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Mobile Services: Business models
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Mobile Services: Business models


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • [demain le broadcast mobile (DVBH)] Ce mardi, le Ministre de l’industrie réunissaient les différents acteurs concernés par le DVBH et lançait le « forum de la télévision mobile » Pourquoi un opérateur comme Orange s’intéresse-t-il à cette technologie issue de la TNT. Tout d’abord cette technologie est conçue pour adresser des terminaux portatifs … Orange gère plus de 65 millions de terminaux portatifs dans le monde et plus de 20 millions en France. En complément d’EDGE et UMTS, DVBH apporte un mode “broadcast” et donc la simultanéité, un débit élevé et une grande capacité permettant la diffusion de plus de 30 canaux vidéo en simultané De leur coté, les opérateurs mobiles apportent au DVBH : une véritable interactivité via les réseaux cellulaires et la capacité à mixer des flux de différentes sources jusque dans le terminal et donc pour le client l’accès à un parc de clients et la connaissance de leurs usages en mobilité (et non pas uniquement dans un canapé devant leur TV) une capacité d’identification et de contrôle des droits (et donc permettre un business model adapté aux différents acteurs de la chaîne de valeur) la capacité à démocratiser et diffuser massivement des terminaux mobiles UMTS/DVBH
  • Transcript

    • 1. 3G/UMTS worldwide deployments Jean-Pierre Bienaimé …………………………………………………………………………… Chairman, UMTS Forum
    • 2. About The UMTS Forum
      • Who are we?
      • An international, cross-sector industry body comprising operators, manufacturers, regulators, application developers, research organisations and IT industry players.
      • Our mission…
      • To promote a common vision of the development of 3G/UMTS and of its evolutions, and to ensure its worldwide commercial success.
      • Our publications
      • Since 1997, more than 40 reports on Spectrum & Regulation, 3G/UMTS vision, Customer behaviour, Market evolution & Forecasts, Technical studies & Implementation. Recent issues: Strategic Considerations for IMS – the 3G Evolution, Coverage Extension Bands for UMTS/IMT-2000 in the bands between 470-600 MHz, Magic Mobile Future 2010-2020…
    • 3. 2005: The year of mass-market commercialisation for 3G more than 50 million 3G subscribers worldwide (W-CDMA + CDMA2000 1xEV-DO) by Mid-Sept ‘05 more than 100 W-CDMA networks launched by Nov ‘05 Some big numbers…
    • 4. 3G/UMTS global update
      • 100+ W-CDMA networks in commercial service in over 40 countries with many others in trial/pre-launch (October 2005)
      • Over 35 million 3G/UMTS subscribers (October 2005) out of a global total exceeding 50 million 3G customers (WCDMA + EV-DO)
      • 145+ 3G/UMTS licenses awarded in 45 countries
      • W-CDMA take-up faster than GSM at the same stage
    • 5. 35 million 3G/UMTS subscribers Europe 42.2% Rest of World 4.1% Japan 53.7% EMC / SOFRECOM / UMTS Forum Member estimates October 2005
    • 6.
