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This webinar shows how DocuSign integrates with NetSuite CRM. There are many advantages to using DocuSign for NetSuite. These include increase speed to results, reduced operating costs, accurate and secure transactions, and delighted customers. DocuSign also offers the most secure eSignature solution. Learn more about how DocuSign works with NetSuite CRM.

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DocuSign for NetSuite CRM webinar

  1. 1. Introduction to DocuSign for NetSuite CRM+
  2. 2. Agenda §  Who is DocuSign? §  How do we work with NetSuite?
  3. 3. Today’s Sales Environment §  Competition is moving faster and faster §  Customers demand high tech and high touch §  Sales management needs real-time information about the pipeline, deals, etc. §  Sales reps and customers are increasingly mobile §  Focus on cost controls
  4. 4. Resulting Challenges Increase Adoption Rates §  “Our sales reps use the CRM sporadically because they see it as busy work.” Stay in the Cloud, be Mobile §  “I love the cloud. I want all my business processes to be automated and digital.” §  “We need to send/sign on mobile devices.” Make it Easy §  “I don’t want to learn something new.” Increase Execution Speed §  “Our employees spend too much time getting contracts signed after getting to ‘yes.’
  5. 5. Stay Digital §  Keep documents and data in digital format through the transaction §  No more faxing, printing, mailing, re-keying data §  Engage customers in minutes, rather than days §  Close deals on mobile devices from anywhere “90%  of  Deals  Close  in  1  Day;   71%  Close  in  1  hour.”  
  6. 6. Digital Transactions are More Efficient §  Send to the right people in the right order §  Signatures are always in the right place §  Automatic reminders keep things moving §  Templates automate things end-end “Not  In  Good  Order  to  0”  
  7. 7. The Easy Way to Sign §  Sign anywhere, anytime, from any device §  No software required §  Signers do not have to register §  Browser ‘Auto-Nav’ walks signers through docs §  Everyone gets a copy once completed “More  than  33  million  people  in  188   countries  have  DocuSigned”  
  8. 8. Increased Speed to Results Reduced Operating Costs Accurate & Secure Transactions Delighted Customers + CRM Benefits 90% of deals close in 1 day; 71% close in 1 hour Decreased paper cost by 90% at each facility Not in good order to 0 World-class security certification Sign anywhere, any device Contract execution cut to less than 1 hour
  9. 9. It Is More Than a Signature 10   DocuSign eSignature Transaction Management Platform eForms Data Preparation Workflow 1 ePaymentIdentity eSign Execution 2 Retention Completion 3 Audit TrailReporting LOBCRMERP Platform Integrations Anyone, Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
  10. 10. What Makes a Business Class, Reliable Electronic Signature? Image of a Signature With Unique Digital Attributes ü Signed document electronically secure and tamper-proof ü Authentication Options ensure the identify of the signer ü Audit trail and certificate of completion ü Enforces consumer consent provision of ESIGN Act ü Automates document retention requirements ü Supports Digital Certificates for Non-US transactions ü Meets specialized rules from FDIC, FDA, HIPPA, and many others ü Shows Intent and custom with support for initials, chop, data collection and signing on the dotted line Managed  by     an  ISO27001   Company   99.99%  Up-­‐:me  
  11. 11. About DocuSign 0" 10" 20" 30" 2007" 2008" 2009" 2010" 2011" 2012" Our  Vision   Empower  anyone  to   sign  anything,  anywhere,  any4me.   “DocuSign continues to build its lead” 2012 UserMillions 60K New Unique Users Every Day, 35M Thus Far
  12. 12. How DocuSign works with NetSuite
  13. 13. Options for NetSuite Integration 1.  Pre-built Connectors § DocuSign § Partners 2.  Custom Integration § REST § SOAP
  14. 14. Option 1: DocuSign for NetSuite CRM+ §  Send documents from any Opportunity, Estimate (Quote), or Customer object. §  Add Send/Sign button from any object (native or custom) §  Tags documents; Create automated workflows §  Track the status of documents §  Update settings from Administrative tab §  Get Started Free! §  Minutes to install, send your first envelope in under 5 minutes. §, out-of-the-box, Made for NetSuite badge
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. Option 2: Custom Integration §  Why? §  Integrate with more objects §  Pull docs from other sources, automatically §  Pull in and write back data §  How? §  Internal team §  DocuSign §  Partner §  Resources available: §  Full SOAP & REST API §  Dev Center §  Sample code §  Documentation §  Market place The DocuSign API was extremely easy to use, with plenty of code samples available. We were able to create a powerful integration with a well-defined process for certification. -Owen Scott, CIO, xRM “ “
  17. 17. Why DocSign Matters for CRM §  Stay Digital: Automating the sales contract from end to end §  Adoption: Increase use of CRM system §  Accuracy: Ensure you get the data you need §  Faster ROI: Close deals faster, from anywhere
  18. 18. Customer Spotlight “DocuSign was the only platform that could offer legal, secure electronic signatures for an online process, with deep NetSuite integration—while offering us the control over brand and user experience we sought.” Evan Trent, SVP of Corporate Development
  19. 19. How to Get Started § §  Download free, out-of-the-box connector §  Call DocuSign at 1-877-720-2040 §  Purchase a subscription §  Discuss additional business needs §  NetSuite Rep or NetSuite Partner Community §  Questions? §
  20. 20. Thank you!