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  • 2. 12 CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 Lawyer opens new doors in Israel Zashin & Rich partner establishes an international custody center By ARIELLE KASS custody disputes between the two reasons for starting CICCAR, Mr. countries tracked by the U.S. Depart- Zashin said it is a way for Zashin & ment of State. Rich to raise its international Cleveland attorney Andrew The State Department follows profile. The two entities are unrelated, Zashin just won a case for a father in cases that deal with the Hague but Mr. Zashin said some new busi- Budapest, Hungary. His wife had left Convention, or abductions between ness might come about as a result of the country, taking their two chil- countries that have agreed to extra- his connection to the project. dren to the United States, and the dition. Between the United States Mr. Zashin said he enjoys the father wanted them back. and those 69 countries, there were work he does in Cleveland as a As people become more mobile, 1,120 new cases in 2008. The greatest family law attorney, but is always Mr. Zashin said, child abductions and number of cases involved Mexico, looking for a new challenge. He said custody disputes are on the rise. In an followed by Canada, the United he saw CICCAR as a “way to break effort to provide resources to parents Kingdom and Germany. out of the box.” He has been dealing with such issues Mr. Zashin is quick to involved in more than a dozen internationally, Mr. Zashin, note that those cases are international custody disputes, has co-managing partner of law just the abductions where consulted on more and has lectured firm Zashin & Rich, Co., has parents knew how to file a on and written about the cases. started an Israeli organiza- Hague-related complaint. “My hope is that I’m adding tion to serve as a clearing- In plenty of instances, he something very special to the house for information and a said, people are not savvy profession,” Mr. Zashin said. “These resource for those involved enough to do so. Divorces cases are becoming more and more in such cases. where the parents would relevant. The world’s not getting The Center for Interna- Zashin live in different countries bigger, it’s getting smaller.” tional Child Custody and or splits where parents Two attorneys who have worked Relocation, or CICCAR — a word were unmarried would not be with Mr. Zashin — Jim Cahn at that means “roundabout” in Hebrew counted by the State Department, Hermann, Cahn & Schneider and — is based in Israel, but Mr. Zashin but the resources available through Robert Strassfeld, director of the Insti- said his own practice will remain CICCAR still might aid people in tute for Global Security Law and in Cleveland and that CICCAR’s those cases. Policy at Case Western Reserve connection to the area will be strong. “Hague issues have become so University — said they see benefits to He is planning a January symposium mainstream,” Mr. Zashin said. “No the project. Mr. Cahn said he recently in Cleveland on cross-border child one is doing anything like what called Mr. Zashin as a “shortcut” for custody disputes and is applying for we’re doing at this level.” information in international child- continuing legal education credit for Dr. Deborah Koricke, a psychologist custody matters and would have used participants. with the Center for Effective Living CICCAR if the organization was Mr. Zashin splits his time between in Beachwood and Rocky River who “mature,” as it would shorten the Cleveland and Israel and said Israel recently worked on an international learning curve on a case. was an ideal location for the organiza- dispute with Mr. Zashin, said the Mt. Strassfeld said the link could tion. Its geographic location makes need for the organization is “pretty benefit Cleveland as conflicts most of Europe, Asia and Africa easily critical.” regarding children increase in accessible and the amount of immi- “As society is more and more coming years. gration and emigration to and from mobile, we have huge challenges “At the core are issues of family. the country make it a hotbed for such regarding child custody issues,” she How we resolve family disputes is a custody disputes. In the fiscal year that said. “When the situation is an critical part of normalcy in our lives,” ended Sept. 30, 2008, there were 17 international one, the challenges he said. “These kinds of issues will are different.” come up again and again with the In addition to his altruistic global economy we have.” ■ When I grow up... University of Akron president navigates through economic storm The University of Akron has spent the ON THE WEB Story from Proenza said. The collabora- last 10 months tive approach is formulating a new strategic plan quite different from how the univer- for its curriculum and for more sity completed $500 million in new construction projects, but now offi- buildings, renovations and additions cials are trying to figure out how to to existing structures. That was get around recession-induced road- paid for the traditional way — by blocks to accomplishing raising $606 million in a that plan. capital campaign that That was the crux of concluded last year and last week’s state of the by relying on financial help university address by from the state. Akron president Luis But those sources likely Proenza. He noted that he are tapped out or are not and hundreds throughout as reliable as in the past, the community have so Akron is trying to find I want to be unparalleled. created a plan to improve Proenza new sources of income to the university, but reaching continue to renovate its those goals will be challenging. campus and programs, Dr. Proenza “Across the country, serious said. state revenue deficiencies are likely “We’re better organizing to extend through the next year of ourselves,” he said. “We are looking Laurel School Open House this biennium and into the next,” he said. “The worst effects of the for new students and new research partners in order to have the level major recession are yet to come for of revenue necessary to keep our Sunday, November 8 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. Dream. Dare. Do. Ohio, and all public agencies and costs down for students and provide institutions are facing significant the level of compensation our faculty cuts into the foreseeable future.” and staff so richly deserve.” Laurel School As a result, the university is Though finances are tough, Dr. One Lyman Circle pursuing partnerships with private Proenza said the university will forge Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 developers to build at least three ahead with plans announced last Call 216.464.0946 new academic/research buildings, year to overhaul the curriculum to Girls Kindergarten – Grade 12 Coed Pre-Primary three residence halls and two or include entrepreneurship. three more parking decks, Dr. — Shannon Mortland
