DohertyWhite Social Media presentation to Women in Business network
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DohertyWhite Social Media presentation to Women in Business network



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    DohertyWhite Social Media presentation to Women in Business network DohertyWhite Social Media presentation to Women in Business network Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media for Small Business
      Growing sales through more effective marketing
      Donegal Women in Business
      Letterkenny, June 2011
    • Agenda
      • How to drive sales, generate leads and increase revenue using Social Media Marketing
      • Today when people want to buy something the first place they look is the web, whether they’re looking for shoes, a car or a house
      • People spend a lot of their time using Social media – Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn ...
      • You can use social networks to raise awareness of your business and to sell your products and services
      • During this presentation I’ll be describing why social media marketing should be included in your promotional activities and how you can get started
    • Contents
      What is Social Media
      Why Social Media?
      How to do it – overall approach
      Your Website
    • Introduction to DohertyWhite
      What we do
      We help businesses generate more sales through better marketing
      Digital Marketing and PR consulting
      Website and social media design and implementation
      Marketing Automation software
    • Introduction to DohertyWhite
      • Co-founder and MD of DohertyWhite since Oct 2009
      • Enterprise Ireland Marketing mentor to 20 early stage firms
      • Donegal County Enterprise Board mentor
      • Expertise in online marketing, sales and marketing processes, strategy and general business consulting
      • Ex Head of Marketing at Singularity – helped double revenue in 2 years, won the Irish Software Association Sales Achievement award 2008
      • Senior Software Product Manager at Siemens, Senior Business Analyst with Elavon, Management Consultant with Deloitte & Touche, Implementation Manager with Misys Corporation, software developer with AIB Bank
      • Ex-Member of Forrester Research Technology Marketing Executive Council
      • Trinity College Dublin Computer Science graduate (1990), Post-Grad Dip. Computing (2004)
      Michael White
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      What is Marketing?
      • The purpose of marketing is help you acquire new customers
      • Lots of tools you can use – advertising, PR, website, radio, direct marketing ...
      How do I reach them?
      My potential customers
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      What is Marketing?
      Press ads
      Direct Mail
      Google ads
      Social Media
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      What is Social Media Marketing?
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      What is Social Media Marketing?
      • Why will people share your status updates?
      • What do you want to happen when they do?
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      What is Social Media Marketing?
      • Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, blogging, slideshare...
      • Generate interesting stuff people want to see, read, hear
      • Publish it everywhere, with links back to you
      • Share interesting stuff you find on the web
      • Connect with people you’ve worked with or who you find informative
      • Interactive rather than one way communication
      • Now everyone can contribute, write, edit, shoot video, record audio
      • People/customers can talk back, engage, ask questions
      • You’ll get more web traffic, visitors, business
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      Why focus on Social Media?
      Because your prospective customers will find you before you them.
      • The first place people look for products or services is online – primarily Google and now Facebook
      • The first place someone looks after contact is your web-site or your Facebook page. What’s on your site that would encourage them to become a customer?
      • Will they find you? How do you compare with competing sites?
      • If you are promoting yourself the same way you did 10 years ago then you’re doing something wrong
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      Why focus on Social Media?
      1. Because it makes business sense
      • More cost effective – Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn are free
      • Greater impact – you can market to 1000s for same price as 100s
      • Small businesses can look like big businesses
      • Small businesses can access bigger potential markets
      2. Because people buy differently today
      • People’s buying habits are changing
      • They start shopping by looking on the web, especially Google and Facebook
      • They are buying online more frequently, and this will increase
      Basically, you can generate more sales at less cost
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      Why focus on Social Media?
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      Why focus on Social Media?
      Source: Espresso at
    • What is Social Media Marketing?
      Why focus on Social Media?
      • 550 million plus users worldwide
      • 1.5 million plus in Ireland
      • 60% female, 40% male
      • 37% over age of 35
      Facebook users by age
    • How to do it
      Who are your target customers?
      What are you selling to them?
      What are your objectives? Sales? Traffic? Subscribers?
      Set out a list of activities
      Monitor your progress
    • How to do it
      Connect to Website
    • How to get started
      • What? Basically like a website that you can easily edit and update
      • Why? Draws more traffic to your web-site, leads, sales
      • Can form the basis for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter marketing
      • Allows readers to provide feedback
      • Can paste in YouTube videos, SlideShare slides
      • Decide who you’re targeting
      • Mix of entries – news, opinion, video, photos, informative
      • Set a schedule e.g. once a week
      • Use images and video
      • Basic, medium and rich posts, light & heavy
      • Strong headlines
    • How to do it
      Why start a blog?
    • How to do it
      How to start a blog?
      • Keep posts short – 200 to 300 words
      • Write about how you do your job, how to use a product, trends in your sector, “top 10 tips”
      • Long enough to cover everything important, short enough to keep people wanting to see more
      • Put in images and videos, otherwise visually boring
      • Have a “Call to action” at the end – offer people something, get them to do something
    • How to do it
      • Why do you care? - over 1.5 million active users in Ireland
      • Lots of your customers
      • 2nd most trafficked website
      • Get found, promote your stuff, connect with others
      • Get started: Set up a personal page first
      • Connect with friends, join groups
      • Set up a business page second
      • Put links to your facebook pages on emails, web-site, ….
