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  • 1. For Immediate Release SUNDAY Partners With Huawei on 3G -Equipment supply deal to fund 3G roll-out- Photo Caption: (From Right to Left) Mr. Bruce Hicks, Group Managing Director of SUNDAY Communications Ltd., Ms. Sun Yafang, Chairwoman of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Mr. Edward Cheng, Co-Chairman of SUNDAY Communications Ltd., and Mr. Xu Zhijun, President of Wireless Business of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. HONG KONG, 18 December 2003 ─ SUNDAY Communications Ltd. (SEHK: 0866; NASDAQ: SDAY) and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei) today announced Heads of Agreement for the supply of equipment and the provision of financing to assist with the roll out of SUNDAY’s third generation (3G) mobile telecommunications business. 1
  • 2. “This is tremendously exciting news for both SUNDAY and Huawei, representing a partnership between two young and dynamic companies,” said Bruce Hicks, Group Managing Director, SUNDAY Communications Limited. “Huawei has excellent technology that is truly among the world’s best and we feel very comfortable working with the management, which is internationally minded and committed to high standards. Huawei’s proximity to Hong Kong in Shenzhen means that we will enjoy a very close working relationship on technology development and product introduction, giving SUNDAY a significant edge over its rivals in developing creative, tailor-made services and bringing them to market quickly.” The Heads of Agreement was signed between Huawei and Mandarin Communications Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of SUNDAY. The Heads of Agreement cover a supply contract outlining principal terms of equipment supply, and facilities for the financing of SUNDAY’s 3G network, the final terms of which agreements remain to be finalized. In addition, the Heads of Agreement provide for a loan to be made to enable SUNDAY to repay its existing vendor and bank loans. The supply contract is expected to cover the entire end-to-end WCDMA solution needed for the 3G launch, including WCDMA wireless access network, core network, 3G mobile intelligent network, 3G mobile data service platform and applications. Huawei will be the sole supplier and main contractor of equipment for SUNDAY’s 3G network. SUNDAY’s 3G platform will be based on the GSM standard currently in use in Hong Kong and most markets around the world. It can also be extended to cover 3G technology based on the TD-SCDMA standard that is under development by Huawei, the 3G technology based on the TD-SCDMA standard which receives support from the Chinese government. The financing associated with the supply contract will support SUNDAY’s 3G roll out requirements. As such, the financing will give SUNDAY the flexibility to roll out its 3G services at the time and in the manner it sees as most appropriate, according to market realities. Details of the financing will be announced at a later date. Having a close partnership with a major domestic player in mainland China also fits with SUNDAY’s strategy for this market, where the company envisions many longer- term opportunities. In March 2002, SUNDAY opened a facility in Shenzhen, where 2
  • 3. Huawei is based, that now employs over 200 people, around one third of its total workforce. The company has also been active in the evolution of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) that has opened some initial avenues for Hong Kong-based telecommunications operators to enter the mainland China market. Huawei expects to realise considerable synergies from the agreement. “We are delighted to be working with SUNDAY on 3G. SUNDAY is a dynamic company. The partnership represents an ideal opportunity for us to develop our 3GSM platform, as we pursue our goal of becoming a global leader in networking and telecommunications equipment,” said Huawei’s Chairwoman, Sun Yafang. “We will leverage our worldwide resources to help SUNDAY roll out its 3G service to satisfy the needs of customers and the industry. Given our high quality, reliable network and ability to roll out services quickly, we believe that we can enhance the competitiveness of SUNDAY in Hong Kong.” In making the announcement, SUNDAY also reaffirmed its intention not to roll out 3G before late 2004. “SUNDAY has maintained a consistent strategy on 3G that has proven to be right in line with market developments,” said Mr. Hicks. “With Huawei, we are confident of having the right partner to be able to lead the industry in Hong Kong when we do launch -- in product innovation, consumer choice and value for money.” - End - About SUNDAY SUNDAY is an innovative developer and provider of wireless communications and data services in Hong Kong. SUNDAY began commercial operations in 1997. The company's core strategy is to capitalise on the convergence of wireless communications and data technologies to develop innovative services and solutions. SUNDAY’s commitment to be Hong Kong’s most creative mobile operator has led to the development and introduction of targeted wireless data applications and services that meet subscribers’ specific lifestyle needs. SUNDAY believes the future of Hong Kong’s mobile industry will be intricately linked with China, and as an important first step, has opened a facility in Shenzhen which is home to one- third of its total workforce. Owning a 3G mobile license, SUNDAY is well positioned to further develop a more advanced range of 3G wireless services, and is scheduled to launch 3G in late-2004. The partnership of SUNDAY and Huawei in the launch of 3G combines vast talent, resources and creativity of two of Hong Kong and China’s most entrepreneurial companies. For more information, please visit About Huawei Incorporated in 1988 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Huawei Technologies specializes in the R&D, production and marketing of telecoms equipment, providing customized network solutions in fixed network, mobile network, data communications 3
  • 4. network and telecom services, software & operation support system (OSS). Huawei is now a key player in China’s telecom market and is quickly becoming an active participant in the global telecom market. Currently Huawei focuses on such areas as WCDMA, CDMA2000, NGN, xDSL and data communications. Sales in 2003 are expected to reach 3.6 billion USD, of which one billion will be international sales. To date Huawei products have been deployed in over 40 countries including Germany, France, UK, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Egypt, Thailand and Singapore. Huawei has 22,000 employees. Huawei has been investing heavily in 3G and currently there are over 3500 engineers engaged in the R&D of 3G system with global 3G R&D institutes in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing of China and Sweden, India and the United States. Huawei has launched industry-leading total end-to-end WCDMA solution and has deployed over 20 trial networks both in and outside China. In MTNet tests organized by China’s MII, Huawei WCDMA system is leading among all the test participants from both China and abroad with all indexes being excellent. In the area of CDMA, Huawei CDMA2000 1X solution has been widely used in more than 20 countries including Portugal, Russia and Indonesia. In TD-SCDMA, Huawei has signed an agreement with Siemens to form a joint venture to focus on TD-SCDMA wireless solution. Starting from 2002, Huawei has also been investing heavily on 3G handsets and is planning to launch a series of them especially the low-cost 3G handsets. For more information, please visit For media enquiries, please contact: HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD SUNDAY Communications Limited Fu Jun Stella Wong Director, Dept of Corp Communications Corp Communications Manager Tel: (86-755) 2878-9428 Tel: (852) 2113-8251 Email: Mobile: (852) 9230-5501 Email: 4