LESOTHO E-mentoring Ian Stead Suzanne Penny
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LESOTHO E-mentoring Ian Stead Suzanne Penny






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LESOTHO E-mentoring Ian Stead Suzanne Penny LESOTHO E-mentoring Ian Stead Suzanne Penny Presentation Transcript

  • LESOTHO E-mentoring Ian Stead Suzanne Penny
  • Background - Lesotho
    • Small, mountainous country
    • Population c 1.8M
    • Huge poverty
    • c30% HIV / AIDS infection rate
    • TB, malnutrition additional challenges
    • Poor healthcare services
    • Huge input of overseas aid
    • GoL co-ordination difficulties
  • Dolen Cymru, Lesotho Wales Link
    • Established 22+ years
    • Educational links with 150+ schools in Lesotho and Wales
    • Many health links over the years
    • Visiting health professionals
    • Twinning arrangements with QE11 & Cardiff and Quthing & North Wales
  • Ian and Suzanne’s Work
    • Arrived Lesotho June 2008
    • Began developing links with health care and health education
    • Worked with GoL on decentralisation and HR issues
    • Worked on Child Protection QI indicators
    • Worked with Hospitals advising on management planning and HR systems
  • Ian and Suzanne’s Work
    • Developed links with associated NGOs, charities, providers etc
    • Helped educational side of LWL on Skype school links
    • Saw potential for health links using IT
  • The Internet in Lesotho
    • ‘Technology Jump’
    • Few land lines but many cell phones
    • 3G connections spreading
    • Relatively cheap
    • Many people have e-mail addresses but difficult access
    • But it’s improving
  • E-mentoring
    • Organisation to organisation twinning not always easy to arrange
    • Individuals have enthusiasm
    • Links can be spread from starting point
    • May be frustration from slow response times
    • Super specialisation versus generalisation needs addressing
  • BMA Support
    • BMA circulated all members in Wales with proposal
    • Followed up with article in BMA News
    • 20+ responses so far
    • Response from Lesotho initially slow but improving
    • Hope for long term growth and development
  • Possibilities
    • Continued HR manager link in St. Joseph’s Roma
    • Lesotho NHTC starting to link with Swansea University Nurse School
    • Can be any type of health professional
    • Can be personal support, professional advice
    • Access to on-line development
  • Where next?
    • Dolen, LWL health presence in Lesotho planned
    • Investment in IT internet facilities
    • Follow up visits Lesotho <–> Wales
    • Visiting health professionals continue IT link on return
    • Organisational support through twinning
    • Any other ideas?........