  • 3. NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS 13 CORRIDORS OF COMMERCE SIGNS OF THE TIMES I-76 region’s retail landscape offers a mix of the good and bad By JOHN BOOTH its 863,406 square feet of LEGEND leasing space is occupied, Retail according to general manager Economic development L ooking at the retail Ted Martin. PAGE 14 situation along “We’ve got two vacancies Interstate 76 through right now,” Mr. Martin said, Portage, Summit and Medina “and both of them are under 3,000 Infrastructure PAGE 15 counties is a little like inspecting a core square feet.” sample from a big tree: There are Over the past few years, as big-box traces of days gone by, marks of the retailers and department stores have Population PAGE 15 present and a few hints of what the shuttered locations nationwide, future may have in store. Chapel Hill has been fortunate to Akron’s Chapel Hill Mall sits about keep its JCPenney, Macy’s and Sears four miles north of Interstate 76, a anchor stores. And though it lost a longtime anchor of that area’s busy 26,000-square-foot tenant last year retail and restaurant district. At 42 when clothing chain Steve & Barry’s years old, the mall has seen its share declared bankruptcy, Chapel Hill of ups and downs, though even in landed a Shoe Dept. Encore store to these tough retail times, almost all of See RETAIL Page 16 Officials see future in promising development at university centers Ideas, research generated can lead to new business INSIDE: A more in-depth look at what to Kent State University’s Centennial executive vice president of the the universities surrounding Interstate Research Park. Greater Akron Chamber. “We have 76 are doing. Page 14 And in the middle, the city of geographic clusters as opposed to By JAY MILLER the Interstate 76 corridor that Akron has placed a big bet on its industry clusters.” extends east and west from Akron trustees gathered in Newark to Biomedical Corridor, an arc of — as well as future prospects for the “ensure their institutions are land that wraps around the Bringing things into focus I t’s a pretty basic concept — area — focus on university centers. driving economic growth. University of Akron and includes If the clusters have a common universities make good “There’s a lot of excitement for That attitude is taking hold University Park, a 50-block area theme, it’s more about what anchors for economic develop- investing in university towns,” said across the I-76 corridor. ripe for redevelopment. they’re not focusing on. ment — they generate ideas Daniel D. Smith, Kent’s economic To the west, where I-76 splits off Each of these centers have slightly Bethany Dentler, executive and development director. east from Interstate 71, Medina County different emphases, though they all director of the Medina County research The feeling is reciprocal. The state’s and its economic development non- tend to focus on the chemical and Economic Development Corp., The road that can be colleges and universities are being profit corporation see opportunity engineering bases that built Akron said the region is making a conscious ahead turned into encouraged to collaborate with in the Medina County University into the Rubber City, backed up with effort to diversify away from its businesses. businesses to develop new industries. Center in Lafayette Township, a manufacturing and logistics strengths. traditional reliance on the auto So it Indeed, Eric Fingerhut, Ohio’s branch of the University of Akron. “You can see (the) I-76 (corridor) industry, leaving almost a blank shouldn’t be surprising that eco- higher education chancellor, in To the east of Akron, Kent has as having several nuclei, not just slate. nomic development efforts along September urged university begun to attract high-tech tenants one nucleus,” said Richard Rebadow, See ROAD Page 16
  • 4. 14 CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 CORRIDORSOFCOMMERCE Partnering For Success as your Trusted Business Advisors Universities expand roles Roetzel & Andress’ entrepreneurial philosophy encourages our attorneys to understand our clients’ to include emphasis on businesses, embrace their goals and recommend innovative approaches to achieve those goals. economic development Roetzel & Andress’ business attorneys offer sound legal By CHUCK SODER of that school’s efforts to promote public-private partnerships, said counsel to a broad spectrum of clients locally, regionally Walter E. Horton Jr., vice president T and internationally. Roetzel & Andress partners with hese days, many universities for research and associate dean for its clients to serve as trusted business advisors and aren’t content to simply graduate students at NEOUCOM. teach and publish. “On an average year I talk to, extensions of their management team. Indeed, the universities say, 20 to 25 companies that area along the Interstate 76 corridor are interested in being associated with among those in Northeast Ohio the medical school and pharmacy 220 attorneys • 40 areas of practice • 11 offices that list economic development school,” he said. One Address: among other more traditional On the real estate side of economic duties. For years, they have been development, the University of spinning out technologies and Akron has played a key role in helping develop area real estate. developing the University Park Recently, however, economic community that surrounds much development has become an even of its campus, said Ken Stapleton, bigger priority at the University of executive director of the University Akron, Kent State University and Park Alliance, which works to the Northeastern Ohio Universities develop real estate in the neigh- 222 South Main Street • Akron, OH 44308 • 330.376.2700 Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy. borhood. Case in point: Akron’s five-year The university founded the One Cleveland Center, Ninth Floor • 1375 East Ninth Street strategic plan for the first time will alliance in 2001 and continues to list economic development and promote its efforts. For instance, it Cleveland, OH 44114 • 216.623.0150 entrepreneurship among the has set aside $200,000 that it is university’s formal priorities, said using to give rebates to people who Barry Rosenbaum, senior fellow buy new town homes being built Akron Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Fort Lauderdale with the University of Akron in University Park’s Spicer Village Research Foundation, which development. Fort Myers Naples Orlando Tallahassee Toledo Washington, D.C. serves as a liaison between the “(The university is) a very key university and the business part of this whole puzzle,” he said. community. Kent State also is making efforts “We’re starting to get more to redevelop areas outside its recognition on the street for driving campus, said Lori Wemhoff, interim economic development,” Mr. executive director of the Kent Area Rosenbaum said. Chamber of Commerce. She noted Commercialization of university how the university is considering technologies is one of the key eco- investing $3 million to help nomic development strategies at finance construction of a $14 Akron, Kent State and NEOUCOM. million hotel and convention At Akron, for instance, invention center on East Erie Street. disclosures and revenue from She added that several stores in university spinoff technologies the recently completed Acorn both more than doubled between Alley, a pedestrian-friendly corridor 2004 and 2007, according to the of shops and restaurants in down- most recent statistics available. town Kent, have formed partner- Plus, the university has worked ships with schools in the university. to foster collaborations with the “The whole idea is to pull town business community and to turn and gown together,” Ms. Wemhoff its technologies into spinoff com- said. panies via the University of Akron Research Foundation, which can The traditional route take equity in companies and The universities also have fueled avoid red tape because in a legal economic development in the sense it is not part of the university. region by tweaking their traditional The university also is making roles as institutions for teaching some changes on the academic side. and research. For instance, it now prefers to hire When NEOUCOM proposed the faculty who have experience working idea of opening its own pharmacy with industry, said research founda- school in 2005, it had to show the tion senior fellow Gordon Schorr. Ohio Board of Regents that the makes “We