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May 29, 2007
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

<1 MOBILE                                                                                  ...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

<2 MOBILE                                  allow them to do. And, because the         gy, w...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

        Mobile Video: Time to Start Watching

R                                           ...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

<4 GROWTH                                versions of their product lines com-    web device...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

how to retrieve content, seeing as it
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

                                               Mobile TV Usage Based on Time Slot
<6 GROWT...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

                                         Video by DARS
                        Can XM & Sir...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

    n der

                                               ho's the latest YouTube wann...
Mobile Video - May 29, 2007

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Transcript of "Look And See"

  1. 1. May 29, 2007 No. 21 Vol. 6 Home | Morning BRIDGE | The Evening BRIDGE | SkyREPORT | The Retail BRIDGE | DataBRIDGE Mobile Video Look And See Uses of 3G Video 2 Mobile Video Usage Keeping Pace With New Technologies B Time to Start Watching Mobile Video 4 by Timothy Sprinkle ack when telephones were heavy enough to be used as murder weapons International Users 6 and computers required their own rooms, the idea of portable technology seemed like the ultimate in futuristic luxury. Mobile Usage Fast-forward 40 years and now most of those dreams are reality. Pocket- Based on Time Slot 7 sized cell phones are commonplace, laptop computers are exponentially more powerful than their room-filling predecessors, and no modern life is complete Video by DARS 8 without a portable media player. The digital pioneers would most definitely be impressed. Under the BRIDGE So what’s next in portable media? These days, thanks to recent advances in both hardware and distribution, it’s all about mobile video – everything from The Sincerest Form of movie clips, to TV shows to live content streams. YouTube Flattery 9 >See MOBILE 2 Heads Up 3G Video Subscribers M The Federal Communications (in millions) obile video 151 may only com- Commission will consider a The BRIDGE 2007 Source: Wainhouse Research (2005) mand a slice of the number of items related to mobile market at public safety and homeland this point, but security at its open meeting many analysts Thursday. Among the topics 3G Video High expect that to on the agenda is a set of rec- 3G Video High change in the next ommendations submitted by 3G Video Low 76 several years as 76 an independent panel review- the price of entry 3G Video Low ing the impact of Hurricane goes down and the Katrina on communications quality of content goes up. In fact, networks. 34 35 if Wainhouse’s 21 forecasts hold 9 13 true, the majority Click Here for a FREE 3 7 of mobile users Subscription to The will be video sub- 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 scribers in just a BRIDGE few short years.•
  2. 2. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 <1 MOBILE providers’ side, these “For service providers What Is 3G Being Utilized For features are just good Besides Movies? trying to expand their business: they attract customers’ mobile expe- new customers, riences, video is quite Video-Enabled Customer Service Contact Center Services (11%) improve the experience natural,” says Ed Verney, (11%) of current users and director of interactive can even help build media platforms with Video Telephony (6%) usage revenues. Hewlett Packard’s “Interactive features OpenCall mobile busi- enhance the user expe- ness unit. “The technol- rience and make it a ogy is now available, Video Blogging little more compelling,” Video Conferencing both in terms of hand- (10%) explains Navin Mehta, sets and networks having (31%) vice president of global the bandwidth to deliver services with Motorola’s good quality video. We Home and Networks don’t see the obstacles Mobility division. that we would have seen Video Messenging “Theoretically you a few years ago.” (42%) could watch something And, from a technology Source: CommStrategies on your mobile today, standpoint, mobile video LLC, Dilithium (2006) but these features just C The BRIDGE 2007 CommStrategies LLC, Dilithium ( Source: just makes sense. More make the user experi- providers in this country ertainly, there’s more to mobile video than just movie ence more sticky.” T are operating on high- clips and TV shows. The technology has more than a few In addition to offer- bandwidth 3G and EVDO legitimate business uses as well, including popular options ing on-demand capabil- networks, programmers like video-based conferencing and messaging. It isn’t as ities, the company’s have developed new flashy as mobile entertainment, but it’s a market that may mobile service package ways to get their content well drive future mobile video development and one that sev- allows users to enter a into the hands of cus- eral U.S. Developers (notably HP) are going after with a series of key words – tomers (e.g. on-demand vengeance.