Eliminate Closing Hurdles With ESignatures


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This presentation is an overview of the problems and hurdles of traditional signatures and the solutions and benefits of eSignature platforms such as DocuSign.

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Eliminate Closing Hurdles With ESignatures

  1. 1. Eliminate Closing HurdlesWith ESignatures
  2. 2. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comAn eSignature solution is a system forsending, tracking, routing, filing, andsigning (and having documents signed)electronically - without the drudgery orcost of manual paperwork, printing,scanning, faxing, overnighting and paperchasing.?You can see from the definition, eSignature solutions arenot just about the signature. They also remedy multipleproblems inherent in a manual, paper-based signatureprocess – problems that slow down the speed ofbusiness.The second thing you should know about eSigning isthat it’s not complicated to do - either for your sales repsor for your customers. The printing, faxing, scanning,manual routing, overnighting, and copying you do toobtain a signature manually is way more complex andeats up way more time and money than eSignature.Still not convinced?It’s understandable if you’re a little reluctant to give ita try. Most people are at first. Getting a signature on thedotted line is sacred. You’re probably worried aboutinterfering with a process that’s working “well enough.”Once you see how eSignatures work - and you’ll get achance to try it later - you’ll understand how and whymore than 13 million people overcame their initial worriesand have used eSignatures for more than 110 milliondocuments in more than 50 different countries. (Andthat’s just DocuSign users)They share a desire to book sales faster so they can earnrevenue sooner and work more deals through thepipeline.2012 is the year to join the masses who have takeneSignature mainstream.Salesforce.com closes 90% ofcontracts within 1 day withDocuSign.Receives contracts back in justdays instead of months.Reduced signing process ofthousands of contracts frommonths to minutes.Accelerated sales process from14 days to just three.
  3. 3. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comClosing process starts hereFinish line: ClosingThink about the typical workflow process your reps go through to get a signature on a deal.Is this what it looks like?Hurdle Email, fax, or overnight contract to client for signatureHurdle Communicate with prospect to verify contract was receivedHurdle Wait for prospect to manually print, scan, route and return contractHurdle Wonder where it is in the signing process – in an inbox, lost in the mail?Hurdle Chase prospect (several times) then wait some moreHurdle Finally receive signed document via faxHurdle Review document, discover fax copy isn’t legible. Follow up with customer to resend.Hurdle Adjust forecast to reflect delayHurdle RepeatWe couldn’t make it more difficult for reps (or customers) if we tried.This just describes a workflow. How many more hurdles are there when dealsrequire more than one signed document during the sales cycle like an NDA, or termsand conditions? Or when multiple people need to sign the same agreement?And there are more hurdles still, when reps must manually key in data your customersupplies with the signed contract – such as a Purchase Order (PO) number, a ship to,or quantities.No wonder deals take so long to close and require so much of your sales reps’ time!Remove hurdles and get to the finish line faster.
  4. 4. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comLets take a look at DocuSign, the global standard in eSignature, as an example for how electronic signature works –and helps you finish business faster.1 2 3Step One: You Send Step Two: They Sign Step Three: Deal Closed
  5. 5. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comDocuSign is cloud-based. That means deployment is quickwith no software, hardware or training required.If you’re a Salesforce customer, your reps can use Salesforcelogin credentials to access DocuSign and send documentsfrom any Salesforce object.If you’re not a Salesforce user, no worries. DocuSign integrateswith other CRM systems¹ so reps don’t have to move out oftheir comfort zone.Adoption increases when reps use CRM to send and trackcontracts.¹ Like Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM and othersDocuSign for SalesforceEven technology fearingreps will be DocuSigning inminutes with the click of abutton in your CRM system.
  6. 6. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comEliminated HurdlesŸ No more printing, faxing, scanning or overnightingŸ No need to verify prospect received contractŸ No delays while prospect prints, routes and signsŸ No starting over due to missed signatures or initialsŸ No forecast delays from glitches in signature processŸ No wasted time routing and filing signed contractsAlwaysknow whoneeds tosign nextNon-Disclosure Agreement: Master NDA.pdfSigned by Joe Fonda (joe@newclient.comKate Davis (kate@newclient.comMarty Hepburn (marty@newclient.comJoe Fonda; Kate Davis;Marty HepburnFinal agreement attached forauthorization: Master Agreement.pdf In ProcessMichael Pollack;Al DavisNon-Disclosure Agreement: MasterNDA.pdfLeAnn CarnesRenewal agreement attached: 2012Renewal.pdfViewedDavid Rosen Terms and Conditions: terms.pdfCompletedSee statusfor allcontracts inone place
  7. 7. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comIf you’d like to see what happens when you ask your customer to signelectronically, and how easy or difficult it will be for them, here’s yourchance to do a little experiment.Click here to sign a mock contract .Pretend youre the prospect and ‘DocuSign’ the mock contract. DocuSignwalks you (and every signer) through the process.You’ll experience what your customers experience and see how easy it is,whether it’s the first or the 1,000th time.123Click to experienceSigning a mock contract
  8. 8. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comWas signing electronically easier than you thought? Now see what its like to send a document to a prospect for signature. View this shortvideo showing you how you can easily select documents to send for signature, specify who needs to sign, and provide signing instructions.
  9. 9. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comLess time chasing paperworkequals more time for selling.Work more opportunitiesAutomatic distribution and fillingof signed contracts equals lesstime pushing paper.Reduce hassles and costsBetter knowledge of where dealsare in the signing process equalsless chance of deals pushing.Improve forecast accuracyCentral access to contracts, andcontract status equals betterinsight for managers and a betterhandle on business.Manage more strategicallyFewer steps in the signing processequals accelerated time to signatureand a better customer experience.Close deals fasterFaster time to signatureequals less risk of dealsgoing south.Close more deals+++++++97 % of DocuSign contracts are returned within 48 hours(and over 40% in less than 1 hour!)=
  10. 10. Spotlight on eSignaturesCopyright 2012 Smart Selling Tools www.smartsellingtools.comEliminate ClosingHurdles with DocuSigneSign a Document(for fun)Free Trial Account(no credit card needed)View Sending Demo(video)Learn More(go to DocuSign site)