      • Encourage people to “Like” your page
      • Set up and promote events
      • Test Facebook ads
    • How to do it
      1. Set up and fill-in your Personal Profile
      2. Set up Facebook Business Page (not Group and not Personal page)
      3. Put links on your website, email signature, press ads
      4. Encourage people to ‘Like’ you
      5. Find other pages that have high numbers of your target customers, “Like” them and post to their wall
      6. Post videos, make offers, upload photos – keep up a steady stream of content on a frequent schedule e.g. aim for every 2nd or 3rd day
    • How to do it
      Make sure you have the “follow” and “like” buttons on your site and blog comments – and “like” is more important
    • How to do it
      Who are you targeting?
      What are your goals in using Facebook for your business?
      • Sales
      • Conversions
      • Facebook “Likes”
      • Traffic to your website / blog
      • Email subscriptions
      Set specific targets
      • Increase sales by XX%
      • Grow Facebook likes by YY%
      Implement Facebook Marketing Activities
      • Welcome page
      • “Like” button on your website and blog
      • Facebook insights
      • Google analytics
      • AllFacebookStats
    • How to do it
    • How to do it
      • Try Facebook ads
      • 11 targeting factors
      • Includes location, age, birthday, sex, workplace, education and interests
      • So, could run ads to women only in 30 to 40 age bracket in your area to test the results
    • How to do it
      Sell directly from your Facebook page
    • How to do it
      • Why? To draw online traffic, and to sell to people 24 hours a day
      • Video yourself talking about your product or service
      • Relate to your business – e.g. “how I design wedding cards”
      • Video a customer talking about themselves and working with you
      • Home-made is good
      • Sign-up on YouTube (2 minutes and its free)
      • Post it on YouTube, and customize your YouTube page
      • Link to YouTube from your website, blog, Twitter ….
    • How to do it
      • Professional network
      • 250,000 users in Ireland
      • 100 million worldwide
      • So people can find you
      • So you can find prospective customers – ‘ prospecting’
      • So you can promote events
      • Create your personal profile
      • Connect to people you know
      • Join Groups
      • Get staff to create their profiles and connect
      • Create company profile
      • Fill out company product and services
    • How to do it
    • How to do it
      • What: Listen, Tweet, Respond
      • Why?: Traffic to your website, inbound links, leads, sales
      • How: 140 character “tweets”
      • E.g. press release headline
      • Can also insert links to stuff you like/find interesting
      • Follow others e.g. customers, influencers
      • Make your tweets useful e.g. links to web-site, video, news item
      • Tweet about good stuff your business is doing
      • Customer service
    • How to do it
      • Create your personal account
      • Look for people to follow
      • Tweet about special offers, news, discounts
      • Link to your blog – tweet all your posts
      • Link to press releases – tweet all your releases
      • Link to your Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts
      • Put “Follow us” buttons on your email, website, blog
      • Check out what happens on Google analytics – e.g. can see people clicking on Tweet, coming to blog, then coming to your website
    • How to do it
      Dublin bus – special ticket discounts
      • Running last minute promotional discounts
      • Twitter followers receive offers via mobile phone
    • How to do it
      • Free storage area to put up slide presentations, word documents, PDF documents
      • Really useful for anyone involved in professional services
      • (Will post our slides here after the seminar)
      • Can collect leads from people who download your content
      • Can place stuff here and link to it from your blog
      • Can also record voice over on your slides then post it here, then link to your blog or website – good for recording a sales pitch or product demo
    • How to do it
      Put share buttons and Facebook “Like”button on your home page
      Connecting with your website
      Make sure all staff put all contact details and social media connections on the ‘signature’ of their emails
      Put “Follow us” buttons on all pages of your site and on your blog
      Put Facebook “Like” button everywhere on your site and blog
    • How to do it
      Connecting with your website
      Example site –
      “Follow us” buttons
      Blog entries are displayed on home page, and all blog posts are also automatically shown on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
      News section that gets updated and feeds Facebook and Twitter
      YouTube videos are displayed, and there is also a link to their YouTube channel
    • Wrap-up
      Some key points
      • Who – who are you selling to, and what are they interested in?
      • Commit weekly resources
      • Integrate what you are doing with your overall promotional plans
      • Use social media to support offline promotions too – sales, events
      • Start blogging first - it’s the basis of the other stuff
      • Regularly generate content – blog posts, tweets, video, images
      • Focus most on the platforms that drive best results – probably Facebook and a blog for most B2C and SME businesses
      • Put in clear calls to action in your social media posts – if you don’t ask you won’t get
      • Analyse and measure your performance – web traffic, likes, sales enquiries, sales leads, revenue increase
    • Wrap-up
      Some random thoughts
      • Content – do you offer discounts (buy attention) or good information (earn interest?). Depends on what you’re selling and your target customers
      • Check out Gary Vaynerchuk –
      • Setting objectives – “Likes”, web visitors
      • Vendorshop on Facebook – F-commerce
      • And remember – if you don’t know how to do something, just do a search on Google or Bing – someone somewhere will have written an article or recorded a video explaining how to do it
      • Small and micro businesses should remember the proverb “An ténachmbíonnláidirnífolláirdóbheithglic” – He who is not strong must be clever
    • Thank You
      Twitter @michaelgwhite
      Mobile +353 86 383 8981
      Phone +353 7493 81986