aren’t just hiring academi- cians,” Mr. Schorr said. “We’re region’s pharmacy industry needed the additional talent. “We had to make a really strong looking for people who can bridge.” finding the best job candidates 7 AND 14 DAY JOB POSTINGS ARE NOW Town and gown case that Northeast Ohio was in the sweet spot for needing phar- AVAILABLE FOR AS Just as Akron is considered a macists,” Dr. Horton said. easier than ever. LOW AS $ hub of polymer expertise, Kent Kent State not only churns out 50 State University’s Liquid Crystal Institute is considered “the Mecca of liquid crystal research,” said Tamas Kosa, chief operating officer graduates who can be found in companies throughout the region, but groups within the school occasionally conduct economic During these challenging economic times, remains com- of Kent State spinoff AlphaMicron development-related research for mitted to the needs of our communities. As a result, we have simplified Inc., which makes ski goggles and local entities, said Greg Wilson, other liquid crystal-based products associate vice president for univer- and reduced our job posting rates to better serve you. In addition, you that dim with the push of a button. sity relations and economic devel- can enjoy these new rates with no long term or package commitment. Crystal Diagnostics, a startup opment. In September, for that uses liquid crystal-based instance, the school launched the Visit today or contact your local pathogen detection technology City and Community Studies recruitment specialist at 216-830-7053 or from Kent State and NEOUCOM, is Initiative, which will provide inter- scheduled to become AlphaMicron’s disciplinary research on issues neighbor in Kent State’s Centennial concerning Northeast Ohio. Research Park next year. “A lot of these institutions do The company, which is doing help the economy, some in more prototype development and test- direct ways, some in less direct,” ing at NEOUCOM, is one example Mr. Wilson said. ■
  • 5. NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS 15 CORRIDORSOFCOMMERCE Area leaders say potential from biomedical push is high Innovative progress gaining worldwide buzz Kent State, meanwhile, has taken the lead on liquid crystals, and fuel cells Tube and Steel, formerly located in Akron, completed construction of a Tallmadge officials, like others in the I-76 corridor, are hopeful the have become a focus at Stark State 110,000-square-foot building in momentum from the high-tech By JOEL HAMMOND Akron and the Northeastern Ohio College of Technology in North Can- September, and DermaMed, which drive will bring more development. Universities Colleges of Medicine ton and at its neighbor, the U.S. makes adhesives for medical appli- “Anything that happens in and Pharmacy, is combining the headquarters of Rolls Royce’s fuel cell cations, should move into an 82,000- Akron benefits us, and benefits the ■ T here seems to be some slight power of all five members to make subsidiary. square-foot facility this month. region,” Mr. Carano said. disagreement along connections across the world. Those advancements should play Interstate 76 about what will ABIA representatives have met well here, with a manufacturing drive redevelopment and with officials in Helsinki, Finland, base that’s adapting and shifting to bring new business to the area first: and there’s a “buzz” there over the new-economy technology. multimillion-dollar upgrades at the work being done in Akron, Mr. “These technologies are driving When Benjamin Rose established the Institute headquarters of Akron’s two big Bowman said. Meanwhile, the city what most of our business products bearing his name, he recognized the growing tiremakers, Goodyear Tire & Rubber of Akron through the Akron Global look like,” said Connie Krauss, needs of the 3.1 million Americans age 65 or Co. and Bridgestone Firestone, or Business Accelerator, a small busi- Summit County’s director of com- the rapidly building momentum to munity and economic development. older at that time. Today, with more than 37 ness incubator, has established a transform the area around I-76 into pipeline into Germany and Israel, “It will fit into our advanced manu- million Americans in that age group, the on a top high-tech corridor. through which deals with early stage facturing base, rather than old-line Benjamin Rose Institute continues to work to Goodyear is in the process of companies eventually will flow. manufacturing from years past.” Nearby communities have kept a provide quality service, applied research and finalizing plans for its $900 million, Overall, the ABIA currently has 600-acre headquarters project in 15 to 20 companies interested in watchful eye on developments. evidence-based policy development to help downtown Akron, and Bridgestone’s doing business in the Akron area, Tallmadge, which earlier this decade older adults age with dignity and independence. 240,000-square-foot, $100 million said Walter E. Horton, vice president annexed two-thirds of neighboring technical center also is in the works. for research at NEOUCOM. Brimfield Township in a joint eco- Akron deputy mayor of economic “It’s all about growing the nomic development district arrange- 11900 Fairhill Road, Suite 300 development Bob Bowman said opportunities for the region,” Dr. ment, is one such community. Cleveland, OH 44120 business interest has been steady in Horton said. “ Having the structure An “older community, without the areas surrounding those pro- the institute does means we can necessarily industrial space to spare,” jects, from information technology offer companies something: talent said economic development director 216.791.8000 firms to retail establishments. recruitment, physical space, rela- Pat Carano, Tallmadge has used the The area’s push into biomedicine tionships with hospitals, popula- JEDD land as an alternative: Industrial To find out more, visit and bioinnovation also is driving tion for clinical trials and other growth and there’s the potential for things these companies need.” more, say community leaders and those involved with initiatives such High-tech drive as the Akron Biomedical Corridor, Aside from the ABIA and business started in 2006 by Akron Mayor Don accelerator, the region’s high-tech When It Gets Plusquellic, and the Austen BioInno- foundation takes other forms: The vation Institute in Akron (ABIA). University of Akron in September The latter, a partnership among broke ground on a $13 million poly- The Solon Select is a Akron General Medical Center, mer innovation center, which will Down to Business… distinguished group Akron Children’s Hospital, Summa supplement its Institute of Polymer of more than 800 Health System, the University of Science and Polymer Engineering. businesses that have chosen to locate in Solon Gets It! the City of Solon. Strong institutions promote The City of Solon welcomes these new businesses: community, population growth 1st Auto Choice, Inc. Aclara RF Systems By JOEL HAMMOND work force development. Education Daniel Henry Fine Interiors is a stimulus; our employers are able to draw from an enhanced work Edward Jones Investments I t’s a cycle that’s reaping benefits force, and that in turn will attract Fitness Together Solon for the areas surrounding Akron more companies to the region,” said The Grooming Station and Interstate 76, according to Barberton Mayor Bob Genet. officials in those communities. Tallmadge, meanwhile, is Strong institutions, such as drawing more young professionals, Hyper Micro Systems hospitals and universities, draw said economic development director The InterCon Group Inc. people. Many of those people become Pat Carano. The increase likely is Jtech Staffing, LLC better educated, making for a due to the surge in high-tech more qualified work force. Compa- companies and initiatives at LKN Trading LLC nies relocate to the communities nearby Kent State University, UA L’Oreal - USA Product Evaluation Center with a more qualified work force, and Akron’s hospital systems. Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. which helps them develop better To keep those people in Tallmadge, products and be more successful. the city has started a young profes- Nailtique That, in turn, allows the com- sionals organization, similar to the New Concepts, Inc. munities to pitch themselves as a Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club. North Coast ExecuSearch, Inc. better place for even more compa- “Who better to promote the town Ultimate Home Care of Solon nies, institutions and residents. and region than these young lead- Wadsworth assistant director of ers?” asked Mr. Carano. “We want to public service Rob Peters said the keep that talent here, to attract more And thanks these real estate professionals for University of Akron, located 12 new-economy-type business.” bringing new business to Solon: miles east, is one of the institutions In Kent, liquid crystals are the Jeffrey Calig - NAI Daus that’s helping to drive this cycle. name of the game, with young “Companies see the university companies — such as Alpha- David Hexter - NAI Daus as a benefit from an employment Micron — outgrowing their spaces. Fabiane Miller - Kowit & Passov Real Estate Group standpoint,” said Mr. Peters, whose Kent hung onto AlphaMicron, Steve Passov - Kowit & Passov Real Estate Group community saw a nearly 11% which makes products such as ski increase in population from 2000 goggles and is looking to enter Lisa Wiener - The Coral Company to 2008, according to U.S. Census larger markets, by giving them Bureau figures. “They’re able to get space and a favorable lease at Solon’s Got It! better employees in this area.” KSU’s Centennial Research Park. To help feed that well-qualified “These are high-tech jobs we’re work force, Stark State College of creating and trying to keep them in Technology in North Canton and town,” said Kent economic the University of Akron have been development director Daniel D. Prime industrial, office and retail sites at offering evening courses in Barberton. Smith. “Then we try to start the “Employers are concerned about cycle all over again.” ■
  • 6. 16 CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 CORRIDORSOFCOMMERCE Road: Institutions fuel revitalization Retail: Rolling Acres’ future continued from PAGE 13 Akron General/Akron Children’s Centennial Research Park is a likely as a multi-use complex “Anything could happen. … It complex along the west edge of 41,000-square-foot former bus gives us an opportunity to be downtown and connects with Akron garage attached to 10 undeveloped continued from PAGE 13 Although the credit crunch had creative,” she said. “What new City and the university. Key to the acres. The garage already has been fill the space. stalled things earlier this year for things can we put together that area’s redevelopment is the Austen redeveloped for two high-tech “As far as sales in our mall, there California-based developer Indus- will differentiate us and our region BioInnovation Institute, a research liquid crystal tenants AlphaMicron are certain retailers that are doing trial Realty Group, a financing deal from the competition?” center that is focusing on biopoly- and Crystal Diagnostics. very well, and everybody else is kind in May set the ball rolling again. In Eastern Medina County, which has mers, medical devices, orthopedics To make the town even more of maintaining a steady sales perfor- addition to a new headquarters for seen its base of auto and transporta- and wound healing. The institute attractive to new business, said mance,” Mr. Martin said. “I think the the company, plans call for a retail tion-related industries sag, is trying hopes to find a permanent home Kent’s Mr. Smith, the city is planning area is very accessible, and I think complex along the Little Cuyahoga to rebuild around its new university before the end of the year. a $48 million downtown facelift. we have found probably the perfect just south of the interstate. center, which takes 44 acres in a The hope is that the institute, The city, through a nonprofit, mix of retailers for our customers.” 100-acre Innovation Park, planned which was created and funded by has assembled a three-acre city Across town, the picture of Off the beaten path as a high-tech business park. the five corridor founders, local block for a project it calls the Kent another onetime regional anchor Change already has come to the The county also is seeking $1.9 government and the John S. and Central Gateway. The plans include mall couldn’t be more different. outlying suburban and rural areas million in federal stimulus money to James L. Knight Foundation, will a $14 million hotel and conference Rolling Acres, northwest of I-76, along I-76. help it build an $8.3 million fiber- create 2,400 jobs. center, a new municipal court attracted no interest in an online In Portage County, downtown optic line to connect businesses and Nearby, the University of Akron building, retail and office space. auction in May, with a starting bid of Ravenna has seen the number of institutions in the park and in the in September broke ground for a The university has pledged a $3 just $2.5 million for the 49.5-acre boarded-up storefronts increase, broader county with fiber networks $13 million National Polymer million investment in the project. property and the retail spaces that and Detroit’s automotive woes in the Cleveland and Akron areas. Innovation Center, a 43,000- Dave Ruller, Kent’s city manager, have been standing vacant since the have shaken things up. In Akron itself, the focus is on square-foot building that is to explained on his blog, Kent 360, mall closed in 2008. “The auto industry closed three biomedicine, specifically what’s house 10 laboratories that will that the university and the city In addition to handling the of our dealerships,” noted Jack being called the Biomedical Corridor, conduct research in biopolymers want to be catalysts for “an Rolling Acres property, NAI Ferguson, executive director of the which includes the University of and other related fields. economic revival that leverages Cummins Real Estate holds the Ravenna Area Chamber of Com- Akron, the Northeastern Ohio the assets and capabilities that are listing for several of the mall’s merce. “ And they were all within 100 Universities Colleges of Medicine Laying the groundwork well within Kent’s reach to create separately owned former anchor yards of each other.” and Pharmacy, Akron Children’s Some of the most exciting devel- jobs, build new technologies, spaces, and Akron-based agent Not far to Ravenna’s southwest, Hospital, Akron General Health opments are happening in and spawn entrepreneurship and be Jennifer Fernandez said she has seen though, in Brimfield Township just System and Summa Health System. around Kent, where Kent State’s the kind of place people are proud some activity in those properties. south of Kent, Cleveland-based 3D The corridor runs from the influence is attracting high-tech firms. to call home in Northeast Ohio.” ■ “We have the former Dillard’s,” Real Estate Partners’ retail center, she said. “And we have the former The Cascades, has drawn shoppers Target also for sale in our office. I and tenants since opening in 2006 sold (the former Macy’s) to a buyer anchored by a Super Wal-Mart. who owns a storage facility company. The smaller towns and farm They only had a need for half of country west of Akron