatedly, until the style you 000000. If your service provider didn’t change these want appears. codes, you should change them: 3 Press a volume key to return to the home screen. Find it: s > } Settings > Security > New Passwords You can also change your SIM PIN2 or Private Entries Code. handsfree speaker If you forget your unlock code: At the Enter Unlock Code You can use your phone’s handsfree speaker to make prompt, try entering 1234 or the last four digits of your calls without holding the phone to your ear. phone number. If that doesn’t work, press s and To turn the handsfree speaker on during a call, press enter your six-digit security code instead. the Speaker key (if available), or Options > Speakerphone On. If you forget other codes: If you forget your security Your display shows Spkrphone On until you turn it off or code, SIM PIN code, or PIN2 code, contact your end the call. service provider. basics 45
  47. 47. lock & unlock phone You can lock your phone to keep others from using it. To lock or unlock your phone, you need the four-digit unlock code. To manually lock your phone: Press s > } Settings > Security > Phone Lock > Lock Now. To automatically lock your phone whenever you turn it off: Press s > } Settings > Security > Phone Lock > Automatic Lock > On. Note: You can make emergency calls on a locked phone (see page 54). A locked phone still rings or vibrates for incoming calls or messages, but you need to unlock it to answer. 46 basics
  48. 48. customize audio style your audio style profile, press the smart key to change it, then press a volume key to store the change. Each audio style profile uses a different set of sounds Tip: Do you get a lot of text messages? If you don’t or vibrations for incoming calls and other events. Here want to hear incoming message alerts during phone are the profiles you can choose: calls, press s > } Settings > In-Call Setup > MSG Alert õ Loud Ì Vibe & Ring > Not in Call. ô Soft ö Vibe then Ring change alerts in an audio style Î Vibrate Í Silent You can change the alerts for incoming calls and other The audio style profile’s indicator appears at the top of events. Your changes are saved in the current audio your home screen. To choose your profile: style profile. Find it: s > } Settings > Audio > Style: style name Find it: s > } Settings > Audio > style Detail Shortcut: To change your audio style profile from the Note: Style represents the current audio style. You home screen, just press the volume keys up or down. can’t set an alert for the Silent audio style setting. With your phone closed, press a volume key to see customize 47
  49. 49. 1 Scroll to Calls (or Line 1 or Line 2 for dual-line phones), To manually set the time zone, time, and date, turn then press the Change key to change it. off Autoupdate, then: Press s > } Settings > Initial Setup > Time and Date > Time Zone, time or date. To jump to a city 2 Scroll to an alert type (such as Sound, Music, or in the time zone list, enter the first letter of its name Vibration Pattern), then press the Open key to see a list by pressing keypad keys. of alerts. Tip: To choose three time zones for easier access, 3 Scroll to the alert you want, then press the press s > Ã My Stuff > Tools > World Clock. When you center key s. open World Clock, you can press the Options key to see the Map View of time zones. time & date To choose an analog or digital clock for your home Your phone can automatically update your time zone, screen, press s > } Settings > Personalize > Home Screen time, and date. It uses the time and date for the > Clock. calendar. To synchronize the time zone, time, and date wallpaper with the network: Press s > } Settings Set a photo, picture, or animation as a wallpaper > Initial Setup > Time and Date > Autoupdate > Time & Time Zone. (background) image in your home screen. If you don’t want your phone to automatically update your time zone and date, choose Time Only instead. Note: Your theme can also set your wallpaper (page 49). 48 customize
  50. 50. Find it: s > } Settings > Personalize > Wallpaper Tip: This feature helps save your screen, but not your battery. To extend battery life, turn off the screen options saver. Picture Press S up or down to select a Find it: s > } Settings > Personalize > Screen Saver picture, or select None for no wallpaper. Layout Select Center to center the image in the options display, Tile to repeat the image across Picture Press S up or down to select a the display, or Fit-to-screen to stretch the graphic, picture, or Java screen saver, or image across the display. select None for no screen saver. Delay Select the length of inactivity before the Shortcut: From the home screen, press Options screen saver appears. > Change Wallpaper. screen saver themes A phone theme is a group of image and sound Set a photo, picture, or animation as a screen saver. files that you can apply to your phone. Most The screen saver appears when the flip is open and no themes include a wallpaper image, screen saver activity is detected for a specified time. image, and ring tone. Your phone may come with Note: Your theme can also set your screen saver some themes, and you can download more. (page 49). customize 49
