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Microsoft PowerPoint - Picochip Femtocell Presentation ...


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  • 1. picoChip Femtocell Overview June 2008
  • 2. picoChip UK USA China Only s/c •Multi-core company Field-proven, DSP focussed on volume •WiMAX -> wireless production LTE BS infrastructure •Femtocells 10/10/2007 Slide 2 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 3. Different Kinds of Basestation Increasing Performance Mesh Access ccess ode Node Point / Internal Outdoor 16j Midrange High end femtocell picocell picocell Backhaul BS BS Lower Cost C t 10/10/2007 Slide 3 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 4. picoChip: The architecture of Choice picoChip defined femtocell concept First demo 3GSM 2005 Customers include ipAccess, Ubiquisys, and Tier One OEMs Silicon & software shipping Complete reference design: compliant & interoperable p Key partnerships: eg Korea Telecom, Continuous Computing (Iu) Supports HSDPA, software upgrade to HSUPA Also for CDMA2000/EVDO, WiMAX, TD- SCDMA and LTE 10/10/2007 Slide 4 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 5. Macrocells are very bad at in-building coverage Poor coverage is #1 cause of churn Business case relies on high-speed data where people want to use it Femtocells can enable this 10/10/2007 Slide 5 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 6. FMC, VoWiFi The threat for cellular operators Wireless market saturated - operators need new strategies to drive ARPU and gain customers Threats from new entrants (MVNO, Voice-over-WiFi) Strong desire to shift users to 3G (or other data services) But… 3G coverage is lousy indoors (especially for data) Femtocells allow Wireless operators to (profitably) compete with voice- over-WiFi 10/10/2007 Slide 6 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 7. Femtocell Architecture Home network (50m-200m) 4 users 5Mbps data throughput HSDPA or WiMAX Cellular DSL Carrier Broadband Broadband Optional WiFi integrated Enables cellular Femtocell “feels Very aggressive 4 users, No need for All the benefits carriers to like” WiFi AP price targets 50-200m expensive dual- of FMC for a compete with (<<$200) mode handsets cellular carrier VoIP, WiFi and UMA (eg Fusion) We forecast 17million residential Vincent Femtocells in Western Europe in 2011 p Poulbere 31-12-2007 31 12 2007 10/10/2007 Slide 7 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 8. Home Basestation Benefits to Consumer Benefits to Operator FEAR: Reduces cost ( ee ca s ) educes (free calls!) Counters threat from VoIP & Improves coverage; UMA no deadspots GREED: Simplicity: single Device, Increases both coverage and all numbers in one place p capacity No need for expensive Reduces churn new device Increases ARPU (sell BB too) Works with all existing handsets; no need for expensive subsidies df i b idi on dual-mode Increases 3G adoption y , By 2011 there are forecast to be 180 million femtocell users, with 60 million devices. Femtocells will be an integral part of the operator push into fixed-mobile converged services whilst also providing considerable benefits of in-building wireless coverage, capacity gain and shaping user behaviour. Crucially, this is more than just WCDMA. Stuart Carlaw, Principal Analyst, ABI Research 10/10/2007 Slide 8 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 9. Alternative FMC: Femtocell vs WiFi Access Point Home network (50m-200m) 4 users DSL DSL Cable Cable Fiber Fiber Cellular Cellular Carrier WiFi Carrier 5Mbps HSDPA or WiMAX FEMTOCELL Wi-Fi UMA/SIP Enabled Phones Enables cellular carriers to compete with VoIP, WiFi VoIP pricing on calls within the home and UMA (eg Fusion) Single phone for indoor/outdoor calls No need for expensive dual mode handsets dual-mode Provides indoor coverage via WiFi (or Bluetooth) Improves 3G coverage indoors and encourages use Use dual mode phones in Wi-Fi hot spots of data services Improves capacity Reduces Customer Churn 10/10/2007 Slide 9 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 10. Femtocells – For Mobile Operators p Current Vodafone Coverage Map Today Vodafone has 5,000 3G cell sites in 3 Mobile M bil operators can t sectors increase their each providing capacity 500 fold a capacity of using Femtocell 2Mbs technology t h l = 30 Gbs Customer provides cell site, installs , Using Femtocells, U i F t ll Vodafone can have equipment and pays 2 million cell sites for electricity to run it each with a and backhaul capacity of 7 Mbs (1/4 of UK f household with DSL already) =14,000 Gbs! 10/10/2007 Slide 10 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 11. Femtocell Ethernet IEEE1588 MAC Port Timing •ARM 926 @ 280MHz Power •Very large memory Suppy •16e WiMAX MAC SDRAM Radio •Restricted feature set, #CIDs Module •Element manager, R6 Flash PC202 / 5 Baseband PHY •Multi-core DSP Indoor coverage •PC8530 PHY Aggressive price point •Wave 2 lite MIMO 2-lite Ubiquitous service 10/10/2007 Slide 11 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 12. 