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CDMA 2000 3G Broadband Wireless Access for Mobile and Fixes ...
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CDMA 2000 3G Broadband Wireless Access for Mobile and Fixes ...


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. CDMA2000 3G Broadband Wireless Access for Mobile and Fixed Services
    • 2. CDMA The most advanced wireless digital technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1G Analog 2G Time Division (TDMA & GSM) 3 – 7x Analog Capacity 3G Code Division (CDMA2000 ® , WCDMA) 20 – 26x Analog Capacity CDMA2000
    • 3. CDMA2000 benefits for Operators, Subscribers and Governments
      • CDMA is a high-speed wireless data and voice network solution for low-cost, easy to deploy, high-performance services that address the needs of governments, operators and subscribers
        • CDMA can support high volumes of voice traffic and high-speed data traffic
        • Instead of being limited to a narrow channel structure in a given frequency, CDMA spreads signal across 1.25 MHz of the spectrum, and simultaneously transmits unique, digitally encoded and encrypted signals over the same radio frequency (RF) carrier
        • CDMA2000 technology can be configured for data and/or voice, as well as for fixed or mobile services
      • Due to its efficient use of the spectrum to provide high-quality voice and high-speed data services, CDMA can be utilized for fixed voice and data services delivering end-users the richness and variety of the Internet with the quality and reliability of the traditional phone network
    • 4. CDMA2000 Family of 3G standards
      • CDMA2000 1X: Double voice capacity; up to 307 Kbps packet data speeds; supports advanced services such as MMS, games, location services, picture and music download
      • CDMA2000 1xEV
        • CDMA2000 1xEV-DO: Optimized for packet data services; up to 2.4 Mbps packet data speeds; leverages IP; “always-on” services supporting Internet and Intranet
        • CDMA2000 1xEV-DV: Will provide integrated voice with high-speed packet data services, such as video-conferencing and other multimedia services, at speeds of up to 3.09 Mbps
      First launched October 2000 SK Telecom LG Telecom First launched January 2002 SK Telecom Approved by the ITU as part of the IMT-2000 family; anticipated commercial deployment in 2005
    • 5. CDMA2000: Leading in 3G
      • 61 CDMA2000 1X and 7 1xEV-DO commercial networks deployed on all continents
      • 12 CDMA2000 1X and 4 1xEV-DO networks scheduled to be deployed this year
      • Over 54 million CDMA2000 subscribers worldwide *
      • 413 CDMA2000 devices available on the market from 45 manufacturers
      • 18 – 39% voice ARPU increase
      • 102 – 253% data ARPU increase
      • Services: voice, entertainment, MMS and picture transfer, location/traffic, streaming video, broadcast
      * June 2003
    • 6. 3G in Latin America and the Caribbean is also being lead by CDMA
      • CDMA is present in all the major markets throughout the region
        • 20 countries
        • 37 operators
      • CDMA base is expanding rapidly
        • CDMA serves over 29 million users
        • Nearly one out of four subscribers in the region use CDMA
        • CDMA subscriber base continues to expand 30% per year
      • CDMA2000 leads 3G
        • 23 CDMA2000 1X networks
          • 21 CDMA2000 1X
          • 2 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO
        • 5 more CDMA2000 networks will be deployed by the end of 2003
      CDMA Commercial CDMA Commercial Source: EMC, June 2003 Source: CDG CDMA Commercial
    • 7. CDMA will continue to expand worldwide and in the region
      • CDMA will grow
          • 158 networks across all continents
          • 59 countries
          • Servicing 490 million subscribers worldwide*
          • Latin America: 83 million subscribers by 2010*
      • CDMA2000 will dominate the 3G market
          • 71 networks across all continents
          • 37 countries
          • Holding the dominant position in the 3G market throughout the decade
          • Latin America: with more than 70% of the 3G market in 2008*
      *Source: Deutsche Bank, March 2003
    • 8. CDMA2000 is well positioned to meet the future needs of Latin America and the Caribbean Offers a cost effective migration path for existing 1G and 2G systems
        • Offers a direct path to 3G for TDMA and CDMA operators
        • Time-to-market advantage: available and widely deployed in 800 and 1900 MHz spectrum
        • Preserves investment in existing ANSI-41 core networks
        • Has proven evolution path to most advanced data services
      Efficiently utilizes available spectrum resources for voice and data
        • Requires only 1.25 MHz of spectrum
        • Is the most spectrally efficient of all 2 and 3G technologies offering the highest capacity for voice and data traffic
        • Available in 450 MHz
      Supports a broad range of applications
        • Offers better voice capacity and quality
        • Delivers high-speed data transmission up to 2.4 Mbps
        • Supports all leading application platforms
        • Delivers revenue-generating multimedia applications
      Offers a wide selection of devices at affordable prices
        • There are 260 CDMA2000 handsets for 800 and 1900 MHz bands
        • CDMA2000 handsets are backward compatible with cdmaOne
    • 9. Operators in the region are already capitalizing on CDMA2000 capabilities
      • Provide low-cost voice services
      • Differentiate through data services
      • Generate incremental revenue through data services
      Compete in wireless services
      • Offer voice services at competitive prices
      • Offer high-speed Internet access
      BSI properties in Latin America Vesper, Brasil Telecom Compete with fix line operators to provide affordable voice services Vivo, Movilnet, Telcel, SmartcomPCS Compete with broadband data access CDMA2000 1X and CDMA2000 1xEV CDMA2000 1X CDMA2000 1xEV-DO
    • 10. CDMA2000 in 450 MHz – A new opportunity
      • Eastern European and Russian operators are good examples of how CDMA2000 in the 450 MHz band can be used as a very cost-effective technology to expand voice and data services and reach new population segments
        • Benefits of CDMA450
          • Low total system cost relative to other data access solutions (proprietary fixed wireless, xDSL, cable-modem technologies, or high-frequency wireless access)
          • Initial capital costs can be kept low even while covering very large geographic areas with low subscriber density
          • Ideally suited for broad-based rural, low-density coverage due to long-range propagation (up to 100 kilometers - typical)
          • Excellent ability to provide in-building and urban coverage due to good ‘indoor penetration’, as well as good ‘line-of-sight’ propagation characteristics
          • Minimum radio frequency spectrum requirement, e.g., as little as 3 MHz total (including guard-bands), to provide commercial service
          • Flexibility in providing data and voice capabilities for fixed or mobile services with the same network infrastructure
      • CDMA450 opens a wide range of opportunities for many Latin American countries to improve universal services
    • 11. THANK YOU!!! Celedonio von Wuthenau Phone/Fax: +54 11 4328 6210 Mobile: +54 9 11 5060 1991 cvwuthenau @ cdg .org CDG Office Phone: +1 714 545 5211 Fax: +1 714 545 4601 www. cdg .org [email_address]