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A Look at ExpressCard Technology
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A Look at ExpressCard Technology


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Published in: Technology

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  • Friendly, easy to use technology Expansion flexibility in less space with higher performance Hot swappable between mobile & desktop systems Auto-configuration Plug-n-play ease-of-use Sealed box expandability for desktop users Future access to high-performance technology innovations (HDTV, etc.) Endorsed by leading technology companies
  • Friendly, easy to use technology Expansion flexibility in less space with higher performance Hot swappable between mobile & desktop systems Auto-configuration Plug-n-play ease-of-use Sealed box expandability for desktop users Future access to high-performance technology innovations (HDTV, etc.) Endorsed by leading technology companies
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Look at ExpressCard ® Technology
      • Manny Pitta
      • Marketing Chair, PCMCIA
      • January 8, 2007
      ® ™ "ExpressCard" and the Rabbit symbol are trademarks of PCMCIA
    • 2. Agenda
      • The ExpressCard Standard
      • Market Status and Forecast
      • ExpressCard Programs
      • Summary
      • Q&A
      • Demo and Showcase
    • 3. The ExpressCard Standard
      • Replaces PC Card (CardBus) as the next generation standard for modular I/O expansion
      • Response to advances in I/O bus technology and PC architecture
      • Designed for notebook and desktop PCs
      • Developed and supported by PCMCIA members including industry leading PC, module, and component vendors
    • 4. ExpressCard Standard Highlights
      • Supports PCI Express* and USB* standards
      • Two module sizes
        • 54mm X 5mm x 75mm
        • 34mm x 5 mm x 75mm
      • All operating systems supported
      • Not backward compatible with PC Card
      * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. CardBus PC Card
    • 5. ExpressCard Slots in Notebooks
      • ExpressCard Standard supports two slots
        • Universal slot accepts both 54mm and 34mm modules
        • 34mm slot accepts 34mm size only
      • Some notebooks offer both PC Card and ExpressCard slots to help ease the transition for consumers
    • 6. What ExpressCard Technology Delivers…
      • Improved performance: Up to 2.5X faster to support the latest applications
      • Smaller size: About half the size and lighter than PC Card
      • Lower Cost: Smaller modules, simpler connectors, eliminates CardBus controller
    • 7. Broad Industry Support
      • 120+ PCMCIA members
      • JEITA**
      • Host system vendors
      • Software developers
      • Silicon manufacturers
      • Module manufacturers
      • Component vendors
      ** JEITA = Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
    • 8. IDC Interface Report
      • ExpressCard technology
        • Penetration rate of 67.2% of notebooks shipped by 2010
        • Consumer adoption will be ahead of corporate adoption
        • Based on component and host system projections
      • IDC Report available in Feb. 2007
    • 9. Notebook Developers * IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker, July 2006 All Top 10 Global Notebook Developers* Offer Systems With ExpressCard Slots Lenovo Thinkpad HP Pavilion Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Acer Aspire Toshiba Satellite Apple MacBook Pro LG S Series Sony VAIO Dell Latitude NEC LaVie
    • 10. Popular Applications
      • Entertainment
        • Analog and digital TV tuners, audio
      • Connectivity
        • Bluetooth*, (e)SATA, IEEE1394 (Firewire*)
        • Ethernet, wireless WAN & LAN
      • Storage
        • Flash memory, memory media adapters
      • Security
        • Card readers, SIM cards
      ExpressCard Modules Users Have Access to a Wide Range of ExpressCard Products
    • 11. Selected Currently Available Modules
      • AboCom Systems # Memory Media Adapter, Gigabit Ethernet, 1394a/b
      • Atech Flash Memory Card Adapters
      • AVerMedia Analog and Digital TV Tuner, HybridExpress (HD TV)
      • Belkin Wireless LAN , Memory Media Adapter, Gigabit Ethernet,
      • 1394a/b
      • Buffalo Technology Memory Card Adapter
      • DataFab Memory Media Adapter
      • Delkin CompactFlash Adapter
      • Dell TV Tuner
      • Hagiwara-Syscom CompactFlash Adapter
      • HP TV Tuner
      • Mobility Electronics Expansion solution
      • Newton Peripherals Wireless Mouse
      • Novatel Wireless WAN
      • SCM Microsystems Smart Card Reader, SIM Reader
      • SIIG SATA II, eSATA, 1394a/b, Serial port
      • Tai-Sol Group # Memory Card Adapters
      • YE Data Memory Card Adapters
      # = ODM
    • 12. ExpressCard University
      • Online training course for computer retail sales associates
      • Gives a thorough understanding of ExpressCard technology
      • Associates are better able to answer customer questions and concerns
      • Can be completed in 30 minutes or less
      • Course Outline
      • Introduction
      • Technology Benefits
      • ExpressCard Modules
      • ExpressCard Notebooks
      • Look for the Logo
      • Useful Links
    • 13. ExpressCard Compliance Program
      • Program assures customers that ExpressCard products will work together
      • Developed with support of the PCI SIG* and USB-IF compliance programs
      • Compliant products feature orange rabbit logo, signifying mobility and high performance
    • 14. Information is a Click Away
      • “ Where to Buy” page
        • Features new products
      • Resource Directory
        • Easy to browse
        • Product descriptions
        • Products by category
        • Links to vendor web sites
      • Photos & graphics available to press
    • 15. What ExpressCard Technology Delivers…..
