Welcome and introduction - Doorstep Sport Clubs


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Setting the scene for Doorstep Sport Clubs by StreetGames CEO Jane Ashworth

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  • WE work to change the participation ratios We do it in a way that improves communities
  • Welcome and introduction - Doorstep Sport Clubs

    1. 1. StreetGames• Changing lives• Changing communities• Changing sport
    2. 2. The problemProsperity Poverty• 42% 16-24 year olds are • 21% 16-24 year olds are coached coached• 38% compete • 17% compete• 43% are club members • 20% are club members• 45% achieve 3 x 30 mins • 27% active at 3x30 mins• 10% volunteer • 4% volunteer 2
    3. 3. Answering questionsWhat works to…• Make communities more active• Support people to develop• Provide feeling of belonging• Reduce anti-social behaviour• Grow sport
    4. 4. Doorstep sport is growing Start of StreetGames Sept 2008 Jan 2011 (Oct 2006)Number of projects 0 79 142Total participants 0 50,352 181,856Sport attendances 0 288,774 1,929,615Coaches used 0 1,763 5,723Volunteers recruited 0 1,134 7,051Qualifications gained 0 2,029 6,375Participants from 0 43,806 152,682deprived areasFemale participants 0 20,140 58,864Black and Minority 0 10,070 43,645Ethnic Participants
    5. 5. Case provenLandscape changed• GB-wide doorstep sport• Third sector• Local Authority outreach• Football clubs
    6. 6. London 2012 legacy• Inspire Mark• 250-1,000 communities• 350 Events• 1,000 Tickets• Olympic Torch Relay• Volunteers
    7. 7. Sporting habit for lifeAll about drop-off…• Club-school links• Opening up school facilities• Further education (FE) colleges• Disability• 1,000 Doorstep Sport Clubs
    8. 8. 10 core principles• Principle 1: Age, deprivation, multi- sport offer• Principle 2: Youth action• Principle 3: Equity• Principle 4: Doorstep Sport Clubs encourage lifelong participation• Principle 5: Specific sports in partnership with NGBs
    9. 9. 10 core principles cont…• Principle 6: Monitoring, evaluation, research• Principle 7: Brand• Principle 8: Financial sustainability• Principle 9: Partnership and collaboration• Principle 10: Workforce development
    10. 10. Lifelong participation• Drop-off• Health• Fun and well being• Sporting Capital research• Add to coaches’ toolkit
    11. 11. Right place, time, style
    12. 12. Youth Action spectrumLeadership VolunteeringShape the offer Help with sessionsSet the mood Help at eventsMake some decisions Qualification
    13. 13. Participant’s journeyPrinciple 5: deals with NGBs• Joins informal multi-sport session with friends• Plays 3 x 3: in league• Learns to use a gym• Sometimes goes to Aquatic Youth Club
    14. 14. Our offerAdd a package to youroffer• Cash/ in kind • Research• Varies between • Branding organisations • Advocacy• Doorstep Sport Advisor (DSA) support
    15. 15. StreetGames support for Doorstep Sport Clubs Doorstep Sport Clubs A network of youth-led StreetGames partners Sport Doorstep Sport Clubs (multi- England to support the sport hubs), reshaping sports growth of sport in provision for 1 million young disadvantaged areas people in disadvantaged communities in England.   Give and Go The Co-operative Legacy Leaders A fundraising Training Academy StreetGames Young Carrying the Inspire campaign to provide Providing low cost, Volunteers opportunities for Providing volunteering and Mark, SGLL provides high quality learning Us Girls disadvantaged youth community leadership doorstep sport opportunities for Providing doorstep to enjoy the opportunities to projects with contact doorstep sport sport for young experience of disadvantaged youth. with 2012 andcoaches, leaders and women aged watching live, elite   opportunities to volunteers about 16-25 sport celebrate the Games     
    16. 16. Us Girls support services• Provide workshops and ‘how to’ guides to support project workers on the ground• Interactive network meetings x 3 per annum• On line support - Marketing toolkit, monitoring and evaluation guide• Thematic updates- i.e. social media/delivering dance• Ambassador endorsements and visits• Bespoke events i.e. Us Girls Games• Annual conference and facilitative website www.usgirls.org.uk
    17. 17. END