• the name of a favorite and “bite sized” pro- athlete or celebrity, for gramming) and rich ing room. example – to be cap- media technology has finally trickled “It’s just following the consumer tured during live broadcasts for play- down to lower-priced handsets. trend of how users watch TV,” says back later. Further, it can link con- Ed Sawma, manager of global serv- tent to a buying path (allowing view- Taking It Outside ices marketing with Motorola Home ers to buy tickets to the movie and Networks Mobility. “And they’re previewing, for example), Of course, there’s more to mobile mobile devices give you a better and can incorporate custom adver- video than simply watching TV. platform for that, since personaliza- tisements and targeted coupons Rather than sitting down for a 30- tion can give you features and pro- based on what is watched. minute sitcom, providers have found gramming for that one person.” “It’s designed to take the experi- that portable consumers prefer to In an effort to tap into this seg- ence of watching video and add an receive their mobile programming ment of the mobile market, Motorola interactive element,” Mehta says. on-demand, choosing what they recently rolled out a suite of services “So it creates a really cool experi- watch and when they watch it. designed to help providers bring that ence for the customer, but it also After all, that’s what the DVR has interactive element to their video increases revenue on our end.” done to our viewing habits in the liv- subscribers. From the service >See MOBILE 3 2
  3. 3. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 <2 MOBILE allow them to do. And, because the gy, what are mobile video users So far, Hong Kong multiplatform cost of entry into this business is watching these days? firm PCCW, several European coming down, more and more of Well, a little bit of everything. providers and a mobile company in them are able to offer these services Universal Pictures earlier this Mexico have trialed the technology. and provide what’s best for their month announced plans to make Motorola is also in talks with several community.” clips from its films available to NFL teams in the U.S. with hopes to In the satellite space, DIRECTV Amp’d, Rogers, Sprint and have football-focused mobile video last month introduced its long-await- Verizon mobile customers via the I- services up and running in parts of ed Satellite-To-Go (Sat-Go) play gaming platform. The portal, the country by the start of the sea- portable product, which incorporates Hollywood Movie Minutes, will son this fall. a 17-inch flat screen monitor, satel- include scenes from current and But Motorola isn’t alone. Hewlett lite antenna and DIRECTV receiver classic Universal titles and will add Packard is developing a similar video into one briefcase-sized device. It’s new clips for purchase every day. solution in its OpenCall software no cell phone TV, but it is the only “This signals the launch of a suite. Designed as a way for satellite video solution currently on ground-breaking service, which providers to offer video services to the market. brings bite-sized nuggets of block- their customers without having to “DIRECTV’s digital satellite technol- buster entertainment to movie fans invest in new infrastructure, the ogy enables us to do what no cable on mobile for the first time,” said OpenCall platform so far offers service can, offer consumers TV pro- David Gosen, CEO of I-play at the video-based support services for gramming that they can watch wher- Universal announcement. contact centers, broadband confer- ever they are,” says DIRECTV execu- “Streaming video clips to mobile encing capabilities and video mes- tive vice president Eric Shanks. devices is a huge growth area for us saging. After all, there’s more to “Since we unveiled a prototype of the and we are thrilled to be working mobile video than just movie clips unit in January, the DIRECTV Sat-Go with Universal Mobile and TV highlights. has created an exciting buzz in the Entertainment and proud to be in a “What we’re seeing is more and marketplace and we are thrilled to position to offer the best of more demand from end users saying make it available now to DIRECTV Universal’s film library to North they want solutions that are sub- customers across the country.” American customers.” scriber-centric, highly personalized Company execs expect the Sat-Go And that’s just one example. and contextually aware,” says HP’s to be a hit with tailgaters and road- There’s also a wave of user-generat- Varney. “So a key factor in getting trippers, though it can also fill in as ed web video finding its way onto these video features to the market is a spare DIRECTV receiver inside the mobile platform. customization.” when connected to an existing satel- Video from social networking sites And Varney expects to see more lite dish. Will the $1,500 price tag like MySpace and Friendster from this sector down the road, with be a barrier to entry? We’ll have to recently went mobile through the HP adding more features for the wait and see, but so far the mywaves distribution