      • Improved performance : Users enjoy both USB and PCI Express applications of today and tomorrow
        • HDTV, WWAN, etc.
      • Easy installation : Systems feature plug’n’play installation with auto-configuration. Just plug it in and go!
      • Smaller size : Users can see a noticeable size and weight difference with ExpressCard modules, which are roughly half the size and lighter than the old PC Card
      • Wide variety of applications: Popular applications from leading notebook and module vendors are available today.
    • 16. Demo and Showcase
    • 17. AVerMedia
      • AVerTV Express MCE TV Tuner (E509) NEW at CES!
        • Converts your laptop computer into a TV/PVR mobile entertainment center
        • Works with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 or Windows Vista Home
      • AVerTV Hybrid ExpressCard Module NEW at CES!
        • Features a hybrid ATSC and NTSC TV Tuner
        • Users can watch and record analog and high-definition TV on their laptop PC virtually anywhere
        • Includes hardware compression, requiring less CPU resources while video is clear and sharp
    • 18. Belkin
      • N1 Wireless ExpressCard Module NEW at CES!
      • 802.11n-draft wireless LAN card
      • Doubles your available bandwidth
      • Runs multimedia applications, such as streaming HD video, file exchange online games, and expands the wireless range for better connections to hotspots
      • High-Speed Docking Station
      • Instantly access all of your devices with one easy ExpressCard connection that offers high-bandwidth performance.
      • Crystal clear, DVD quality video to 1600x1200 resolution (VGA and DVI), USB 2.0, Ethernet and surround sound audio built in
    • 19. Mobility Electronics
      • Magma ExpressBox NEW at CES!
      • Provides a PCI Express slot in an external box for laptop computers
      • Can be used to add functionality to notebook systems
      • Graphics, test & measurement, data-acquisition, audio, video, FibreChannel SATA and more
    • 20. Novatel Wireless
      • Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) Modules
      • Merlin™ XU870 HSPDA ExpressCard Module
        • The industry's first wireless module for European and North American markets
      • Merlin™ XV620 ExpressCard Module for 3G EV-DO Networks
        • Smaller, more efficient, advanced version of the traditional PC card.   
        • Supports mobile broadband connections up to 2.4 Mbps
        • Backward compatible to legacy CDMA networks 
      • Available now in US and Europe
    • 21. SIIG
      • eSATA II 2-Port ExpressCard/34 Adapter
        • Dual port
        • Supports data transfer rates of up to 3.0 Gb/s (300 MB/s)
        • Supports native command queuing (NCQ), Tagged Command Queiung (TCQ)
      • FireWire 800 ExpressCard:
        • Dual-port
        • One 6-pin FireWire 400 & one 9-pin FireWire 800
        • Supports serial bus data transfer rates of up to 800 Mbps
        • Use with DV camcorders, FireWire hard drives, scanners
    • 22. Newton Peripherals
      • MoGo Mouse X54 NEW at CES!
      • Business-card sized, Bluetooth mouse
      • Stores and recharges in an ExpressCard/54 slot in less than an hour
      • Built-in center scrolling capability through an integrated scroll pad
      • No software drivers required
      • “ Auto-on” functionality when the mouse is removed
    • 23. Questions Presentation, press materials and collateral material available at
    • 24. Demos and Showcase
    • 25. More than 20 Notebook Vendors Offer ExpressCard Slots...