have had the space, so the first floor is back their landscapes similarly altered. on the market on a lease basis.” Over the past three years, the The only remaining retail at the Wadsworth Crossings shopping site are a Sears and a JCPenney center at I-76 and state Route 261 outlet store, both properties has filled its spaces with the likes owned by their parent companies. of Target, Lowe’s and Kohl’s, both Tim Dimoff, who has managed reflecting and fueling growth all the property for California-based around its vicinity, according to Invest Commercial LLC since that Barberton-South Summit Chamber company bought Rolling Acres for of Commerce CEO Joe Fazek. $1.7 million in July 2006, says the Couple that growth with what’s owners are pitching developers on going on one exit west, where I-76 renovating the site as a multi-use intersects state Route 94, Mr. Fazek business complex. “We’ve had some points out, and you’ve got a blue- encouraging reaction from different print for a development explosion. developers along that line,” he said. “Downtown Wadsworth is reap- Meanwhile, the urban stretch of ing the benefits as well, just because I-76 includes massive undertakings of natural traffic,” he said, noting packed with dollars and retail poten- that Home Depot and Panera Bread tial: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s have opened locations north of I-76. $900 million headquarters reloca- Most of I-76 between Wadsworth tion and the Riverwalk project, and Rolling Acres, he said, “is ripe which aims to redevelop the area for renovation, because the land is east of downtown. available.” ■ It’s only fitting that a region agressively “going green” should get there on eco-friendly chrome wheels. That’s exactly what Onward Coatings LLC is delivering: a breakthrough chrome coating process that entirely sidesteps the envronmental and hazardous waste issues of old-fashioned plating. Onward’s powder-paint/PVD coatings represent the “greenest,” most advanced bright finish automotive technology in the world today. No wonder Onward rolled into Mentor in 2007. After reviewing a host of NE Ohio locations, they found everything new businesses need (and investors demand): a perfect–and perfectly priced–building with room for expansion, out- standing distribution channels, great schools and “business incubator” incentives. To buff up new business opportunities for your enterprise, call SM Tom Thielman, Mentor Economic Development Administrator, at 440.974.5739. Visit
  • 7. NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS 17 NORTHEAST OHIO'S MOST AFFLUENT COMMUNITIES RANKED BY MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME(1) Projected Education Housing units Median population Average travel household Median owner-occupied Number of growth time to work Rank Community income housing value households Population 2009-2014 4 year % Post-Grad % Owner % Renter % (minutes) County 1 Hunting Valley $288,462 $1,077,519 277 705 (2.4) 38.5 35.1 85.6 14.4 26.5 Cuyahoga 2 Bentleyville $207,500 $555,556 278 889 (3.8) 40.0 37.2 98.2 1.8 27.8 Cuyahoga 3 Gates Mills $147,727 $485,938 847 2,255 (5.8) 29.5 37.3 92.9 7.1 31.4 Cuyahoga 4 Pepper Pike $145,768 $389,384 2,123 5,695 (3.5) 33.4 38.2 95.6 4.4 24.2 Cuyahoga 5 Sugar Bush Knolls $144,048 $276,613 112 305 12.8 28.2 35.6 98.2 1.8 27.0 Portage 6 Kirtland Hills Village $127,381 $472,727 317 818 12.8 27.6 19.9 89.9 10.1 25.1 Lake 7 Moreland Hills $124,752 $396,154 1,213 3,033 (4.9) 35.0 31.1 98.0 5.0 25.9 Cuyahoga 8 Hudson $110,865 $274,363 7,623 23,075 1.2 40.6 26.0 90.2 9.9 28.8 Summit 9 Waite Hill $106,000 $463,636 229 537 8.0 30.7 26.5 86.0 14.0 23.2 Lake 10 Orange $103,616 $293,516 1,210 3,262 0.6 31.4 27.4 95.7 4.3 25.9 Cuyahoga 11 South Russell $98,688 $288,221 1,346 3,921 (1.2) 38.0 27.6 97.7 2.3 28.6 Geauga 12 Boston Heights $94,965 $312,500 518 1,513 10.6 29.5 10.9 90.5 9.5 26.9 Summit 13 Solon $94,953 $255,024 7,616 21,919 0.0 28.5 22.1 87.6 12.4 26.0 Cuyahoga 14 Bainbridge $91,953 $236,515 1,292 3,407 0.9 40.4 22.1 93.0 7.0 27.3 Geauga 15 Highland Heights $91,688 $250,925 2,975 8,596 2.5 22.8 20.6 97.3 2.7 21.3 Cuyahoga 16 Brecksville $88,728 $244,350 4,922 12,829 (2.1) 25.2 22.4 88.4 11.6 27.2 Cuyahoga 17 Bratenahl $85,714 $213,274 683 1,253 (3.8) 28.0 35.7 84.8 15.2 21.2 Cuyahoga 18 Bay Village $82,738 $188,672 5,748 14,460 (6.1) 36.0 18.3 92.2 7.8 26.2 Cuyahoga 19 Aurora $82,530 $229,823 5,679 14,625 3.7 29.0 12.1 80.9 19.1 29.1 Portage 20 Macedonia $81,443 $191,486 3,820 10,449 5.6 23.2 7.3 95.6 4.4 25.3 Summit 21 Peninsula $80,172 $253,226 271 662 3.8 21.4 17.1 78.6 21.4 25.6 Summit 22 Strongsville $79,625 $189,917 15,987 42,350 (2.2) 24.3 13.1 82.3 17.7 28.9 Cuyahoga 23 Avon $79,542 $199,446 6,472 17,620 16.7 22.6 9.6 88.0 12.0 26.1 Lorain 24 Valley View $78,901 $189,527 731 1,994 (5.2) 14.4 7.8 92.1 7.9 22.7 Cuyahoga 25 Silver Lake $78,811 $188,715 1,292 3,097 1.6 30.6 19.4 95.9 4.1 24.9 Summit 26 Richfield $77,554 $213,636 1,450 3,794 6.5 16.4 8.3 89.3 10.7 27.3 Summit 27 Westfield Center $77,027 $189,107 417 1,059 0.2 34.2 12.9 90.7 9.4 24.8 Medina 28 Mayfield Village $76,478 $230,543 1,277 3,084 (6.2) 27.4 18.1 82.4 17.6 25.7 Cuyahoga 29 Westlake $75,841 $203,344 12,556 30,443 (2.3) 27.6 17.9 75.4 24.6 26.7 Cuyahoga 30 Kirtland $75,767 $211,018 2,796 7,435 5.2 21.4 11.1 86.6 13.4 24.7 Lake 31 Chagrin Falls $74,228 $259,487 1,673 3,637 (5.8) 38.1 23.2 73.1 26.9 27.2 Cuyahoga 32 Avon Lake $74,203 $185,735 9,244 24,619 12.8 26.7 15.8 85.8 14.2 27.4 Lorain 33 Fairlawn $72,929 $179,994 2,886 6,989 (2.5) 28.0 18.9 66.2 33.8 23.8 Summit 34 University Heights $72,376 $148,790 4,588 12,604 (6.2) 28.1 27.0 74.9 25.1 23.7 Cuyahoga 35 Twinsburg $72,361 $196,563 7,152 17,917 2.6 26.3 12.3 76.8 23.3 27.8 Summit 36 Shaker Heights $71,462 $190,361 10,991 26,187 (6.4) 26.0 35.4 65.2 34.8 25.3 Cuyahoga 37 Walton Hills $70,786 $187,079 876 2,276 (3.1) 14.5 5.1 96.9 3.1 26.9 Cuyahoga 38 Beachwood $70,663 $261,688 4,642 11,061 (5.1) 24.2 26.1 64.3 35.7 23.6 Cuyahoga 39 Independence $70,249 $213,566 2,574 6,734 (3.2) 18.2 10.8 94.5 5.5 23.5 Cuyahoga 40 Broadview Heights $68,763 $193,085 7,113 17,530 4.0 23.9 13.1 76.0 24.1 27.7 Cuyahoga 41 Canfield $68,750 $151,923 2,642 6,483 (7.4) 24.2 16.5 83.8 16.2 24.1 Mahoning 42 Sheffield Village $68,065 $164,773 1,340 3,562 8.7 17.2 5.5 87.8 12.2 25.3 Lorain 43 North Royalton $68,026 $185,494 11,758 29,374 1.1 21.0 8.5 74.3 25.8 29.7 Cuyahoga 44 Olmsted Falls $67,678 $153,431 3,292 8,171 1.1 24.9 11.8 83.8 16.2 29.7 Cuyahoga 45 Munroe Falls $67,141 $156,051 1,943 5,157 (1.5) 20.3 13.6 85.7 14.3 24.8 Summit 46 Chesterland $65,770 $174,177 1,050 2,672 0.6 15.5 8.1 90.1 9.9 29.6 Geauga 47 Seven Hills $65,677 $178,040 4,696 11,564 (2.4) 14.5 7.6 96.6 3.4 25.5 Cuyahoga 48 Mentor $65,398 $152,787 20,102 51,915 1.9 18.8 9.0 87.6 12.4 25.0 Lake Crain's Cleveland Business does not independently verify the information and there is no guarantee these listings are complete or accurate. We welcome all responses to our RESEARCHED BY Deborah W. Hillyer lists and will include omitted information or clarifications in coming issues. Business lists and The Book of Lists are available to purchase at (1) Information for this list of communities in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Stark and Summit counties is based on 2009 estimates from Nielsen Claritas,
