Is human evil or good2


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Is human evil or good2

  1. 1. Quotes for Good side “We’re having a meeting. Come and join in.” (pg.16) This quote demonstrates that when boys include others, it grows deeper friendship/relationship.
  2. 2. Quotes for Evil side “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood. (pg.69)” Based on this quote, this tells that boys are getting more savage and becoming more violence.
  3. 3. Great ThinkersGOOD SIDE: -GANDHI -MENCIUSEvil Side: -Xunzi -Lincoln
  4. 4. MENCIUS-Human nature’s being good is like water’stending downward. There is no water thatdoes not tend downward.-There is no human who does not tendtoward goodness.-The humans can be caused to not be goodis due to their natures also being like this.”
  5. 5. GANDHI“Human nature is regarded as fundamentally virtuous. All individuals are believed to be capable of high moral development, and of reform” sophy.html“Mans nature is not essentially evil. Brute nature has been known to yield to the influence of love. You must never despair of human nature.”
  6. 6. XUNZI-People’s nature is bad. Their goodness is matter of deliberate effort.-Now people’s nature is such that they are born with a fondness of profit.-They are born with feelings of hate and dislike.-They are born with desires of the eyes and ears, fondness for beautiful sights and sounds.
  7. 7. LINCOLN “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.”
  8. 8. Media IS HUMAN NATURE GOOD OR EVIL?① Some people believe that human beings are born good, while others believe in the doctrineof original sin. Which ethical doctrine do you believe in? Do you think we have innategoodness or human nature is evil? Recently, U.S. researchers conducted a very interestingstudy and found the answer for the age-long question!② Until now, many psychologists believed that babies are born “amoral animals” and theyacquire a sense of right and wrong through education as they grow up. However, a team ofpsychologists from the Infant Cognition Center at Yale University found through a serious ofexperiments that man is born good and even tiny babies can tell right from wrong!
  9. 9. IS HUMAN NATURE GOOD OR EVIL?③ In their study, the researchers asked babies of various ages to choose between characters whichthey had seen behaving well or badly. Most of the babies overwhelmingly favored the goodcharacters. In an experiment where one-year-old babies were shown a puppet show, some babieseven smacked a mean puppet on the head!④ In another experiment, babies aged between six months and a year old watched an animated filmin which a red ball tries to climb a hill while a yellow square tries to help push it up from behind and agreen triangle tries to force it back down. At the end of the film, the researchers tested which shapethe babies favored. More than 80 percent of them chose the helpful yellow square over the unhelpfulgreen triangle.⑤ “We found through well-designed experiments that babies are able to tell right from wrong fromthe age of six months,” said Paul Bloom who led the study. “Our study showed that babies havemoral thought, moral judgment and moral feeling even in their first year of life. A growing body ofevidence suggests that humans do have a fundamental moral sense from the very start of life.”⑥ So, what do you think? Do you agree with the new findings or do you still believe that humannature is evil? Personally, I„m relieved to learn that human nature is good!
  10. 10. Rousseau vs. Hobbes (GOOD VS. EVIL)The English philosopher Tomas Hobbes argued that humans are bad, and that thereforeassertion of authority is necessary in order to prevent civil chaos. John Locke agreedwith Hobbes that people are often selfish, but also believed that human nature ischaracterized by reason and tolerance; the combination of these ideas is sometimescalled enlightened self-interest. Lockes ideas figured significantly in theEnlightenment, strongly influenced the founding fathers of the United States ofAmerica, and also figured prominently in the thinking of later philosophers includingRousseau.Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued that that humans are good bynature but are corrupted by society. Rousseau also argued that the state of natureeventually degenerates into a brutish condition without law or morality, at which point thehuman race must adopt institutions of law or perish – seemingly agreeing with Hobbes onthe necessity for imposition of authority – but also believed that sovereignty should be inthe hands of the people, while Hobbes apparently felt that the nature of the relationshipshould be rather looser, with the sovereign having only a "moral obligation" to make gooddecisions.The opposing viewpoints of Hobbes and Rousseau often arise in discussions of political and are typically referred to as Hobbes vs. Rousseau.
  11. 11. Personal ExperienceGoodEven though I was doing something my own, I helped friends whenthey needed my help. From this situation, I think this can show thegood nature of manBadI think the nature of man is evil because in some cases, when thereare some bad or difficult situation, people try to do evil things to getout of that situation
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