channel. entertainment space as providers response to the device has been Using the company’s media player, expand their offerings. Video blog- positive. internet users can now send videos ging is already taking off, he says, In a review published May 17, from a variety of web sites and blogs with rock bands recording promo- USA Today columnist Edward Baig to most video-capable mobile tional messages from the road (com- called the Sat-Go a “well-heeled tail- phones, an arrangement that plete with links to buy their latest gaters dream,” dubbing the unit mywaves founder Rajeev Raman CD) and users uploading their own “cool, really cool,” despite its old- says allows users to “create and content to mobile sharing sites. school briefcase look. share their own entertainment chan- “There’s a lot of room for creativity nel.” once you get into this video mode,” Turn On, Tune In What? Your cell phone is just for he says, “and the providers are talking? It isn’t a multimedia enter- starting to understand what this will So, given all of this new technolo- tainment center? Dinosaur.• 3
  4. 4. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 Mobile Video: Time to Start Watching R U.S. Mobile Video Breakdown U.S. Mobile Video Breakdown by Matthew Colella eports have projected that more than 100 million people will view mobile broadcast video by the end of 2009. In the *Current words of one CBS honcho – namely, All Mobile Demographic Mobile Les Moonves – mobile video will Subscribers become "hugely significant ... both Video Users culturally and financially in the next couple of years." But, the same research firm that Age Group 18-24 23% 11% says mobile video is television's next hot tamale, also says neither mobile 25-36 50% 24% carriers nor content providers have cracked the business model. Proof? 37-55 24% 39% According to eMarketer, digital rights issues alone could be the cru- 56+ 3% 26% cial factor that keeps mobile vids from going truly supernova. Senior analyst John du Pre Gauntt Gender Male 70% 47% says there isn't any universal attrac- tion among users to the idea of Female 30% 53% watching video or television on a mobile phone, but the technology's Ethnicity Caucasian 42% 74% going viral no matter what. eMarketer's recent report Mobile TV African and Video: Big Dreams for the 16% 11% Smallest Screen says the total num- American ber of mobile TV and video sub- scribers globally will rise from 40 Hispanic 27% 11% million last year to more than 750 million in 2011 generating almost Other 15% 4% $13 billion. So if consumers don't have any *Includes streaming TV and VOD services. Source: Telephia (9/06) pressing need to watch video on a 2- C The BRIDGE 2007 inch screen, what's going to drive this technology to the lofty levels ontrary to popular belief, provider of consumer research to telco and that experts are predicting? And, mobile markets Telephia says, mobile video is being consumed by just as important to the multiplat- older age groups, not just the 18-year-olds. According to the firm's form industries, who are these cus- Mobile Video Diary Report, 50 percent of male video users are 25-36, tomers and where are they located? compared to 24 percent of the total mobile population. In terms of gen- This issue of The BRIDGE will shed der, the group says, mobile video usage does resemble an early adop- some light on these questions and tion profile, where seven out of 10 users are men, compared to a nearly >See GROWTH 5 even male/female ratio for all mobile subscribers.• To Our Research Sources ... Thank You: CentrisBRIDGE Centris eMarketer http://www.thebridgedata- M:Metrics Merrill Lynch Hewlett Packard Telephia Motorola Infonetics Research Third Screen Media Juniper Research http://www.thirdscreen- DIRECTV 4
  5. 5. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 <4 GROWTH versions of their product lines com- web devices have brought more show that while mobile video may be bining better video quality and attention to the "third screen" mar- delivered via the small screen, this entertainment options that they ket as a way to engage audiences emerging technology could be giving hope will create buzz on the streets with limited attention spans and bottom lines a big boost. among end users. maximize control over what they According to eMarketer, the current watch. Making Mobile dominant model is mobile video-on- demand. Led by the mobile carriers, "Video is a perfect antidote for the concentration challenged," says Video Click mobile VOD is delivered to the con- Third Screen Media's Jeff Janer. sumer via a 3G network. The firm "Video deepens that experience by Arguably more than any other says a second emerging model is reaching the eyes and ears of the industry, entertainment lives and mobile television, an application mobile subscriber." The delivery of dies by what the young, hip and cur- promising a TV-like experience com- video is a natural progression to bol- rent crowd says is cool. Competition plete with channel changing and ster user engagement, the exec within the industry is absolutely cut- prime time content. The third says, and recently entertainment has throat as multiplatform players toe mobile TV model, eMarketer research proven to be the leading mobile data the line between controlling content