  • 8. 18 CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 Ford: Local UAW favors compromise with other union officials, was report- companies won. edly all but shouted off site by angry However, unlike GM and Chrysler, union members opposed to the deal Ford has been gaining market share when he visited Ford plants in Michi- and did not seek a government continued from PAGE 1 the kind of work Mr. Gammella has Then came the agony gan to lobby before voting began. bailout. Mr. Gammella said he under- wages and benefits when a new hoped to land as he eyes a nation Officials at the UAW International in stands why some union members are contract is negotiated in 2011. shifting from pickup trucks and SUVs That was Oct. 22, when Local 1250 Detroit were not available to discuss not happy about the concessions — Ford’s Brook Park operation was to smaller, less-thirsty cars and other became the first to vote on and ap- the matter last week. he’d rather avoid them as well — but promised significant new engine small vehicles. prove the new deal. But by the follow- Neither is Ford ready to talk about that in today’s economy it’s simply work if the contract is approved “We would become the premier ing Monday, Mr. Gammella’s ecstasy the vote, or about possible new work unwise not to work with Ford for the nationwide, Mr. Gammella said. The engine plant for Ford in North Amer- turned to anxiety as he watched lo- for Brook Park. Ford spokeswoman overall health of the company and the new work would provide jobs for the ica,” Mr. Gammella said. “Everybody cals in Livonia and Plymouth, Mich., Marcey Evans said the company security of its workers. roughly 640 UAW members slated to working here, even when the foundry as well as a big local near Kansas City, would not comment until the union If the contract concessions are be out of work when Ford closes its closes, would be able to keep their Mo., vote against the concessions. vote was completed nationwide. voted down, Brook Park still might get Brook Park casting plant, which job.” “Kansas City voted against it 92%,” more engine work, but it also might makes engine blocks, as scheduled at Mr. Gammella largely has done his Mr. Gammella said. “I can’t believe it. An optimistic note watch that work go to Mexico or over- the end of 2010. part. He asked his local to approve In this economy? … And the Kansas Ford wants about the same deal seas, Mr. Gammella said. That’s why Mr. Gammella said Ford has new concessions for Ford, and they City plant was also promised new from the UAW that the union already he said he urged members to accept promised that the plant would be voted 61% to 39% in favor of accepting work. I really don’t understand that.” has given this year to Chrysler and the concessions and get the work building small, fuel-efficient engines the contract changes. UAW vice president Bob King, who General Motors, except without the guaranteed to them with a “yes” vote with four cylinders or fewer — exactly “I was ecstatic,” he said. was lobbying for a “yes” vote along changes to retiree benefits that those nationally. ■ REAL ESTATE Contact: Genny Donley Copy Deadline: Wednesdays @ 2:00 p.m. Phone: (216) 771-5172 All Ads Pre-Paid: Check or Credit Card Fax: (216) 694-4264 E-mail: AUCTIONS RECEIVERSHIP SEALED BID AUCTION Commercial Condo Fdba fã|ÇzÉá bÇ g{x _t~x 12900 Lake Ave., Unit #002, Lakewood, OH 44107 $250,000 MINIMUM BID! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!!! Own a commercial condo w/ award winning views overlooking Lake Erie & the Down town Cleveland skyline! Commercial Condo in The Carlyle luxury high rise on the shores of Lake Erie. The Carlyle By Laws indicate approx. 8,558 sq. ft. w/on site parking w/additional overflow. Commercial unit has glass atrium allowing custom ers to dine while enjoying lake & skyline vistas. Another section of dining rm is constructed above Condo Association’s in ground pool & sun bathing area. The bar stretched from one end of the room to the dance floor; there’s private meeting rms, full line kitchen & prep area, restrms, office, storage rms & walk in refrigera tion units that sell w/the real estate. TERMS: All bids must be received on/before 11 9 2009 by registered mail & envelopes MUST be marked “SEALED BID”; Sealed bids will be opened at Stanley & Son, Inc., 88 North Paint Street, Chillicothe, Oh 45601 on 11 10 2009 at 10:00 AM EST. The 2 highest bids will have the opportu nity to increase their bids immediately after the opening of the sealed bids; De posit of 10% of sealed bid to accompany offer & upon Court approval the deposit will become non refundable; All other deposits will be returned; no buyer contin FOR SALE For daily on-line ATTENTION gencies; Must close on/before 30 days from date of confirmation of sale by Cuya hoga Co. Court of Common Pleas CV 09 687980. OPEN Mon., Nov. 2nd Noon 1PM -FOR SALE- updates, sign up @ REALTORS: Henry M. Stanley, III, Receiver STANLEY & SON, INC. (740) 775 3330 IT’S HAMMER TIME! Growth Opportunity! Now is a great time Daisy Hill Greenhouse & Florists to promote your One of the premiere florists in the country. Delighting peo- COMMERCIAL Luxury Properties to INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE ple from Clevelanders to Presidents for nearly 100 years. PROPERTY high-end prospects PROPERTY SPACE Sited on a magnificent lakefront lot in Daisy Hill Farms, Hunting Valley, Ohio. 8 Buildings, sited on 5+ acres, include AND receive reduced 40,000 sq ft of greenhouses and a pretty 3 bdrm Colonial. CRANE BUILDING WAREHOUSE FOR SALE Ample storage and retail space. Turnkey operation has been AVON rates on Perry, Ohio LEASE OR PARTNERSHIP profitable, has a huge client list and a lifetime of goodwill. 7.8 Acres Commercial/ Industrial your advertising. 1/2 mile from future I-90 Interchange. 40,000 sq. ft. including Offices. 20,000 SQ. FT. 2 CRANES For all details, contact Investment property/ Income producing. 4 Overhead cranes, 7 ½ to 35 ton. 2 DOCKS 1 OH DOOR Paul Blumberg, Howard Hanna Call Genny Donley at 1100 & 1110 Lear Nagle Road For Sale or Lease. DIVISIBLE (216) 999-8338 (216) 771-5172 Call Mike Kilbane 216-390-0181 440-259-5200, ext. 3270 330-777-5200 or Transaction Realty for details. BUSINESS SERVICES CLASSIFIED BUSINESS BUSINESS FOR SALE OPPORTUNITY Crain’s Executive Recruiter A Few ATTENTION Small Northeast OH Businesses We Sold: BUSINESS Stamping Manufacturer FEDERAL GOV'T. SALES SERVICE looking to sell business EXPERIENCED PRO SELLING Treasurer Metal Stamping Company TO DLA, GSA, MILITARY, Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County Beverage Manufacturer OWNERS! Please send Inquiries and Con- tact Info c/o Crain’s Cleveland & FED. AGENCIES Material Handling Equipment Dist. WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE MAZE. Salary: $125,000. Disaster Restoration Business Business, 700 W. St. Clair Ave., Job Summary: Plans, organizes, and oversees the manage- Wood Products Manufacturer Submit your Suite 310, Cleveland, OH 44113 330-777-5202 ment of the Education Service Center financial activities and Attn: Box 112. No Brokers. Precision Machining & Grinding business card to functions. Granite Countertop Manufacturer promote your Chemical Products Distributor Qualified applicants must submit their complete package of in- Aftermarket Auto Restyler service and formation via email to: OR via U.S. Hardwood Flooring Distributor Tree Service Business Industrial Products Distributor receive a SUBSTANTIAL WANTED: mail to: Dr. Paul Williams, 5811 Canal Road, Valley View, OH 44125. Applications must be received by November 17, 2009. Aluminum Fabricator DISCOUNT Your subscription to Prototype Manufacturer To place your Executive Recruiter ad Foundry & Machine Shop off your ad price. Crain’s Cleveland Business Call Genny Donley at 216-771-5172 Call us to sell your business. To find out more, To sign up call toll-free at 1-888-909-9111 Confidential Business Sale, Inc. contact or on-line @ Genny Donley at Confidential box numbers available 216-739-0272 216.771.5172 Click on “Subscribe Now.” at $35 per ad.
