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  • 1. Opportunities for Video in the Next Generation Network and Contact Center Rob Marchand [email_address] Genesys Telecommunications
  • 2. Agenda
    • Overview of Video and Speech
    • Deploying Video Solutions
    • Video and VoiceXML
    • Applications
    • Summary and Q&A
  • 3. Who is Genesys?
    • Leader in Contact Center software and VoiceXML-based platforms
    • Over 4,000 customers worldwide
    • Over 200,000 VoiceXML ports delivered to date to over 800 customers
    • Supports speech, DTMF and video solutions
    • Tight Integration with Genesys Suite – Routing, CTI, Reporting, Monitoring
    • Most mature new generation platform - In production since 1999, IP since 2002
    • Designed ground up as Web/VoiceXML platform – not Hybrid
    • Standards based, software only solution, scalable, no proprietary components
    • Partner Ecosystem – broadest partner ecosystem with prepackaged and custom applications
    The leading New Generation Platform!
  • 4. What is Video IVR?
    • Think video output rather than just audio output
      • Input is still DTMF and speech recognition
      • Recording video is also possible
    • You can now offer more information
      • You have both video and audio channels
      • You can offer both visual and audio feedback
    • The user experience is better
      • Audio is sequential and slow
      • Video is parallel and immediate
    • Forget WAP – just make a video call!
  • 5. Video Architecture VoiceXML Browser Video Media GW Application Server HTTP SIP/RTP 3G Video Calls The video media gateway transcodes both signalling and media between the circuit switched (SS7) and packet switched (SIP/RTP) worlds The VoiceXML browser renders the application and handles all the interaction: playing videos, recognising DTMF keys, etc. The application server determines the call-flow and delivers both the VoiceXML pages and the videos to be played
  • 6. Video Architecture Media Server Video Content Application Server Video-enabled VoiceXML Application VoiceXML Platform Video Content SIP RTP (Audio + Video) HTTP HTTP (VoiceXML) Dilithium Gateway 3G-324M SIP RTP
  • 7. Video and VoiceXML
    • Video Playback
      • <audio> tag already allows various container types
      • Video extensions simply allow referencing a video container
      • Playing a video container on audio-only sessions plays audio only
    • Video Recording
      • <record> similarly allows use of video container
    • Standard VoiceXML capabilities unchanged by video
      • DTMF and speech input still fully supported while playing video
      • Text-to-speech can be used (no video played during TTS)
  • 8. Video and VoiceXML
    • CCXML allows for video conferencing
      • Audio mixed as in normal conferencing
      • Video output can be selected using three methods:
        • “ Loudest” dynamically determines loudest speaker
        • “ Fixed” selects a participant whose video stream is always output
        • “ None” disables the use of video with the conference
      • Settings can be changed dynamically; platform can be included as a conference participant
    • VCR controls supported on video content
  • 9. Simple Video IVR
    • Basic IVR menus as video - user input is DTMF
      • But the caller no longer has to remember them!
    • User Interface is written using VoiceXML
      • Reuse of VoiceXML know-how
      • Better control of the interaction: noinput, nomatch, etc.
      • Reuse of VoiceXML and IT infrastructure
    • All you need to do is call
      • Easier for a customer than using WAP!
    • Possible applications
      • Sports – daily updates with the best goals, tries, results, etc.
      • News, weather, infotainment, etc.
      • Film trailers, music videos, etc.
  • 10. Streaming Video
    • Allows re-use of web streaming servers
      • e.g. Helix, Darwin, etc
      • The VoiceXML browser passes the stream through
    • Similar to a simple DTMF video IVR
    • Videos are streamed and can be live
      • Personal web cams
      • Security cameras from your own home
      • Television
      • Sporting events
  • 11. Adding Speech Recognition
    • Speech Recognition (ASR) can also be used with video
    • This allows feed-back of unclear recognition results
      • Disambiguation is now easier and quicker
    • Speech can be used as a search function
    • The results can be a video menu
      • The list of results can be displayed rather than remembered
      • A choice may result in a video, text or audio
      • The caller can easily manoeuvre between results
    • Simple multimodal IVR
  • 12. Video Blogging
    • Video IVR can record videos as well
      • Just use the VoiceXML record tag!
    • A video blog can be created without the web
      • Videos can be recorded using a video IVR
      • They can be reviewed
      • They can then be uploaded
    • Opens up a new area for communities and user generated content
      • The calling number can be used to screen access
      • Videos can be uploaded and shared
  • 13. Video Contact Centre
    • Another channel for customer interaction
    • Call routing can also be done using a video IVR
    • Customer self-service can be made easier with a video IVR
    • The agent can push video to a caller, which shows them rather than tells them what to do
    • Avatars may be used to make video IVR more appealing
  • 14. Summary
    • Video fits nicely into the VoiceXML interaction model
      • Just another type of media
      • Watch for standardization in v3
    • Challenges remain
      • Network readiness
      • Device and application availability
    • Applications for the Service Provider
      • Enhanced Services like video mail, video prompting
    • Applications for the Contact Center
      • Push video for assisted service, video playback for self-service
  • 15. Thank you Questions?