Accessing school facilities | StreetGames National Conference 2013


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Presentation by Salter Sports' Rus Smith

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Accessing school facilities | StreetGames National Conference 2013

  1. 1. Accessing School FacilitiesRus Smith
  2. 2. Who am I• StreetGames Project – Salter Sports• At George Salter Academy based in• West Bromwich Central since 2007• Sport England use my services to assist inmaking secondary school sites moreaccessible as a part of Sport England Strategy
  3. 3. Successes• At my site -• Since 2007 – £1.5 Million in facilities andrevenue Sports programmes and projects.• 100,000 through put of attendances on aeducational site for StreetGames programmes.All Free and out of hours.
  4. 4. Barriers• Policy’s• Governance• Cost – whos opening / locking etc• Who’s going to clean up / left as found• Security• Sustainability• Linking to school “Outcomes”
  5. 5. So where to start• Who do you contact?
  6. 6. The Types of Schools• State / LEA Funded• AcademiesOrmiston / E-ACT etc• PFI schemes (Newbuild)
  7. 7. Talking Ofsted• How or where does StreetGames fit –• SMSC – apart of Ofsted Framework
  8. 8. SMSC• Spiritual -• How from Ofsted Framework StreetGames candeliver an Outstanding feature to a school –“ The development of an ethos where allRespect and grow together”Volunteers, Leadership, Learning new skills
  9. 9. SMSC• Moral• - Extra Curricular moral themes in Frameworkare – StreetGames fits all these -• Community Issues• Responsibility• Volunteering• Developing Relationships“Outstanding practice”
  10. 10. SMSC• Social –• On The Ofsted frame work for a School toevidence to gain Outstanding Practice –• Working with each other• Community Experiences• Volunteering and Peer mentoring• Living & Working together“Students will participate in activities relevant tothe community”
  11. 11. SMSC• Cultural –• Understand own culture• The use of Icons and images that associate withstudents. National Local / Role Models• Outstanding statement –“Communities embracing each other with acommon interest”• StreetGames can do all of this.
  12. 12. Pupil Premium• New experiences for students from these groups –• LACE• FSM eligible• EAL• This is £900 for the enrichment of the students.Example practice has been – Netball Club membership,Archery sessions, NGB qualification all easily evidencedby StreetGames.
  13. 13. Check the Policy• Most if have the Schools students will give you• A- A Discount• B – Free usage• C- if no policy assist them to make one.
  14. 14. Leadership / New Activities• PE Departments have Outcomes to meet for GCSE, BTEC and A- Level PE• Students can choose – Leadership , Officiating as an option as well asparticipation.• StreetGames can offer this and evidence as a part of the Coursework.• Same again with Participation in non traditional Sports – Parkour / Fencing/ Golf etc – Video of activity to send to exam board• Great link to the facilities to offer these new activities.
  15. 15. Overview• Talk Teacher / Educational talkMeet Outcomes for them-• SMSC , Pupil Premium, Ethos, Students of theschool, Excellence programmes etc• Make the right contact. The PE Department isalways the best way or the right one.
  16. 16. Further Help• Rus Smith• George Salter•