  • 9. NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS 19 THEINSIDER REPORTERS’ NOTEBOOK THEWEEK BEHIND THE NEWS WITH CRAIN’S WRITERS OCTOBER 26 - NOVEMBER 1 The Tribe has team will have a better handle on season-ticket renewals, Mr. Danburg said. Still, he said, the believes background checks should be limited to people who are considered for “positions a deal for you response to the incentive package “was very with significant security considerations.” ■ Knowing it will be easier than ever for well received. — Shannon Mortland The big story: Memphis-based Thomas & “It definitely factored into people’s deci- Betts Corp. is closing its manufacturing plant at season-ticket holders to say no when asked East 116th Street and Harvard Avenue in Cleveland, to renew, the Cleveland Indians are trying to sions. That was our goal. We wanted to make it tough for them to say no.” — Joel Hammond Let’s shed a little light make it more difficult. resulting in the loss of 117 jobs, according to a First, they extended last season’s offer of on the subject of LEDs company filing made with the state of Ohio. The maker of electrical components used in residential buy-one-get-one-free season tickets from the Say, how about ■ Great, just what we need — some local view boxes, located in the upper deck, to the company glomming money off the govern- and commercial construction filed a Worker infield lower boxes. Then, they upped the ante a little of your DNA … ment for a new “green” technology, trying to Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act letter with the state, saying it was moving the for early renewals: Anyone who re-upped by ■ Those applying for a job at the University decide where to build its manufacturing plant. jobs, though it did not specify a new location for last Monday, Oct. 26, got an incentive package of Akron might be asked for more than a few Wait — that is what we need! So heads up, the work. The company expects to cease local you could call surprising, if not shocking. references — to the apparent disgust of at Strongsville, home to Momentive Perfor- operations in stages between Nov. 23 and March Renewing ticket holders got loaded tickets, least one current employee. mance Products, which just found out it’s 31, 2010, according to the filing. which add $2 to $5 to every ticket, depending The university’s trustees approved in receiving $4.5 million in federal money to on where they’re located. For instance: If August a new policy on criminal background develop LED lighting. The lights operate using Almost ready: Chancellor University said Crain’s renewed its figurative four checks for potential employees. The about one-quarter of the electricity required the much-anticipated Jack Welch Management season tickets in the field box policy notes that applicants will need to produce the same amount of light from an Institute MBA and Master in Management area, it would get $4, for use at to submit fingerprints and could be incandescent bulb, Momentive spokesman program will begin online and at the school’s the concession or souvenir asked to submit a DNA sample, too. Ed Farris said. Cleveland campus starting stands, added on to each Employees were notified of the policy Momentive didn’t invent this sort of lighting, Jan. 4, 2010. The start of ticket. That’s four tickets, Oct. 20. but it’s come up with a better way of making classes had been delayed multiplied by 81 home A statement from the university it, Mr. Farris said. Instead of producing indi- due to Jack Welch’s games, multiplied by $4, or said the school included DNA testing vidual crystals for the light-emitting diodes, recent bout with discitis, $1,296. in its policy because national discus- Momentive can make a bigger crystal and a rare but curable Here’s the surprising part: Early sions have indicated that finger- then cut it into smaller ones, doing so less infection of the renewals also received one-time usage printing will give way to DNA tests as expensively and with a higher quality spine. Mr. Welch of a suite. That’s 16 tickets and parking a form of criminal identification, so it outcome, Mr. Farris said. has recovered and passes for a suite rental at a regular-season wants to be ready if the Ohio State Highway So now the company needs to build a pilot is working with Chancellor University officials to game at Progressive Field, valued at $1,800. Patrol starts using DNA technology. plant to begin making the stuff. It could be in finalize coursework and curriculum. “We understand the realities of the busi- Adjunct faculty member Matt Williams, Strongsville, where the Albany, N.Y.-based ness, the economy and the situation we’re who had been teaching four courses this company developed the technology, but it Get in line: Preformed Line Products Co. in,” said Curtis Danburg, the Indians’ director semester in communications and continuing might not be. Momentive just got word of the signed a definitive agreement to acquire the of communications. “We understand the education, resigned last week over the new award last week and isn’t that far along in its Dulmison business unit of Tyco Electronics Ltd. reality of where the team is. We had to be policy, according to an Oct. 29 story on planning, Mr. Farris said. Preformed Line did not say what it will pay for competitive, and we had to be aggressive.” “If it’s in Strongsville, if it’s in California, Dulmison, which makes pole line hardware and The Indians this month will hold a select-a- The American Association of University if it’s in Albany, we really don’t know,” he said. vibration control products for electric utilities. seat event at Progressive Field, after which the Professors in Washington, D.C., said it — Dan Shingler Dulmison is based in Australia and has opera- tions in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Mexico and the United States. The transaction is MILESTONES BEST OF THE BLOGS expected to close within 90 days. COMPANY: Graffiti Headware, Excerpts from blog entries occur. Electronic medical records are not The WIMP factor: Researchers at Case on classified as medical devices, so hospitals Cleveland are not required to report problems.” Western Reserve University received a $3.2 million Many health care IT contracts also do not federal grant to design the world’s largest WIMP THE OCCASION: Its 25th anniversary But have they seen allow hospitals to discuss computer flaws, catcher. There’s no reason for bullies to rejoice. WIMP stands for “weakly interacting massive Here’s a moment for a tip of the cap. how we treat Mangini? according to Sharona Hoffman, a professor of ■ The New York Times lauded Cleveland law and bioethics at CWRU. particles,” which are unlike the atoms that make The company in an editorial that took some cities to task “Doctors who report problems can lose up regular matter. WIMPs actually are dark matter, opened its doors in for what the paper called a their jobs,” she told the newspaper. which is believed to hold galaxies together but are 1984 and has grown “compassion deficit.” “Hospitals don’t have any incentive to way beyond invisible. With the three-year grant to about 60 employ- New laws prohibiting loitering do so and may be in breach of contract from the National Science Foundation, the CWRU ees. It manufactures “have increased 11 percent and if they do.” researchers will design a WIMP catcher that is more than 10,000 2,000 times larger than a similar detector in Italy baseball caps and bans on public camping are up 7 and 70 times bigger than one slated to start embroidered