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Converged Mobile Services – Extending Content and ...
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Converged Mobile Services – Extending Content and ...



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Converged Mobile Services – Extending Content and Applications seamlessly across WLAN & 3G Networks Wi-Fi Business Development Summit October 2005 © 2005 Tatara Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved
  • 2. Tatara Is Gaining Mobile Convergence Market Leadership Through Continued Execution
    • Focused exclusively on mobile convergence
      • Founded in 2001 and staffed by experienced team of communications veterans
      • Platform delivers services today with graceful transition to the future
      • Recognize that true convergence is more than just voice
    • Tier 1 investor partners
      • Fully funded to profitability
    • Performing with key customers
      • Close partnerships solving real business problems
      • Operational (7X24) and delivering services revenue today
  • 3. Mobile Convergence Is Occurring In Stages 2005 2006 2007 2008 2.5G 3G 4G Wi-Fi 802.11 Wi-Fi 802.11 g/a Wi-Fi 802.11 e/i/n WiMAX Mobile Office Network Convergence Device Convergence Services Convergence Performance Device Cost Mobile Applications & Content Fixed Mobile Convergence Handset & Laptop & Blackberry & Desktop Phones Dual-mode Smartphones & Laptop Converged Devices Coverage Performance
  • 4. Mobile Convergence Drivers Broadband Wireless Networks Converged Mobile Devices Mobile Applications & Content Mobile Convergence
  • 5. Key Provider Capabilities to Deliver Successful Mobile Offerings Availability of Devices
    • Services across a variety of devices
    • Feature consistency across platforms
    • Attractive pricing for multimode devices
    Mobile Content & Apps
    • Mobilizing Content that is useful
    • Optimized based on network
    • Value added or exclusive vs. alternatives
    • Easy to access w/ connectivity
    Value Add Services Basic Connectivity Ultimate Mobile Winners will deliver compelling and cost effective packages: connectivity, content or bundled Access to Robust Network(s)
    • Ubiquitous coverage
    • High performance (low latency/ >200kbps)
    • Ability to support in real time
    Mobile Operators Remote Access Players Web Players Traditional Brands Wi-Fi Aggregators Insurgents
    • Established relationships/ installed base
    • Deep understanding of targeted market
    • Ability to differentiate and support solutions
    Channel to Market
  • 6. Mobile Network Operator: Mobile Office Expansion Handset Laptop/PDA 3G data card Embedded Wi-Fi Mobile Connect App + Basic Mobile Professional or “Prosumer” Package Coverage Expansion Expand Coverage Planes International Hotels/ Airports/etc. Additional Footprint
    • Branded services expansion
    • Differentiated services/ Rapid ROI
    • Logical addition to core mobile offering
    • Leverages 3 rd party business relationships
    “ New” services $ Enable Services Offer Content via Datacards Enterprise Mobility FMC Thick vs. Thin Delivery Options & LBS Converged Mobile Messaging or Based on performance or commercial Extend Reach of Services MNO or MVNO with Tier 1 MNO relationship can offer true FMC Choice of who controls identity to deliver seamless services & user experience Independent of network or location Improved Security & Ease of Use Limited Wi-Fi Roaming Improved Customer Satisfaction Support & Diags Fast & Reliable Connections Simple Consistent U/I Secure Auth
  • 7. Web/ Established/ Insurgent Content & Applications Providers Racing To “Mobilize” Application Mobile Device Embedded Wi-Fi + Voice Package Example Differentiate & Productize Offering
    • Branded services expansion
    • Differentiated services/ Rapid ROI
    • Logical addition to core VoIP offering
    • Leverages 3 rd party business relationships
    • Stake leadership claim in emerging mobile market
    Broaden Markets Expand To Non-PC Devices Content Beyond Voice Branded Expansion Bundled Wi-Fi Access Included with Skype Out Offering Over 3G Any Broadband Connection Improved Security & Ease of Use Support & Diags Fast & Reliable Connections Simple Consistent U/I Secure Auth New Services Enhanced Product New Revenue
  • 8. End User Attributes Of A Superior Offering
    • Broad Coverage
    • In buildings/ planes/ international
    • Best cost routing options
    • Public & Private networks
    • Easy To Use
    • Single branded experience
    • No configuration/ NAT/ Firewall issues
    • Seamless applications across networks
    • Reliable and fast connections
    • High Security
    • Proven authentication mechanisms
    • Protection of credentials and data
    • Integration with legacy authentication, billing, accounting and customer care systems
    • Compelling Services
    • Handset features to laptop data card
    • (i.e. Content, converged mobile messaging)
    • Intelligent decisions: thin vs. thick delivery options, QoS
    • Enable location based services & content
    • Presence Management
    • Single identity across network of choice
    • Select identity across multiple devices
    • (i.e. 3G data card & handset)
    • Managed identity could be 3G or other
    • Real-time Operations & Support
    • Issues resolved via single call to home carrier
    • Single bill
    • Real-time network and device information
    Content : Opportunities to differentiate beyond basic connectivity
  • 9. Mobile Connectivity And Presence Management Across Access Networks 3G Infrastructure Cellular Home Office WLAN Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Service Provider
