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Writing Centre Presentation


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  • 1. Welcome to the
    Higher College of Technology
  • 2. HCT Writing Centre
    Photo by Hamdy Hussein
  • 3. Background
    Writing Centres: An International Concept
  • 4. Writing Centres Have . . .
    Successfully helped students in schools, colleges, and universities since the 1970s
    Writing centres suit the special needs of students learning English as a second or foreign language
    With at least 30 major differences between the English and Arabic languages, these students face certain challenges; we are there to provide personalised assistance
  • 5. Most colleges and universities worldwide offer free writing centre services to their students
    Typical services offered by writing centres include help with structure and organisation of writing
  • 6. How the HCT Writing Centre Can Benefit the Student
    The HCT Writing Centre offers tutoring one-on-one, face-to-face, giving the student personalised attention
    Some students who are having specific difficulties will discuss them personally with the centre’s tutor but not with a teacher in a classroom
    Students with special needs in English can often be helped with the personal attention tutoring provides
  • 7. How the HCT Writing Centre Can Benefit the Student
    Marks can increase dramatically in all forms of study as this overflows into speaking, reading, and listening
    Tutoring, if done correctly, can greatly improve a students’ self-esteem as the student and tutor are on the level. Body language and the approach of the tutor are essential
    There are many more benefits for student, teacher, and tutor
  • 8. Existing Centres in the Gulf Region
    College of the North Atlantic—DohaSeveral of our lecturers attended an international writing centre symposium there in October 2007
    The American University of SharjahSharjah has a small writing centre located in their library. They have a staff of 14 tutors, and they hold regular workshops
  • 9. Existing Centres in the Gulf Region
    University of BahrainThis a newly-established Centre seems to be very organised, and they have already created a Web site
    University of QatarThe University of Qatar has a Web-based writing facility (available only through their intranet)
  • 10. Last week, the Higher College of Technology opened the first writing centre in Oman!
  • 11. Purpose
    Higher College of Technology
    Writing Centre
  • 12. Information for teachers . . .
    We are there for your students when they need individual help with their writing
    We assist students in developing their ability to edit and revise their own writing
    We provide one-on-one counselling with students—this is impossible during class time
    We take referrals from teachers and provide written feedback
    We allow students to make appointments--we want students to seek help on their own
  • 13. Three Components of a Writing Centre
  • 14. It is a place to turn when a student needs individual help with writing
    It is a source for materials: We provide ready access to handouts, dictionaries and other resource books
    It is a starting point for access to online resources for the student writer with our virtual writing lab
  • 15. How to Use the Centre
  • 16. HCT Writing Centre
    Signs like this are posted in and around the Self-Access Centre
    We are located in Room 240
  • 17. Teacher Referrals
  • 18. Appointments or Walk-ins
  • 19. Appointments
    Students are asked to use the sign-up sheet at the front desk at the Self Access Centre in order to schedule appointments; we have rules about missed appointments
    Teachers have the option to send students with referral form
    In the future, students will be able to schedule appointments through our Web site
  • 20. Current Staffing
  • 21. Next Week’s Student Scheduling
  • 22. Evaluation
    Records of students’ names and ID numbers in order to track their progress--database
    Writing marks—compare with database to see how students are benefitting
  • 23. Remember Some of the Basic Guidelines of the Writing Centre
    We only offer individual, one-on-one counselling
    We help students to solve a variety of writing problems on their own
    We can work with students on any level
    We do not write papers for students or guarantee good marks—but we can help
    We can also help increase a students’ self-esteem and confidence
  • 24. Our Writing CentreIs an Evolving Process
    Any Comments or Suggestions are Welcome!
  • 25. And one last note . . .
    We need resources!
  • 26. HCT Writing Centre, 27 February 2008