suggests, is driven by content usage category. "In the future," he and developing new avenues to providers themselves, always looking says, "video will be the ideal enter- deliver that content. Add the con- for new distribution channels to tainment format" for the mobile plat- stant pressure of improving bottom reach more viewers. form. lines and generating new revenue Late last year, Merrill Lynch pre- According to Janer, there are three streams, and all of a sudden the dicted global handset sales would types of video content that will mobile platform becomes an attrac- increase by nearly 10 percent to impact the mobile platform: down- tive innovation to capitalize on 1.05 billion units in 2007. A majori- loadable videos, streaming video and today's on-the-go consumer. ty of these devices (70-plus million) linear broadcasting. Manufacturers aren't immune to are expected to be web-enabled With downloads, Janer says the the pressure either. Handset makers units, helping to push the success of industry is still educating subs on are continually releasing updated mobile internet applications. Mobile >See GROWTH 6 5
  6. 6. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 <5 GROWTH how to retrieve content, seeing as it International Users Browsing Mobile News & Info often takes an extra step or two before a user can view the videos on their handsets. Currently, down- loaded content can be viewed on 25% more than 60 percent of the mobile Source: M:Metrics (3/07) The BRIDGE 2007 phones in the U.S. market. 19% Streaming video is limited to the supply of streaming video-capable 20% mobile phones on the market – mostly those available from Verizon V-Cast and Sprint PCS Vision. 15% 13% Janer says streaming video offers the added convenience of one-click- to-view, a short process that enables 10% 10% subscribers to watch video clips or user-generated content immediately. 8% Another option for mobile video is 6% 6% linear broadcasting, Janer says, as 5% 3% this content looks toward how the mobile handset market will evolve. "It's what we've waited for and imagined for years: broadcast TV," 0% he says. "Subscribers will have some of their favorite television pro- U.S. German French Italian U.K. Hispanic Spanish grams available on their handset." Global Mobile M Demographics arket research firm M:Metrics says that English-speaking Hispanics are among the most active, most engaged mobile consumers in the Infonetics Research says mobile United States. According to the firm's most recent study on mobile video services jumped 317 percent demographics, the percentage of English-speaking Hispanics who con- to $200 million worldwide from 2005 sume mobile content far surpasses the market average for other ethnici- to 2006, and is projected to triple ties across various regions of the world. One of the mobile "activities" this year. According to the firm's measured by the research firm is accessing news and information via a Mobile Video Devices, Services and mobile browser. The M:Metrics study shows that 19 percent of Hispanics - Subscribers report, drivers for the more than any other demographic - use their mobile devices for news strong growth include increasingly and info.• powerful and efficient handsets and the expected analog broadcast signal at least 2010, accounting for 57 per- uptake during the next five years, transitions. cent of the world total this year. resulting in a market that will grow "We will continue to see healthy After that, Europe, the Middle East from $4.2 billion last year to $9.5 growth in the mobile video services and Africa (EMEA) will produce 31 billion in 2011. The research group market as mobile operators expand percent of the world's mobile sub- says Europe will account for 40 per- the bandwidth of their existing 3G scribers; North America with 10 per- cent of those revenues, with the Asia networks, roll out dedicated broad- cent; and Central America and Latin Pacific market tallying 33 percent cast networks, and deploy new America (CALA) will contribute three and North America chipping in 18 mobile video service delivery plat- percent. percent. forms," says Jeff Heynen, directing Heynen says to expect a spike in "The need to acquire mobile sports analyst for broadband and IPTV at mobile video service revenue in rights is keeping sports service Infonetics. "Competition among 2008 with the Summer Olympics in prices high and these services service providers will keep subscrip- Beijing, which, similar to last year's require high quality and timely con- tion prices lower in the long term, World Cup soccer tournament, is a tent," says Juniper analyst Bruce but that revenue will be supplement- deadline for many operators to get Gibson. "On the other hand, com- ed by incremental service revenue their mobile video services up and munity applications with user-gener- from on-demand viewing." running. ated content have relatively low cost Reaching around the globe, the A recent Juniper Research study content acquisition and minimize Infonetics report says the Asia says mobile video across 3G net- much of the complexity of content Pacific will be a regional stronghold works will galvanize mobile sports, acquisition and updating. We see for mobile video subscribers through leisure and infotainment services >See GROWTH 7 6