  51. 51. To apply a theme, press s > } Settings > Themes To save battery life, your keypad backlight turns off > theme. when you’re not using your phone. The backlight turns on when you open the flip or press any key. To set To download a theme, press s > } Settings > Themes how long your phone waits before the backlight > Shop Themes. turns off: To delete themes you downloaded, press Press s > } Settings > Initial Setup > Backlight. s > } Settings > Themes, scroll to the theme, and press Options > Delete or Delete All. Note: To turn the backlight on or off for Java™ applications, press s > } Settings > Java Settings To preview a theme, press s > } Settings > Themes, > App Backlight. scroll to the theme, and press Options > Preview. To save battery life, the display can turn off when you’re not using your phone. The display turns back on display appearance when you open the flip or press any key. To set how To choose a phone skin that sets the look and feel of long your phone waits before the display turns off: your phone’s display: Press s > } Settings > Personalize Press s > } Settings > Initial Setup > Display Timeout. > Skin. Your theme can also set your phone skin (page 49). To set your display brightness: Press s > } Settings > Initial Setup > Brightness. 50 customize
  52. 52. answer options You can use different ways to answer an incoming call. To turn on or turn off an answer option: Find it: s > } Settings > In-Call Setup > Answer Options options Multi-key Answer by pressing any key. Open to Answer Answer by opening the flip. customize 51
  53. 53. calls To make and answer calls, see page 14. Find it: s > { Recent Calls, then press * or # to switch to Dialed Calls, Received Calls, or Missed Calls turn off a call alert Scroll to a call. A % next to a call means the call connected. You can press the volume keys to turn off a call alert before answering the call. • To call the number, press N. • To see call details (like time and date), press recent calls the center key s. Your phone keeps lists of incoming and outgoing calls, • To see the Last Calls Menu, press Options. This menu even for calls that didn’t connect. The most recent can include: calls are listed first. The oldest calls are deleted as options new calls are added. Filter by Select all, dialed, received, or Shortcut: Press N from the home screen to see a missed calls. list of dialed calls, then press * or # to switch to Dialed Calls, Received Calls, or Missed Calls. 52 calls
  54. 54. options options Store Create an address book entry Send Tones Send the number to the network with the number in the No. field. as DTMF tones. Store does not appear if the Note: This option appears only number is already stored. during a call. Delete Delete the entry. Notepad Open the number in a text editor. Delete All Delete all entries in the list. Call Times Open your call time Show ID / Hide ID Hide or show your caller ID for information. the next call. Send Message Open a new text message with redial the number in the To field. 1 Press N from the home screen to see a list of Send Voice Msg Record and send a voice recent calls. message to the number. 2 Scroll to the entry you want to call, then press Add Digits Add digits after the number. N. Attach Number Attach a number from the If you hear a busy signal, and you see Call Failed, address book or recent calls lists. you can press N or the Retry key to redial the calls 53
  55. 55. number. When the call goes through, your phone rings Your phone shows the caller’s name and picture when or vibrates one time, shows Redial Successful, and they’re stored in your address book, or Incoming Call connects the call. when caller ID information isn’t available. You can set your phone to play a different ringer ID for return a call an entry stored in your address book (see page 61). Your phone keeps a record of your unanswered calls, To show or hide your phone number from the next and shows X Missed Calls, where X is the number of person you call, enter the phone number and press missed calls. Options > Hide ID/Show ID. 1 Press the View key to see the received calls list. 2 Scroll to the call you want to return, then press emergency calls N. Your service provider programs one or more emergency phone numbers, such as 911 or 112, that you can call under any circumstances, even when your caller ID phone is locked or the SIM card is not inserted. Calling line identification (caller ID) shows the Note: Emergency numbers vary by country. Your phone number for an incoming call in your phone’s preprogrammed emergency number(s) may external and internal displays. not work in all locations, and sometimes an 54 calls
  56. 56. emergency call cannot be placed due to network, Shortcut: From the home screen, press and hold 1 environmental, or interference issues. to check your voicemail. 1 Press the keypad keys to dial the emergency Your phone may prompt you to store your voicemail number. phone number. If you don’t know your voicemail number, contact your service provider. 2 Press N to call the emergency number. Note: You can’t store a p (pause), w (wait), or n (number) character in this number. If you want to store voicemail a voicemail number with these characters, create an Your network stores the voicemail messages address book entry for it. Then you can use the entry you receive. To listen to your messages, call to call your voicemail. your voicemail number. Note: Your service provider may include additional information about using this feature. When you receive a voicemail message, your phone shows the voicemail message indicator Ë and New Voicemail. Press the Call key to listen to the message. To check voicemail messages: Find it: s > e Messaging > Voicemail calls 55