      • Several European operators are offering mobile broadband via a complementary mix of 3G/UMTS and other technologies including EDGE
      Complementary strategies in Europe
    • 7. A global picture A significant number of American operators are already giving customers a taste of mobile broadband services via EDGE
    • 8. 50 million 3G customers worldwide W-CDMA now exceeds EV-DO by a factor of 2 (Sep.05) million Sources: EMC, operators 33.0 17.0 2.7 4.4
    • 9. 3G/UMTS Terminals
      • Over 220 3G/UMTS terminals and PC cards (Nov.05) commercially available or announced by a growing range of European, Asian and US manufacturers
      • Latest models compare with 2G handsets in terms of battery life, weight and size
    • 10. A clear roadmap
      • 3GPP Release 6 enhances earlier iterations to bring customers a step closer to the complete "3G experience”
      • High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) maximises operators’ available spectrum resources, offering high symmetrical data rates and reduced latency, while reducing delivery costs per bit
      • Phase II of the IP Multimedia Subsystem ( IMS ) ensures smooth interworking with other core networks, and enables operators to offer multimedia services built on Internet applications, services and protocols
      • Interworking with WLAN gives users the greatest flexibility in choosing how they communicate
      • plus MBMS, enablers for Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) and more …
      As a complete mobile system standardised in 3GPP, 3G/UMTS offers a clearly-defined evolutionary path to higher data speeds, greater capacity and increased functionality to support new services
    • 11. 3G Operator Evolution Options PDC GSM TDMA CDMA One CDMA2000 1x EV-DO W-CDMA EDGE TD-SCDMA CDMA2000 1x RTT GPRS CDMA2000 1x EV-DV HSDPA/ HSUPA TD-CDMA 3G/UMTS 2G 2.5G 3G ENHANCED 3G 4.5% 90%+ 8% 14% 73.5%
    • 12. 3G/UMTS service evolution roadmap New services and applications are already being introduced on today’s 2G and 2.5G networks, giving operators and customers an early taste of the capabilities of 3G/UMTS
      • Future enhancements to UMTS (3GPP Release 5 & 6):
      • HSDPA (High speed downlink packet access) increases downlink speeds to 14.4 Mbps, and 5.8 Mbps for HSUPA (uplink)
      • IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) provides advanced IP capabilities for mobile multimedia services
      • Multimedia Broadcast / Multicast Service (MBMS)
      • Interworking with other networks such as DAB and DVB will take advantage of content offerings that can be delivered efficiently to mobile devices
      GSM GPRS Rel 99 Rel 4 Rel 5 Rel 6
    • 13. HSDPA The next step in evolution of the 3GPP air interface HSDPA = high speed mobile broadband , enabling a wide variety of high bandwidth multimedia services including: - high quality streaming video, - fast downloads of high resolution images and large files, - interactive e-mails & gaming, - telematics,…
      • Compared with WCDMA, HSDPA:
            • increases throughput (2->14.4 Mbps): total and average per user
            • reduces latency
            • increases data capacity up to 5x in dense urban environments (micro-cells)
    • 14. The first wave… Operators in Europe, Asia Pacific and USA that have announced their HSDPA plans
      • EUROPE
      • Orange (France, UK)
      • T-Mobile
      • Mobilkom Austria
      • Hutchison 3G
      • O2
      • Vodafone
      • SFR
      • Bouygues
      • Telenor
      • Telfort
      • TEM
      • TIM
      Announcements suggest HSDPA launches in 2006… plus HSUPA launches from 2007
      • NTT DoCoMo
      • Vodafone KK
      • KTF
      • SKT
      • Telstra
      • Cingular AT&T
    • 15. Mobile Broadcast Service Categories Car Navigation Support with Real-time Traffic Information News, Magazine, Learning Lessons, Movie Guide, Local Event Guide Scheduled Programme with Return Channel for Interactivity Quiz, Role-play, Strategy-, Sport-, Adventure- Games Scheduled TV Programme Video Streaming Buffered Personalised Infotainment Interactivity enabled Interactive Mobile TV Interactivity enabled Location Based Traffic Guide Interactivity enabled Multiplayer Online Games Interactivity enabled Passive Mobile TV No Interactivity
    • 16. Mobile broadcast technologies Adding value to the 3G/UMTS user experience
      • 3G/UMTS launches are stimulating greater demand for live TV and video downloads
