FAX NO.                                Dec. 17 2007 03:05PM    P1 12/5/08To: KenFrom: LesleyRe: IGORS DISINFORMATION PROCE...
I   -lM :                                                    FAX NO.                                     Dec. 17 2007 03:0...
To Lori: Felt terrible about violence to dog during their courtship. Igor threw hot food at I.oriwhen she was pregnant. Th...
lr1 :                                      FAX NO. :                             Dec.   17 2007 03: 07pr1 P2          the ...
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Devoe matrix of lies


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Devoe matrix of lies

  1. 1. FAX NO. Dec. 17 2007 03:05PM P1 12/5/08To: KenFrom: LesleyRe: IGORS DISINFORMATION PROCESSIGORS CHIDHOOD ABUSE:To Macedonian Court: "The emotional climate within the family is good. No existence ofconflicts between members."To G.A.L.: He was Uphysically and emotionally abused by father."To Psychologist: "He describes a very positive relationship with all family members and denIedthe presence of domestic violence or physical. emotional, Of sexual abuse in childhood."To Lori: Significant abuse, implying ftnanclal abuse by attorney father who never worked andby brother v.v. his wife.To therapist at True North: As reported by G.A.l. "badly abused during entire childhood". Intelephone conversation with me (grandmother told him to leave at age twelve or his fatherwould kill him."16 YEAR OLD ASSAULT:To Macedonian Court: "Started walking to the damaged, he hit damaged with his head in areaof the forehead, only intention was to scare the damaged."To G.A.L: Cites from report "important, hit the boy in his head with his head causing a veryserious life threatening injury ....his intention was to scare from the report", no indication ofdirect questioning of Igor on this incident.To Psychologist: "During a scrimmage, he struck his friend, the friend fell backwards and hit hishead, sending him into a coma for several months grateful for the automatic psychologicalsupport as he was upset and depressed at the time ...injufY was not Intentional."To Lori: It was an accident (see Aug. 08 email), Igor took him to the hospital himself, he feltterrible about it- People treated him differently aftarward.To True North staff: When he hit Loris hand hard, he wanted her to stop saying things and ittriggered the experience when he was 16 years old and the boy would not stop teasing him. Hegot angry and hurt the boy significantly. .
  2. 2. I -lM : FAX NO. Dec. 17 2007 03:06PM P1 OOMESTIC ABUSE EPISODE WITH JAR To Police: Igor admitted throwing a plastic bottle of peanut butter at his wife because he was upset at her not letting him watch. their daughter. To G,A.L.: He "swept the peanut butter jar off the table ... the jar hit the wall and refrigerator ...Lori was out of her mlnd." To Psychologist: It was "an empty peanut butter jar ..J pushed it away and it went off the table ..J truthfully didnt think the jar came close to her," She noted that Igor told the police that he threw the bottle of peanut butter at his wife but did not comment on the discrepancy. ISSUE OF IGORS MENTAL IllNESS To Macedonian Army ": I told them lwas really depressed to get out of it. To Lori: Too depressed and anxious to work. To David Pritchard: Loris search for "right diagnosis" and too many changes are the problem but Igor is too depressed to work and parent. 10 True North Staff; Too depressed/anxious to work. To Psychologist: Not mentally ill, Lori is the problem. "Igor not concerned reo his emotional issues ...very high stress tolerance. ..good coping resources" yet she recommends therapy 2/wk. To G.A.L.: "He is very upset at Lorls diagnosing of him ..•he is concerned about her thinking that would lead her to behave in that way ...he admits to serious anxiety, accepts PTSD as dlegnosls.i.He links diagnostic attempts by lori with attempts to take Mila away from him ...Lori has a rescue fixation.! IGORS USE OF VIOLENCE To Both Psychologists and G.A.L: Its situational, a reaction to Loris pressure for him to get help or 3 job and to parenting stress. To True North Staff: The hard hand slapping was triggered by memories of the assault at age sixteen.
  3. 3. To Lori: Felt terrible about violence to dog during their courtship. Igor threw hot food at I.oriwhen she was pregnant. This was during a period when Lori was not looking for diagnoses orexpecting him to work.IGORS CONTRIBUTION TO HOUSEHOLD RESPONSIBILITIESTOPsychologist: lilt wasnt enough I was taking care ofthe house and Mila full-time." lori didnot have a lot of contact with Mila. No mention of flat spot on Milas head and fact lori co-sleptwith Mila while Igor slept in separate room.To Pritchard: Contract necessary to help Igor do work around the house, stop pressuring reojob.To G.A.L.:.No explanation from Igor reo why the Portland Orthopedic physician was concernedin April of 2007 that tMila had a flat spot on the side of her head from being in the car seat nextto toris desk while she was working." In telephone conversation to me G.A.L said she had noquestion that Lori did all the work at the house.IGORS RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEYTo Psychologist: il never borrowed anything from anyone ...Lori was too free with money •.•soimpulsive."Broker paints different picture: Lori more conservative financially and Igor talked her intobuying more expensive house.Lori paid off Igors $20,000 debt early in relationship. Igor drained MilaJs college fund, andspent freely on torts credit cards.MY CONCLUSIONSIgor was the most dlshonest to the psychologist Carol Kabacoff. I would imagine th.i;l-t that wouldseriously compromise her test results and conclusions. He told some truth to Liz bu(sn.e did notsee the seriousness of the pattern of disinformation and missed the implications to Mila, Thereis dearly a pattern of violence and flight from accountability that preceded his.relatlonshlp withLori. He even admits he lied to get out of the service. Igor was very skilled at moving the focusto Loris mental status and off him and the professionals bought it even though the evidence to i
  4. 4. lr1 : FAX NO. : Dec. 17 2007 03: 07pr1 P2 the contrary was impressive. Igor totally misrepresented his role in the family. His dysfunction would have understandably resulted in desperate attempts by Lori to get help, frustration that it was aU on her and fear reo what his rages might mean to Mila if she were not present to protect her. The slide off the truth is important to understand in assessment of risk in domestic abuse cases. Even Igors link of pool safety as a justification for total control of others around Milas bath routine reflects an important cognitive distortion that was never challenged.