  7. 7. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 Mobile TV Usage Based on Time Slot <6 GROWTH A growth opportunities in both market sectors for very different reasons." ccording to consumer 10% 3%* 9% Livin' La Vida Mobile research firm 8% Telephia, primetime 9% 11p.m.- viewing for mobile video Here in the States, a new study 2a.m. 6a.m.- in the U.S. peaks during suggests that nearly 71 percent of 8p.m.-11p.m. 9a.m. the afternoon and early English-speaking Hispanics are 9a.m. - Noon evening. The group's 31% 30% mobile video content consumers Mobile Video Diary Report and, according to M:Metrics, are says 30 percent of mobile among the most active, engaged video users watch mobile mobile customers. The research TV and video clips on firm says the percentage of English- their cell phones between speaking Hispanics who consume 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. Noon - 4 p.m. the hours of noon and 4 mobile media and information far p.m., and 31 percent surpasses the market average of 48 percent. watch during the early M:Metrics research finds that evening commute hours youthfulness is a key characteristic of of 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Not the Hispanic demographic. Overall, surprisingly, Telephia the Hispanic cell phone users skew says, mobile viewing drops significantly during much younger than the average *2 a.m. - users, especially in the coveted 18-34 Source: Telephia (9/06) regular primetime televi- age group which comprises more 6 a.m. sion hours of 8 p.m. to The BRIDGE 2007 11 p.m.• than 51 percent of the total Hispanic mobile population. In comparison, the firm says, the 18-34 age group cent of all subscribers. market average. The M:Metrics only accounts for 31 percent of the "Hispanics combine a willingness study says the demographic's "pat- entire U.S. mobile population. to download and purchase content tern of above average, active, In addition, English-speaking with a clear propensity to make pur- engaged usage of mobile content is Hispanics are "highly engaged" with chase via their mobiles based on present in almost all activities, from mobile multimedia applications. In offline media," says Evan Neufeld, ringtone purchases, photo messaging fact, M:Metrics says the percentages VP, senior analyst at M:Metrics. and trading video, to frequently using of Hispanic mobile subs who "This youthful, extremely engaged, mobile phones to access a wide array watched mobile video or listened to interactive group is a gold mine." of news and information services." music side-loaded from their PCs are Neufeld also said it should come as more than double the industry (sp) no surprise that this group also dis- Mobile Down Unda, Mate average. The demographic is also plays a higher inclination than aver- more inclined to access news and age to play mobile games, with 35 From mid-2005 to mid 2006, information via mobile browser, at percent playing on-the-go entertain- Australian telecommunications giants 18.8 percent compared to 9.6 per- ment compared to 21 percent of the >See GROWTH 8 Freelance Editor: Cody Maxwell Editor-in-Chief: A Service of Media Business Corp Evie Haskell Retailer Editor: 165 S. Union Boulevard, Suite 280 Timothy Sprinkle Lakewood, Colorado 80228 303.271.9960 (T) 303.271.9965 (F) ISSN # 1550-1779 Senior Editor: Michael Hopkins CIO: Chairman: VP Sales/New Business: Ryan Livingston Paul S. Maxwell James Donnellan President: Chief Financial Officer: News Editor: Production Manager: Robert Lehmann Gina Rayne Matthew Colella Cheryl Hoeppner 7
  8. 8. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 Video by DARS Can XM & Sirius Win with Mobile TV? C by Evie Haskell cated than their non-DARS households. And, of course, oming up fast on the transportable TV track are they're far more likely to own digital TV sets, digital new services from those radio-in-the-sky guys: cameras and the like. XM and Sirius. XM demoed in-car video at this So will this be the first hot mobile video audience? year's Consumer Electronics Show and Sirius plans to Well, they're clearly a “digital everything” crowd, says get out of the gate with its Back-seat TV product (aimed Goodstadt. And Centris data showing that 60 percent of at ... guess who ... your kids) via 2008 models from the nearly 9 million DARS households earn more than Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge. $50,000 per year (vs. 29 percent of non-DARS house- So it's gonna be on the road. Question is: Will DARS holds) they appear to have the money. mobile video show up in black or red on the balance Tune in later to see if they have the will.