cloth- percent, according to a survey of A little bit of this, ing per week for cor- more than 200 cities and operating next year in South Dakota. porate clients and towns by the National Coali- a little bit of that Charting a new course: Charter One other customers. tion for the Homeless,” The ■ Variety reported that the TV named a former Michigan executive from the bank Graffiti was Times noted. Land cable channel is getting into original pro- as the new president of its Ohio region. Kenneth E. founded by Abe and But the paper included Cleveland among gramming and has ordered a pilot of a show Marblestone, 52, has been with Charter One since Barb Miller, pictured cities taking a more progressive approach. In called “Hot in Cleveland.” The pilot, from a for- 2005. In Michigan, he was head of Specialized at right, who still manage day-to-day operations. Cleveland, “instead of the anti-begging and mer “Frasier” writer, “revolves around three Industries, creating the portfolio and building it to For information about the company, visit anti-loitering route being taken elsewhere, the fortysomething (female) friends from L.A. who $500 million in three years. Charter One is part of city government coordinates with homeless wind up stuck in Cleveland and decide to Rhode Island-based Citizens Financial Group. Mr. advocates to make shelter and food programs stay there when they realize the locals con- Marblestone replaces Randall G. Stickler, who left COMPANY: National Survey more efficient,” the paper said. sider them glamorous,” according to Variety. the bank in March to become senior executive vice Research Center, Cleveland president and commercial real estate director at Other than the undisclosed ■ Web site The Daily Beast purports to have a Huntington National Bank. THE OCCASION: Its 60th anniversary errors, system works great formula that produces a ranking of “America’s Smartest Cities.” It’s based on a mix of educa- For the record: Specialty chemicals producer The full-service marketing research and con- ■ Electronic medical records seem to make tion levels, book-reading habits and participa- Ferro Corp. of Cleveland said it will sell 29.5 million sulting firm, founded in 1949, includes among sense in our digital age, but a piece in The tion in civic life. Cleveland ranked 31st.. “Brain shares of common stock and will use up to $50 its services focus groups, in-person interviews, Washington Post, which quoted a Case drain may be an issue as Cleveland struggles million of the proceeds to pay costs associated with telephone interviews and statistical analysis. Western Reserve University professor, to get back on a solid economic footing, but restructuring programs and other strategic initia- Clients range in size from startups to raised some doubts. Case Western Reserve University remains an tives. Fortune 500 companies. Among them: “Legal experts say it is impos- intellectual draw,” the web site said. No. 1 on For information, visit sible to know how often health IT mishaps the list is Raleigh-Durham, N.C. Jamison, USAF (Ret) What do have in Linda Bradley, MD and an Lt. Col. Clarence Executive internationally Sari Feldman A World War II Director of the recognized common? Tuskegee Airman Cuyahoga Library surgeon
  • 10. 20 CRAIN’S CLEVELAND BUSINESS WWW.CRAINSCLEVELAND.COM NOVEMBER 2-8, 2009 Cash: Issues 5, 6 spend closer to home TruthPAC, said she was not aware that created and is championing of how her campaign spent its Issue 6 for a new county charter, money but would check. She had reported spending $489,456. Its not returned the call as of Crain’s largest out-of-state expense was continued from PAGE 3 expense of gathering petitions to radio stations, though a commis- deadline last Friday. $90,514 to National Petition Man- Ohio. More than half of that Ohio- get Issue 3 on the ballot, also spent sion, typically as much as 15%, is agement Inc., a Brighton, Mich., firm spent money, $13.5 million, is about $7 million with out-of-state paid to the ad firm that produces Close to home that gathers petition signatures. funneled through Strategic Media firms for petition signature collec- and places the broadcast ads. In The local campaigns for the Most of its spending, $244,056, went Placement Inc. and The Strategy tion, canvassing and “voter contact this case, McLaughlin & Associates government reform ballot issue in through Burges and Burges, a polit- Group for Media Inc., two media consultants.” of Blauvelt, N.Y., handled that work. Cuyahoga County did a better job at ical consulting firm in Euclid. strategy and TV production firms in Bob Tenenbaum, spokesman for Only $113,917.56 of the remaining spending money locally, based on “There is some business that Delaware, Ohio, operated by Rex Ohio Jobs and Growth, defended $600,000 spent by TruthPAC was reports filed with the Cuyahoga absolutely ought to be spent in the Elsass, a Republican consultant. the way his campaign spent its spent with Ohio businesses, County Board of Elections local marketplace,” said Dick Clough, Another $6.1 million went to money. He said it spent some of its including the Bricker & Eckler law Real Reform Done Right, the president of Northeast Ohio Strategic Public Partners Group, a printing with out-of-state firms firm, which billed $37,868 for legal campaign committee promoting Communications Advocates, a Columbus campaign consulting because they specialize in political services, and Theis Consulting, a Issue 5 that would create a charter trade council for 28 area marketing firm led by Thomas Whatman, a direct mailing. public relations firm in Cleveland commission to explore the possible communications organizations that former executive director of the TruthPAC, supported largely by that was paid $45,000 for the first restructuring of Cuyahoga County campaigns to raise awareness of the Ohio Republican Party. Jeff Jacobs, a Clevelander who is three months of the campaign. government, reported spending a capabilities of its member printers, But $5.2 million was spent on chairman of West Virginia-based Much of the rest went to political total of $64,327.77, all of it with ad agencies, web design and other printing contracted to companies MTR Gaming Group Inc., reported consulting and web development either local firms or with U.S. Postal related service providers. in Florida, New Hampshire and the spending $5.4 million. Most of that firms in Florida, North Carolina and Service. Velocity Direct, a Westlake “Political business is one. So is District of Columbia. Ohio Jobs and money — $4.8 million — was spent the District of Columbia. printer, was paid $24,247.85. government,” he said. “They ought to Growth, which had the added buying time on Ohio television and Sandy Theis, spokeswoman for New Cuyahoga Now, the group be spending their money here.” ■ BMWCLEVELAND.COM 2009 BMW service loaners The Ultimate & sales demos 1-800-334-4BMW Driving Machine® These low mile, BMWs are a great way to get into a gorgeous new BMW and are priced to sell. Current model year sales demos and service loaners are eligible for all new retail and lease programs. BMW Loaners include the balance of 4 year 50,000 mile warranty as well as 4 year 50,000 mile Ultimate Service. 2009 Quattroporte S SERVICE LOANERS SALES DEMOS Grey/chocolate 2,800 miles. $111,900 ‘09 BMW 328i 8,915 mi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$31,900 ‘09 BMW 135cv 250 mi . . . . . . .Save $5,125. . .$44,900 ‘09 BMW 528i xDrive 3,975 mi. . . . . . . . . . . . .$44,900 ‘09 BMW X5 4.8 . 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