      • Secure Tunnel to Device (SSL & IPsec)
      • Secure Authentication & Services Control
      • Presence & Identity Management
      • Extension of 3G & Enterprise Capabilities
      • Flexible Billing
      • Robust Visibility & Reporting
      • Content Delivery
    Remote Office Headquarters Enterprise WLAN Wireless WAN Internet SOCC PSTN Internet Converged Mobile Services Packet Core SIP (  IMS Core) IP Apps & Content OSS/BSS Systems
  • 10. Secure, Fast, Integrated Access and Mobility ISP Service Provider
    • DHCP; get IP address
    • Open SSL/IPSEC tunnel
    • Authenticate user
    • Authorize & Signaling for data service(s)
    • Data transfer
    • Accounting
    HLR 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (LDAP) Service Authorization Customer Care Billing/ Mediation Accounting/ Reporting 6. Internet Access Controller Data Transfer < 1 second Content Servers Media Gateway Messaging
  • 11. Expanding Existing Service Offerings By Extending Content and Services Ethernet
    • Content & Services:
    • Any IP Network
    • Any Device
    • - One Phone Number
    WiMax Wi-F i Seamless “One Number” Services Across Networks Mobile WAN Interne t Enables Carriers To Offer A Differentiated Service Providing Users Expanded Messaging Capabilities Mobile Carrier’s Core Network
  • 12. Access to 3G Applications / Service Catalog over IP “ Content Services” Over IP Send APN Get subscriber data Establish PDP context Content transfer 3 1 4 2 6 GGSN 7 5 Content transfer
    • Example: Access to GPRS applications over Wi-Fi
    • Consistent User Experience
    • Leverage content relationships and existing WAP service catalog
    • e.g. Ringtones,WAP/Web applications,
    • QoS-aware content download (thick vs. thin based upon bearer)
    Content transfer WAP Server H L R A A A
  • 13. Key Content Delivery Challenges XML XML/SIP LDAP SS7 MAP SSL/TLS/IPSec tunnel SIP/XML messages Content Provider Content Management Platform IPTV HLR OSS/ BSS Voice 1 1. SIM authentication Location Services Games 2 2. Service authorization 3 3. User requests content 4 4. Request session state information (identity, network, device, QoS, location, etc.) 5
    • 5. Update to Content Management system on session state
      • If allowed, start content
      • Not allowed, recommend alternatives
    6 6. Secure delivery of services through NAT/Firewalls
  • 14. Intelligent Real-time Content Delivery Mechanism Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Video Download Inquiry Video streamed to subscriber Video not recommended; Option to view clip with location of network with sufficient bandwidth Two Users Request Streaming Video Content Real-Time Network/Session Information Session Management Device Network Identity QoS Preferences Service Location Presence
  • 15. Thick/Thin Content Delivery Content Location Content Management Platform Establish network connection over 3G Tunnel over 3G Request content by clicking on a link Query Bandwidth for user BearerInfo Request (user ID) BearerInfo Response (user ID, 3G/Wi-Fi/Failure) Send Notification “Wi-Fi network available. Use that for an enhanced experience” Establish network connection over Wi-Fi Tunnel over Wi-Fi Request content by clicking on a link Download narrowband content (e.g. ringtone) Query Bandwidth for user BearerInfo Request (user ID) BearerInfo Response (user ID, 3G/Wi-Fi/Failure) User views streaming content Display session statistics Present narrowband content link Query Bandwidth Response Present wideband content link Query Bandwidth Response Convergence Gateway
  • 16. Real-time Customer Support And Marketing Data
    • Real-time Connection Data
    • Troubleshoot Problems
    • Network Monitoring
    • SLA Auditing
    • Usage & Fraud Detection
    • Business Analytics Reporting
    • Performance Results
    • Customer Usage Patterns
    • Roaming/ Peering Data
    • Categorize Users
    Top 10 Partner Hotspots with Wi-Fi Service Issues Time (sec)
  • 17. HSDPA Tatara’s Mobile Services Convergence Platform Tatara Subscriber Gateway Services Operations Control Channel UMTS EV-DO DSL Wi-Fi GSM CDMA Cable Fiber to x
    • Secure connection to “home” network
    • Low overhead for control traffic
    • Bearer for key applications (Voice/ SMS)
    • Valuable marketing & support data
    • Carrier grade centralized element
    • Highly scalable
    • Flexible with high performance
    • Tracks subscriber presence & location
    • Tatara SDK or thin client
    • Offers users consistent and easy U/I
    • Branding opportunity for provider
    • Monitors sessions and performance
    Tatara Client Tatara Subscriber Gateway (TSG) SDK Tatara Mobile Services SDK Tatara Service Manager Application Service Provider’s Central Office Client Devices
  • 18. Summary: Service/Content Delivery, What’s Needed?
    • Service Providers are positioned to deliver compelling and differentiated services. 
      • Service/content mobility between cellular and IP access networks and multiple device types (e.g., laptop, PDA)
      • Leverage existing networks and provide a graceful evolution to future architectures
    • Fast network detection
    • Reliable, fast, and secure network authentication
    • Service authentication
    • Integration with legacy authentication, billing, accounting and customer care systems
    • Secure delivery of content through NAT/firewalls
    • Real-time information on the network and device
    • Intelligent network decisions on content delivery (thick/thin, bandwidth, QoS)
  • 19. Contact Information 35 Nagog Park Acton, MA  01720-3440 +1 978.206.0838  direct +1 978.771.3971  mobile +1 978.206.0888  fax [email_address]     Jonathan Morgan Vice President Product Management