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Online Admissions Best Practices for Higher Education
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Online Admissions Best Practices for Higher Education


The admissions process remains surprisingly antiquated at US colleges large and small. Paper-based admissions are still the norm, pushing already under-resourced admissions staff to their limits, …

The admissions process remains surprisingly antiquated at US colleges large and small. Paper-based admissions are still the norm, pushing already under-resourced admissions staff to their limits, slowing turnaround time, increasing errors, and ruining first impressions.

Join Campus Management and DocuSign to learn how colleges are safely and securely modernizing the admissions process, increasing processing time and ensuring 100% in good order applications. You’ll also hear admissions best practices from existing customers.

Learn how to:

Eliminate paper from the admissions process
Slash application processing time from weeks to hours
Seamlessly integrate signature processes with existing systems

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL Online Admissions Best Practices for Higher Education
  • 2. ©2007 DocuSign, Inc. Confidential. Presentation Content §  Introduction to DocuSign §  Customer Case Study: DeVry §  Industry Perspective: Campus Management §  Integrated Product Overview
  • 3. 1960s Mainframe Computing 1970s Mini Computing 1980s Client / Server Computing 1990s Cloud Computing 2000s Social Networking 2010s Mobile Computing Next Step Fully Digital Higher Education About DocuSign Vision Empower organizations to “keep business digital.” with DocuSign eSignature Transaction Management Solutions Everyone’s Mobile Transactions Growing Consumers Digital Digitally anytime, any place, any device. Leveraging Key Trends 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Exponential Growth Next Major Step in Productivity DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 3
  • 4. Global Standard: Achieving Market Leadership The Problem Printing, faxing Shipping (multiple signers) Lost contracts Missing signatures Rekeying data Slow execution Costly operations Error prone & unsecure Poor experience Increase speed to results Delighted residents, students and employees Reduced operating costs Accurate & secure transactions
  • 5. More than 37M users growing to 60M More than 63,000 users a day Up to 5M pages a day More than 65,000 customers 189 countries DocuSign Network Taking Off
  • 6. Global Standard: Achieving Market Leadership #1 eSignature Takes Off #1 eSignature Wave #6 Out of 5,900 “50 Next Big Things”
  • 7. DocuSign Community Growing Rapidly
  • 8. Higher Education Highlights DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 8 Sample SuccessesSample Customers Procurement/ Vendor Mgmt Sample Use Cases Student Loan Applications Online Admissions • State Universities use DocuSign to on-board medical interns for their School of Medicine • Online admissions processing reduced by 67% • 35% reduction in procurement processing costs
  • 10. DeVry Challenge §  Over 86 different paper enrollment agreements to support the various programs and regulatory requirements for… §  Chamberlain College of Nursing §  DeVry University §  Keller Graduate School of Management §  Sending out ~4500 envelopes for signature per month (this is just from our online operations group) §  Paper sent via fax, Fedex, and email §  Signed paper is scanned, indexed and data manually entered into systems §  Students lose paper, forget to send back in; “claim they never received” §  Time to receive signed paper was measured in days or weeks
  • 11. Why eSignature? §  Finally! Regulatory bodies broadly allowed eSig! §  Other schools had this technology –albeit dated §  We had imaged all the paper we could … Why DocuSign? §  We evaluated DocuSign, AssureSign, and EchoSign §  DocuSign won because… §  integrated tightly with salesforce.com §  easy to use and easy to implement §  cost competitive §  integration with RSA §  pilot students told us it was “cool!”
  • 12. Solution DocuSign eSignature! §  FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS §  Successfully launched phase one on February 6, 2012. ONLY 47 business days from DocuSigning the contract! §  Automated all 86 agreements §  Integrated with salesforce.com, including data collection, workflow enablement, and alerting / follow-up §  Trained 882 online operations users and 1,023 campus users §  82% of envelopes sent were returned signed in 1 day! §  25% of all envelopes were signed and returned within 15 minutes! §  Employees really enjoy transparency into where documents are in the signing process GO FORWARD OPPORTUNITIES §  Multiple branding capabilities §  Better training for campus employees vs. online operations §  Load testing – we exceeded hourly API cap first day
  • 13. Next Steps 1.  Utilize for our campus operations via iPad & kiosk 2.  Roll out for more institutions (e.g. Carrington next, then Ross) 3.  It’s Portuguese document time! 4.  Leverage internally to replace paper (HR, Legal, etc.) 5.  Replace current electronic forms collection web pages which are ‘not as cool’
  • 14. Campus Management Corp. Company Overview
  • 15. 15 •  Founded 1988 •  Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida •  Operations in Charlotte, Phoenix, São Paulo, London & Bangalore •  Over 750 employees worldwide •  Enterprise software and services dedicated to postsecondary education −  78% of largest U.S. proprietary post-secondaries run on Campus Management solutions
  • 16. Our Customers
  • 17. 17 Our Customers: Administrative Systems
  • 18. 18 Our Customers: Talisma CRM
  • 19. Our Products The CampusVue Ecosystem & Package Solutions
  • 20. 20 The CampusVue Ecosystem
  • 21. Why Build an e-Form Tool Campus Vue Forms Builder
  • 22. 22 •  A pseudo paperless solution −  A scanner can’t unkill the tree −  Added overhead in person to person contact to collect paper Antiquated Processes Don’t Solve the Problem
  • 23. 23 •  Problem with current form creation? −  PDF Forms are labor-intensive to create −  Webpage forms require development time and maintenance −  Webpages, even CMS are rigid and difficult to adjust to dynamic processes and regulations Antiquated Processes Don’t Solve the Problem
  • 24. 24 •  A dynamic tool that allows instant form creation −  Integrates into your SIS and pulls and pushes information −  Allows changes to published forms on the fly −  Creates documents in a virtual document repository −  Allows DocuSign signatures and initials to be added to web forms you create What’s the solution? CampusVue Forms Builder™
  • 25. What  does  it  look  like?  
  • 26. 26 •  What’s the ROI? −  Save Work Hours for Admissions Reps −  Save Work Hours by Improving Audit Efficiency −  Save Work Hours with Digital Document Repository •  Additional Gained Efficiencies −  Reduced Bureaucracy −  Quick changes due to process change or regulatory change Benefits of the Solution 26
  • 27. Deeper Dive A Walk Thru of DocuSign Set Up in Campus Vue Forms Builder
  • 28. This comes from CMC. DocuSign tracks all interactions from this key.
  • 29. Summary §  DocuSign is the leader in eSignature §  Higher education is ripe for efficiency, start with online applications §  Leverage the insight of industry experts
  • 30. Thank You §  For more information: §  Call: +1-877-720-2040 §  Website: www.docusign.com §  Thank you very much! 41