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Published in: Technology

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  • My name is <name> I work at the Application Architecture Lab I am also a doctoral student with prof Maguire whoi heads the CCSlab at KTH My talk is about <title> and will both outline our research regarding smart adaptive mobile applications and in this talk my colleague Tom Rindborg and I will also present a demonstration which we developed.
  • This is to exemplify what we mean by a heterogeneous wireless infrastructure
  • The key ideas for smart, adaptive applications are that
  • What are the challenges?
  • Clearly, we can be smart about our communication...
  • Transcript

    • 1. Enabling Smart, Adaptive, Mobile Applications PCC’01, April 2001 Theo Kanter Ericsson Research, Wireless@KTH http:// psi . verkstad .net [email_address]
    • 2. Heterogenous Wireless Infrastructure
      • 2.5G, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth
      • End-to-end VoIP, MMoIP. What’s beyond?
      Hotspots (WLAN) Road/Highway Hotspot (WLAN) Macrocell (GPRS) Microcell (GPRS) Mobile WLAN Hotspots (WLAN)
    • 3. Smart, Adaptive, Mobile Communication : Key Ideas
      • Computing Capable End-Devices
      • Plug & Play
      • Adapt to the Communication Conditions
      • Adapt to the User’s Context
      Notes Communication Space Physical Space users artifacts virtual objects Multimedia, Data, ANY EVENT                                                      
    • 4. Challenges POP Internet IP AP DIA Deregulated Internet Access (3G, WLAN, ...) IP Access Network SCN 3d Party Media G W Home Agent Device Mobility SIP User Mobility, Session Initiation Adaptation to User Context & Communication Virtual Spaces Plug & Play XSP
    • 5. Application Architecture Personal Agent XSP Mobile Interactive Space Resources SIP Person APPLICATION Mobile-IP Public (Anonymous) Access Network Mobile Device Access Network Internet LINK
    • 6. Brf. Bågen Internet42 Internet Farsta Telia KTH IT Mobility WLAN Ericsson Research Kista Agent Server WLAN Smart Space Server Content Mgmnt GPRS GGSN Voice Chat, Messaging SIP- VGW ISDN Media Server WLAN Bluetooth, GPS ,GPRS,... Mobile Device 3D MP3 VoIP Ericsson Research Älvsjö SIP Server DIA WLAN
    • 7. Mobile-Aware Media Player
      • Wireless Testbed
      • Heterogeneous Communication
      INTERNET 3G Internet Media Server WLAN Content Proxy Access N W Agent Access N W Agent Personal Agent MP3 INTERNET 3G Internet Server WLAN Proxy Agent Proxy Access N W Agent Access N W Agent Personal Agent MP3 Mobile Group Agent
    • 8. Let’s teleport to... VirtualBågen Tom Theo VoIP,3D                                                      
    • 9. Context-Aware & Multimedia Extensions INTERNET 3G Internet Media Server WLAN Content Proxy Access N W Agent Access N W Agent Personal Agent 3D MP3 VoIP INTERNET 3G Internet Sensor Input: IR-Beacons (proximity) Location (physical, virtual) Server WLAN Proxy Agent Proxy Access N W Agent Access N W Agent Personal Agent 3D MP3 VoIP Mobile Group Agent
    • 10. GPRS, Wireless LAN GPS Bluetooth Voice, Environmental Audio Accelerometer
      • Scenario Any-Event Driven Multi service Communication
      • Communication
      • Environmental Audio
      • Voice
      • 3D Movement
      • Events
      • Proximity
      • Physical, Virtual Movement
      • Voice Control
      • 3D Movement
      Context-Aware Audio Spaces 3D Visualization
    • 11. Conclusions
      • Application Architecture
        • Resources, SIP, Mobile Agents
        • eXtensible Service Protocol
      • Smart Spaces scaled to Mobile Networks
      • Mobile-Aware Media Player
        • Heterogeneous communication
      • Current
        • Adapt to User Context
        • Mobile Groups
    • 12. Summary
      • Applications can be smart and adapt
        • To the User’s context and thus exhibit more interesting or relevant behavior
        • To the communication conditions, by learning and inferring from events, hence how to behave more optimally
      • Applications, Services will and are choosing networks (or combinations of these)
        • WLAN/2.5G/3G
        • Think about making more optimal use of available infrastructure, rather than being only inventive about putting complexity back in (e.g., 3GPP IP MM Subsystem)