First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)
         Make a local voice / video call              or        Press ##1...
Handset Setting                                                                                 Account Enquiry           ...
Change System Language                            So amazing, so easy                                        You know all ...
3Grid                                                                                          Movie                      ...
Locate                                          Comedy                                        3Care                       ...
VideoMessaging                                 Wireless Data Service                                        Value-Added Se...
• If you would like to forward your                        IDD Voice & Video Services                      • Make video ca...
• Coverage Tariff                                                                                                     For ...
10. International Call Forward                                                                                            ...
Tariff                                                                                                                    ...
Value-added Service Charges                                                                                            Ser...
First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)
First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)
First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)
First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)
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First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)


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First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong)

  1. 1. First Time Activation (Recommended in Hong Kong) Make a local voice / video call or Press ##107*0#s in Hong Kong You will receive a short message from the system displaying your assigned mobile phone number Short Message: Activation completed Your mobile no. is : XXXX XXXX Stored value: HK$XX Current Stored Value Expiry date: DD/MM/YY at 23:59 Expiry date of SIM Card Check Digit: X This number allows you to recharge via ATM and PPS. Password: XXXXXX This password of your SIM Card account enables you to access 1753 175 via any touch-tone phone. For security reason, you are recommended to change the password by accessing “3Care” under “3Grid” via your 3 video mobile phone. Remark: SIM Card will be valid for 180 days after activation. 1
  2. 2. Handset Setting Account Enquiry 3. PPS Dial the PPS hotline 18031 or via To fully use our 3G service, you need to connect your 3G handset with Browser, MMS and • Simply call 1753 175 to check the mobile and enter “06” for the streaming services. If you are using a 3G mobile phone not provided by 3HK, you can use number, expiry date, remaining value, Merchant Code of Hutchison Telecom*. auto download method or follow the setting guide below to reset your handset. etc.; or * • You can also check your balance via • Recharge via ATM / PPS, please enter the mobile Auto Download Method (Applicable for designated Nokia/Sony Ericsson models) number and Check Digit for the “Bill / Account; or Number”: Nokia Handsets Sony Ericsson Handsets • Press ##107#s to – e.g. mobile number is 9123 XXXX and Check Digit is check credit balance, mobile number 5, thus enter 9123XXXX5. Press #1185214s, Press #1185215s, – The “Check Digit” could be checked by accessing two short messages will be sent to instruct two short messages will be sent to instruct and expiry date; or “3Care” under “3Grid” via 3 video mobile phone. how to save the relevant settings directly how to save the relevant settings directly • Press “3Care” under “3Grid” to check • Recharge via ATM and PPS will be effective after 2 working days. If the recharge amount is lower than credit balance, usage, mobile number, $100, the expiry date will not be extended. Alternatively, you can follow the setting procedures for other mobile phone models. expiry date and other information. Remark: Usage and other information of SIM Card account For recharge by recharge voucher, you will Browser Setting MMS Setting Streaming Setting can only be checked in “3Care” under “3Grid”. receive a message with the new stored Connection 3 3-MMS 3 Name value and the expiry date upon every Recharge Methods successful recharge. Access You can recharge by the following Point Name Recharge completed. methods and retain your mobile number http://mobile.three. http://mobile.three. Your mobile no. is : XXXX XXXX Homepage with expiry date extended to another :10021/mmsc Recharge amount: HK$XXX 180 days from the day of recharge. New stored value: HK$XXX Proxy serv. 1. Recharge Voucher address New expiry date: DD/MM/YY at 23:59 Purchase from any 3Shop or authorized Check Digit: X Proxy port 8799 dealers: number • Press ##105* For recharge via ATM / PPS, please press (16-digit password printed on the ##107#s or “3Care” • For specific mobile phone models’ setting, please visit Customer Service Ask 3 Video mobile phone setting recharge voucher) #s , under “3Grid” to check the latest credit applicable to both local & overseas balance and the expiry date. • Specific handset features are required to support some services, 3HK does not recharge or 4. Internet recommend customer to use 2G/2.5G mobile phone with 3G SIM card. • Call 1753 175 and follow the Through, you can instructions. recharge your card by your credit card. 2. ATM Online recharge will be effective after Recharge by “Jet Payment” / “Bill 2 working days. You will be requested Payment Service” at the JETCO / HSBC / to input your 6-digit account password Hang Seng Bank ATM Terminals*. which can be checked by sending a blank SMS to 503175. 2 3
  3. 3. Change System Language So amazing, so easy You know all that stuff you store on your PC? With Orb, you can see it all on your mobile, as and when you want it. All you need is to download some The language pre-setting of rechargeable With 3, you're never far away from the software from onto your PC, and set up an SIM account is in Chinese / Cantonese. latest news or great entertainment. Orb account. You can change the language of the • Mobile is your media centre notification message sent by the • Simple step. No long download times rechargeable SIM account and the Charges: Wireless Data Charging $0.02/KB language of the voice instruction in 1753 175 by the following methods: With Yahoo! Go you can carry your Yahoo! world around with you on your If you use 3 video mobile phone, you can mobile, without having to lug a laptop. Chinese / Cantonese: receive updated information by just Press ##107*1#s That means you get Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, Contacts and Photos all wrapped pressing the Triangle key. For using other English: into one. If you’ve already got a Yahoo! ID, you can use the same one on your video mobile phones, please refer to the Press ##107*2#s mobile. related mobile phone user manual. Charges: Wireless Data Charging $0.02/KB Chinese / Putonghua: 3Grid Press ##107*3#s Now, with X-Series on 3, you can shop on eBay from your mobile. • Press Triangle key . When TodayOn3 or panel is on, all the latest and hottest Just login your eBay account, you’ll be able to do some really useful stuff like “3Care” under “3Grid” information can be viewed at once. browse and place bids. And you can check to see if you’re still winning that bid, right up to that last, nail-biting second.. • You can also select “Grid” to enter 3Grid. Charges: “T” + $0.5 for every bid or SMS alert X-Series Wherever you are, you can access Google instantly and search for websites in Windows Live Messenger on 3 lets you message your friends just like you order to get your required information. would from your PC. All you need to get going is a Windows Live Messenger ID. Charges: Wireless Data Charging $0.02/KB It’s just this simple! Some features are only applicable for specified mobile models only, pls visit • Contact list is automatically synched, i.e. same buddy list as online • Familiar interface for easy and fast messaging Charges: $28/ month with unlimited usage 3Xplorer downloads web pages to your mobile in super-high speed using a compression technology that effectively minimize data volume during transmission. The user-friendly interface brings an added advantage. Now for a super-value monthly fee, you can surf the net wherever you are, for unlimited times. • Instant web-browsing with single click • Bookmark your favorite websites Charges: $28/ month with unlimited internet browsing 4 5
  4. 4. 3Grid Movie Football Only 3 provides you with updated information and entertainment whenever you want. Get the latest movie Enjoy exclusive news and access match videos of 800 News Music new movie trailers. matches of three 24-hour live news The newly launched music platform is major European broadcast streaming equipped with a host of exclusive features, leagues, as well as channel, delivering connecting you to a whole new world of firsthand event info firsthand music. of these popular international, local, • Latest Hits: Provides full version hit leagues. China and Taiwan songs and MV Entertain news to you. Enjoy easy access to • Hits on Air: Gives you access to the i-Cable Racing latest songs, karaoke hit songs and entertainment news Enjoy live racing video broadcast and Traffic evergreen songs streaming live check out the latest match info such as Live traffic situation • Songs/MV: 5,000 songs are available for broadcast, TVB audio tips, odds, results and dividends. of 25 key traffic you to download entertainment You can also access points across the • MP3 Ringtunes: Enables you to programme/hot “Race Replay” for territory will be download hot MP3 ringtunes drama highlights reference. delivered via • My Playlist: You can set and store up to and preview. streaming. Let you 100 songs according to your preference check out the real-time traffic • New album: Trial listening for new Games Sharing situation before you hit the road. albums is available Over one hundred games such as action, Share your precious moments with friends • 903 Music: “903MMV” and “Daily Online, mind, fun and sports games are via “3 Shot’nPrint” – a convenient photo Highlights” are mini programmes provided. And don’t printing service. You can upload your Finance prepared by 903 DJs with up-to-date miss our interactive photo in your mobile album and review it You can get the latest music recommendations 3D animation game anytime anywhere. What’s more, it will local and “V-girlTM - your automatically send you up to 30 pcs of 2R international financial virtual girlfriend” to photos once a month to your registered news and stock Tunes & Pix explore this virtual address. market updates, and Customize your phone by choosing from a romantic world. access a wide range wide range of wallpapers and ringtunes. of advanced features such as Quick Quote, Latest Video News, My HK Stock, My HK Index, obtaining valuable information that helps you grasp the best investment opportunities. 6 7
  5. 5. Locate Comedy 3Care Moreover, 3 also brings you the most comprehensive communication services. My Nearest Take a break and enjoy a good laugh. A comprehensive customer services for our It recognises your current location and Watch our comedy video clips that make 3 customers! You can find an easy way for allows you to search nearby facilities and you laugh everyday. SIM Card account checking and personalise VideoCall hot spots instantly including ATM, the profiles of DailyExpress and Only with 3’s video restaurant & cafe, karaoke, theatre, car ExpressLink here. What's more, the daily EZO call, can you share park and betting station, etc. The result can fresh Everyday Coupon offers are available every memorable be displayed with map for easy reference. EZO station brings you the latest Japanese to you. moment with your info, videos, ringtunes, wallpapers for * 3Express is applicable to designated video mobile friends. Whether it’s a Follow Me Follow U download. And also provides adult phone models conference call with Keep close communication with your contents. your business friends and relatives by authorizing them M-Sites partner or chat with to search for your location. your best friend, a video call allows you to Playboy1 Provides direct connection to quality sites speak face-to-face effortlessly. Only with Access European and American adult video hosted by selected partners who 3’s video call, can you whisper words of Dining contents. This service is only available to provide a variety of infotainment. endearment face-to-face to your loved Enjoy new dining people aged 18 or above. ones even in places like UK, Italy, Australia, experience with our Austria, Denmark, Israel and Sweden. recommendations of restaurants and Sensation1 special offers. And Discover a world of captivating Japanese WebCall2 you can search for restaurants nearby in a and Asian video clips and photos. This See and be seen. Get visually minute with our advanced location service is only available to people aged 18 connected to internet users tracking service. or above. you care about anywhere in the world, with your 3G video mobile phone Fortune and the internet. For If you’re curious about your future, try out service details, please visit Master So’s Chinese Zodiac, Juliana’s Psychic World and Little Prince Horoscope. 8 9
  6. 6. VideoMessaging Wireless Data Service Value-Added Services Call Forward Bundle and Call Wait Text is history! Now you can send video When you use your 3G video mobile Voicemail / Videomail 1. Call Forward (For use locally or messages to friends around the world. phone or 3G data card to connect to your overseas) With Voicemail / Videomail service, you Create and star in your own movie clip, computer, you can connect to internet, • Unconditional can manage your call more flexibly. When then send it instantly! For service details, check emails or share information with Activate: **21* a new message arrives, a SMS alert will be please refer to your mobile phone user your business partners and friends. (Phone Number) #s sent to you to make sure that you don’t manual. Deactivate: ##21#s miss any important call. Remarks: • Busy 1. Subscription: Activate: **67* 1. Contents of Playboy and Sensation are exclusively for • Monthly Fee of Voicemail: $15 VoiceCall the enjoyment of a person who is 18 or above. Access (Phone Number) #s Wherever you are, password is required to access this service every time. • Monthly Fee of Videomail: Deactivate: ##67#s You may disable access to any adult content by voice calls on 3 are selecting "Disable Access" option via this service. If Special Price$30 (Original Price $60) • No Answer* crystal clear. They’re rechargeable SIM Card customers want to activate this • Service subscription is available via service, they are required to fill-in and return an Activate: **61* also easy to manage Authorization Form for Age Restricted Services to 3 portal: Press and enter “3Care” (Phone Number) #s with extra features 3Shop, 3ServiceCentre or apply by fax. Handling under “3Grid” charge is $50 (waived during promotion period). For Deactivate: ##61#s including call details, please visit 3Shop or 2. Listening to msg./ change settings: • Unreachable forward, call barring 2. WebCall is only applicable to calls from rechargeable • Voicemail: Activate: **62* for restricting SIM Card to internet. Make voice call to *32 or (Phone Number) #s incoming and outgoing calls, conference 3. Part of the service contents in 3 portal or 63323232 is not available for rechargeable Deactivate: ##62#s call and the option not to display your SIM Card users. own number. • Videomail: 2. Call Wait* 4. The above service contents may subject to change without prior notice. Make video call to *31 or Activate: *43#s 63313131 Deactivate: #43#s 5. For details of all the contents and service charges, please refer to related leaflets. • *32 and *31 short codes are only * This function is not applicable to incoming video call. applicable in Hong Kong. • Registration will be completed in • Calls received in Busy, No Answer and 4-6 hours. Unreachable conditions will be forwarded to your voicemail / videomail • Service is charged by month and next (if applicable) automatically, thus you monthly fee will be deducted are not required to forward your calls automatically from your SIM card under normal conditions. balance. • Once the service is activated, calls received in Busy, No Answer and Unreachable conditions will be forwarded to your voicemail / videomail automatically. 10 11
  7. 7. • If you would like to forward your IDD Voice & Video Services • Make video calls in selective overseas • To make an International incoming video calls to videomail after networks such as M1 Singapore, outgoing call 3G International Roaming Rechargeable forwarding incoming voice calls to a 3 Austria and others. Press **125* SIM Card subscribers can enjoy global designated phone number, please set Remarks: 001 (country code) (area IDD001 & IDD1968 Voice Services. For coverage and supporting networks, please visit forwarding incoming video calls to code) (phone no.) #s Additionally, our IDD001 Video Service is videomail by pressing • After dialing, screen will display: available to the majority of 3G networks • Before departing, please activate your **21*1963313131*24#s after globally. For coverage & tariff details, SIM Card and recharge it to sufficient Await ring back , the system will incoming voice calls are being notify you by a call and when the please refer to 3 IDD001 & IDD1968 Tariff amount or purchase enough recharge forwarded. Under this condition, both phone rings, press s (Airtime Table in vouchers. forwarding functions of voice and video charge begins and will still be calls set by yourself will be deactivated Dialing Method: • To keep contact with your friends, you charged even if there is no answer if you press ##21# s later. Press 001 / + or 1968 may forward your regular mobile from the other party or the line is number to this SIM number. busy). You will hear a voice prompt (country code) (area code) (phone no.) s Caller Number Display (Free) and will then be connected to the • This SIM Card cannot receive Overseas User Instruction • Enjoy free Caller Number Display service other party’s line. international operator-assisted calls (i.e. in Hong Kong and various countries / 1. Activation: collect calls). • For making video calls or voice calls regions in APEC, Europe and North Press ##107*0 • Details of IDD tariff are available at in selective overseas networks such America to identify the caller from Hong #s 3Shop or as China Mobile, M1 Singapore, Kong. For applicable countries / regions, 2. Balance Enquiry/Mobile Number/ 3 Austria, 3UK and Spice Telecom please refer to “International Caller Expiry Date: (India), you can simply dial directly Number Display” section of “Roaming Press ##107#s (free) Roaming Services with + and call back dialing Service” in this user guide. 3. Recharge : method is not required. Please visit 3G International Roaming Rechargeable Please refer to “Recharge Methods” in for a list of such Multimedia Messaging and SIM Card subscribers not only enjoy previous page. networks. Short Messaging Services roaming voice, SMS, MMS and data services • Simply select “Write Message” in mobile but also video call and roaming portal 4. Roaming Voice Call Service phone menu and compose your services overseas. To make calls overseas message, then enter the phone no. of • To call Hong Kong the recipient and press s . Roaming Service includes: Press **125* • To send international message, please • Make and receive voice calls in 123 (8-digit HK phone no.) #s add + (country code) (area code) prior countries and destinations. • To make a local outgoing call to the designated phone no.. • Receive video calls in 19 countries and Press **125* destinations such as UK, Italy, Australia 001 (local country code) Remarks: • Above services, if not specified, are for local access and others. (area code) (phone no.) #s only. • For download codes and charging details, please refer to leaflets at 3Shop or visit 12 13
  8. 8. • Coverage Tariff For charges please refer to 3G 8. Roaming Default Call Forward Roaming Voice Call Service is available in over 120 countries and regions. International Roaming Rechargeable Subscribers provisioned with voicemail SIM Card Automatic Roaming Coverage services may still enjoy roaming Roaming Coverage and Tariff & Tariff in default call forward features overseas. Local Incoming Outgoing Outgoing Call to Notes : All unreachable calls will be Countries & Regions Outgoing Call Call to HK rest of the world 1. HK$3.5 is an SMS roaming service surcharge. Call automatically diverted to subscribers’ The listed service charges of corresponding China (Shenzhen & Shekou) 7.8 5.8 8 19 services are not included. voicemail with no IDD or Roaming China (Guangdong except Shenzhen & Shekou) 8.8 7.8 8 19 2. For sending each roaming SMS, in addition to the airtime consumption. This service is related surcharge, one “ T ” will be deducted or China (Rest of China) 15.8 7.8 8 19 charges based on subsequent text content available in all roaming countries and Macau 7.8 5.8 8.8 19 will apply. regions. Band 1 9 9 6 19 7. Data Roaming Services 9. International Caller Number Band 2 13 13 9 19 3G International Roaming Display Band 3 23 23 19 25 Rechargeable SIM Card subscribers You can identify a caller just as you do Notes: may enjoy MMS, Email, 3Services / 1. Band 1 : Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan ,Thailand. in Hong Kong. 2. Band 2 : Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Morocco, 3 Roaming Portal, Internet services in • International Caller Number Display Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. more than 50 countries and regions. 3. Band 3 : Rest of the world. For coverage details, please refer to 3G International Roaming Rechargeable SIM service is available in (only Card Automatic Roaming Coverage & Tariff in Charges: applicable to those overseas 4. All charges are in Hong Kong dollars on a per minute basis. 5. No local airtime will be deducted for roaming voice calls. A flat surcharge HK$110 per MB (i.e. networks supporting this service): HK$0.11 per KB) is imposed regardless China, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, 5. Roaming Video Call Service • To make a local outgoing call of destination. Mauritius, Philippines, Singapore, 3G International Roaming Press (Area code) (local telephone Notes : Taiwan, South Korea, UAE, Pakistan, Rechargeable SIM Card subscribers number) s 1. This charge is a Roaming Packet Data surcharge. Thailand, Vietnam, Austria, Belgium, The relevant service charges of the may enjoy roaming video call service • To make an International outgoing call corresponding services are not included. Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, in Austria, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Press (+ / Local International 2. Charging is per transmission packet. Packet size Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Japan, UK and most 3G is rounded up to Kbyte. Access Code) (country code) (area 3. Transmission packet size is dependent upon the Portugal, Spain, Sweden, mobile networks around the world. code) (telephone number) s End User Device, Running Application and Switzerland, UK, Canada and USA. For coverage & tariff details, please Roaming Operator Packet Switch Network setup. refer to 3G International Roaming 6. SMS Roaming Service Should there be any dispute, system records of • For details of the supporting Hutchison Telecommunications (HK) Limited Global SMS roaming services are overseas networks, please visit Rechargeable SIM Card Automatic shall be final. available in most of the country/region. Roaming Coverage & Tariff in For coverage and tariff details, please Charges: refer to 3G International Roaming Sending - HK$3.5 surcharge per Rechargeable SIM Card Automatic To make calls overseas message regardless of Roaming Coverage & Tariff in • To call Hong Kong countries and regions. Press (+ / Local International Access Receiving - Free of charge for all Code) (Hong Kong Area Code 852) countries and regions (8-digit HK telephone number) s except Sri Lanka & 14 Madagascar. 15
  9. 9. 10. International Call Forward Country Code of Major Area Code for Major Cities All incoming voice calls can be diverted to international fixed or mobile number*, enabling you to manage your calls flexibly. Roaming Countries /Area in China Asia Pacific Europe Portugal 351 * Please add “0” before the area code when you make Service Charge: China 86 Belgium 32 Spain 34 call to other cities within mainland China. (Except Macau 853 Czech Republic 420 Sweden 46 calling within the same city) Call Forward Type Activation Method Service charges Taiwan 886 Denmark 45 Switzerland 41 Unconditional Call Forward **21* IDD 001 charges (HK to the forwarded Australia 61 Finland 358 United Kingdom 44 Anhui Guangxi Yangzhou 514 number) Indonesia 62 France 33 Hefei 551 Guilin 773 Zhenjiang 511 North America Malaysia 60 Germany 49 Liuzhou 772 USA / Canada 1 Beijing Jiangxi No Answer Call Forward **61* Roaming incoming call charges + Philippines 63 Greece 30 Beijing Shi 10 Nanning 771 Jingdezhen 798 Roaming outgoing call charges (from Singapore 65 Iceland 354 Africa & Qinzhou 777 Thailand 66 Italy 39 Middle East Fujian Wuzhou 774 Jilin (001 / +) roaming country to the forwarded number) Netherlands 31 South Africa 27 Fuzhou 591 Yangshuo 773 Changchun 431 Unreachable Call Forward (Country Code) Norway 47 Egypt 20 Jianyang 599 Jilin 432 **62* (Area Code) Roaming incoming call charges + Ningde 593 Guizhou Guiyang 851 Yanji 433 (out of coverage) Roaming outgoing call charges (from Xiamen 592 (Phone Number) roaming country to the forwarded number) Liaoning Zhanghou 596 Hainan Dalian 411 #s Haikou 898 Unreachable Call Forward Gansu Shenyang 24 **62* IDD 001 charges (HK to the forwarded Lanzhou 931 Hebei Shaanxi (turn off the phone) number) Chengde 314 Guangdong Xian 29 Busy Call Forward Shijiazhuang 311 **67* Roaming incoming call charges + Baoan Xian 755 Tangshan 315 Yanan 911 Roaming outgoing call charges (from Chaozhou 768 Zhangjiakou 313 Shandong roaming country to the forwarded number) Conghua 20 Jinan 531 Dongguan 769 Heilongjiang Qingdao 532 * The service is accessible for all IDD001 destinations except Cambodia, Diego Garcia, India, Niue Island, Pakistan, Foshan 757 Harbin 451 Sri Lanka, Wallis & Futuna. Guangzhou 20 Shanghai Henan Shanghai Shi 21 Haifeng 660 • To make call while roaming, please deactivate call forward service first. Kaifeng 378 Huizhou 752 Luoyang 379 Sichuan Jiangmen 750 Zhengzhou 371 Chengdu 28 Nanhai 757 11. *108 financial Info Overseas Roaming Network Setting: Panyu 20 Hubei Chongqing 811 Shantou 754 Hanyang 27 Tianjin Real-time financial information is • To test coverage, Shaoguan 751 Huangshi 714 Tianjin Shi 22 Shekou 755 Wuhan 27 always available in most roaming press ##107#s (free). Shenzhen 755 Yunnan Hunan Kunming 871 countries and regions. You can also set If you receive the credit balance Shunde 765 Hengyang 734 Xinhui 750 Zhejiang regular updates of stock or index message, it means you are within a Yueyang 730 Zhanjiang 759 Anji 572 Zhaoqing 758 Jiangsu Hangzhou 571 quotes. coverage area. Zhongshan 760 Nanjing 25 Jiaxing 573 Remarks: Zhuhai 756 Suzhou 512 Shaoxing 575 Wuxi 510 Xiangshan 574 Roaming surcharge may be incurred in receiving SMS in some roaming countries and regions. For details, please refer to 3G International Roaming The full list of roaming coverage areas will Rechargeable SIM Card Automatic Roaming be updated periodically without prior Coverage & Tariff in notice, please ask for leaflets at 3Shop or visit 16 17
