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Media question 1
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Media question 1



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  • 1. 1: In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms andConventions of Real Media Products? 1- The title of the magazine On my masthead I have only used the colours black and white, I have used these as I believe they are the classic rock and roll colours and the genre of my magazine is rock and roll. Therefore by doing this I have stuck to the codes and conventions of many existing rock magazines. However, simultaneously I have challenged them, while most rock magazines use a tough, sharp, bold font such as ‘Rockwell Extra Bold’ I have used a soft ‘Poplar Std’ this puts me at a different angle to all the other rock magazines currently out. My masthead could be compared to the, ‘Kerrang’ masthead, we have both used very similar colour schemes, although I opted for black font with a white background, but this still shows the common rock magazine conventions as, ‘Kerrang’ is possibly the biggest rock magazine currently circulating. 2- Mis En Scene of images I believe the mis en scene of my images follow the codes and conventions of magazines. In my pictures I have used a variety of different settings, from a derelict and abandoned skip to a forest to a park bench. These are all very similar to picture settings that would appear in ‘Kerrang’ or ‘NME’. As well as this the pictures also fit in with my magazine as I was trying to create a rock magazine and I believe the pictures represent the dark, unknown and mysterious culture of rock. In addition of this I have depicted the band members as rebels, and as if they differ from society follow their own rules and do not care what anyone else thinks but also are not bothered with anything. This is mainly captured in my contents as a band members mode of address, he looks away from the camera as if it does not interest him .
  • 2. 3- Costumes and propsI have tried to keep my costumes conventional throughout my magazine, forexample for my contents my main image is of a boy who is dressed in amixture of black and grey, these bleak colours convey the mood of rock musicand are usually what is found in real rock magazines. I have not directly usedprops however, on my cover I there are some tires with nails stuck in them, Ialso believe that these convey the barbaric and unpredictable side of rock.4-PeopleThe people I have used in my magazine are unconventional, usually in rock thebands consist of around 4+ members but mine only consists of two. However,both these people are males, which is usually expected and they are also young. This is vital in my plan as my magazine is aimed towards teenagers. Therefore by using young people I have created a band/ image with people who the audience canrelate to and even aspire to be like. Therefore due to my target audience itwould be more suitable to use a teenage band than a male band.
  • 3. 5- Title Font and Style I have used a traditions sans serif font throughout my magazine, I have used this because it appeals to my target audience, who are low to middle brow. Although the title I have done as edgy and dark and this fits in with my genre choice and many famous magazine such as ‘Kerrang’ use a similar style. 6- Written content I have tried to stick to existing codes and conventions for my text, I have done this by covering similar topics and areas of interest that real magazines would include. For example, I have information about upcoming tour dates and news about any new song or album releases etc.. All of these could be found in a real magazine. As well as this, my stand first follows the conventions of a magazine as they introduce the band at the start of the interview and inform the reader who the interview is with and a little about the band. 7-Music Genre And How Your Magazine Suggests It The music genre I chose for my magazine was rock, and I have kept this clear throughout by using a number of different devices, for example the limited colour pallet, sticking to mainly black and whites creates the dark and moody
  • 4. aspect of rock magazines andalso the scene and style of the imagesused. Also by using real rock bands onmy front cover and contents etc.. Realmagazines show their genres bytheir images and bands theyinclude, therefore I have followed theclassic codes and conventions.8- LayoutThe layout of my magazine is mainly conventional, with the Masthead being atthe top and to the left with a selling line accompanying it just underneath. Inaddition to this there is also my barcode date and price located in the bottomright hand corner, where it is normally located. Also the list of bands down theleft hand side of my contents page which is very stereo typical in magazines.