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Taking a look at the current state of publishing in Ireland, this presentation weighs the pros and cons of various publishing models - traditional publishing, self-publishing, assisted publishing.

Prospective authors face many obstacles in their bid to get the attention of publishers. We look at both the emerging and declining trends in publishing, positing the idea of Assisted Publishing as a potential solution to authors and writers who may be considering the self-publishing or independent publishing route.

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Assisted publishing

  1. 1. Publish or Be Damned?
  2. 2. Irelands Literary Tradition Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett, Sean OCasey, Flann OBrien, Francis Ledwidge Maeve Bincy, Roddy Doyle, Patricia Scanlan, Joseph OConnor, Cathy Kelly, Seamus Heaney, Cecilia Ahern, Anne Enright Thousands and thousands of ordinary folk, like you and me!
  3. 3. What is it about being published? Seeing your name in print Holding your book in your hand with your name on the cover Sense of achievement Feeling of approval
  4. 4. A Dose of RealityBook Publishers in Ireland − Six General Fiction publishers − One or two for Poetry − Two or Three Childrens Book publishers − Four or Five Historic Fiction − Six publishers of non-fiction − Four Educational Books publishersMany are losing money
  5. 5. Book Trade in Ireland Dominated by Easons – over 50 stores Waterstones and Hughes & Hughes 50 Independent Book Sellers Book revenues are declining Borders have closed
  6. 6. Book Publishing in Ireland Average publisher of general fiction publishes about 12 new titles a year Less than 100 general fiction new titles a year in total Compete with British, American and overseas titles
  7. 7. Other Avenues for Getting Published  Newspapers  Magazines  Journals  Blogs  Newsletters
  8. 8. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer Preparing your manuscript Writing your covering letter Putting it in the post (SAE) Waiting an eternity Rejection letter – Sorry! Start all over again
  9. 9. The Publishing Process Agent Commissioning or Acquisitions Editor Acquisition Meeting – Advanced Information Sheet Outside readers Rights Department
  10. 10. The Publishing Process (contd) Structural Editor Copy Editor – first, second, final proof Designer – cover, text layout Typesetting Proof reading Uncorrected proof Sign off
  11. 11. The Publishing Process (contd) Printing, binding, packing Warehousing Marketing Sales Distribution Retailing Returns Royalties (if youre lucky!)
  12. 12. Rejection is not always about quality It mainly means that the publishers doesnt think they can make money out of your book − Established names − Well worked niches − Proven formulas − Celebrity appeal Declining market, therefore publishers takes less risk − Unlikely to invest in new authors
  13. 13. Whats the alternative? Give up and be damned Vanity Publishing (spend a fortune) Self Publishing (do it all on your own) Assisted Publishing – the better approach
  14. 14. Assisted Publishing from The Manuscript Publisher Author writes the book The Manuscript Publisher prepares the book − Cover − Typesetting − Proof-reading and Editing − Proof copy − ISBN and Legal Deposit − Printing and Binding − E-Books − Marketing and Sales pack
  15. 15. Benefits of Assisted Publishing Author keeps all rights to the work Professional guidance, assistance and help More books for your money – any quantity, shape or size We work with authors on an individual basis – we dont force you down the package route Marketing and sales assistance and advice Author keeps greater share of the money
  16. 16. Frequently Asked Questions How many books do I have to get printed? − 25 to 1500 copies What does it cost? − €3 to €5 per copy Will I be able to sell my books? − Book launch − Local Bookshop − Internet − Local Media − Word of mouthThe economical way to turn manuscripts into books
  17. 17. The Market is Changing Traditional publishers losing market share 30% of new titles in Easons are author published. E-books facilitates author publishing Amazon sold more e-books over Christmas 2009 than hard copies
  18. 18. Private Publishing Vast majority of books produced are for not for mass public consumption Family memoirs, community projects, local history, clubs and societies Assisted Publishing from The Manuscript Publisher is the ideal solution
  19. 19. Services for Writing Groups Websites Blogs Newsletters Advertising, promotion Mailing List management Training Courses, Workshops Collective Publishing, anthologies
  20. 20. Books about Writing and Publishing Writers and Artists Yearbook 2012 The Irish Writers, Authors and Poets Handbook by Oscar Duggan and David Jones The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Sue Collier and Marilyn Ross How I Sold One Million e-Books in 5 Months by John Locke Just My Type – a Book about Fonts by Simon Garfield
  21. 21. Thank You
  22. 22. For More InformationVisit Our Website Publishing Solutions for the Digital AgeOr Call Us for no obligation quotation or advice:Phone: Int+353+(0)1 8569566 or (0)87 7604547E-mail: