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  • Founded in 2000 – Launched its first Market in Jamaica in 2001
  • for Voice, Data VPN and Internet ability to segment users into speed brackets such as 512Kbps, 2Mbps or 4Mbps

Digicel - Caribbean Internet Forum (CIF) Digicel - Caribbean Internet Forum (CIF) Presentation Transcript

  • Magnus Johansson Broadband Group Director – Digicel Group Ltd. [email_address] www.digicelgroup.com +1876.470.7776 4G in Central America and the Caribbean
  • Who We Are…
    • Largest mobile operator in the Caribbean and new entrant to Central America
    • First mobile operator in the Caribbean to deploy certified WiMAX 802.16d networks in 3.5GHz in Grand Cayman and Jamaica in 2006
    • First mobile operator in Caribbean to deploy 802.16e network in 2.3GHz in Grand Cayman on September 28 th , 2007
    • First mobile operator to win 2.5GHz license in Honduras
  • 4G is: “The Internet” Going Mobile (Not the Mobile Internet) EDGE GPRS POTS Dial Up ADSL WiFi WiMAX GSM LTE 1st Gen 2nd Gen 3rd Gen 3.5 Gen HSPA UMTS 4th Gen 2008 2011 View slide
  • 4G is: A Paradigm Shift – “One Size Fit All(most)” Personal Enterprise Wired Wireless WiMAX ADSL Cable FTTH UMTS EvDO HSPA PSTN Frame Relay DIA ISDN P2P Microwave View slide
  • 4G is: All Things 3G/LTE is Not
    • 4G - WiMAX
    • Available Today
    • Native IP - “Flat” Architecture
    • Quality of Service and Security in support of SLA
    • Class of Service – Packages
    • Can emulate classic enterprise services such as POTS, Frame Relay & DIA as well as residential ADSL and Cable broadband
    • 3G/LTE
    • 3G Available, LTE 24-48 months
    • 3G Hybrid - “Layered” Architecture
    • 3G Best Effort Data no support of SLA
    • 3G No Class of Service
    • 3G Can not emulate landline services
  • 4G is: Corporate IP Convergence Going Wireless
    • Jamaica Nationwide Launch in April 2007
      • Average Revenue growth 9% month over month
    • 80% of Large Business Market Penetrated in first 15 Months
      • Data VPN & Voice #1 Sellers (Replacing Frame Relay and PSTN)
    • Innovative Bundles between Mobile and WiMAX
    • Churn less than 1% annually
    VALUE PROPOSITION End-to-end converged IP Solution which consolidates an enterprise’s Voice, Internet and Data Services onto one platform supported by SLA which means lower OPEX and future proofing the network for an all IP world
  • 4G is IP Convergence Going Personal VOICE INTERNET VIDEO MOBILE MOBILE IP CONVERGENCE Personal Residential Small Large Stationary Mobile Niche Mass Market Acceptance Caribbean’s top four reasons why not having broadband Internet access 1. Price of Access Device 2. Price of Service 3. No Access in Home Area 4. No localized Content
  • 4G is: A Game Changer For a Mobile Provider
    • Cayman Mobile WiMAX Network Launched Sept. 28 th , 2007
    • 5% Market Share After 15 Days
    • 10% Market Share After 30 Days
    • 25% Market Share after 180 Days
    • Next Step Will Be to Introduce Full Mobility and Aim For Market Leadership in 2009
    WiMAX Offers Instant Broadband Gratification WiMAX Makes Acquiring Broadband An Impulse Buy Most Popular Packages are 1 & 2 Mbps (80%)
  • 4G is the “Open” Internet Going Mobile
    • Mobile telephony transformed voice communication from a public medium to a personal experience
    • Apple’s iPod transformed the digital music consumption from a “geek niche” to a mass market phenomena
    • TIVO transformed TV viewing from a linear time sensitive experience to a “time shifting on my terms" experience
    • Personal Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) will transform Internet access from a static scheduled event to a dynamic personal always on experience which will unleash the power of knowledge
    Shifting the power of control from the service provider to the individual user [always] results in mass market adoption and greater loyalty
  • 4G is: Wired Web 2.0 Going Wireless – Mash-up Heaven Aware Location Device Person WEB 2.0 Wikipedia Google Facebook YouTube LinkedIn etc. Ability to Search, Store, Share and Experience Information Mash-Up Heaven
    • A service that will know where you are, what you are using, your personal interests and what you might be looking for.
    • A service that constantly will keep you informed about what matters to you in context of where you are.
    • A service that either delivers prudent information to you or allow you to easily access or share information important to you
    iDNA Interdependent Device Network Applications This Model Calls For Closer Collaboration Between All Three Entities Personal Devices Network Applications
  • 4G Is Consumer Electronics Devices Getting Connected "Our role is to make sure you can take your netbook everywhere you go, and wherever there is a network deployed, you can access it wirelessly. Our strategy is to make sure the fundamental technology and products and building blocks are cost-effective enough so that people will deploy [WiMAX] networks around the world." James A. Johnson, Vice President, Intel Communications Group General Manager, Wireless Networking Group Intel Capital believes that netbooks will follow the route of PDAs and cell phones and eventually be sold at subsidized rates with WiMax service contracts. Sriram Viswanathan, vice president and director of Intel Capital's mobility sector
  • Thank You Q&A [email_address] www.digicelgroup.com +1876.470.7776
    • Caribbean
      • Low Hanging Fruit – Enterprise Data & Voice (Local & International)
        • iPBX
        • PSTN
        • Frame Relay
        • ISDN
        • DIA
    • Represents a USD 261M* opportunity in Jamaica alone
    • High level of Dissatisfaction With Incumbent
    • 90% of Corporate Sites Highly Concentrated in Each of Jamaica's 14 Parishes
    4G is: Wireless Full Service Provider Opportunity Source: http://www.cw.com/docs/media_events/media_centre/releases/2008/Full_Year_Results_Press_Release08.pdf
  • 4G is: Primary Broadband Going Wireless
    • Grand Cayman
      • Residential Broadband Penetration Fifth Highest in the World at 70%
      • Three Main Broadband Technologies Deployed
        • ADSL (Incumbent)
        • Pre-WiMAX
        • Fixed Wireless
      • Incumbent Market Leader at 85-90% Share
      • Fairly High level of Satisfaction With the Incumbent
      • 90% of Population concentrated on one half of the island