• A Good Crowd for Mobile Video??? sheets? No one really knows, of course. But to get a clue we went to Dr. Barry Goodstadt at Centris. Among other projects, Centris conducts daily surveys (adding up to around 4,000 per month) on technology and entertain- ment subjects. (Full disclosure: Media Business Corp., parent of The BRIDGE, partners with Centris via the CentrisBRIDGE data project.) We asked Goodstadt about the odds of a DARS-mobile video home run. “Who knows?” says he. But looking at the results of recent surveys, “these (satellite radio subscribers) are clearly people who want to be in the leading edge. They are people who will buy all the advanced stuff.” Indeed, Goodstadt's data finds that satellite radio households are generally richer, younger and better edu- <7 GROWTH Channel), along with ABC2, SBS, actually increased during week days Broadcast Australia Group and Channel Nine, CNN, Sky Racing as a result of the movemedia serv- Telstra conducted the Sydney and Boomerang. ice, especially in the mornings and at Mobile TV trial of 16 television serv- According to the groups, the lunch. The more intensive users ices to mobile handsets. The serv- Sydney Mobile TV trial found a "high were non-pay-TV subscribers and ice, dubbed movemedia, produced level of consumer interest in com- commuters, the companies said, and some interesting results about con- mercial mobile TV service" across the sports channels were the most popu- sumer perception and reaction to region with the majority of partici- lar among viewers during their lunch mobile video. pants willing to subscribe to such a breaks. Sports were also the most The trial, conducted with 375 par- service. The trials found that 80 per- popular on Saturday nights. ticipants, offered 10 Foxtel channels cent of mobile video consumers liked The movemedia service was trans- (Channel V, E!, Fox Football, Fox the ability to watch TV "anytime, any- mitted on Broadcast Australia's chan- Sports News, Nickelodeon, Sky where – particularly when waiting, nel 29 using DVB-H (digital video News, Sky News Business, The traveling, at home or commuting." broadcasting – handheld) technology. History Channel, The Lifestyle Pleasing to the multiplatform Trialists received the service via a Channel and The Weather crowd might be that total TV viewing Nokia 7710 mobile phone handset.• WWW.THEBRIDGEMEDIAGROUP.COM 8
  9. 9. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 n der U ho's the latest YouTube wanna-be? Here's a list W of this week's challengers: • Vivendi which plans to launch Vivendi Mobile Entertainment this fall in France (with the rest of Europe soon to follow). This would be Vivendi's second attempt at internet stardom. It's now defunct Vizzayi service (a joint effort with Vodafone) once aimed to knock off Yahoo ... which gives you a good idea of just how much things have changed. • AOL whose UnCut has been in beta for months now but now plans to launch in June. Says an AOL chief online video exec in an interview with Beet.TV, “There's a tremendous need for users to upload Amount 8% videos and share them with each other.” Gosh, ya think? • BusinessWeek (yeah, really) which is reportedly of spare 4 mulling a “business YouTube.” Speaking at the time Interactive Media Conference last week, (adding up to BusinessWeek executive editor and acting editor-in-chief 1 hour and 40 min- for John Byrne explained that the utes) which broadband company is, “Looking to do things that are highly engag- users spend on-line in a ing but are completely non-journalistic in many ways." typical workday. This from a new MediaScreen report. aylight Savings Bumps Broadcasters! Well, D that was one explanation for last season's 10 percent dip in live view- ership among the four big B's: Three extra weeks of daylight savings drove all those viewers outside. $1.5 Of course, lack of original program- ming might have hurt too. Given all the repeats across February and Network season that even MORE viewers didn't March, the only real surprise is rankings, per- cent change find the Off button. (A whop- from 2005-06 ping one-third of program- Billion according to ming in March came from Disney Internet’s expected internet Nielsen Media repeats. That's up about 13 Research. revenues for its 2007 fiscal year which ends percent from the year-ago in September. That includes online ad Nielsen figures.)• revenues from the likes of and, but more than half of the $$$$ is attributed to e-commerce. 9
  10. 10. Mobile Video - May 29, 2007 Upcoming Events June 6-9 August 19-21 October 23 CEDIA CU on the Road 2007 Aspen Summit – CTHRA Achieving Savage, MN Progress & Freedom Foundation Excellence Symposium Aspen, Colo. Atlanta June 18-21 NXTcomm, Chicago en2007/index.html October 30-November 2 September 5-9 CASBAA Convention 2007 June 19-22 CEDIA EXPO Hong Kong SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Denver Orlando, Fla. November 6-9 June 28-29 September 16-18 EHX Fall 2007 2007 C-COR Global IP Summit Annual NAMIC Conference Long Beach, Calif. Cannes, France New York City November 13-15 July 23-25 CTAM Summit October 10-11 Yankee Group Washington, DC Cable Days Mobile Internet World The Cable Center Boston ummit Denver July 29-August 1 The Independent Show November 29 Hosted by ACA & NCTC October 15-17 NAMIC Foundation Monterey, Calif. CEA Industry Forum Holiday Benefit Gala San Diego, Calif. New York City Upcoming Issues of The BRIDGE June 5 July 31 Race of the Giants Sports Programming June 12 August 7 Telcos & the Competition International Issue August 14 June 19 Broadband Technologies Q1 07 Wrap-Up August 21 June 26 Advertising Serving Rural America August 28 July 3 Q2 07 Wrap-Up The Top 10 New Technologies September 4 July 10 Media Ownership What’s New in Programming July 17 September 11 Latest and Best Research Diversity July 24 September 18 Digital Rights Management Companies to Watch 11