Tactile Typography
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Tactile Typography



Dominique Falla's confirmation presentation as part of her DVA candidature.

Dominique Falla's confirmation presentation as part of her DVA candidature.



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Tactile Typography Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Dominique Falla DVA Candidate Tactile Typography in the New Aesthetic Supervisors: Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick (Theory) Dr. Dale Patterson (Visual) Confirmation presentation, 17 October, 2012
  • 2. Baby and mother [image: New Mom] Braille [image: Wikipedia] (top) Patting dog [image: Parenting Magazine]
  • 3. Apple iPad Apple trackpad (top) Microsoft mouse (bottom)
  • 4. Smart Phones Tablets (top) Computers (bottom)
  • 5. Tactile Typography
  • 6. Three Stages of Research 1. Designer/Artist 2. Tactile Typography 3. Tactile Typography in the New Aesthetic
  • 7. Research Question #1 Is there a third, distinct group of visual artists who inhabit the gap between graphic designers and fine artists? Designer/Artists.
  • 8. Beci Orpin Fleur Harris (top) Tuesday Bassen (bottom)
  • 9. Stefan Sagmeister Anna Garforth (top) Marian Bantjes (bottom)
  • 10. Flat White Spaces vinyl on MDF board
  • 11. Research Question #2 In an age where an abundance of digital technology and mass production has instigated a return to craft and the handmade, is there a place for “Tactile Typography”
  • 12. Fresh Crisp Mornings vinyl on paper Shared Vision laser cut paper (top) Colourblind Test buttons on canvas (bottom)
  • 13. Ideas are 1% inspiration 99% perspiration 8000 map pins and foam core
  • 14. Griffith 40th Anniversary Food typography made from edible gum paste
  • 15. Cut vinyl70th Birthday Invite
  • 16. Dominic Le Hair Yulia Brodskaya (top) Evelin Kasikov (bottom)
  • 17. Evelin Kasikov CMYK Embroidery.
  • 18. Relax & Unwind Nails and coloured thread
  • 19. I could do anything ... If only I could decide what it was embroidery thread and nails
  • 20. “We Are all a Part of the Same Thing” “Relax & Unwind” (top) “I could do Anything” (bottom)
  • 21. Pinterest www.pinterest.com
  • 22. Shared 22,204 times from one source on Tumblr. (typeworship.com)
  • 23. “Some people have a lot of patience” “I wish I had your patience” (top) “I also wish I had her patience” (bottom)
  • 24. Goodbye Helvetica Pin and string wall installation. 4.5m x 2.4m
  • 25. I cheated on you once ... paint on concrete Foam core giant a and vinyl window installation
  • 26. Photos of the installation by Camille Santiago
  • 27. “Reach out and touch it”
  • 28. Haphazard and eclectic spread from Novum Magazine [Nov 2012]
  • 29. String Art
  • 30. Sorting buttons Sanding a piece of Goodbye Helvetica (top) Gluing a typographic cake (bottom)
  • 31. Digital aesthetic reproduced in analogue, from “Goodbye Helvetica”
  • 32. Cross Stitched QR Code Pixel Portrait [Dulux paint swatches] (top) Beautiful Bitmaps “Q” [ribbon] (bottom)
  • 33. Douglas Coupland voxel sculpture Harvey Nicols ad (top) Voxelated Water in New York (bottom)
  • 34. Mitsubai Tokyo Za Bor Architects (top) Geometric Marilyn (bottom)
  • 35. Research Question #3 Is there a place for Tactile Typography within the emerging “New Aesthetic” Movement?
  • 36. Space Invaders graffiti Design Milk building (top) Interface pillow (bottom)
  • 37. Uniate: data-bending Thomas Squire: glitch Iggy (top) James Hatley: animated gif (bottom)
  • 38. Automatic light painting Michael Kosmicki: glitch book covers (top) Sound Waveform bracelet (bottom)
  • 39. Philip Stearns Glitch Textiles
  • 40. The work might also be about touch itself, for example: • touch a nerve • like a slap in the face • handy to have around • rub you up the wrong way • get under your skin • put your finger on the problem • hands tied behind your back • out of your hands • a little heavy-handed. Touch
  • 41. Final body of work will be tactile, typographic and presented in a gallery in a way that encourages touch. • large format art book • new aesthetic furniture • new aesthetic furnishings. The Future?
  • 42. In Conclusion Heat-fused beads