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3G Service Management Infrastructure, Soosung Jung, KTICOM, Korea
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3G Service Management Infrastructure, Soosung Jung, KTICOM, Korea


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. KT ICOM’s 3G Service Management Infrastructure Jung SooSung Vice President KT ICOM September 27th, 2001
  • 2. CONTENTS  KT ICOM’s IMT-2000 Service Schedule  OSS Challenges  Differentiations of 3G OSSs  OSS features of KT ICOM  Service Deployment and Assurance  Conclusion APNOMS 2001
  • 3. KT ICOM’s 3G Service Schedule 3G Business in Korea - KT ICOM and SK IMT were granted IMT-2000 licenses based on W-CDMA - LGT prepares for cdma2000 business KT ICOM’s Initial services will be started in 2Q. 2002 before FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan Equipment Supplier Candidates - Samsung/LG/Ericsson/Nortel KT ICOM adopt HP OpenView as 3G NMS Platform APNOMS 2001
  • 4. OSS Challenges - Considerations of IMT-2000 OSSs Multiple hardware platforms and services Mixed infrastructure(Wireless & Fixed network) Multi vendors and providers Services on a global basis Various enabling technologies(CORBA, XML…) QoS based on SLAs APNOMS 2001
  • 5. OSS Challenges - OSS Paradigm Shift Key Essential Factor Key Selective Factor Supplementary Business Factor Management Business Service Management Management Network Management Business Service Management Management Network Management Element Management Service Management Element Management Network Management Business Process Supports Element Management Network Management Supports Facility Maintenance Supports Facility Provider Customer Centric Mgmt. Centric Mgmt. Centric Mgmt. APNOMS 2001
  • 6. OSS Challenges - eTOM ENTERPRISE PROCESSES LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER OPERATIONS PROCESS GROUPINGS PROCESS GROUPINGS Infrastructure Product Supply Chain Fulfillment Assurance Billing Lifecycle Lifecycle Lifecycle Management Management Management Customer Relationship Management Former TOM domain Service Management and Operations Resource Management and Operations Supplier/Partner Relationship Management Marketing, Sales and Offer Management ENABLING & SUPPORT PROCESS Enterprise Management GROUPINGS APNOMS 2001
  • 7. Differentiations of 3G OSSs (I) Voice Data Fixed ServiceMobile Service Integrated Services Billing Billing Billing Billing Billing Voice Services Mgmt Data Services Mgmt Integrated Service Management Data Access Transm. Switch IN Network Integrated Network Mgmt Mgmt. Mgmt Mgmt Mgmt Management Packet- Integrated Circuit- IP Network Switche d Network Network 2G 3G APNOMS 2001
  • 8. Differentiations of 3G OSSs (II) NO : Network Operator SP : Service Provider CP : Contents Provider OSSs Infrastructure Other NO Billing ERP CRM System Operational Support to Activities Problem NO’s OSS Requests Statement 3G Global From Customer Fault CDR Data Roaming Info. Network Network QoS Info Info Other SP Design sys. Support to SP’s OSS Service Network Inventory CMS/FMS/PMS Mobility(VHE) Mgmt.Sys. Net. Other CP Facilities Info IMT-2000 Network CP’s OSS Support to Contents Diversity APNOMS 2001
  • 9. OSS features of KT ICOM Independent Architecture from Protocol Better Support for Internal/External Access Component Interoperability in an IT Industry Context Advanced Methodologies & Technologies Service Quality Assurance Competitive operating costs APNOMS 2001
  • 10. OSS features of KT ICOM - Open Communications Infrastructure CORBA Integration Common Interfaces to other OSSs Presentation EM NM SM CRM Others Clients GUI GUI GUI Billing ORB Bus System Application EM NM SM ERP Others Servers Function Function Function Network Planning Access Utran Switch Trans. Others Roaming Servers Access Access Access Mgmt. CORBA Gateway Common NE Access Infrastructure CMIP SNMP ASCII Others Multi-Vendor Adaptation Service Management Enabling Factors : •Easy Integration with Open Interfaces •Distributed, Extensible, Interoperable and Scalable Components APNOMS 2001
  • 11. OSS features of KT ICOM - FM Functionalities for Service Assurance Service Management Interactions Restoration Service Knowledge Problem Fault Management Functional Area Resolution Interface to SM OSSs Fault Management User Interface Rating & Discounting Billing System Fault Statistics QoS Degradation Monitoring & Analysis Maintenance Staff Alarms Rule Engine CRM Orders Trouble GLR, Roaming Ticketing Fault Info. Knowledge Fault Roaming Results Auto Base DB Alarms Management Correction affecting SLA controls SLA Performance Management Alarms Alarms Terminal Terminal Open Interface(CORBA) Utran Switch Trans. Switch Utran Service Management Enabling Factors : •Timely Detecting & Reporting of Fault Conditions affecting Services •Providing End-to-End Maintenance Views through Open Interfaces •Proactive Maintenance Capabilities - Introduce Rule Engine APNOMS 2001
  • 12. OSS features of KT ICOM - CM Functionalities for Service Fulfillment Service Management Interactions Operational Configuration Management Functional Area Activities ERP Interface to SM OSSs Configuration Management User Interface Rating & Discounting Billing System Rule Work-Flow Manager Work Duration Manager Announcement Config. CRM Network Manager Control Inventory Config. Rule Base Provisioning DB DB Info. Configuration Network Roaming S/W Manager Data Collector Controller Network Management Availability Info. S/W Download Control Test Service Performance Planning Alarms Config. Data Terminal Terminal Open Interface(CORBA) Utran Switch Trans. Switch Utran Service Management Enabling Factors : •Rapid Service Activation Supporting •More Efficient Network Resource Management for Service Provisioning APNOMS 2001
  • 13. OSS features of KT ICOM - PM Functionalities for Service Assurance Service Management Interactions Performance Management Functional Area Usage Pattern Service Info. Planning Interface to SM OSSs Performancet Management User Interface CDR Data, Billing Alarms QoS Degradation System Alarm PM PM Generator Threshold Configuration Statistics DB Network CRM Perf. Data Log Monitor PM Data Processor PM Statistics Network DB Processor Roaming Perf. data Management Performance Performance Usage/Perf. Monitor Data Collector Trend Info. Service Quality Management Usage & Performance Data Terminal Terminal Open Interface(CORBA) Utran Switch Trans. Switch Utran Service Management Enabling Factors : •Timely Detecting & Reporting of Performance Conditions affecting Services •Providing End-to-End Traffic Views through Open Interfaces •Providing Usage Trend Information to SQM APNOMS 2001
  • 14. Service Deployment and Assurance High Service Quality Customer Satisfaction Global Service Availability Problems Service Management Components Service Customer Customers Open Interfaces (CORBA, Web) Service SLA Roaming Problem Network Orders Deployment Management Management Resolution Management xSPs Problem Provisioning Network Resolve Services Info. Results Provisioning Info. Network Management Components Other NOs Facility Configuration Fault Performance Resolves Management Management Management Management Installation Facility Resolves Problems Results Installation Terminal Terminal Utran Switch Trans. Switch Utran APNOMS 2001
  • 15. Conclusion Telecom operations is being driven by the customer- centric paradigm To realize end-to-end service management, management interoperability between components is key factor With open architecture, services on a global basis will be available KT ICOM puts forth its best effort to adopt open architecture for high service quality and cost effectiveness of IMT-2000 APNOMS 2001
  • 16. THANK YOU ! APNOMS 2001