      • ‘ One to many’ broadcast transmission of multimedia content promises to deliver an enhanced 3G/UMTS user experience, with more efficient use of finite spectrum resources
      • ‘ MBMS’ enabling Broadcast and Multicast modes is specified in 3GPP
      • In parallel with this, trials based on the DVB-H standard (proposed by ETSI and based on existing terrestrial broadcasting standards) are already underway
      • First DVB-H handsets expected within next 12 months
    • 17. DVB-H and MBMS Serve Complementary Needs TV with/without interaction / Pervasive multiplayer games Movie Trailers / City Guide 64-512 kbps “ Service enabling” DVB-H MMS info & streaming Goal of the Day, mLearning, Real-time traffic info, News, Weather,.. 0-64 kbps “ Cost optimizing” MBMS
      • MBMS is a feature for GERAN/UTRAN
      • DVB-H-operates within 174-862 MHz
    • 18. Mobile broadcast enables a new value chain
      • Mobile broadcasting potentially creates a new value chain, with operators being the main interface between consumers and content providers, and gaining new revenues from interactive TV programming & advertising
    • 19. What do customers want? Focusing on customer’s personal experience
      • 3G segmentation – some examples of services & user categories (SKT):
      • - Communications - High end
      • - Entertainment - 13-18 years
      • - Information - 18-25 years
      • - Enterprise applications - 25-35 years
      • - Banking - Enterprise users
      • - Married women
      • A Chinese market survey ranked these services in order of customer preference:
      1. News 2. Videophony 3. Video downloads 4. Music downloads 5. Mobile TV 6. Mobile Internet 7. Instant Messaging 8. Online games 9. Location Based Services 10. Multimedia e-mail 11. M-Banking 12. Others
    • 20. Asia’s example… leading the way with 3G
      • JAPAN
      • Building on the success of the world’s first fully commercialised W-CDMA network
      • Rapid adoption of mobile multimedia services, e.g. huge demand for 3D games
      • Wide range of feature-rich handsets plus choice of tariffs – backed by strong operator promotion and education
      • KOREA
      • Dazzling success of mobile entertainment services (games, MP3 music, mobile TV…)
      • Usage stimulated by easy-to-browse portals with ‘hotkey’ access on handsets
      • Continuing technical innovation , e.g. multi-mode mobile broadcasting (S-DMB in parallel with live TV via 3G)
      • CHINA
      • Immense untapped potential in a population of 1.3 billion…
    • 21. 3G/UMTS Tariff Examples New networks… new services… new charging models Orange France announced 4 ‘Orange Intense’ bundles priced from €55 to €195 per month with up to 20 hours/month included + free unlimited voice calls UK: ‘ThreePay’ combines voice calls with inclusive allowance for other ‘3’ services Vodafone UK offers 3G/UMTS datacard from £99, plus £88 monthly access inclusive of 1,000 MB data O2 Germany: Connection Manager combines Mobile and WiFi. Card priced from €99.95 with connection to ‘Active UMTS Data’ tariff FOMA includes price plans optimised for heavy i-mode and e-mail users. To access portal and video content, customers pay for a monthly "packet pack" of at least ¥3,000 (€22.6) plus per-event charges. Customers must also have an i-mode subscription
    • 22. Tariff plans to stimulate usage Example: NTT DoCoMo FOMA Variety of ‘Recommended Plans’ and ‘Packet Packs’ optimised for various user categories, including business customers, casual users & heavy e-mail/i-mode users…
    • 23. 3G Operator Strategies An integrated offering for business users FRANCE Orange/France Telecom offers “Business Everywhere” package, with seamless access to fixed/wireless broadband services via ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/UMTS and EDGE with one integrated bill. FRANCE SFR offers Vodafone's integrated 3G/Wi-Fi/GPRS service accessed via Mobile Connect Card SWITZERLAND Swisscom offers PC card access to three mobile broadband networks: UMTS, EDGE and WLAN
    • 24. 3G Operator Strategies – targeting consumers HONG KONG CSL 1O1O offers “Integrated 3G” GPRS/EDGE/UMTS network with ‘Infotainment’ Channels – News, Finance, Music and Entertainment – accessed via Nokia 6680 videophone UK “ O2 Active” portal allows downloads or streamed news, sport, music and comedy videos plus 3D games, ringtones, wallpapers and info services ITALY “ TIM Turbo” offers sport, TV channels, games, music, news, finance and more via UMTS/EDGE
    • 25. For more information…