Mila said poppa said she was not going to see her mama again and slapped her face when she was crying for her mama


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Mila said poppa said she was not going to see her mama again and slapped her face when she was crying for her mama

  1. 1. Dear Working Group on LD 1143 and Maine DV/Sexual Assault Commission;Since Mr. Waxman was forwarded the email I sent to the group in connection with my case(which is why I wrote and advocated for LD1143) I thought the group should see Mr. Waxman’smost recent emails: • “I shall respond with all the legal and ethical weapons in my arsenal. Your clients day of reckoning is fast approaching.”If this is not a threat, I’m not sure what is. We have been saying that Mr. Waxman is using thelaw as a weapon against me and my daughter, that he has taken over the role of abuser from myformer husband. Here he admits to exactly that. Mr. Waxman has also tried to threaten everylawyer who has represented me. Just one example from Mr. Waxman to Bill Harwood: • “I promise you I shall file motion after motion after motion and you will expend a prodigious amount of time on this case”Those of you who are lawyers are, I believe, obligated by Maine Bar Rules to report to the Bar alawyer who is in violation of the Bar. Clear intent of abuse of process and threats are clearviolations of the Bar.The court has granted a temporary protection from harassment order for me and my daughteragainst Mr. Waxman. This after I learned that Mila is spending overnights with Mr. Waxman andshe started coming home asking me “why does Michael love me Mama?” This must be thedefinition of extreme emotional distress to hear my three-year old daughter ask me this about aman who has vowed, and filed motion after motion asking for such, that he will stop at nothingto remove my daughter from me.That a lawyer can do what Mr. Waxman is doing to me and my daughter provides no clearerexample to this group and Maine Judiciary Committee of how broken Maine Family Courts areand why we need to change the law._____________________From: []Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 7:16 PMTo: Harwood, William; sophiespurr@gmail.comCc:; Igor-Malenko@idexx.comSubject: Fwd:Bill and Sophie:Below is Loris latest salvo. Igor and I fully expect that she is positioning herself to file yet another PFA,likely up there in Sophies neck of the woods. I really, really hope that neither of you has had anyinvolvement in this, honestly.
  2. 2. You should know that these claims are completely false. Igor does NOT discuss Lori with Mila at all,except to suggest that it might be nice to talk to her on the phone. What would the purpose be of doingthat? He is well aware that little Mila loves both of her parents. Nor does he hit her, under anycircumstances, at any time.Ms. Handrahan has no business cross-examining Mila every time she returns from a visit. This is notgood for Mila. Igor does not do this. No good parent does.Moreover, to the extent that either of you is advising her to try and make use of these fictitiousstatements, you should know from this case already that anything that Ms. Handrahan or anyone elseclaims a 3 year old child says is inadmissible hearsay, and Mila is an incompetent witness. So these"statements" have absolutely no probative value. Period. Ive tried a lot more cases than the two of youcombined, and I know the rules of evidence, as does Judge Moskowitz.We suspect that Ms. Handrahan wishes to travel with Mila during the Christmas vacation, even thoughdoing so would interfere with Igors visitation rights and even though Judge Moskowitz previously deniedher Motion to permit her to travel with Mila. We suspect that she will file a false PFA, again, and then dowhatever she pleases with Mila, because thats just how Ms. Handrahan rolls.Igor and I are really getting sick and tired of this behavior, of this incessant fighting, and of YOURwillingness to compound the problems for this poor little girl by encouraging and enabling this divisive,malicious conduct. I have already put Ms. Spurr on notice that I intend to ask Judge Staples or JudgeMoskowitz for sanctions against her regarding the merit-less PFH she is helping Ms. Handrahanprosecute. Bill, you have already shown me and the Court that you are willing to make falserepresentations to the Court about my conduct, and about Ms. Handrahans relocation, and I gave you afree pass. Im telling you both right now that I shall no longer countenance any more unprofessional andunethical behavior.If you continue to enable a mentally ill client to harm a little girl and her loving father by making falserepresentations and/or prosecuting merit-less actions, I shall respond with all the legal and ethicalweapons in my arsenal. Your clients day of reckoning is fast approaching, she is getting increasinglydesperate and out of control, and a little girls well-being hangs in the balance. Does either of you thinkabout Mila at all while doing Ms. Handrahans bidding? You really ought to break out of character and trythat sometime.I am so sick of Ms. Handrahans disgusting shenanigans I could scream.Michael J. Waxman, Esq.One Monument Way, Ste. 206P.O. Box 375Portland, Maine 04112-0375(207) 772-9558 phone(207) 772-9567 faxwww.waxmanlaw.usFrom: lorihandrahan5@gmail.comTo: igormalenko@hotmail.comSubject:Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 15:04:20 -0500Igor,This is the second time that Mila has come home and told me that Poppa said she is going to live withhim and that she won’t see her Mama anymore. She also said that you slapped her face when she wascrying that she wanted her mama.