  10. 10. Tariff Messaging Charges Content Content Item Charges Voice Video Wireless Free Value-Added 2 T Text content M Charges (min) (min) Data Services SMS Intra SMS ultimedia Content (KB) Inter SMS T + $0.4 Free Caller Number International SMS T + $2 Multimedia Display, Call Usage — 20* 10 10 — Waiting, MMS MMS between 3 Customers M2 upon Card Conference activation Inter-operator MMS M1 Call, Call Barring, International MMS M + $3 Thereafter $0.3 $1.5* $1 $1.5 $0.02 Call Forward charges Bundle The above charges are subject to change without prior notice. T = one Text unit to be deducted T + $amount = one Text unit to be deducted and extra fee charged T – Text (per item) M = one Multimedia unit to be deducted ‘Text’ includes SMS, Text Info services and Text-based content downloads. M + $amount = one Multimedia unit to be deducted and extra fee charged • Thereafter charge of T or M will only apply after the quota of free multimedia usage M – Multimedia (per item) has been used up ‘Multimedia’ includes Picture MMS, Video MMS, Picture and Video content Remarks: downloads and streaming. 1. Inter-operator MMS surcharges are waived during promotion period. 2. Sending SMS/MMS to and from 3HK subscribers are deemed as Intra SMS/MMS. Remarks: 1. Wireless data usage charge is applicable to Phone email application usage, access to sites other than the 3Service and wireless modem application. Content Charges 2. IDD 001 call charge is on a 6-second basis, while IDD 1968 call charge is on a 1-min basis. Local airtime charge is 3Grid/TodayOn3/DailyExpress/ExpressLink waived. • Free viewing of DailyExpress multimedia message and ExpressLink if no related content 3. For international voice and video calls, international IDD call rates apply. 4. For international roaming services, roaming rates apply. charge specified 5. Talk time of all the forwarded voice / video calls will be charged as normal voice / video talk time. • The charges will be displayed next to the selected content on your phone, if you want 6. Data usage including overhead will be charged by KByte and rounded up to the nearest KByte. Should there be any more details, please refer to the “3G Charges” booklet at any 3Shops dispute, system records of Hutchison Telecom (HK) Ltd. will be final. • Content packages are available for designated contents. The charges will be displayed * For making video calls to subscribers of any local operator other than 3HK, a surcharge of $1.5/min will apply. No surcharge will apply for receiving video calls from subscribers of any local operator other than 3HK. next to the selected content packages on your phone. 18 19
  11. 11. Value-added Service Charges Service Charge Monthly / Periodic Service Service Target Charges • Local Calls: Charge per minute, less Charges than one minute will be counted as one • The following charges will be deducted WebCall 3 Customer Chargeable for video call minutes usage minute. monthly from the SIM Card value upon WebCaller Free registration and usage • IDD Calls: IDD 001 call charge is on a card activation as long as your SIM Card 6-second basis, whereas IDD 1968 call is valid. VoiceMail 3 Customer Monthly fee of $15 charge is on a 1-min basis. Local airtime a) Government Mobile License & VideoMail 3 Customer Special Monthly fee of $30 (Original $60) charge is waived. Administrative Fee of $2.5 (waived #3636 3 Customer $0.3 per 6 seconds, plus voice talk time charges • Roaming Service: The roaming charge during the promotion period) Mobile Friend Free for receiving SMS. begins to apply once you pick up the b) Other monthly or periodic charges of ring back call from the system. If there is the subscribed services no answer from the other party or the • If the credit balance of your SIM Card is Video Minute Packages line is busy, the relevant charges will still not enough, your SIM Card service will be deducted from the remaining value Monthly Fee Video (min) Thereafter Charge (per min) of the SIM Card. Please refer to be temporarily suspended. Please for roaming charges. recharge to re-activate the service. $28 60* • Voicemail / Videomail: Access to • If the credit balance of your SIM Card is $58 150* $1.5* voice / video mailbox by your SIM Card not enough for deduction on the $98 300* will be charged by local / roaming monthly renewal day of your self- voice / video airtime accordingly. subscribed monthly service / content * For making video calls to subscribers of any local operator other than 3HK, a surcharge of $1.5/min will apply. No surcharge will apply for receiving video calls from subscribers of any local operator other than 3HK. package, that service will be cancelled. • Call Forward Bundle: Calls forwarded Please recharge your SIM Card and to a local telephone number / voice mail / subscribe to that service again. video mail will be charged at local voice / video airtime rate. For calls forwarded to a designated overseas telephone Lost or Replacement of Your number, please refer to for charging details. SIM Card • Multimedia Messaging and Short • No replacement will be given if SIM Card Messaging Services: Charge per is lost. message sent. • Should your SIM Card mal-function, please bring the card to any of our 3ServiceCentre. A handling fee for card replacement will be charged. 20 21