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Next Generation Mobility. Technology and Trials
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Next Generation Mobility. Technology and Trials


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Next-Generation Mobility Technology & Trials Mat Ford [email_address]
  • 2. Agenda
    • Why Mobile IP?
    • Mobile IPv6 technical overview
    • Mobile IPv6 vs. Mobile IPv4
    • Mobile IPv6 - Enhancements
    • Mobile IPv6 - Status
    • Home Networking and Mobile IPv6
    • 3G and Mobile IPv6
    • SmartMobility Trial – Hong Kong
    • 6WINIT – IPv6 Wireless Internet Initiative
    • Questions
  • 3. Why Mobile IP?(1)
    • Both ends of TCP connection need to keep the same IP address for the duration of the session
      • This is the Home Address used for end-to-end communication
    • IP needs to allocate new address when you move point-of-attachment to the network
      • This is the Care-of Address used for routing
    • MobileIP turns mobility problem into routing problem by maintaining a dynamic association between HA and COA known as a Binding
  • 4. Why Mobile IP?(2) Visited Net Home Net Mobile Node Home Agent Internet Visited Net Correspondent TCP connection Mobile Node TCP connection TCP connection Mobile Node
  • 5. MobileIPv6 Technical Overview(1)
    • Router advertises routing prefix:
    • Mobile node auto-configures Care-of Address
    • Mobile Node sends Binding Updates to Home Agent and Correspondents
    • Mobile Node is ‘Always-On’ by way of Home Agent
    2001:618:6:f1:: 2001:618:6:f1:: 2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c 2001:618:6:f1:2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c + =
  • 6. MobileIPv6 Technical Overview(2) Home Net Home Agent Internet Visited Net Correspondent 2001:618:6:f1:2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c Mobile Node TCP connection Mobile Node 2001:618:6:f1:: 2d0:b7ff:fe91:5c0c Binding Update TCP connection Binding Update
  • 7. MobileIPv6 vs. MobileIPv4
    • Binding Updates allow mobile node to notify correspondents of current location – no ‘dog-leg’ routes
    • Home Address Option permits topologically correct source address use – eliminates problems with ingress-filters
    • Routing Headers remove overheads associated with encapsulation
    • Enough security is built in (although key distribution problematical)
  • 8. MobileIPv6 – enhancements(1)
    • Hierarchical MobileIPv6
    • AAA interactions
    • Fast/Smooth/Seamless Handoffs
    • Header Compression
    • Enable MobileIPv6 to act as mobility technology within and between cellular networks – All-IP Cellular Networks
  • 9. MobileIPv6 – enhancements(2) Context Handover AAA Heirarchical MIP Heirarchical MIP
  • 10. MobileIPv6 - status
    • Details of IPsec use in MobileIPv6 have been worked out
    • Base protocol is at Last Call in the IETF
    • Various interop tests have been successfully completed
    • Several publicly available implementations
  • 11.
    • Autoconfiguration
    • Always On
    • Incoming comms for remote home automation
    • Security
    • P2P is growing fast
    • Large numbers of devices
    Home networking with IPv6
  • 12. Home networking & Mobile IPv6(1)
    • Without MobileIP, connections from UserA to UserB have to go via ISP A and ISP B
    • Inefficient routing
    • Poor scalability
    • Multiple single-points-of-failure
    ISP B User A User B ISP A
  • 13. Home networking & Mobile IPv6(2)
    • MobileIPv6 provides optimal traffic path
    • Only initial traffic is routed through other ISPs point of attachment
    • Subsequent traffic routed directly to COA
    • Improves scalability
    ISP B User A User B ISP A
  • 14. IPv6 in 3G networks
    • IM domain is specified IPv6 only in Release 4/5
    • Are terminals dual-stack or IPv6-only?
    • Is backbone network dual-stack or IPv6-only?
    • In time all network elements will migrate to an IPv6-only solution
    • Inter-working uses DSTM? NAT-PT?
  • 15. IPv6 in 3G networks SIP SIP Media Gateway Control Function PSTN 3G IM Domain IPv6 Network Call State Control (CSCF) Media Gateway (MGW) E-SGSN E-GGSN IPv4 Internet & Intranets IPv4 or IPv6 Internet / intranet IPv6 Backbone for Tunnelling Layer v4 v6 v4 v6 v4 v6
  • 16. 3G and MobileIPv6
    • MobileIPv6 enables seamless roaming between 3G/cellular environment and fixed home/corporate networks
    • MobileIPv6 not currently specified in 3GPP
  • 17. Smart v6 Trial
    • Collaboration between BT, SmarTone and Ericsson
    • Intended to demonstrate IPv6 applications, IPv6/IPv4 interworking, IPv6 over GPRS, and MobileIPv6 including intelligent content delivery
    • Support SmarTone in their bid for a 3G license
    • 2 day event in Hong Kong October 24 th /25 th
  • 18. Smart v6 Trial
    • Scenario 1: IPv6-only clients, IPv6-only network running Quake, mp3, Video, WWW
    • Scenario 2: Interworking IPv4 and IPv6
    • Scenario 3: MobileIPv6 and content customisation
    • Scenario 4: Inter-technology handover
  • 19. Smart v6 Trial RNC WLAN BS2 Serial Router 2 Ultima HK Live IPv4 MAP Scenario 4: Fixed/Mobile roaming R520 Ethernet Scenario 3: Broadband MobileIPv6 Scenario 2: Wireless broadband IPv6 WLAN BS1 Scenario 1: Fixed broadband IPv6 VOD Local Native IPv6 Network APPS (WWW, MP3, Quake, DNS) PROXY CN Router 1 Ethernet 6in4 tunnel PC 6in4 tunnel Private IPv4 addresses To UK PC MIPv6 MIPv6 IPv4 GPRS Container HA Hub 3 Hub 2 Hub 1
  • 20. Scenario 1: Broadband IPv6 Applications Server DNS Server HK IPv6 Network WLAN Quake IPv6 Local Internet IPv6 MP3 Audio IPv6 VoD
  • 21. Scenario 2: IPv6 meets IPv4 DNS Server HK IPv6 Network IPv4 Internet UK IPv6 Network IPv6 Internet IPv4 Internet IPv6 MP3 Audio
  • 22. Scenario 3: MobileIPv6 Portal Server Database Server Home Agent IPv4 Internet HK IPv6 Network Local News & Weather Home Domain WLAN Business News, Shares & Reminders WLAN MIPv6 Office Domain
  • 23. Scenario 4: Inter-technology handover Business News, Shares & Reminders Mobile Domain Low Bandwidth GPRS Office Domain High Bandwidth Business News, Shares & Reminders Reformatted MIPv6 Portal Server Database Server Home Agent IPv4 Internet WLAN HK IPv6 Network GPRS Business News, Shares & Reminders
  • 24. Smart v6 Trial
  • 25. Smart v6 Trial
    • Compaq iPAQ 32MB
    • OS on Flash ROM
    • Runs LINUX
    • Support for WLAN, USB
    • Developing IPv6 support
    • Need applications…
  • 26. 6WINIT – IPv6 Wireless Internet Initiative
    • EU Fifth Framework project
    • 18 project participants including US, Korea and Canada
    • Aims to build international wireless IPv6 infrastructure and application testbed
    • Applications: generic and clinical
    • 2 year project 01/01/01 – 31/12/02
    • BT will provide network infrastructure and interworking expertise
  • 27. Questions?
    • Thanks for your attention
    • Any questions?
  • 28. [email_address]