10/10/2007 Slide 12 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 13. Femto Forum Members 44 providers of femtocell technology Board members 10/10/2007 Slide 13 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 14. Femto Forum Members 26 operators covering 630 million subscribers Board members 10/10/2007 Slide 14 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 15. Femtocell Challenges How does the Femtocell fit in the RAN? 100Ks of Node-Bs attached to RNC / BSC / ASN Collapsed stack Connects to broadband (no backhaul timing available) Cost Needs to have a BOM of $100-$200 Cheap baseband processing, RF and oscillator needed Other technical challenges QoS Handover Provisioning Interference mitigation Industry is solving these issues picoChip will reflect these in our reference designs 10/10/2007 Slide 15 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 16. Femto – Architecture Tun n ellin gI IPSe uB ove C r VoIP Traf fi c UMA S igna lin g Tun n ellin g Iu+ 10/10/2007 Slide 16 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 17. Femto – Architecture – All-IP Da ta 10/10/2007 Slide 17 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 18. Market Forecasts- Femto - Architecture Femto by Architecture 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 All-IP Units (M) 20.0 Split RNC 15.0 RAN 10.0 5.0 0.0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 ABI Report 2007 10/10/2007 Slide 18 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 19. RAN Architecture – Tunnelling IuB 10/10/2007 Slide 19 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 20. Femtocell “Split/RNC”- Iu Interface Partner Development RNC Termination 10/10/2007 Slide 20 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 21. Femtocell “Split/RNC” & UMA Enabled Stacks Partner RRC UMA Client OAM etc Development RLC SNMP FTP Telnet DHCP RNC Termination MAC PC202 ARM 9 MAC-hs MAC-b UDP TCP Framing Protocol PC202 IP Sec picoArray IPv4/IPv6 UMTS PHY PC 202 Ethernet hardware MAC RF IF Ethernet PHY 10/10/2007 Slide 21 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 22. Femtocell Collapsed Stack & IMS Enabled Stacks C ll dS k E bl d S k Partner Development 10/10/2007 Slide 22 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 23. Market Forecasts- Femto Femtocells by Feature 40.0 35.0 30.0 Femtocell/ADSL G'way/Wi-Fi AP/IPTV 25.0 STB Units (M) 20.0 Femto/ADSL G'way/Wi-Fi AP 15.0 Femto/ADSL Gateway 10.0 Standalone Femtocell 5.0 0.0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Year ABI Report 2007 10/10/2007 Slide 23 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 24. Integrated Reference Design 10/10/2007 Slide 24 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 25. Software Partitioning 10/10/2007 Slide 25 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 26. Budgetary BOM – picoChip vs DSP/FPGA Digital Processing g Baseband + Netw ork Interface 2007 Target BOM RF 2009 Target BOM Clock & Synch m em ories Pow er + DC conversion PCB, plastics, LEDs etc DSP/FPGA picochip DSP/FPGA picochip (202) (302) 2007 2009 10/10/2007 Slide 26 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 27. WiMAX needs femtocells even more than 3G WiMAX is at higher frequency: worse coverage WiMAX is predicated on high-speed data 2.5GHz and 64QAM will not go well through walls Coverage Users are guaranteed coverage at their home Femtocells can cover the surrounding area outside building Building penetration 60-70% of mobile usage is in-building QPSK modulation and strong FEC needed for building penetration – reduces overall cell capacity Capacity Macrocell: Typ 30 Mbps shared between 100 users Femtocell: >10 Mb shared b t F t ll 10 Mbps h d between 3 5 users 3-5 Cost $100 for femtocell vs $10,000 for macrocell Cheap backhaul via DSL cable or fibre – consumer pays! DSL, 10/10/2007 Slide 27 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 28. picoChip femtocells W-CDMA HSDPA Network PC302 HSUPA SoC Femtocell Listen RNC Stacks Mobile WiMAX PicoCell FemtoCell MacroCell TD-SCDMA FemtoCell GSM/GPRS/ Single User demo EDGE* Demo FemtoCell PreStandard PicoCell LTE* Demo FemtoCell cdma200/ EVDO cdma2000 EVDO* FemtoCell FemtoCell Q2 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 Q1 2008 Q2 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 2008 Q1 2009 10/10/2007 Slide 28 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 29. Femtocell Leadership and Experience picoChip architecture is well proven Field trials with 13 carriers in 20 countries Partnerships RF solutions Core network interface solutions Network timing Widest range of experience: lowest risk and fastest time-to-market 10/10/2007 Slide 29 of 19 CONFIDENTIAL
  • 30. picoChip Femtocell Overview Tom McQuade