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  • 1. 4 GOALS FOR PROMOTING URBAN CYCLING mikael colville-andersen copenhagenize consulting
  • 2. Vacuum Cleaner Culture copenhagenvacuumchic.com vacuumize.com
  • 3. We don’t have cyclists in Copenhagen... who are these crazy people?!
  • 4. 500,000 people. 37% of commuters. 55% in city centre. 80% cycle all winter.
  • 5. 500,000 people. 37% of commuters. 55% in city centre. 80% cycle all winter. Not “cyclists”.
  • 6. Citizen Cyclists.
  • 7. The Modern Copenhagen Experience - Three decades [doable in 5-10 years] - Slowly & steadily - All the mistakes have been made - Visionary political decision- making
  • 8. Bicycle Culture 2.0 History repeating itself. It worked before - it’ll work again. It ain’t synchronized swimming. It’s our history.
  • 9. Goal #1 A2B-ism. Simple anthropology. Get me there quick. Half the battle won.
  • 10. Why do Copenhageners ride? 56% - Quick & Easy. 19% - Good exercise. 6% - Inexpensive. 1% - Environment.
  • 11. History’s Greatest Marketing Flop Environmentalism. 4 decades of finger-wagging & guilt trips. Few results. Sounds like bicycle advocacy. . .
  • 12. Goal #2 Applying Basic Marketing Techniques to Urban Cycling. Fantastic product for individuals & society. More focus on the positive not the negative.
  • 13. Urban Cycling: A multi-vitamin Viagra pill for the urban landscape.
  • 14. Cycling sold as: Difficult. Expensive. Dangerous. Sweaty. Sub-cultural.
  • 15. Cycling [& A2B-ism] sold as: Glamourous. Affordable. Ennobling. Effortless. Mainstream.
  • 16. A bold, precocious playmate for your palate. Cheeky and yet flirtacious. Well-designed to dance tango with red meat, excellent cheese and sultry Italian fashionistas. Grapes hand-picked by large- breasted virgins.
  • 17. Experience dizziness & nausea! Vomit on your shoes! Embarrass yourself in public! Enjoy a mind-numbing hangover and lose a day of your life! Become an alcoholic, lose your job, family and die penniless with liver disease!
  • 18. Hero Brand
  • 19. Marketing Cars: Bicycles taught them everything they know. A century perfecting the art of selling cars. Never a negative word despite overwhelming facts.
  • 20. Motoring Helmets - 1980’s “You have made a sound decision to purchase a Davies Craig Motoring Helmet. Wear it without feeling self-conscious. Ul- timately, motoring helmets will become commonplace. In the meantime, you will be a leader whom those who may consider your good sense misplaced will surely follow.”
  • 21. Motoring Helmets - 2001 “In 44 percent of cases of car occupant head injury, a protective headband, such as the one illustrated, would have provided some benefit. The potential benefit of such a device (reduced societal Harm) is as high as $380 million. Head injuries reduced by between 25%-67% depending on material used.” University of Adelaide/Monash University Road Accident Research Unit
  • 22. Public Service Logic
  • 23. Goal #3 Stop Ignoring the Bull. The Sacred Bull in Society’s China Shop. Look at the problem. Deal with the problem. Restrict movement. Medicate. Castrate..
  • 24. anthropology “personal emotional mobility?“
  • 25. tribal dance
  • 26. Goal #4 Re-democratisation Re-branding urban cycling. Separation from sub-cultures. Re-humanising it. For The Common Good & Liveable Cities.
  • 27. The Good News from Copenhagen Copenhagen: $1.10 profit for every km cycled. 53 cents: Value of living 7 extra years. 22 cents: Value of being less ill whilst alive. 35 cents: Value of health costs saved.
  • 28. More Good News Denmark: +25 cents profit for every km cycled. -16 cents net loss for every km driven.
  • 29. Monumental Motion Orchestra of human-power. Human architecture. Urban Mobility legacy. Everyone wants to live somewhere nice.
  • 30. Barcelona. 5% modal share. 30 km/h zones
  • 31. Dublin. Over 30,000 bike share subscribers
  • 32. Paris. 2 million private bikes sold.
  • 33. “The steel horse fills a gap in modern life, it is an answer not only to its needs, but also to its aspirations. It’s quite certainly here to stay.”
  • 34. “The steel horse fills a gap in modern life, it is an answer not only to its needs, but also to its aspirations. It’s quite certainly here to stay.” Le Vélocipède Illustré, 1869 World’s first cycling magazine
  • 35. bye bye